Cappamore and Doon Catholic Parishes
Baptism Records
Containing Connors and Fleming

See notes below chart...

Surname First Father's First Name Mother's surname Mother's first Baptism date Parish Townland Godfather Godmother
?? ?? 4/20/1846 Cappamore Margaret Connors
Bradshaw William John Marshall Fanny 8/28/1828 Doon Pat Connors
Burke Edward John Crowe Winnie 6/11/1846 Cappamore Judy Connors
Casey Bridget Michael McNamara Bridget 1/22/1832 Doon Gortavalla Pat Connors
Coffee Mary Patrick Connors Catherine 10/4/1848 Cappamore Turagh Honora Danaher
Collins Bess?? James Connors Bridget 3/14/1833 Doon Gortavalla Timothy Collins Mary Collins
Collins Mary James Connors Bridget 8/18/1835 Doon Gortavalla Catherine Connors
Connel Ellen Pat Meaney Catherine 4/14/1827 Doon Margaret Flemmon
Connell Richard Darby?? Ryan Jane 1/23/1831 Doon Gortavalla Mathew Connors Catherine Connell
Connell John Edmond Connors Mary 6/18/1834 Doon Anne Ryan
Connors Bridget Brien Ryan Judy 7/3/1825 Doon John Dwyer Honora Dwyer
Connors Pat Connor Murphy Bridget 2/27/1830 Doon Lackana- goneeny Michael Connors Catherine Murphy
Connors Catherine Connor Murphy Bridget 10/23/1833 Doon Lackana- goneeny Farrel Connors Mary Murphy
Connors Mary Connor Murphy Mary 8/31/1835 Doon Thomas Connors Julia Barry
Connors Honora Connor Ryan Bridget 5/8/1835 Doon Moher Morris Fitzgerald Judy Collins
Connors Catherine Cornelius Laughlin Catherine 11/21/1830 Doon Coolnamana Morris Connors Julia Ryan
Connors Bridget Daniel Collins Hanna 1/18/1830 Doon Gortavalla Michael Cros?? Mary Cros??
Connors W?? Daniel Collins Anne 5/11/1834 Doon Gortavalla Thomas Connors Nelly Buckly/Berkely
Connors Maurice Daniel Flemmon Catherine 3/1/1830 Doon Dark Island Michael O'Brien Mary Connors
Connors John Daniel Hynes (Hayes??) Catherine 7/4/1825 Doon Ellen Connors
Connors Bridget Daniel O'Donnell Mary 4/29/1848 Cappamore Dromsallagh
Connors John Farrel Griffin Bridget 7/21/1833 Doon Michael Connors Bridget Ryan
Connors Mary Farrel Ryan Margaret 9/16/1827 Doon Denis Connors Ellen Connors
Connors Margaret Farrel Ryan Margaret 6/30/1829 Doon Lackana- goneeny John Connors Margaret Wheeler
Connors John Farrel Ryan Margaret 6/20/1834 Doon Lackana- goneeny Timothy Connors Ellen Connors
Connors Michael Farrel Ryan Margaret 7/26/1833 Doon Lackanag- oneeny Mayan Hayes Ellen Connors
Connors Jeremiah Jeremiah Blount Ellen 7/19/1824 Doon Thoragh?? Timothy Danaher Mary Gough
Connors Pat  Jeremiah Blount Ellen 6/8/1829 Doon Curragha- kimikeen Michael Danaher Nancy Goss/Goff
Connors Jeremiah Jerry Blount Ellen 4/27/1827 Doon John Ryan Catherine Flood
Connors Daniel Jerry Blount Ellen 10/5/1834 Doon Curragha- kimikeen Michael Connors Mary English
Connors Catherine John Andrew Ellen 2/27/1831 Doon John Dwyer Mary Dwyer
Connors Patrick John Boland Mary 5/25/1846 Cappamore Michael Coffee Mary Coffee
Connors Mary John Brien Catherine 1/13/1833 Doon John Dunn Johanna Kirby
Connors Brian John Connell Bridget 2/9/1834 Doon Connor Connors Kate Quinlan
Connors Catherine John Connell Bridget 7/26/1835 Doon James Cummins Catherine McGrath
Connors Patrick John Darcy Catherine 7/27/1824 Doon Patrick Connors Judy Casman??
