Assorted Records
Killargue RC Parish

Contributed by Rosaleen Scanlon




Year Month Day Groom Bride Witness1 Witness2
1855 January 15 Giblin, Patt Flynne, Mary John Dolan Gilbert Flynn
1856 April 9 Miller, William Giblin, Anne not legible not legible
1856 April 25 Ford, Hugh Giblin, Margaret not legible not legible
1863 March 27 Keegan, James McKenny, Biddy John Kegan Patt McSharry
1863 April 15 Walsh, James Crowne, Margaret John Crowne Patrick McGrath
1863 April 15 McTernan, Hugh Cullen, Bridget James Reddan Anne McSharry
1863 April 27 Kelly, Peter Rooney, Mary Thomas Kelly Thomas Rooney
1863 July 16 Tracey, John Murn, Catherine Patt Magoran John Kelly
1863 August 17 Travers, James Monaghan, Eliza not legible not legible
1863 September 24 Giblin,  Patt Gallagher, Mary Paddy Magloughlin Charley Gallagher
1863 September 24 McSharry, Patt Johnstone, Catherine John Banks Bryan McTiernan




Year Month Day Surname First Father Mother Sponsor 1 Sponsor2 Townland
1864 August 6 Carney Bessy James Hannah Gallagher John Gallagher Bessy Gallagher
1864 August 8 Travers Mary James Eliza Monaghan Martin Monaghan Mary Monaghan
1864 August 15 McGolrick Tom John Peggy Feeny ??? Patt Kelly Mary Travers
1864 August 16 McSharry Mary Jessy Mary Cullen John Gallagher  Anne McNiff
1864 August 18 Kelly Mick Thomas Catherine Rogan? Mick Kelly Catherine McHugh
1864 August 18 Giblin James Pat Mary Gallagher Dan Curnin Mary Giblin Keadue
1864 August 18 Kelly Thomas Jessy  Eliza Clarke Darby Clarke Mary Clarke
1864 August 21 Scanlon Mick William Biddy Harkin Paddy Kelly
1864 August 21 Coyle  Mick Mick Mary Gilhooly Mick Cullen Biddy Rogan
1864 August 23 O'Brien Mary John Biddy Rourke Pat Cullen Biddy Gilhooly
1864 August 30 Kelly Mick Patt Hanna McSharry Peter Keegan Anne Kelly
1864 August 31 O'Brien Mary Bernard Rose Ford Mick Hart Betty Flynne
1866 January 1 Flynne  Bessy John Margaret McNama Pat Flynne  Mary McNama
1866 January 10 Kelly Charles Charles Mary Stewart James McTiernan Eliza Kelly
1866 January 14 McGowan Pat John Biddy O'Hara Dudley Kelly Mary O'Hara
1866 January 16 Clerkin James John Mary Hettican Ned Hettican Catherine Hettican
1866 January 20 Giblin John Patt Mary Gallagher Patt Giblin Mary Giblin Keadue
1866 January 22 Gallagher Mary Anne James Anne McWeeny James McWeeny Mary McWeeny
1866 January 24 Holmes Mick Dan Ellen Fallon Mick Holmes Ellen Waters
1866 January 24 Murrin/Murn ? Biddy John Kitty Dolan Mick Dolan Mary Maguire
1866 February 4 Harkin Patt Martin Mary McWeeny James Harkin Ellen Mc ?
1866 February 6 McTiernan Biddy Frank Margaret Rooney Charles Rooney Mary Rooney
1866 February 10 O'Hara Biddy Frank Honora McGriskin James Drugan ? Mary Higggins
1866 February 15 Travers  John James Eliza Monaghan John Travers Anne Monaghan
1866 February 15 Scanlon Mary Luke Mary Scanlon Jerry McNama Mary Byrne
1867 May 4 Clarke Catherine  Michael Mary Glancy Terence Kelly Mary Clarke Buckhill
1867 May 4 Giblin  Catherine Patrick Mary Christy ? Giblin Mary Christy Larkfield
1867 May 5 McMorrow  Mary Henry Rose McMorrow Thomas McMorrow Alice McMorrow Buggan Bar
1867 May 12 Coyle Thomas Patrick Bridget Keegan Michael Keegan Ellen Cullen Lugmeeltan ?
1867 May 14 McTernan James Bernard Anne Kelly Michael McKenny Mary McKenny
