Tithe Applotments

Shanagolden Civil Parish 1830

Glin & Rathkeale Poor Law Unions
    Shanid Barony

Shanagolden Town
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Research Notes:  The Shanagolden CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256685 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

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Occupier Surname First Townland
Barrett Patk Glownbawn
Barrett Thos Glownbawn
Barry Jno Ballycormack
Barry John Corbally
Bourke David Shanagolden Townland
Bridgeman Jas Glownbawn
Burns Patt Ballycormack
Callaghan Denis Ballycormack
Callaghan Jno Ballycormack
Callaghan Michl Ballycormack
Callaghan Patt Ballycormack
Callaghan Thos Ballycormack
Callaghan widow Mountdavid
Clohissy James Coomheer
Clohissy Mary Coomheer
Connell John Clashganife
Connell John Coomheer
Connors Gerald Clountie
Connors John Ballynash (Clare)
Connors Patk Ballycormack
Conway John Shanagolden Demese, Knockouseep
Corbett Thos Mountdavid
Cosgriff Jno Clountie
Cosgriff Thos Clountie
Cumane Patt Glownbawn
Curten Jas Tiermore
Cusack Michl Ballynash (Clare)
Daly Thos Clashganife
Danaher Jas Tiermore
Danaher Mich Ballinacragy
Dempsy Danl Ballynash (Clare)
Dempsy Edm'd Banacronogue
Dempsy John Churchfield
Dillane Jas Clashganife
Donovan Jno Mountdavid
Donovan John Clashganife
Donovan John Moneanore
Downes widow Ballynash (Clare)
Downy Michl Ballycormack
Dundon Michl Mountdavid
Ebsery Thos Ardaneer
Ebsery Wm Ardaneer
English Jno Shanagolden Demese, Knockouseep
Enright Denis Clountie
Enright Edwd Ballycormack
Enright Geo Ballycormack
Enright Mathew Shanagolden Townland
Enright Patt Clountie
Enright Patt Parkmore
Enright William Coomheer
Enright Willm Coomheer
Enright Wm Ballycormack
Farrell Bridget Clountie
Farrell Edmd Srulawn
Farrell Jno Ballynash
Farrell Michl Ballynash
Farrell Thos Ballynash
Fitzg'd Edmd Srulawn
Fitzg'd Stephen  Shanagolden Townland
Fitzgerald Jas Ballycormack
Fitzgibbon David Ballynash (Clare)
Fitzgibbon Michl Coomheer
Fitzgibbons Edmd Corbally
Fitzgibbons Patk Ballinltaba, Corbally
Fitzgibbons Thos Ballinltaba, Corbally
Fleming Jas Srulawn
Foley Patrick Corbally
Foley Willm Stoneaoaha? Glebe
Garvin Jno Ballinacragy
Ginnane Thos Stoneaoaha? Glebe
Godfey Martin Banacronogue
Griffen Thos Shanagolden Demese, Knockouseep
Griffin Jno Ballinacragy
Griffin Thos Ballinacragy
Guinane Jno Mountdavid
Hackpoole Michl Corbally
Hanly Jno Srulawn
Hanly Martin Srulawn
Hanly Wm Srulawn
Hanrahan Michl Ballynash (Bishop)
Hartnett Jas Shanagolden Demese, Knockouseep
Hastings Hugh Ballynash (Bishop)
Hastings Jno Mountdavid
Healy John Ballynash (Clare)
Healy Patt Ballinacragy
Heshon Patt Ballycormack
Hishon Willm Ballycormack
Hurly Catherine Tiermore
Keating James Killengriff
Keating Jno Glownbawn
Keating Michl Glownbawn
Kelly Jas Clountie
Kelly Jno Ballynash (Clare)
Kelly Patt Clountie
Kelly Philip Ballycormack
Kennedy Doctor Clashganife
Kennedy Doctor Coomheer
Lacy Tom Ballynash (Clare)
Lane Jno Ballynash
Lane Jno Clountie
Lane Michl Clashganife
Lane widow Clountie
Langford widow Ballycormack
Langford, Esq Edwd Ballycormack
Lawlee Jno Glebes
Leahy widow Killengriff
Lindsay Jno Srulawn
Long Wm Shanagolden Demese, Knockouseep
Lynch Batt Tiermore
Lynch Michl Tiermore
Lynch Morty Shanagolden Townland
Lynch Thos Ballycormack
Lynch Thos Ballycormack
Lynch Thos Clashganife
