County Leix/Laois

Tithe Applotments

 Kilmanman Civil Parish 1824

 Mountmellick Poor Law Union
     Tinnahinch Barony


Kilmanman Ballynahimmy

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Research Notes:  The Kilmanman CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256647 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.


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Surname First Townland
Baldwin, Esq Joseph Coolenabanch
Baldwin, Revd John Caparogan
Baldwin, Revd John Castlecuffe
Beagham James Panidris
Beaghan Barney Cloonamore
Beaghan Michl Cosh/Cash?
Bergan Thomas Castlecuffe
Blake John Lower Glankeen
Blake Michl Brittas
Blake William Barradoes
Blake William Upper Glankeen
Blanch Edwd Caparogan
Bourne Mr  Coolagh
Brenan Peter Coolagh
Brenan Peter Derries
Brian Daniel Corbally
Brian Daniel Upper Scarroon
Brian Michl Coolagh
Brian widow Upper Glankeen
Brian widow Upper Scarroon
Brown Mrs  Castlecuffe
Brushin James Upper Glankeen
Bryrne Edwd Ballykineen
Buckley Daniel Brittas
Buckley Nich's Brittas
Burn Edward Shraduff
Burn Patk Shrahduff
Byrne Denis Brogola Little
Byrne John Ballykineen
Byrne Thos Ballykineen
Byrne widow Ballykineen
Byrne widow Ballykineen
Calahan James Castlecuffe
Calahan John Castlecuffe
Calahan William Castlecuffe
Cane Cornelius Lower Gorrough
Carroll Barney Lower Glankeen
Carroll Denis Coolagh
Carroll Hugh Panidris
Carroll James Clonagh
Carroll Jeremiah Brocco
Carroll John Coolagh
Carroll Thomas Cloonamore
Carroll Thomas Cooleboughlan
Carroll Thomas Kilmannan
Carroll Thos Clonamore
Carroll William Panidris
Casey Peter Ballykineen
Casey Peter Castlecuffe
Casey Peter Panidris
Casey William Coolagh
Cassion James Coolagh
Cassion John Lahook
Castigan Denis Bunastick
Caulton And'w Brocco
Caulton James Brocco
Caulton John Derrynahila
Caulton Joseph Clonaslee
Chambers Thomas Cappanapinnany
Clancy John Kilnaparson
Clary John Pullogh
Clary Martin Brocco
Clary Patk Shraduff
Clary Stephen Castlecuffe
Coffey Edmd Cloonamore
Comeford Patk Larragon
Comerford widow Killmanman
Condon James Brocco
Connor Darby Graigafulla
Connor John Cloonamore
Connor John Coolagh
Connor John Currranadeige
Connor Lewis Cloonamore
Connor Michl Cloonamore
Connor Ml Currranadeige
Connor Patk Cloonamore
Connor widow Cloonamore
Conrahy Anthony Cooleboughlan
Conrahy Charles Brocco
Conrahy Daniel Clonlyon
Conrahy Daniel Lahook
Conrahy Daniel Lower Glankeen
Conrahy Daniel Shrahduff
Conrahy Danl Brittas
Conrahy Edward Currranadeige
Conrahy Hugh A Ballinahimmy
Conrahy Hugh A Ballinahimmy
Conrahy James Upper Glankeen
Conrahy Jeremiah Cappanapinnany
Conrahy John Balinahown
Conrahy John Brocco
Conrahy John Castlecuffe
Conrahy John Garryhether
Conrahy John Lahoole
Conrahy John Monaitta
Conrahy Laurence Ballinahimmy
Conrahy Lawrence Shraduff
Conrahy Mathew Currranadeige
Conrahy Michl Brogola Little
Conrahy Michl Cloonamore
Conrahy Michl Graigafulla
Conrahy Michl Larragon
Conrahy Michl Lower Glankeen
Conrahy no first Cosh
Conrahy Patk Brogola Little
Conrahy Patk Cloonamore
Conrahy Patrick Brocco
Conrahy Patrick Clonabeg
Conrahy Peter Graigafulla
Conrahy Timothy Fogaderry
Conrahy widow Castlecuffe
Conrahy widow Currranadeige
Conrahy widow Lower Gorrough
Conrahy widow Panidris
Conrahy William Currranadeige
Conrahy William Garryhether