Connors Richard John Darcy Catherine 8/1/1828 Doon Doon John Darcy Mary McGrath
Connors Cornelius John Darcy Catherine 1/1/1834 Doon Doon John McGrath Catherine Ryan
Connors Patrick John Kitt Mary 3/31/1829 Doon Lackana- goneeny John Kitt Mary Kitt
Connors William John Kitt Mary 1/22/1831 Doon Curragha- kimikeen ?? Dunne Mary Connors
Connors Thomas John Kitt Mary 3/8/1833 Doon Lackana- goneeny Thomas Connors Mary Nicholson
Connors John John Kitt Mary 12/31/1835 Doon   Martin Connors Kitty??
Connors Bridget John Murray Winny 2/12/1829 Doon William Connell Bridget ??
Connors Bridget John O'Connel Bridget 11/16/1828 Doon Coolnamana
Connors ?? Michael ?? Honora 2/13/1834 Doon
Connors John Michael Bray Mary 6/24/1828 Doon Thomas Connors Mary Connors
Connors Pat Michael Bray Catherine 4/17/1830 Doon Lackana- goneeny Connor Connors Mary Bray
Connors Judith Michael Bray Catherine 4/19/1832 Doon Lackana- goneeny John Connors Bridget Murphy
Connors Margaret Michael Bray Catherine 4/10/1834 Doon Lackana- goneeny Tim Connors Margaret Ryan
Connors John Michael Connors Honora 9/27/1835 Doon Patrick Meany/Meary
Connors Mary Michael Leonard Mary 8/25/1831 Doon John Connors Judith Leonard
Connors J?? Michael Leonard Mary 3/18/1834 Doon William Killy?? Judy Killy ??
Connors Edward Michael Loughlin Jane?? 6/21/1846 Cappamore Thomas Lyons Catherine Griffin
Connors Judy Michael Murphy Bridget 11/4/1831 Doon ?? Danaher Ellen Connors
Connors Judy Michael Ryan Judy 10/10/1830 Doon Doon John Frawley Mary Frawley
Connors John Michael Ryan Judy 3/25/1833 Doon Pat English Mary Brien
Connors Margaret Pat Andrew Catherine 7/13/1830 Doon Gortavalla ?? Andrew Pat Collins
Connors John Pat Andrew Catherine 3/5/1835 Doon Gortavalla ?? Connell Judy Stapleton
Connors William Pat Brazil Mary 1/11/1833 Doon Lackana- goneeny Denis Brazil
Connors John Pat Connell Bridget 6/14/1835 Doon Daniel Ryan Margaret Ryan
Connors Mary Pat Cormick Judy 6/14/1829 Doon Coolbaun Michael Carrol Nancy Dwyer
Connors Richard Patrick Berkely?? Bridget 2/27/1846 Cappamore Michael Ryan Nelly Shehan
Connors Michael Patrick O'Connell Bridget 1/18/1831 Doon ?? Connors Mary O'Connell
Connors William Peter Monahan?? Bridget 6/12/1835 Doon Lissowen William Dwyer Ellen Connors
Connors Ellen Peter Shanahan Bridget 9/3/1830 Doon Michael Connors Judy Connors
Connors Mary Thomas Grady Honora 10/25/1846 Cappamore John Malony Catherine Riley
Connors John Thomas Griffin Bridget 6/20/1824 Doon Martin Connors Ellen Connors
Connors Martin Thomas Griffin Bridget 6/11/1826 Doon Foilycleara John Ryan Ellen Connors
Connors Bridget Thomas Griffin Bridget 6/29/1828 Doon
Connors William Thomas Quinlan Catherine 8/12/1825 Doon Coolvarna John Quinlan Bridget Quinlan
Connors Thomas Thomas Quinlan Catherine 5/5/1827 Doon John Cummins Judy Cummins
Connors Bridget Thomas Quinlan Catherine 1/24/1833 Doon Lackana- goneeny Pat Connors Honora Connors
Connors Michael Thomas Ryan Mary 8/2/1833 Doon Michael Ryan Ellen Ryan
Connors Tim Tim Fox Betty 11/29/1836 Doon Moher
Connors Martin Tim Goss/Goff Mary 11/13/1831 Doon Lackana- goneeny John ??
