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 Cloonlogher Civil Parish 1834


Boggaun Cloonaquin

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Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotments for Cloonlogher Civil Parish were transcribed by Pat Connors from the Family History Film #0256591.  The film was in not in a very good condition (see transcription notes) and the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames. All recorded names are as spelled in the record. All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family. This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document. The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  The filming of this parish had very bad quality.  One page would be very clear and easy to read and then the next ten pages had double images.  I also used the pages on the Ireland GenWeb website for County Leitrim, Records section, under Tithe Applotments to help me read the handwritting:  (I opened the link and then enlarged it.)  However, the pages were a bit dark and the first couple of pages, almost impossible to read.)


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Surname First Townland Page
?? Bar of Buggan 1
?? Bar of Buggan 1
?? Bar of Buggan 1
?? Bar of Buggan 1
Bartley Patk Scardane 10
Bartly James Scardane 10
Bartly Jno Scardane 10
Bartly Owen Scardane 10
Bradly James Cloonquin 3
Brenan Jam's  Cloonquin 3
Carey widow Buckhill & Alreenachick 1
Carney Lau'ce Cloonlougher 2
Casey? Simon Gortdargan 6
Clarke Martin Buckhill & Alreenachick 1
Coleman George Keadue 6
Coleman William Gorteenahulle 5
Conlon John Cloonlougher 2
Conlon Patt Buggan 1
Conlon Patt Drumshanlish 4
Cork/Cook? Hugh Gortdargan 5
Crean Michl Buggan 1
Cronan Richd Polboy 9
Cullen Cormick Scardane 10
Cullen Danl Scardane 10
Cullen, Jr William Cloonquin 3
Cullen, Sr William Cloonquin 3
Cunnington Marty Lisheen 6
Daly Thom's Buckhill & Alreenachick 1
Dermott Bryan Larkfield 7
Dermott Honor, widow Cloonquin 3?
Dermott Larry Larkfield 7
Dermott Nancy, widow Cloonquin 3?
Dolan Patt Larkfield 8
Dolan Simon Gorteenakerran 5
Donnelon John Cloonquin 3
Duncan William Tonkeaghta 11
Eames Jno Polboy 9
Eames   William Polboy 9
Eames Senr John Polboy 9
Flanagan Hugh Tonkeaghta 11
Flanagan William Buckhill & Alreenachick 1
Fletcher Abbey, Widow Cloonlougher 2
Flynn no first Polboy 9
Flynn Thomas Drumshanlish 4
Flynne Conor Larkfield 7
Flynne Michl Gortdargan 5
Flynne Owen Polboy 9
Gallagher Fran's Mulloughouff 8
Gallagher John Cloonlougher 2
Gallagher Lachy Cloonlougher 2
Gallagher Owen  Scorvough 10
Gilhooly Patt Scorvough 10
Gillmartin Thomas Mulloughouff 8
Gillmor Hugh Mulloughouff 8
Goblin Peter Buggan 1
Gohns/Johnson? James Larkfield 7
Golden John Larkfield 8
Gordon Denis Mulloughouff 8
Gullan? Mathew Keadue 6
Gulroy John Keadue 6
Hart Edward  Scardane 10
Heally no first Scardane 10
Heddecan Edward Gorteenakerran 5
Heddican Patt Gorteenakerran 5
Henry Patt Polboy 9
Henry William Buggan 1
Hunt Patt Gortdargan 5
Hunt Thady Gortdargan 5
Hunt Thos Larkfield 8
Keegan Thos Cloonquin 3?
Kent Charles Scardane 10
Lynch widow Cloonquin 3?
Maguire no first Polboy 9
Maguire Phill Polboy 9
McCarron John Larkfield 7
McCormick George Keadue 6
McCormick Michl? Drumshanlish 4
McGauran Hugh Gortdargan 5
McGauran Jno Gortdargan 5
McGauran Michl Gortdargan 5
McGloughlin Denis Larkfield 7
McGloughlin Michl  Gortdargan 5
McGloughlin no first Scardane 10
McGloughlin Thom's Buggan 1
McGolrick Michl & son Larkfield 7
McGonniskin Barny Cloonaquin 2
McGowan Jeremiah? Derrinaveagh 4
McGowan Patt Derrinaveagh 4
McGuire Patt Gorteenahulle 4
McHugh Michl? Cloonquin 3?
McHugh, Junr James Mulloughouff 8
McHugh, Senr James Mulloughouff 8
McMorrow James Polboy 9
McMorrow Nelly Polboy 9
McMorrow Peter Scorvough 10
McMorrow Phill Polboy 9
McMullen? Richard? Gortdargan 6
McMurry? Owen Lisheen 6
McNulty no first Scardane 10
McS/Lornan James Gorteenakerran 5
McSharry Hugh Cloonquin 3?
McSharry Patt Buggan 1
McSharry Patt Mulloughouff 8
McSherry Owen Scardane 10
McTernan Hugh Bar of Buggan 1
McTernan Owen Teadane 11
McTiernan? Doctor? Gortdargan 6
McTiernan? Th'y? Scardane 10
McTigue Danl Lisheen 6
McTigue Henry? Lisheen 6
McTornan James Mulloughouff 8
Middleton John Cloonaquin 2
Millerrow? Terence Mulloughouff 8
Mora? Jam's  Scardane 10
Mora? Peter Scardane 10
Morgan, Esqr James Cloonlougher 2
Morgan, Esqr John Strabrick 11
Morrow Eliz? Cloonquin 3
Morrow Jno Cloonquin 3
Mullan? John Keadue 6
Mullaniff, Junr John Cloonaquin 2
Mullaniff, Senr John Cloonaquin 2
Mullaniss/ff? Owen Cloonquin 3?
Murne Michl Cloonlougher 2
O'Donel James Larkfield 7
O'Donel  Avenlon Larkfield 7
O'Donel, Esq John Larkfield 7
O'Hara? Daniel Scardane 10
O'Hara? Michl Scardane 10
O'Hara? Sam'l? Scardane 10
Parker John Gorteenakerran 5
Parton Robert Drumshanlish 4
R. Garret Buckhill & Alreenachick 1
Rorke ?? Buckhill & Alreenachick 1
Rorke Danl? Derrinaveagh 4
Rorke John Derrinaveagh 4
Rorke Thady Teadane 11
Scallon Patt Cloonlougher 2
Sheriton P Larkfield 8
Smith David  Drumshanlish 4
Steward Thomas Cloonquin 3
Stewart John Drumshanlish 4
Stewart John Mulloughouff 8
Stewart John Tonkeaghta 11
Stewart Robert Scorvough 10
Ternan? F..? Cloonquin 3
Trotter David  Tonkeaghta 11
Walepole Fran's Scorvough 10
Williamson William Cloonaquin 2
Wynne?, Esq Owen Strabrick 11





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