County Leix/Laois

Tithe Applotments

 Moyanna Civil Parish

 Athy & Mountmellick Poor Law Unions
     Stradbally Barony

Ballyduff Garrymaddock

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Research Notes:  The Moyanna CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256669 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  There was no date to be found in the filmed tithes.  The enumerator did not cross his T's, so some of them may be misread as L's.  Also, his S's and P's looked alike and may also have been misread.

234x60: Iím, your Nan

Surname First Townland
Allen Brerton Killeen
Allen Brerton Rosmore
Bailey Cherry Raheeneniska
Bailey John Garrymaddock
Bailey John Thonfarna
Bailey Thos Ballyrider
Barrett William Ballynolan
Beaher Mary Vicarstown
Beaty Robt Ballyrider
Bennett Ml Rathcrea
Bennett Patt Rathcrea
Bennett Patt Rosmore
Bergin Jas Vicarstown
Bergin Ml Vicarstown
Bond George Kilroary
Bond Henery Ballynolan
Bond Henery Kilroary
Booker Messrs Garrymaddock
Booker Ms Garrymaddock
Bradley Wm Thonfarna
Brock Wm Vicarstown
Brophy Bryan Vicarstown
Brophy Marks Vicarstown
Brown Ellias Kilroary
Brown Wm Kilroary
Buggy Danl Rosnamullen
Buggy Jas Kilespodogue
Buggy John Rosnamullen
Buggy Wm Rathcrea
Byrne Patt Vicarstown
Carl Danl Ballyrider
Colwell Mrs Vicarstown
Connel Cristopher Vicarstown
Connel Danl Vicarstown
Connel Henery Vicarstown
Connel Jas Vicarstown
Connel Jas Vicarstown
Connel Michael Vicarstown
Connel Ml Raheeneniska
Connel Patt Vicarstown
Connel Patt Vicarstown
Connel Patt Vicarstown
Connel Terens Vicarstown
Connel Thos Vicarstown
Connel  John Vicarstown
Connel, Jr Ml Vicarstown
Connel, Jr Patt Vicarstown
Connel, Sr Michael Vicarstown
Connor Jas Moyanna
Connor Larry Rathcrea
Connor Laurence Thonfarna
Connor Michael Rathcrea
Connor Ml Rathcrea
Connor Ml Thonfarna
Connor Patt Raheenahone
Connor Patt Rathcrea
Connor Patt Rosnamullen
Connor Patt Thonfarna
Connor Tim Killeen
Conroy Hugh Rathcrea
Conroy Hugh Thonfarna
Conroy Hugh Vicarstown
Conroy Jas Raheenahone
Conroy Jas Thonfarna
Conroy John Ballyduff
Conroy Judith Thonfarna
Conroy Judy Raheenahone
Conroy Ml Raheenahone
Conroy Ml Thonfarna
Coornun Domnick Ballyrider
Coornun Jas Rathcrea
Cormick Patt Kilroary
Cranny Patt Vicarstown
Curn Andrew Vicarstown
Curn Patt Kilroary
Curn Wm Kilroary
Davenport Biddy Kilroary
Davis Nicholas Ballyrider
Deegan Dennis Vicarstown
Deegan/Dugan Jas Ballyduff
Deegan/Dugan Mary Ballyduff
Deegan/Dugan Michael Ballyrider
Dempsey John Vicarstown
Dillon John Rathcrea
Dod Andrew Thonfarna
Dooley Ml Ballyrider
Dooly Edward Ballyrider
Doran John Ballyrider
Dowling Dennis Kilespodogue
Dowling Dennis Kilroary
Dowling Jas Kilroary
Dowling John Kilespodogue
Dowling Margret Vicarstown
Dowling Patt Ballynolan
Dowling Patt Kilespodogue
Dowling Patt Kilroary
Dugan Dennis Moyanna
Dugan Mathew Rosnamullen
Dugan Patt Moyanna
Dunn Jn/Js? Moyanna
Dunn John Kilroary
Dunn John Vicarstown
Dunn Joseph Vicarstown
Dunn Martin Raheeneniska
Dunn Mary Ballynolan
Dunn Mary Kilroary
Dunn Ml Kilespodogue
Dunn Ml Killeen
Dunn Ml Moyanna
Dunn Morgan Vicarstown
Dunn, Esq Ml Vicarstown
Dunne Patt Vicarstown
Farrel Cristy Kilespodogue
Farrel Ellias Rosnamullen
Farrel Jas Ballyduff
Feeny Jas Rosnamullen
Fennelly Garret Ballyrider
Fennelly Ml Vicarstown
Fennelly Owen Rosnamullen
Fennelly Philip Vicarstown
Fingleton Danl Ballyduff
Fingleton Wm Ballyduff
Fitzgerald Jas Killeen
Free?? Robt Ballynolan
Gafney Danl Ballyrider
Gannon Joseph Vicarstown
