Tithe Applotments

Newcastle Civil Parish 1829


County Limerick
Newcastle Poor Law Union
    Glenquin & Shanid Baronies


Churchtown Town Newcastle Town
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Research Notes:  The Newcastle CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256672 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.


Surname First Townland
?? William Ashgrove
?? John Ashgrove
Ahern Gill? Dromin Beesom
Ahern Denis Dromin Beesom
Alley Michael Glanastar
Ambrose Robert Ballinena
Ambrose James? Ballinena
Ambrose Thomas Churchtown Farms
Ambrose John Donganville
Ambrose James Donganville
Ambrose Daniel Donganville
Ambrose John Gurtnaglogh
Ambrose Jerry Glanastar
Ambrose Thomas Killruddane
Ambrose William Killruddane
Baker William Churchtown Gardens
Baker William Churchtown Row
Barret John Gurtboy West
Bluell Matt Ballylahave
Bluell Matt Dromin McTirlogh
Bluett Matt Gurtboy West
Bluett Matt Newcastle Town, Square
Boyd? Edward Ballypierce
Burns John & sons Ballinena
Cantee/Cantec? John Ducalteen
Carey John Churchtown Farms
Carey Edmond Churchtown Gardens
Carey Edmond Churchtown Row
Carey James Churchtown Row
Carey (Coolsprig) John Gurtboy West
Casey James Churchtown Gardens
Caughey John Ashgrove
Collins Morly Gurtboy West
Condon James Dungeehy
Condon Patrick Donganville
Connor  Denis Newcastle Town, Maiden Street, South
Connors Batt Ballinena
Connors Thos Churchtown Gardens
Connors William Donganville
Connors Patrick Donganville
Connors Math'w? Glanastar
Copley Kerry Gurtboy West
Corbell John Dromin McTirlogh
Courtney Lord Gurtboy Grange
Cregan Denis   Dromin McTirlogh
Cremin Cornelius & son Ballinena
Cremin Cornelius Gurranekevane
Cremmin Cornelius Ashgrove
Cronin Callvins? Churchtown Gardens
Cronin Thomas Churchtown Row
Cronin Corn's Churchtown Row
Cronin Cornelius Dromin Beesom
Cronin Jas Newcastle Town, Bridge Street
Cussen widow Ballinena
Cussen Robert Churchtown Gardens
Cussen Robert Churchtown Gardens
Cussen Robert Churchtown Row
Cussen Patrick Gurranekevane
Cussen Marg't. Newcastle Town, Maiden Street, South
Darboule Edward Newcastle Town, Square
Darcy Nich'os Churchtown Farms
Donovan John Churchtown Row
Doolin Patrick Churchtown Gardens
Doolin David Gurtboy West
Dooly Maurice Newcastle Town, Square
Dooly Mau  Newcastle Town, Bridge Street
Dooly   Maurice Gurtboy West
Dooly (Boy) David Gurtboy West
Doorly Maurice Gurtboy West
Dower David Churchtown Gardens
Dower Patrick Gurtboy West
Duffy? Maurice Gurtboy Grange
Eashette? W. Newcastle Town, Square
Egan Daniel Gurtboy West
Egan Michael Newcastle Town, Maiden Street, South
Enright John Glanastar
Erraght Denis & sons Churchtown Gardens
Fitzgerald Thos Churchtown Gardens
Fitzgibbons J Newcastle Town, Bridge Street
Flanigan John Churchtown Gardens
Flanigan Daniel Dromin McTirlogh
Flanigan John Dromin McTirlogh
Frank Thoms Churchtown Gardens
Furlong   Joseph Churchtown Farms
Furlong, Esq Alfred Churchtown Farms
Gibbon Maurice Dromin McTirlogh
Gorman Edmond Churchtown Gardens
Griffin Jas Killruddane
Griffin John Killruddane
Griffin widow Killruddane
Griffin, Junr James Killruddane
