Tithe Applotments

Uregare Civil Parish 1833


County Limerick
Kilmallock Poor Law Union
    Smallcounty & Coshma Baronies


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Research Notes:  The Uregare CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256698 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but very light in spots and the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

Surname First Townland
?? William Ballinstona
Beary John Ballyanna
Berkley Peter Ballebeg
Bluett Patk Ballyanna
Brey John Uregare
Brien Mich'l Ballincollow
Browne Patrick Bauningeragh
Browne William Ballinstona
Browne Edm  Ballinstona
Browne William Ballinstona
Browne Mau'e Ballyanna
Browne Patk Ballyanna
Browning, Esq Thos Ballyvolane
Byrns Rich'd Ballinamona
Byrns William Ballinamona
Byrns William Gormans Town Philips
Callaghan Barl'w Scoul
Callaghan John Scoul
Callaghan Denis Scoul
Canlion? Danl Ballinstona
Carbery Rt Hon Ballygrenan
Carbery Mrs? Ballygrenan
Carbery Rt Hon Bulyaden
Carbery Rt Hon Ballyvolane
Carey Thos Uregare
Casey Michael Bauningeragh
Cleary Patrick Ballinamona
Cleary James Ballinamona
Cleary Michael Bauningeragh
Cleary John Bulyaden
Cleary Mary Bulyaden
Cleary Denis Bulyaden
Cleary Patrick Bulyaden
Cleary Mich'l Bulyaden
Cleary James Bulyaden
Cleary Michael Ballinstona
Cleary Thomas Ballinstona
Cleary, Thos Mary Bulyaden
Colle? Patrick Ballyanna
Collins John Ballinamona
Creagh Margret Ballygrenan
Creagh James Ballygrenan
Creed Mr Ch's Ballinstona
Creed Ch's, Mr Uregare
Cremin Denis Ballygrenan
Cremin William Ballygrenan
Crenen David Goat Island
Crenen David Goat Island
Cronin David Ballinstona
Cronin James Ballinstona
Cronin Jeremiah Ballinstona
Daly Mich'l Bauningeragh
Dawson William Ballinlee
Dea John Ballyanna
Dea Edm'd Ballyanna
Dillane John Ballyanna
Donnell Edm'd Ballincollow
Dooly Mary Ballygrenan
Dooly John Ballygrenan
Dooly William Ballygrenan
Dooly Darby Ballygrenan
Duning John Ballygrenan
Dwyer Patrick Ballyanna
Eduns? John Bulyaden
Erwin Thos Ballincollow
Farrell James Ballygrenan
Fenlon Timothy Ballyanna
Fitzgerald John Cottage
Fitzgerald Will'm Ballyanna
Fitzgerald Tobias Ballyanna
Garvan Edm'd Ballinstona
Gubbins Margret Ballebeg
Gubbins William Ballebeg
Gubbins James Ballinstona
Gubbins James Ballyanna
Gubbins, Esq G? G Uregare
Gubbins, Esq Geo Mill Town George
Gubbins, Esq Joseph L Ballincollow
Haleron Patrick Goat Island
Haleron Patrick Goat Island
Halnon? Thomas H Ballygrenan
Halnon? Thomas   Ballygrenan
Halpen Patrick Tankerdstown
Halpen James Tankerdstown
Halpen Garrett Bulyaden
Halpen William Bulyaden
Halpen Hohanina Bulyaden
Hamond Edm'd Goat Island
Hamond Edm'd Goat Island
Hassell John Clampid Farm
Hassett John Cottage
Hayes Morgan Ballyanna
Henesy Micey? Ballyanna
Hickey John Ballinstona
Higgins  Fan? Ballinstona
Higgins? Danl Ballinstona
Higgins? Edm'd Ballinstona
Hogan William Ballinstona