Conrahy William Shraduff
Conrahy (Bawn) Michl Graigafulla
Conrahy (Darby) Pat Bunastick
Conway James Brittas
Conway Michl Clonlyon
Corcoran Pat  Ballykineen
Cormack James Coolagh
Cornahy Edward Derrylaneen
Cornahy Mathew Derrylaneen
Costello James Pullogh
Costello Michl Pullogh
Costigan Denis Ballinakill
Costigan Denis Cappanapinnany
Costigan Denis Clonaslee
Courahy Patk Lower Gorrough
Cox Edwd Upper Scarroon
Coyne Michl Currranadeige
Coyne Michl Monaitta
Curtis Patrick Garryhether
Cutleton Michael Ballykineen
Daly Charles Clonlyon
Daly Edward Ballykineen
Daly Edwd Coolagh
Daly John Lahook
Daly Thomas Lahook
Davis James Corbally
Davis James Garryhether
Davis Thomas Coolagh
Davis William Balinahown
Davis William Garryhether
Davis Graige
Deegan Philip Coolagh
Deegan Roger Balinahown
Deegan Roger Balinahown
Delany Andrew Clonaslee
Delany James Castlecuffe
Delany Michl Coolagh
Delany Michl Upper Gorrough
Delany Patk Upper Gorrough
Delany Peter Coolagh
Delany Thomas Upper Glankeen
Delany Thomas Upper Scarroon
Delany widow Coolagh
Delany William Castlecuffe
Dempsey widow Graigafulla
Dempsy Martin Capinagraige
Dempsy  widow Upper Scarroon
Dempsy, Revd D Brittas
Dolanty Pat Shrahduff
Donehoo Thomas Lahook
Donehoo Wm Lahook
Donohoo Patk Lahoole
Dooly James Coolagh
Doonaho Daniel Upper Scarroon
Downey Thomas Graigafulla
Doyle Daniel Castlecuffe
Doyle John Clonabeg
Doyle no first Upper Gorrough
Doyle Solomon Garryhether
Doyle widow Upper Scarroon
Drought Mrs  Garryhether
Duanne Danl Ballykineen
Duffey Michl Ballinahimmy
Duffy Brian Derries
Duffy Michl Clonagh
Dune?, Capt Wm Ballinakill
Dunne Charles Clonlyon
Dunne Charles Graigafulla
Dunne Charles Lahoole
Dunne Connor Graigafulla
Dunne Daniel Capusteen
Dunne Daniel Coolagh
Dunne Daniel Graigafulla
Dunne Denis Coolagh
Dunne Edward Clonabeg
Dunne General Ballinakill
Dunne General Clonaslee
Dunne Gen'l Graigafulla
Dunne James Ballykineen
Dunne James Clonaslee
Dunne James Lisnarode
Dunne John Ballinahimmy
Dunne John Brocco
Dunne John Clonabeg
Dunne John Clonaslee
Dunne John Upper Glankeen
Dunne Joseph Upper Glankeen
Dunne Lawrence Clonaslee
Dunne Martin Currranadeige
Dunne Mathew Shrahduff
Dunne Michl Currranadeige
Dunne Michl Derintrea
Dunne Michl Graigafulla
Dunne Michl Lower Glankeen
Dunne Miles Coolenabanch
Dunne Nich's Brocco
Dunne Nich's Currranadeige
Dunne no first Upper Scarroon
Dunne Oliver Coolagh
Dunne Oliver? Ballinahimmy
Dunne Owen Clonaslee
Dunne Pat C Bunastick
Dunne Pat D Lower Gorrough
Dunne Pat. D. Brocco
Dunne Patk Lisnarode
Dunne Patk Lower Glankeen
Dunne Patk Shrahduff
Dunne Patrick Cappanapinnany
Dunne Patrick Clonaslee
Dunne Patrick Cloonamore
Dunne Patrick Coolagh
Dunne Peter Clonabeg
Dunne Peter Cooleboughlan
Dunne Samuel Lower Gorrough
Dunne Stephen Coolagh
Dunne Terrance Cappanapinnany
Dunne Terrance Graigafulla
Dunne Thady M Brittas
Dunne Thomas Bunastick
Dunne widow Ballykineen
Dunne widow Cloonamore
Dunne widow Shrahduff
Dunne William Bunastick
Dunne William Lower Scarroon
Dunne Will'm Brocco
Dunne Will'm Pullogh
Dunne (Cooper) Pat Coolagh
Dunne, General Edwd Brittas
Dunne, Gen'l Edmd Gorrough
Dunne, Gen'l Edmd Handine
Dunne, Gen'l Edmd Shraduff
Dunne, Mr Joseph Hill & Commons
Eagan James Cloonamore
Eagan John Panidris
Edghill Char's Larragon