Connors Bridget Tim Goss/Goff Mary 1/17/1833 Doon Lackana- goneeny William Connors Ellen Connors
Connors Bridget Tim Goss/Goff Mary 12/28/1834 Doon Lackana- goneeny Michael Connors Julia Flood
Connors Margaret Tim Ryan Catherine 8/29or9/2/1852 Cappamore Cappamore John Whelan Mary Dillon
Connors Johanna Tim, Tom or Jim Cummins Catherine 7/27/1830 Doon Coolnamana Connor Connors Margaret Cummins
Connors Joanna Timothy Fleming Judy 11/28/1845 Cappamore Maurice Connors
Connors Daniel Timothy Flemmon Judy 5/20/1829 Doon C?? Maurice Flemmon Mary Flemmon
Connors Bridget Timothy Flemmon Judy 8/18/1831 Doon Michael Flemmon Mary Houragan
Connors Tim Timothy Flemmon Judy 12/15/1939 Doon Gortavalla Billy Connors Jane Flemmon
Connors Morris Timothy Flemmon Judy 10/4/1833 Doon Cottage Edward Hayes Judy Hayes
Connors Julia Timothy Flemmon Judy 7/21/1938 Doon Boher Mary Flemmon
Connors Margaret William Lynch Peg 11/28/1845 Cappamore Michael R?? Mary Boland
Connors Mary William Walsh Margaret 8/15/1846 Cappamore Michael Walsh Mary Walsh
Cummins Catherine James Connell Catherine 7/8/1832 Doon Connor Connors
Danaher Tim  Michael Kean Bridget 5/22/1829 Doon Ellen Connors
Danaher Margaret Patrick Berkely?? Margaret 10/10/1850 Cappamore Mary Fleming
Danaher John Tim Connors Ellen 1/25/1831 Doon Michael Connors Hanora Ryan
Danaher Michael Tim Connors Ellen 10/2/1833 Doon Lackana- goneeny Pat Hourigan Judy Danaher
Danaher Edmund Timothy Connors Ellen 2/14/1829 Doon Munananna Cornelius Connors Mary Connors
Danaher Ellen Timothy Connors Ellen 1/1/1832 Doon Michael Danaher Bridget Meany/Meary
Danaher John Timothy Connors Ellen 11/14/1837 Doon      
Danaher Johanna Timothy Connors Ellen 11/14/1837 Doon      
Danaher Mary Timothy Connors Ellen 12/11/1840 Doon      
Danaher Patrick Timothy Kean Johanna 2/23/1826 Doon Michael Connors
Deere Bridget John Connors Mary 7/11/1846 Cappamore Connor Hayes Margaret Ryan
Devitt Daniel Michael Ryan Judy 7/5/1827 Doon Francis Connors
Dillon Patrick Patrick Fitzgerald Mary 3/30/1849 Cappamore Martin Connors
Dwyer Mary Malachy Ryan Margaret 12/5/1828 Doon Goattown John Connors
Fahey Margaret James Meighen Sally 7/1845 Cappamore Bridget Connors
Fitzgerald Mary John Purcel Mary 7/9/1829 Doon Michael Connors Judy Connors
Flemming Bridget James Hand Catherine 2/8/1828 Doon Coolnamana Pat Dooly Mary Dooly
Flemmon Timothy Laurence Collins Honora 4/15/1825 Doon Gortavalla James Collins Bridget Collins
Flemmon Betty Laurence Collins Hanna 3/7/1830 Doon Gortavalla Marty Hayes Nancy Ryan
Flemmon Ned Laurence Collins Honora 12/14/1834 Doon Thomas Ryan Jane Collins