Ivies Miss Uregare
Ivies, Esq Rich'd Uregare
Keily Mich'l Uregare
Kelly Patk Uregare
Kelly Michl Uregare
Kelly Michael Gormans Town Philips
Kelly Luke Ballincollow
Kelly John Ballincollow
Kelly Cath'e Ballincollow
Kiely John Goat Island
Kiely John Goat Island
Kirby James Uregare
Leahy Lar'e Ballincollow
Leary Mau'e Ballyanna
Leary John Ballyanna
Leary Timothy Ballyanna
Leary Darby Uregare
Lillis Patrick Uregare
Lundon David Goat Island
Madagan John Ballygrenan
Made? John Ballebeg
Mahoney James Gormans Town Philips
Maxwell, Esq Robert Ballygrenan
McCarthy Denis Ballinamona
McCarthy Thomas Ballinamona
McCarthy Thomaas Ballebeg
McCarthy, Junr Denis Ballinamona
McCormack Wm Gormans Town Philips
McGrath Marks? Tankerdstown
McGrath Bridget Ballinstona
McGrath John Ballinstona
McGrath And'w Ballinstona
McGrath Patk Uregare
McGrath And'w Uregare
McKiggs?, Esq Wm Uregare
Meade Patk Bulyaden
Meehan William Ballinstona
Moloney Mich'l Ballygrenan
Moloney Lar'e Ballyvolane
Moore David Uregare
Moore John Uregare
Mortel Patrick Goat Island
Murphy Michael Ballygrenan
Murphy Tim'y Ballyanna
Naughten Thomas Ballygrenan
Naughten James Ballygrenan
Neack? Patrick Ballinstona
OConnor Darby Ballyanna
ODonnell Mary Ballygrenan
ODonnell William Ballinstona
ODonnell Thos Ballyanna
Oliver Sarrah D Ballygrenan
Quin Ellen Ballebeg
Rawleigh Mich'l Tankerdstown
Rawleigh Patrick Ballinamona
Rawleigh John Bauningeragh
Rawleigh Patrick Clampid Farm
Rawleigh Thos Bulyaden
Rawleigh John Bulyaden
Rawley Edm'd Ballygrenan
Reardon Simon Ballinstona
Reardon Denis Ballinstona
Renihan Patk Bulyaden
Renihan Jno Bulyaden
Riggs Thomas Ballygrenan
Roche Mary Ballyanna
Rourke William Ballygrenan
Ryan David Ballygrenan
Ryan John Ballygrenan
Ryan Denis Tankerdstown
Ryan James Tankerdstown
Ryan Mich'l Tankerdstown
Ryan Mich'l Ballinamona
Ryan James Ballinamona
Ryan James Ballebeg
Ryan Thomas Ballebeg
Ryan William Ballebeg
Ryan John Cottage
Ryan Patrick Bauningeragh
Ryan Timothy Bauningeragh
Ryan Thomas Bauningeragh
Ryan Denis Bauningeragh
Ryan ?? Ballinstona
Ryan Patrick Ballyanna
Ryan Patrick Ballyanna
Ryan Thos Ballyanna
Ryan, Dav'd Patrick Ballinamona
Ryan, Junr John Ballinamona
Ryan, Senr John Ballinamona
Scully John Ballyanna
Scully James Ballyanna
Slattery John Goat Island
Slattery Cath'e Uregare
Slattery  Mich'l Goat Island
Slattery, Owen John Goat Island
Spillane Peter Ballygrenan
Stritch And'w Cottage
Sullivan Patk Ballinstona
Sullivan Ja's Ballinstona
Sullivan Thos Ballinstona
Sullivan William Ballinstona
Sullivan Mich'l Goat Island
Sullivan Mich'l Goat Island
Symons William Tankerdstown
Symons John Tankerdstown
Toole Mich'l Ballygrenan
Toomey Corn's Ballygrenan
Toomey Michael Ballyanna
Troy Mich'l Cottage
Troy Mich'l Cottage
Tucker John Ballyanna
Wallace Thomas Tankerdstown
Wallace James Tankerdstown
Walling Johanna Tankerdstown


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