Gun John Churchtown Farms
Gun, Junr John Gurtboy West
Hallinan Jerry Dromin Beesom
Hallinan Jerry Dungeehy
Hallinan Jerry Gurtboy West
Hanley William Churchtown Farms
Hanly? John Ashgrove
Hark John Gurtboy West
Harnell Richard Glanagown
Harnell John Glanagown
Harrold Edmd Ashgrove
Haver? widow Ashgrove
Healey William Ashgrove
Heston Will  Churchtown Gardens
Histon William Churchtown Row
Hough William Ashgrove
Hough John Glanastar
Hurley James? Ashgrove
Hurley Denis & sons Ballinena
Hurley Connor East ??
James Leahy Ashgrove
Kelly William Churchtown Gardens
Kelly William Churchtown Row
Kelly Roger Churchtown Row
Kelly Roger Gurtboy West
Kennedy Patrick Ballypierce
Kilmartin Michael Dromin McTirlogh
Kirby Patrick Donganville
Larkin Tim Churchtown Gardens
Larkin Timothy Churchtown Row
Leahy, Jr Daniel Newcastle Town, Maiden Street, Northside
Lecat Patrick Churchtown Row
Lee  Thomas Churchtown Gardens
Lee  Thomas Churchtown Row
Liston Garret Dromin Beesom
Locke, Jr Thomas Gurtboy Grange
Locke, Rev'd Thomas Gurtboy Grange
Lynch Morly Glanastar
Lynch James Glanastar
Madigan John Churchtown Gardens
Madigan Michael Glanastar
Madigan John Gurtboy West
Massy Edw'd Gurtboy West
McCarthy Doct? Dromin Beesom
McCarthy Martha, Mrs Gurtboy West
McCarthy John Newcastle Town, Maiden Street, South
McCormic John Churchtown Gardens
McEniery Mackey Dromin McTirlogh
McEniery John Dromin Beesom
McMahon Connor Dungeehy
McMahon Mich'l Dungeehy
McMahon Jas Dungeehy
McMahon Marg't. Gurtboy West
Meade Nicholas Dromin McTirlogh
Meade Nichos Dromin Beesom
Mehan Denis Gurtboy Grange
Minehan Mrs Gurtboy Grange
Moore James   Churchtown Farms
Moore Michael Churchtown Row
Moore Patrick Ducalteen
Moore William Ducalteen
Mullane widow Churchtown Row
Mullane James Churchtown Row
Mullane William Glanagown
Mulloney James Killruddane
Murphy David Churchtown Gardens
Murphy David Churchtown Row
Murphy John Glanastar
Murphy D Newcastle Town, Bridge Street
Nash James Gurtboy West
Odell Richard Churchtown Farms
Patrick Leahy Ashgrove
Peahy? John Gurtboy West
Pickley John Glanastar
Pierce Edmond Glanagown
Quaid Thomas Ducalteen
Quin William Gurtboy West
Rahilly Denis Newcastle Town, Maiden Street, South
Regan Andrew Churchtown Farms
Regan Andrew Churchtown Gardens
Ryan Denis & sons Churchtown Gardens
Scanlan Thomas Gurtboy West
Shaughnessy widow Gurranekevane
Shaughnessy Patt Gurtboy West
Shea James Churchtown Gardens
Shea James Churchtown Row
Shea John Gurtboy Grange
Shechy R. Glanastar
Sheehan Mart Dromin Beesom
Sheehy Patrick Dromin Beesom
Shehan Jermiah Gurranekevane
Spellane John Churchtown Row
Spillane John Churchtown Gardens
Sullivan John Ballypierce
Sullivan widow Ballypierce
Sullivan Darby Dromin McTirlogh
Sullivan Darby Dromin Beesom
Sullivan Major Donganville
Sweeny Hodge Gurtboy West
Upton John Ashgrove
Upton John Glanastar
Upton Samuel Glanastar
Walker John Gurtboy West
Wallace John Gurtboy West
Wolfe John Ducalteen
Wolfe Edm'd Ducalteen
Wolfe James Donganville
Wolfe John Donganville
Woods John Churchtown Gardens
Woods Michael Churchtown Row


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