Flemmon John Patrick O'Connel Honora 9/15/1828 Doon James Cummins Margaret Brien
Hanahan John Patrick Connors Honora 6/2/1828 Doon John ?? Judy Connors
Hanley Patrick Tim  Connors Margaret 3/25/1829 Doon Doon Denis Connors Mary Connors
Hayes Margaret Con Deere Margaret 8/27/1850 Cappamore Mary Connors
Hayes Ellen Cornelius Connors Bridget 1/28/1826 Doon Doon Richard Hayes Johanna O'Brien
Hayes Mary Cornelius Deere Margaret 6/30/1848 Cappamore Peg Connors
Hayes Richard Michael Carmody Anne 8/5/1826 Doon Bridget Connors
Hayes Ellen Michael Connors Anne 1/22/1832 Doon Doon Thomas Ryan Joan O'Neil
Hayes John Michael Connors Nelly 1/31/1847 Cappamore Dromeliagh Jeremiah Ryan Mary Gallagher
Hayes Patrick Michael Connors Ellen 11/14/1852 Cappamore Pat Connors Bridget Connors
Hayes Patrick Michael Doyle Ellen 10/3/1850 Cappamore Towerhill Mary Connors
Hayes Margaret Thomas Walsh Margaret 2/22/1846 Cappamore William Connors Margaret Connors
Hickey Mary Daniel Connors Margaret 5/26/1847 Cappamore Thomas ?? Honora Loughnane
Hickey Eliza William Connors Mary 2/2/1846 Cappamore Patrick Hourigan Mary Campbell
Hickey Bridget 8/1/1824 Doon Francis Connors
Joy William Patrick Ryan Mary 6/20/1846 Cappamore Michael Connors
Kauly Michael Tim Connors Mary 1/10/1833 Doon Doon Michael Connors Catherine Bray
Kennedy Patrick Pat Connors Ellen 4/5/1825 Doon Foilycleara Brian Kennedy Mary Buohly??
Kennedy Bridget Pat Connors Ellen 6/29/1829 Doon Foilycleara James Kennedy Judy Connors
Kirby John Connor Meaney Margaret 4/23/1831 Doon Foilycleara Margaret Connors
Leahy Margaret Patrick Connors Margaret 1/7/1849 Cappamore Towerhill James Trinerkane?? Ellen Malley
Leonard William Daniel Connors Judith 12/18/1846 Cappamore John Ryan Catherine Burke
Leonard Bridget John Coffee Connors Catherine 8/3/1848 Cappamore John Ryan Mary Leonard
Lynch?? Honora James Dondon Mary 6/10/1848 Cappamore Margaret O'Connors
Maloney James John Ryan Catherine 3/8/1848 Cappamore Dromsallagh Michael Connors
Mathes? Brien Brien Dwyer Judy 10/6/1832 Doon Honora Connors
Mayfield?? Julia John Pennce Catherine 11/27/1828 Doon Edmond Flemmon Hanna Mayfield
McGrath Bridget William Ryan Judy 5/4/1828 Doon Michael Flemmon
McNight Thomas William Flemmon Mary 11/6/1831 Doon Judy Flemmon
Meany/Meary Pat James Connors Ellen 11/27/1833 Doon Daniel Gorman Julia Meany/Meary
Monahan Honora Thomas Connors Bridget 7/7/1847 Cappamore William Casey Catherine Collins
Munane Elizabeth John Hayes Sally 11/15/1851 Cappamore Cappamore Pat Connors
Murphy Mathew James Fleming Ellen 7/28/1850 Cappamore John ?? Ellen Rice??
Neil Karina?? Nicholas Flemmon Ellen 5/19/1835 Doon Pat Connell Mary Galen??