Edghill Ch's Derries
Edghill Mathew Brogola  
Edghill, Mr Chas Barradoes
Edghill, Mr Chs Ballykineen
Fahey Denis Lower Gorrough
Fahey James Upper Scarroon
Farlton John Coolagh
Farrell Patk Cosh/Cash?
Fawcell Peter Bunastick
Fawcett Peter Clonaslee
Feighry Frank Brogola  
Feighry Thomas Brogola  
Finlay Thomas Brittas
Finn Michl Pullogh
Finn William Bunastick
Finn William Clonaslee
Finnamore George Cottage
Fitzpatrick Hugh Ballinahimmy
Fitzpatrick Hugh Coolagh
Fitzpatrick James Lisnarode
Fitzpatrick John Lisnarode
Fitzpatrick Patk Ballinahimmy
Fitzpatrick Patk Lower Glankeen
Fitzpatrick Thomas Ballinahimmy
Fitzpatrick Thos Coolagh
Fitzpatrick widow Derintrea
Flanigan Peter Coolagh
Flanigan widow Coolagh
Flinn James Ballinahimmy
Flinn John Garryhether
Flinn John Lower Gorrough
Flinn Laurence Lahook
Flinn Law'r Coolagh
Flinn Malachi Cosh
Flinn Malachi Cosh/Cash?
Flinn Martin Cosh/Cash?
Flinn Thomas Garryhether
Flinn Thos Upper Gorrough
Flinn William Coolagh
Flinn, Sr Thomas Garryhether
Flood Geo Coolenabanch
Gardner John Hill & Commons
Gilligan Terrance Brocco
Gorman Daniel Lower Glankeen
Gorman Darby Upper Scarroon
Gorman David Upper Scarroon
Gorman James Upper Glankeen
Gorman Jer Upper Scarroon
Gorman Jer. Brocco
Gorman Jer'a Clonaslee
Gorman Mathew Brocco
Gorman Patk Barradoes
Gorman Patk Upper Glankeen
Gorman Thady   Lower Glankeen
Gorman Thomas Upper Scarroon
Gorman Timothy Upper Glankeen
Gorman widow Barradoes
Grady John Cloonamore
Grogan Edwd Coolagh
Grogan Roger Coolagh
Guccavan? Timothy Monaitta
Gunroth James Monaitta
Hamffy Pat Cosh
Hanniffy Patk Cosh/Cash?
Haydon Chris'r Brocco
Haydon John Coolagh
Haydon William Cappanapinnany
Henesy widow Cosh/Cash?
Hines John Ballinahimmy
Hogan Barney Coolagh
Hogan Brian Brogola Little
Hogan John Clonlyon
Hogan Michl Clonlyon
Hogan Michl Currranadeige
Hogan Patk Clonlyon
Hogan Philip Upper Glankeen
Hogan William Brogola Little
Hogans no first Upper Scarroon
Holton Edwd Coolagh
Holton John Lower Scarroon
Holton Patk Upper Scarroon
Houghton widow Castlecuffe
Huggard John Clonaslee
Hughes James Ballykineen
Hughes James Shraduff
Jackman William Garryhether
Jarlton Gilbert Coolagh
Jones John Monaitta
Jones Wm Monaitta
Jordan James Coolagh
K/Rosboro? Lewis Brocco
Kavanagh Mat'w Upper Scarroon
Kean James Brogola Little
Kearny Patk Graigafulla
Keenan John Brogola  
Keenehan Edward Shraduff
Kelly Connor Panidris
Kelly James Ballinahimmy
Kelly Michl Bunastick
Kelly Patk Ballinahimmy
Kelly Patk Coolagh
Kenedy Edwd Cloonamore
Kenedy James Graigafulla
Kenedy John Upper Glankeen
Kenedy Miles Coolagh
Kenehan John Coolagh
Kenna James Lower Gorrough
Kilfoyle Owen Brogola Little
Kilfoyle Patk Panidris
Kinarney James Coolagh
Kinshella widow Clonabeg
Kinskella widow Rangletown
Lalor James Graigafulla
Lalor Patrick Cappanapinnany
Langford Isaac Brittas
Lee Richard Castlecuffe
Lennon James Cappanapinnany
Leonard James Coolagh
Leonard Richd Rangletown
Loggins Edward Cosh/Cash?
Lonokin  Thos Lower Gorrough
Lonokins Thomas Upper Scarroon
Lotheran? Joseph Cosh/Cash?
Magrath Pat Cloonamore
Maher John Castlecuffe
Mahon Owen Cloonamore
Malone Daniel Ballinahimmy
Malone Daniel Coolagh
Malone Daniel Panidris
Malone James Ballinahimmy
Malone John Ballinahimmy
Malone Martin Lower Gorrough
Malone Pat Lower Gorrough