Gleeson Ml Vicarstown
Grattan, Esq Jas Kilespodogue
Grattan, Esq Jas Kilroary
Grattan, Esq Jas Moyanna
Grattan, Esq Jas Raheenahone
Grattan, Esq Jas Raheeneniska
Grattan, Esq Jas Thonfarna
Gratten, Esq Jas Ballyrider
Gratten, Esq Jas Rathcrea
Gratton, Esq Jas Vicarstown
Green  Edward Rosmore
Greenham Digby Garrymaddock
Greenham Henery Garrymaddock
Greenham Thos Ballyrider
Grogan John Ballyrider
Higgins Jas Kilroary
Higgins John Kilroary
Higgins Thos Vicarstown
Hollogan John Raheeneniska
Hollogan John Vicarstown
Homes Saml Vicarstown
Hovendon Nicholas Ballyrider
Hovendon Wm Moyanna
Hovendon Wm Raheeneniska
Hovendon Wm Rosnamullen
Hyland Patt Moyanna
Keary Ann Raheenahone
Keary Thos Raheeneniska
Keasy Henery Vicarstown
Keeff Jer Killeen
Kehoe Michael Vicarstown
Kelly Dennis Ballyrider
Kelly Edward Raheeneniska
Kelly Edward Vicarstown
Kelly George Rosnamullen
Kelly Jas Vicarstown
Kelly John Vicarstown
Kelly Margret Vicarstown
Kelly Mary Garrymaddock
Kelly Mary Raheenahone
Kelly Matt Vicarstown
Kelly Patt Vicarstown
Kelly Richard Rathcrea
Kelly Richard Rosnamullen
Kelly Thos Vicarstown
Kelly Thos Vicarstown
Kelly Wm Vicarstown
Key Rosette Kilroary
Key Thos Killeen
Key Thos Kilroary
Killeride Mary Rosnamullen
King George Rosnamullen
Kinsalla Ml Rosnamullen
Kovendon Jas Ballynolan
Lalor Cathorine Moyanna
Lalor Dennis Rosnamullen
Lalor Mary Moyanna
Lane Margret Rathcrea
Lawer Hanna Vicarstown
Lewis John Ballyrider
Lewis Ml Ballyrider
Lutrel Davis Garrymaddock
Lynin John Vicarstown
Lynin Margret Vicarstown
Lyons, Esq Joseph Moyanna
Lyons, Esq Joseph Raheenahone
Lyons, Esq Joseph Raheeneniska
Lyons, Esq Joseph Rathcrea
Mc? Christopher Raheeneniska
Mc? Dennis Rathcrea
Mc? Loty Raheeneniska
Mc? Patt Raheeneniska
McDonald And'w Vicarstown
McDonald John Killeen
McDonald Wm Rosnamullen
McEvoy Anne Raheeneniska
McEvoy Dennis Rosnamullen
McEvoy Frank Rosmore
McEvoy Jn/Js? Rosnamullen
McEvoy Ml Vicarstown
McEvoy Thos Ballyduff
Meredith J. Saml Ballyduff
Miller John Vicarstown
Miller Robt Vicarstown
Mitchel Ml Vicarstown
Mock? Cathorine Rosnamullen
Moony Betty Vicarstown
Moony Wm Vicarstown
Moor Bridget Garrymaddock
Moor Patt Vicarstown
Moran Patt Rosnamullen
Mulhall Henery Ballyrider
Mulhall Ml Ballyrider
Mulhall Ml Vicarstown
Mulhall Patt Vicarstown
Mulhall Thos Ballyrider
Murray John Thonfarna
Neel Anne Rosnamullen
Neil Mary Rosnamullen
Nolan John Rathcrea
Odele Mr  Raheeneniska
Poland Connor Rathcrea
Roberts John Killeen
Rossel Matt Rathcrea
Ryan Ml Killeen
Ryan Patt Killeen
Ryan Peter Killeen
Ryan S/Lally Killeen
Ryan Tim Rathcrea
Scully Jas Raheeneniska
Scully Martin Garrymaddock
Scully Martin Raheenahone
Scully Ml Vicarstown
Scully Peter Garrymaddock
Scurlock Sally Killeen
Shaw Ann  Raheeneniska
Shaw Thos Rosnamullen
Shaw Wm Rosnamullen
Sheel Patt Kilroary
Shortel Jas Killeen
Shortil Ml Kilespodogue
Shortil Ml Kilroary
Shortil Patt Kilespodogue
Shortil Patt Kilroary
Sides John Ballyrider
Stapleton Jas Thonfarna
Stapleton John Kilroary
Stapleton John Moyanna
Stapleton Patt Raheeneniska
Tool Joseph Killeen
Tool Joseph Rosmore
Tool Stephen Ballyduff
Troy John Ballyrider
Troy John Raheenahone
Troy John Thonfarna
Tynon Jas Ballyrider
Walsh John Vicarstown
Walsh Patt Vicarstown
Whelan Bryan Rathcrea
Whelan Margret Vicarstown
Whelan Mary Kilroary
Whelan Patt Garrymaddock
Whelan Patt Vicarstown
Whelan Wm Killeen
Wilson Bridget Vicarstown
Wilson Jas Vicarstown
Young Saml Thonfarna


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