Nichols Mary Thomas Hickey Hanna 8/17/1846 Cappamore Margaret Connors
Nolan John James Ryan Winny 12/2/1832 Doon Doon Timothy Connors
O'Brien Bridget James Brown Catherine 9/30/1851 Cappamore Cullenagh John Connors
O'Brien Honora John Reilly Mary 7/1845 Cappamore Michael Connors
O'Connor William William Cummins Bridget 5/17/1829 Doon Doon ?? Humphries Catherine Lahy
O'Donnell Catherine Walter Brazil Mary 5/9/1824 Doon Ellen Connors
Phillips Mary Mathew Connors Anne 12/9/1845 Cappamore   Thomas McCan Eliza Connors
Quigley Catherine Patrick Hogan Mary 5/1846 Cappamore Alice Connors
Ryan Daniel Daniel Hogan Mary 6/6/1827 Doon Foilycleara John Connors
Ryan Catherine Denis Connors Bridget 10/12/1831 Doon   Daniel Flemmon Ellen Duggan
Ryan Catherine James Dempsey Margaret 1/25/1850 Cappamore Matty/Marty Connors
Ryan John John Cainy?? Mary 4/12/1852 Cappamore Cullenagh John Fleming
Ryan Ellen Matt Connors Mary 4/21/1847 Cappamore Turagh
Ryan Bridget Michael Connell Catherine 4/12/1832 Doon Pat Connors
Ryan Mary Michael Connors Judy 5/29/1827 Doon Foilycleara Michael Connors Ellen Connors
Ryan Daniel Michael Connors Judy 10/19/1828 Doon Curragha- kimikeen Connor Connors Bridget Connel
Ryan John Pat Connors Margaret 12/28/1834 Doon Coolbaun Matt McNamara Alley Ryan
Ryan Allen Patt Connors Margaret 7/18/1830 Doon Coolbaun John Connors Mary Ryan
Ryan Stephen Stephen Cloinsey?? Margaret 1/3/1848 Cappamore Judith Connors
Ryan Michael Thomas Connors Mary 2/28/1847 Cappamore Cullenagh Michael Hughes Catherine Connors
Ryan Daniel Timothy English Mary 1/6/1831 Doon Lackana-goneeny Bridget Connors
Shanahan John John Connors Margaret 1/3/1836 Doon Tim Connors Ellen Shanahan
Shanahan Thomas Pat Connors Honora 11/1/1831 Doon Glenjar Michael Ryan Judy Shanahan
Shanahan Nathaniel Patrick Connors Honora 10/4/1831 Doon Glenjar Michael Shanahan Mary Shanahan
Tierney Mary Patrick Biller?? Mary 11/1845 Cappamore Anne Connors
Tuohy Catherine Thomas Flemmon Mary 8/26/1834 Doon Michael Flemmon Susan Franklin
Walsh ?? Edward Connors Catherine 5/1846 Cappamore Patt Connors Catherine Hayes
Walsh Catherine Ned Connors Catherine 6/6/1848 Cappamore Catherine Ryan

Doon & Castletown Parishes, County Limerick 
Civil Parish:  Doon 
Barony:  Coonagh 
Poor Law Union:  Tipperary 
POS  2497 
Baptisms:  March 25, 1824 - December 27, 1874 
Cappamore Parish, County Limerick
Civil Parish:  Doon 
Barony:  Owneybeg 
Poor Law Union:  Limerick 
POS  2508 
Baptisms:  April 4, 1845 - December 31, 1880 


NOTES:  This is the result of two full days of searching the records of the Doon and Cappamore parishes.  I ran out of time the day I was reviewing the Cappamore records so they only go through January 1853.  The next day I reviewed the Doon records which start in 1824.  Again I ran out of time before doing a complete search.  This time I stopped at 1836 with the exception of two records that I found in 1838 and 1839 from my ancestors. 

The method of my search was to write down all records where I found my surnames O'CONNOR/CONNORS and FLEMING/FLEMMON.  I also copied records where they were godparents.  I have no other information, other than what is in the above chart relating to these records. 

You will note many ??s.  That is because the records were hard to read due to their condition when microfilmed and the handwriting.  Even on clear pages, the handwriting was hard to decipher.  I know there are mistakes, so please use this information as a clue not as a source document. 

Research was accomplished in May 2001. 


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