Lynch Thos Shanagolden Townland
Lysatt Patt Glownbawn
Lysatt Thos Glownbawn
Madigan Danl Ballycormack
Madigan Denis Ballycormack
Madigan Denis Croghane
Madigan Jno Mountdavid
Madigan Jno Srulawn
Madigan Jno Srulawn
Madigan Math'w Srulawn
Madigan Michl Ballycormack
Madigan Patk Srulawn
Madigan Patt Ballycormack
Madigan Thos Ballycormack
Madigan widow Shanagolden Townland
Mangan Jno Ballinacragy
Mangan Patt Parkmore
Mangan Thomas Ballynash
Mangan widow Parkmore
Manning Patt Clashganife
Maun Thos Shanagolden Townland
McDonnell Charles Clashganife
McDonnell Jas Coomheer
McDonnell Thos Rathfarra
McMahon Jno Ballynash
McMahon Michl Ballynash (Bishop)
McMahon Patrick Ballynash (Bishop)
M'Eniry widow Ballynash (Clare)
Molony Denis Ballynash (Clare)
Molony Jno Srulawn
Moore Jno Ballycormack
Moore Robert Shanagolden Townland
Moran Jas Clountie
Morgan Mathew Ballycormack
Morgan Mathew Shanagolden Townland
Morgan Mathew Stoneaoaha? Glebe
Morgan Math'w Srulawn
Mulean Owen Clountie
Mulvahile Patk Ballynash (Bishop)
Murphy Patk Clountie
Mury Patt Mountdavid
Nash Cornelius Ballynash
Nash Denis Shanagolden Townland
Naughton Will'm Shanagolden Townland
Ness Captain Vicarage
Nevik Denis Mountdavid
Nevill Denis Vicarage
Nevill Jno Vicarage
Nevill Thomas Ballynash (Bishop)
O'Brian Terry Shanagolden Townland
O'Brian Thos Shanagolden Townland
OBrien David Killengriff
OBrien Michl Ardaneer
OBrien Michl Ballynash (Clare)
OBrien Patk Ballycormack
OBrien Patk Killengriff
OBrien Patt Ballycormack
OBrien Patt Parkmore
OBrien widow Mountdavid
O'Donnell Tim'y Ballynash (Clare)
Pilrang Peter Clashganife
Power Jno Moneanore
Quilty Thos Clashganife
Rice, Esq Stephen E Ballinacragy
Rice, Esq Stephen E Ballynash (Clare)
Rice, Esq Stephen E Croghane
Rice, Esq Stephen E Vicarage
Ruddle Andy Clountie
Ruddle widow Ballynash
Scanlan Conor Mountdavid
Scanlan Jno Ballynash (Bishop)
Scanlan John Clashganife
Shahy Will'm Shanagolden Townland
Shanahan Stephen Ballycormack
Shanahan Thos Ballynash (Clare)
Shaughnessy Danl Ballynash (Clare)
Shaughnessy James Ballinree
Shaughnessy Jas Ballynash (Bishop)
Shaughnessy Jno Mountdavid
Shaughnessy Jno Shanagolden Demese, Knockouseep
Shaughnessy John Ballycormack
Shaughnessy Patrick Corbally
Shaughnessy widow Ballynash (Clare)
Shaughnessy widow Clountie
Sheahan Darby Ballynash (Clare)
Sheahan Darby Mountdavid
Sheahan Darby Shanagolden Townland
Sheahan Denis Ballynash
Sheahan Henry Ballynash (Bishop)
Sheahan Jas Srulawn
Sheahan Jno Shanagolden Townland
Sheahan Jno Srulawn
Sheahan Martin Glebes
Sheahan Martin Shanagolden Townland
Sheahan Michl Ballynash (Clare)
Sheahan Patt Srulawn
Sheahan widow Coomheer
Sheahan widow Shanagolden Demese, Knockouseep
Sheahan Wm Srulawn
Shine Patk Srulawn
Shire Jas Coomheer
Shrahan Jno Ballycormack
Simons Henry Mountdavid
Simons Henry Shanagolden Townland
Sowny Denis Shanagolden Demese, Knockouseep
Sowny Matt Ballycormack
Stackpoole Michl Mountdavid
Stackpoole Michl Shanagolden Demese, Knockouseep
Sullivan Jno Ballynash (Bishop)
Sullivan Lau'ce Ballycormack
Sullivan Lau'ce Ballycormack
Sullivan Patk Shanagolden Demese, Knockouseep
Vincent, Revd Geo Shanagolden Demese, Knockouseep
Wallace John Ardaneer
Walsh Jno Srulawn
Wingle Jno Clountie
Wingle Jno Clountie
Wingle Michl Clountie
Wright Jno Ballynash (Clare)

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