Doon Civil Parish (Part of)**
Coonagh Barony

Limerick & Tipperary Poor Law Union
**also part of Owneybeg Barony, Co Limerick & Coonagh Barony, Co Tipperary

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1851
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotment Book (not counted), 1826


Surname GV Tithes
Abraham G2  
Alice G2 T
Andrew G T
Andrews G  
Apjohn   T
Atkinson G  
Banagry G T
Barry G5 T
Beahan G  
Beary G  
Benn   T
Benton G2 T
Berachry   T
Birrane G T
Blake G T
Bourke G7 T
Boyce G  
Bradshaw G  
Brassil G T
Bray G3 T
Brennan G T
Brien G2 T
Brown G3 T
Browne G T
Buckley G3 T
Burke G  
Burns G T
Butler G5 T
Callaghan G4 T
Caplice   T
Carew   T
Carey G11  
Carney G3  
Carr G T
Carroll G6  
Carty G T
Casey G2 T
Cleary G  
Clifford G T
Clohassey G T
Clonmel, Earl of G  
Coffey G3 T
Coghlan G  
Coleman G T
Collins G15 T
Connell G10 T
Connor G11 T
Connors G T
Conway G4 T
Coote   T
Corbit G T
Corcoran G T
Cormick G  
Corr G  
Cosgriff   T
Costello G T
Costelloe G4 T
Croagh G T
Cronan G2 T
Cross G T
Crowe G  
Cullinan G T
Cummins G  
Cuningham G3  
Curtain G  
Curtin G  
Daly G2  
Darcy G8 T
Davis G  
Dawson G2 T
Day G T
Dea G  
Dee G  
Deer G5 T
Devine G  
Devitt G T
Doherty G  
Donagher G  
Donogher G3  
Donohoe G5 T
Donovan G T
Downes G T
Doyle   T
Duggan   T
Dwyer G24 T
Ebriel   T
Egan G  
English   T
Fahy   T
Forrell G2 T
Finucane G  
FitzGerald G15 T
Flannery G  
Fleming G3 T
Flynn G2 T
Fogarty G3 T
Fox G T
Franklin G2 T
Furlong G  
Gavin G2 T
Glison   T
Godrey G3 T
Gorman G8 T
Gough G T
Grady   T
Griffin G3 T
Hall G2  
Halloran G  
Hammersley G2 T
Hanly G T
Harding G T
Harrigan G T
Harty G  
Hassett G  
Hastings G T
Hayes G23 T
Healy G T
Henny   T
Hearn G  
Heffernan G2  
Hellernane G  
Hennessy G4 T
Herr G  
Hickey G9 T
Hogan G3  
Horan G  
Hough   T
Hourigan G3 T
Howard G T
Humphreys G T
Hunt   T
Hurley G T
Ivers   T
Jones G T
Joy   T
Kane G2 T
Kearney G6 T
Keating G  
Keaty G T
Keily   T
Kenefeck G  
Kennedy G T
Keogh G6  
Kilbride G T
Kirby G  
Leonard G  
Lloyd G24  
Lonergan G11 T
Loughlan G  
Lysaght G6 T
M'Cann G  
M'Carthy G7  
M'Enerney G  
M'Enery G T
M'Grath G5 T
M'Keough   T
M'Knight G  
M'Namara G6 T
Mackay G  
Madden G8 T
Magrath G2  
Maher G7  
Mara G  
Marshall G T
Martin G  
Meagher G T
Meara G T
Merryman   T
Minahan G  
Mitchell   T
Mockler G T
Molloy G  
Molony   T
Moore G6 T
Morissy G5 T
Morrison G2 T
Moyston G T
Mulcahy G3 T
Mullins G T
Murnane G2  
Murphy G8 T
Nicholas G T
Nickleson   T
Noonan G  
Nowland G24 T
Nugent G  
O'Brien G8 T
O'Donnell G T
O'Neill G T
Phelan G12 T
Pickam G  
Picket G2  
Pickham G3 T
Pigot   T
Portley G  
Portly G  
Power G2  
Quillinan G  
Quinlan G4 T
Quinn G T
Quirk   T
Raleigh G2  
Real G  
R?? G  
Reidy   T
Reilly G  
Richardson G3 T
Riordan   T
Rowles G2 T
Rowlet G  
Russell G3  
Ryan G153 T
Scofield   T
Shanahan G4 T
Shea G5 T
Sheehy G2  
Slattery G3  
Smee G3 T
Smith G T
Spelman G T
Stack   T
Stapleton   T
Stewart G  
Stokes G5 T
Sullivan G3 T
Sweeney G2 T
Sweeny G T
Taylor   T
Tierney G2  
Tobin G3  
Toole G  
Tracey G T
Tracy G2 T
Tuohy G5  
Tuomey   T
Wall G T
Walsh G4 T
Wallace G2  
Whelan G  
Wheeler G2 T
White G T
Wild G2  


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