Tithe Applotments

Nantinan Civil Parish 1835


County Limerick
Rathkeale & Glin Poor Law Unions
    Connello Upper & Lower & Shanid Baronies


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Research Notes:  The Nantinan CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256672 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.


Surname First Townland
Aylener Henry Rathnasare
Baker widow Ballingrane
Baker Adam Ballingrane
Baker John Ballingrane
Baker Mich'l Ballingrane
Baker Sam'l Ballingrane
Barry Danl Callow
Batanan John Attavilla
Bourke Wm? Rathnasare
Bourke Wm? Rathnasare
Bowman John Ballyarococye
Brandon Patt Bouliglass
Brick Dan'l Ballyarococye
Brithour Dav'd Ballingrane
Brown Wm? Rathnasare
Buckley Dav'd? Tonlagee
Cahill Patt Ballyarococye
Cahill Patt Eribol or Ballybane
Cahill Mich'l Rathnasare
Carmody Edmd Dona & Ballyhane
Carmody Math'w Dona & Ballyhane
Carmody Jam's Dona & Ballyhane
Carney Danl Rathnasare
Carroll Jas Bouliglass
Casey Thos Ballinavirck
Caton Jno Ballingrane
Cavanagh Jno Rathnasare
Clancy Jno Bouliglass
Combal? widow Currahane
Combat? widow Ballyhomuck
Combat? Patt Ballyhomuck
Combat? Patt Ballyadam
Condon Jas Attavilla
Condon Jas Attavilla
Condon Jas Scart
Condon Stephen Ballyvershune
Condon  Thos Attavilla
Condon, Senr Jas Bullane
Condon, Senr Jas Argaul
Condon, Senr Jas Tonlagee
Corrdon Patt Dohilmore
Crifes? widow Rathnasare
Cromkan Dan  Bouliglass
Crunnin Jas Callow
Crutly widow Dona & Ballyhane
Culhane Jno Rathnasare
Culhane widow Rathnasare
Culhane Thos Rathnasare
Cusack widow Ballyvershune
Cusack John Callow
Cusack Pat Callow
Daniher John Bouliglass
Dea Mathew Deerpark
Dee Patrick Eribol or Ballybane
Deely widow Ballyadam
Deely Wm? Ballyadam
Delmage Tob's Ballingrane
Delmage Jas Ballingrane
Dillano John Rathnasare
Dolee Charly Ballingrane
Dolee Sam'l Ballingrane
Dolee Henry Ballingrane
Donnelly Jno Dona & Ballyhane
Doody Jno Callow
Doody Peter Callow
Dore James Dona & Ballyhane
Dow James Artomin
Dunn Terry Bouliglass
Egan Jas Ballyhomuck
Egan Jno Ballyhomuck
Enright Jas Argoulmore Feibeg
Enright Patt Rathnasare
Enright Thos Eniscoush
Fall/Fale Sam'l Eniscoush
Fean Jas Rathnasare
Fitzgerald Jno Loughane
Fitzgerald Tobias Ballyvershune
Fitzgerald James Knocknajordon
Fitzmoris Robt Bouliglass
Frawly Tim Currahane
Gifle Bat? Ballingrane
Goglan Patt Bouliglass
Gormon Michl Dohilmore
Graves, Rev'd Ja's Currahane
Haurihan? Jas Ballingrane
Hayes Denis Curraghnadula
Hays Thos Deerpark
Hays Thos Callow
Healy Mich'l Callow
Hewson John Eniscoush
Hickson Thos Bouliglass
Hogan Michl Dohilmore
Hynes John Ballyhomuck
Jones, Rev'd Jas Ballingrane
Kean John Callow
Keeley Patt Rathnasare
Kelly Jno Bouliglass
Kelly Mich'l Ballyhomuck
Kenedy Rich'd Ballyarococye