Malone Patk Clonaslee
Manifold Joseph Bunastick
Manifold Joseph Shraduff
Maughin James Panidris
Maughin John Clonaslee
Maughin  John Graigafulla
May/Moy? James Upper Glankeen
McCain Pat Bunastick
McCann James Upper Glankeen
McCann John Shrahduff
McCann John Upper Scarroon
McCann Michl Ballinakill
McCann Pat Lower Gorrough
McCann widow Lower Glankeen
McConrahy Will'm Cooleboughlan
McEvoy Eliza Garryhether
McEvoy John Upper Glankeen
McEvoy Michl Barradoes
McEvoy Miles Garryhether
McEvoy Pat Lower Glankeen
McEvoy Patk Upper Glankeen
McEvoy, Jr Miles Garryhether
McMaughin John Lower Gorrough
McPhelan Thomas Clonaslee
McQuay Owen Upper Gorrough
McRedm'd Terrance Upper Scarroon
McRedmond widow Upper Scarroon
McRedmond widow Upper Scarroon
Mealy James Graigafulla
Meehan widow Ballykineen
Mills, Mr Robt Larragon
Mitchell Thomas Ballykineen
Mollin James Castlecuffe
Molloy Arthur Cosh
Molloy Arthur Cosh/Cash?
Molloy Charles Coolagh
Molloy James Ballykineen
Molloy Thomas Ballykineen
Mooney Peter Bunastick
Moy James Barradoes
Moy Thomas Castlecuffe
Moy William Barradoes
Moy William Castlecuffe
Mulhall, Esq John Clonaslee
Murphy John Killmanman
Murphy William Killmanman
Murray Edward Coolagh
Naughtin John Ballinakill
Naughtin John Lower Gorrough
Nowlan Charles Ballinakill
P/Farrell? widow Currranadeige
Packman Oliver Clonlyon
Pawcett Thomas Lower Scarroon
Peagan James Panidris
Peakan Martin Ballykineen
Pims John Brittas
Pines John Cappanapinnany
Plune? John Upper Coolagh
Plunket Anthony Castlecuffe
Plunkett Thomas Shraduff
Plunkett Thomas Shraduff
Poole Joseph Lower Scarroon
Priar Mess'rs Ballykineen
Purcell John Coolagh
Quail William Lower Glankeen
Quinn John Brocco
Quinn John Bunastick
Quinn John Lower Gorrough
Quinn Peter Brocco
Quinn Peter Cloonamore
Quinsey Robt Clonaslee
Ricketts John Cappanapinnany
Rigney John Coolagh
Rigney Laurence Balinahown
Roberts Thomas Graigafulla
Ryan Michl Ballinahimmy
Sabatier, Esq Thomas Kilnaparson
Salmon Thomas Ballykineen
Sammon James Coolagh
Sammon John Lisnarode
Sammon Maurice Coolagh
Sammon Michl Ballinahimmy
Sammon Michl Brogola  
Sammon Michl Coolagh
Sammon Patrick Lahook
Sammon widow Upper Coolagh
Sammon William Coolagh
Samon Pat Ballykineen
Scully Denis Coolagh
Scully Edwd Rangletown
Scully Edwd Shraduff
Scully George Barradoes
Scully George Upper Glankeen
Scully James Coolagh
Scully James Coolagh
Scully John Ballinakill
Scully Laurence Barradoes
Scully Lawrence Coolagh
Scully Margt Coolagh
Scully Mathew Coolagh
Scully Michl Clonlyon
Scully Patk Coolagh
Scully Patk Rangletown
Scully Patk Shraduff
Scully Patrick Coolagh
Scully Patrick Coolagh
Scully Richd Coolagh
Scully Thomas Coolagh
Scully William Rangletown
Smith John Castlecuffe
Smith Patk Upper Glankeen
Smith Peter Upper Glankeen
Smith Thomas Upper Glankeen
Smith widow Upper Scarroon
Smollins Patrick Clonabeg
Stewart David Bunastick
Stewart David Bunastick
Stewart John Clonaslee
Thompson John Upper Glankeen
Thompson Robt Aughemore
Toher James Garryhether
Tracy James Coolagh
Tracy John Coolagh
Tracy Mary Garryhether
Tracy Peter Rangletown
Tynan Michl Upper Scarroon
Tynan Michl Upper Scarroon
Valance James Bunastick
Walsh Daniel Coolagh
Walsh Edward Graige
Walsh widow Clonagh
Whelan Michl Coolagh


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