1867 May 14 McAuley James Patrick Anne Harkin Patrick Harkin Margaret Harkin Altavra
1867 May 16 Foley Daniel Michael Mary Monaghan Daniel McSharry Anne Monaghan
1867 May 19 Walsh Honora  Mathew Catherine Clerkin Michael Cairney Catherine Leyden
1867 May 19 Gilbride Anne John Mary Drugan ?? Tullynasharragh (Killarga) 
1867 May 23 Giblin Patrick Patrick Mary Gallagher John McKeon Mary McKeon Keadue
1867 May 27 McTernan Martin Hugh Margaret Giblin Hugh McTernan Margaret McTernan
1867 May 27 McTernan Ellen Hugh Margaret Giblin Patrick McTernan Jane McTernan
1867 May 29 Kelly Alice Edward Bridget Gallagher John Gallagher Anne McGowan Sweetwood
1867 May 31 Conlon Ellen Hugh Ellen Keegan Martin Keegan Bridget McMorrow
1867 May 31 Kelly Bridget Michael  Eliza McHugh
1869 April 4 McNamara John Michael Anne Meehan Matthew Gallagher Alice Flanigan
1869 April 14 Clerkin James John Catherine Flynn James Kelly Margaret Kelly
1869 April 17 Walpole Catherine Patrick Bridget Ford James McTiernan Mary Mahon
1869 April 21 McGowan Winnifred James Mary McGowan Patrick Gallagher Margaret Foley
1869 April 26 Curneen John Daniel Bridget Fowley Michael Gallagher  Catherine Kelly
1869 April 27 McTernan John James Mary Waters Laurence Kelly Bridget Walsh Drumdufy
1869 May 2 Foley  Bridget  John Bridget Walsh Mathew Walsh  Ellen O'Hara Sweetwood
1869 May 2 McGowan Patrick Edward Mary McTigue Martin McGoldrick Catherine McTigue Keadue
1869 May 2 Sweeny Ellen Michael Anne Creamer Michael Creamer Nora Creamer
1869 May 5 Conlon Mary Dominick Bessy Omeela ?
1869 May 6 McGloughlin Margaret Michael Ellen Gallagher Patrick Gallagher Honora Gallagher Larkfield
1869 May 7 Giblin Mary Patrick Mary Gallagher Patrick Walpole Ellen Walpole Keadue
1869 May 12 Conlon  Mary Anne Hugh Ellen Keegan James Rourke Miriam Murrin
1869 May 16 McGoldrick Hugh Hugh Margaret Coleman Daniel McGoldrick Rose McGoldrick Boggaun
1869 May 16 Ford Ellen Terence Catherine Mc ????
1873 January 2 McTernan John Martin Anne McLoughlin Bryan McTernan Catherine McMorrow
1873 January 2 Curneen Daniel Dan Bridget Fowley Charles Gallagher Lugnaskeehan
1873 January 4 Clarke James John Mary McTernan Thomas Clarke Anne Clarke
1873 January 10 McMorrow Maryanne John Bridget McMorrow James McTernan Maryann McMorrow
1873 January 10 McNulty James Thomas Ellen McPartlan John Cullen Mary McPartlan
1873 January 11 Mahon Bridget William Mary Walsh James Walsh Bridget Gillooley
1873 January 12 Giblin  Michael Patt Mary Gallagher Michael Gallagher  Catherine Cunningham Keadue
1873 January 15 Gillooley Patrick James Bridget Gallagher M Gilhooley Anne kelly
1873 January 19 McTernan Lawrence Charles Catherine Meehan John McTernan Winney McMorrow
1873 January 22 Feeny Bridget Andy Molly Gallagher James Feeny Margaret McGoldrick Buckhill
1873 January 24 Reilly Bridget James Marie McHugh Patrick McHugh  Bridie McHugh Mullaghmore
1873 January 26 Sweeny? Francis Michael Anne McNama
1873 January 26 Moran Thomas Michael Anne McGowan John Moran Catherine Gallagher Sweetwood
1873 January 27 McTigue Patt John Jane McGowan Patt McGowan
1873 January 31 Cullen Michael Bryan Mary McTernan Hugh Cullen Mary Flynn



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