Kenedy Patt Knocknajordon
Kenedy James Knocknajordon
Lane Thomas Kilbsha/Killesha?
Laurence widow Ballingrane
Ledden Darby Rathnasare
Ledger Wm? Ballingrane
Loge Thos Ballinavirck
Loge Wm? Ballingrane
Loge John Ballingrane
Loge Adam Ballingrane
Loge Andy Ballingrane
Lose Tho's Ballyarococye
Lynch John Dohilmore
Madigan Mich'l Kilbsha/Killesha?
Madigan Connor Loughane
Madigan Jno Ballyarococye
Malachy Patt Grageen
Malone Edw'd Currahane
Masley Eyre Bouliglass
Masley Hugh Grageen
Maun/Mann? James Curraghnadula
Maun/Mann? Jas Callow
McCarty Thos Dona & Ballyhane
McCue Thos Ballingrane
McDonel Thos Argoulmore Feibeg
McDonel Denis Ballyhomuck
McDonell Thos Ballyhomuck
McEniry Ml Bouliglass
McMahon Owen Dona & Ballyhane
McMahon Jas Grange
McMahon Jas Dohilmore
McMahon Patt Dohilmore
Miller widow Tonlagee
Miller Jno Ballingrane
Miller Peter Ballingrane
Moroney Jno Ballyhomuck
Moroney Thos Ballyhomuck
Moroney Patt Callow
Morony Denis Ballyhomuck
Mulcahy Patt Dohilmore
Murphy Jas Ballyadam
Neal Jas Bouliglass
Neal widow Bullane
Neal Wm? Dohilmore
Neal Den's Eniscoush
Nevile Martin Deerpark
Nevill Steph'n Kilbsha/Killesha?
Nevill Mich'l Kilbsha/Killesha?
Nevill Martin Eribol or Ballybane
Nevill John Ballyadam
Noonan Jam's Kilbsha/Killesha?
Normoil Jno Ballyvershune
O'Brian Thos Ballintrididy
O'Brian Terry Bouliglass
O'Neill Thos Grageen
Power Patt Rathnasare
Power Jas Rathnasare
Power Wm? Clounagh
Purcill Ml Ballyhomuck
Quin John Ballyadam
Quin George Rathnasare
Riedey Thos Rathnasare
Roche Mary Callow
Rose Dav'd  Ballingrane
Royce Thos H Bouliglass
Royce Thos G Nantinan Demesne
Royse Thos G Kilbsha/Killesha?
Royse, Esq Thos   Ballinavirck
Ruckle Henry Ballingrane
Ruckle Jas Ballingrane
Ruckle Dav'd Ballingrane
Ruckle widow Ballingrane
Ruckle Sam'l Ballingrane
Ruckle Mich'l Ballingrane
Ryan Thos Bouliglass
Ryan John Dohilmore
Scanlan Maurice Dohilmore
Scanlan Mich'l Dohilmore
Scully Jno Dona & Ballyhane
Scully John Dohilmore
Sesetow? Patt Ballyhomuck
Shaughnessy Jno Kilbsha/Killesha?
Shaughnessy Patt Kilbsha/Killesha?
Shaughnessy Jno Ballyarococye
Shaughnessy Patt Bouliglass
Shaughnessy Jerry Dona & Ballyhane
Shaughnessy Dan Deerpark
Shaughnessy Mary Callow
Sheahan Dan'l Ballyarococye
Sheahan Mary Bouliglass
Sheehy Patt Kilbsha/Killesha?
Sheehy Edw'd Loughane
Sheehy Miles Currahane
Sheehy Roger Gurtunabruck
Sheehy John Dohilmore
Shire John Ballingrane
Stephenson Rich'd Callow
Stephenson Rich'd Dohilmore
Stocks John Kilbsha/Killesha?
Stocks John Lurrago
Sulliavan Jas Bouliglass
Summers Jno Ballyarococye
Swiker Adam Ballingrane
Tracey Jas Deerpark
Tuskey Geo Ballingrane
Walsh Wm? Dona & Ballyhane
Whitegar Jno Rathnasare
Young Andy Ballingrane


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