Doon Catholic Parish
Baptism Records
 O'Connell Surname


Surname First Father First Mother Last Mother First Baptism Date Townland
O'Connell Bridget James Fogarty Bridget Nov 25, 1827 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell Bridget John Ryan Annastacia May 16, 1827 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell Bridget William Fahey Mary Mar 7, 1831 Castlegarde
O'Connell Bridget William Fahey Mary Jan 31, 1832 Castlegarde
O'Connell Con William Fahey Mary Oct 30, 1824 Castlegarde
O'Connell Connor Mike Piggett Joan Oct 10, 1846 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell Dan Dan O'Brien Johanna Jan 24, 1858 Cooga 
O'Connell Darby Pat Maher Bridget Dec 1, 1859 Curraghakimikeen
O'Connell David Pat Dundon Kitty 1848 not given
O'Connell Ellen John Mullens Ellen Jun 30, 1839 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell Ellen Mike Piggett Joan Dec 28, 1844 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell James James Fogarty Bridget Feb 6, 1833 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell Johanna Pat Dundon Kitty Aug 30, 1852 Anne
O'Connell John John O'Dwyer Mary Jul 8, 1850 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell John Mike Pickham Judy Aug 18, 1850 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell John William Connell Bridget Jul 15, 1832 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell John William O'Dwyer Mary Jun 5, 1847 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell Katherine Pat Dundon Kitty Apr 6, 1855 not given
O'Connell Margaret Connor Kelly Mary May 29, 1846 Carrigmore Doon
O'Connell Margaret James Fogarty Bridget Aug 16, 1830 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell Margaret William Fahey Mary May 10, 1840 Castlegarde
O'Connell Mary Dan Madden Mary Dec 25, 1833 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell Mary Mike Piggett Joan Nov 14, 1853 Castlegarde
O'Connell Mary Pat Lysaght Bridget Feb 12, 1847 Gurtavalla (Cottage)
O'Connell Mary William Fahey Mary Feb 2, 1834 Castlegarde
O'Connell Michael William Fogarty Mary Oct 25, 1828 Castlegarde
O'Connell Mike Darby Hammersley Bridget Sep 19, 1825 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell Mike Darby Ryan Jane Oct 5, 1833 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell Mike Mike Piggett Joan May 8, 1856 Gortnageara Doon
O'Connell Mike Pat Dundon Kitty 1857 Doon
O'Connell Mike Pat O'Dea Judy Feb 18, 1846 Carrigmore Doon
O'Connell Mike William Hogan katherine 1867 Cooga Doon
O'Connell Patrick Pat Dundon Kitty Mar 16, 1862 not given
O'Connell Richard Darby Ryan Jane Jan 23, 1831 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell Thomas James Fogarty Bridget Jul 8, 1837 Gurtavalla Doon
O'Connell Winnie William unknown Aug 10, 1845 not given


Doon & Castletown Parishes, County Limerick 
Civil Parish:  Doon 
Barony:  Coonagh 
Poor Law Union:  Tipperary 
POS  2497 
Baptisms:  March 25, 1824 - December 27, 1874 


NOTE:  Above records donated by Dave and John O'Connell


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