Tithe Applotments

Monagay Civil Parish 1828


County Limerick
Newcastle Poor Law Union
    Glenquin Barony


Newcastle Town Templeglentan West
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Research Notes:  The Monagay CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256667 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
EXTRA NOTES:  The enumerator did not cross his T's so it was hard, at times, to tell the difference between his T's and L's.  Also, his H's looked like TC plus his K's, H's & R's looked alike.


Surname First Townland
Ahern Maurice Ballinatubbrid
Ahern Michael Ballinatubbrid
Ahern Tead Ballymorragh Jefferies
Ahern widow Cullinah
Ahern Edmond Cloonkilly
Ahern no first Cloonkilly
Ahern Denis Gardenfield
Ahern Bridget Killelagh
Ahern Patrick Meeneline
Ahern Wm Tulligoline
Ahern Michael Templeglentane
Ambrose widow Ballymackessy
Ambrose Mrs Cullinah
Ambrose widow, Jas Triermenough
Ambrose widow, Robt Triermenough
Anglim Edmond Rathcahill
Anglim Darby Rathcahill
Arraght John Ballymorragh Jefferies
Ash, Revd Willm Ballymorragh Jefferies
Ash, Revd Henry Crean
Barret Patrick Ballymorragh Gun
Barret no first Garryduff
Barret John Garryduff
Barry David Ardnacrohy
Barry James Crean
Barry John Camas
Begly John Ballymackranell
Begly Danl Ballymackranell
Begly Cornelius Gardenfield
Bourke John Arranagh
Bourke Misses Ballinatubbrid
Breen John Tulligoline
Brennan Robert Killelagh
Brouder Darby Arranagh
Brouder Daviel Arranagh
Brouder John Arranagh
Brouder Wm Ballygeele
Brouder Danl Ballygeele
Brouder John Ballygeele
Brouder John Camas
Brouder Patrick Knockanecullane
Brouder Dl Sugarhill
Brouder Daniel Shanagarry
Brouder Mic Tulligoline
Browne John Camas
Buckley Denis Camas
Buckley James Garryduff
Buckley Tho Tulligoline
Butler widow Rathnanane
Cahill Thomas Ballycunnov
Callaghan James Ballymorragh Gun
Callaghan James Ballymorragh Gun
Callaghan Michael Glanduff
Canly William Cloonkilly
Carey John Clounescrehane
Carmody widow Ballygeele
Carmody Danl Ballymorragh Jefferies
Carte James Arranagh
Carte John Ballygeele
Carte Denis Ballygeele
Carte Patk Crean
Carte Robert Cullinah
Casey John Ballygeele
Casey John Ballyvoogane
Casey John Camas
Casey William Clouncon Bourke
Casey Cornelius Glenquin
Casey widow Rathnanane
Casey widow Shanagarry
Cavanagh Martin Killelagh
Colbert John Meeneline
Colbert (Grey) John Templeglentane
Coleman Pat Knockanecullane
Coll, Revd Mr Shanagarry
Coller James Camas
Collins John Arranagh
Collins Cornelius Arranagh
Collins James Killeline
Collins Morty Rathnanane
Collins no first Shanagarry
Collins John Tulligoline
Collins Patrick Tulligoline
Collins Richard Tulligoline
Condon John Clounescrehane
Connell Daniel Shanagarry
Connors John Ballinatubbrid
Connors Martin Ballinatubbrid
Connors Ed Ballymorragh Jefferies
Connors Maurice Cloonkilly
Connors Thomas Dromroe
Connors Maurice Garryduff
Connors Patrick Killelagh
Connors Denis Rathnanane
Connors James Triermenough
Connors Thomas Triermenough
Conway John Ballycunnov
Conway Daniel Rathcahill
Conway Edmd Rathcahill
Corbett Michael Ballinahown
Corbett John Ballinahown
Corbett Michael Ballymorragh Gun
Corbett Michael Ballymorragh Gun
Corbett Patrick Ballymorragh Jefferies
Corbett Little John Ballycunnov
Corbett Big John Ballycunnov
Corbett John Crean
Corbett Patrick Cullinah
Corbett Patrick Garryduff
Corbett Patrick Killeline
Corbett widow Meeneline
Cotter/Coller William Gurteenreynard
Creedon John Knockanecullane
Creedon no first Shanagarry
Cregan Martin Crean
Cregan John Clouncon Bourke
Cremin widow Killeline
Crimmins Carnelius Arranagh
Cronin Maurice Arranagh
Cronin John Arranagh
Cronin James Knockanecullane
Cronin Thos Tulligoline
Cronin Jas Tulligoline
Crowe Patrick Killeline
Cunningham Miles Camas
Currane Patrick Killelagh
Curtin Maurice Glanduff
Curtin John Meeneline
Curtin Cornelius Lau Templeglentane
Curtin Danl Lau Templeglentane
Curtin (John) Con Templeglentane
Cussen Joseph Ballymorragh Gun
Cussen Robert Crean
Cussen no first Killelagh
Cussen Thomas Killelagh
Cussen Robert Knockanecullane
Cussen Robert Rathnanane
Cussen widow, Mic Rathcahill
D/Power? Thady Ballylinnane
D/Power? Patrick Ballygeele
D/Power? James Ballycloovane
D/Power? Patk Ballycloovane
D/Power? James Ballykenny
Dalton Michael Killeline
Danaher John Cloonkilly
Danaher Barthw Gardenfield
Dee Maurice Meeneline
Dillane John Cloonkilly
Dillane David Killelagh
Dillane John Rathnanane
Dillane Ed Sugarhill
Dillane Dy Sugarhill
Dobbins Michael Clouncon Bourke
Doherty wid Crean
Doherty widow Clounescrehane
Doody James Glenquin
Doody Willm Glenquin
Doody Patrick Gardenfield
Doody John Garryduff
Doody John Killelagh
Doody Michael Shanagarry
Doody William Tulligoline
Doody (Fox) Timothy Killelagh
Doody (Nurse) Timothy Killelagh
Doolan John Ballymorragh Jefferies
Doolin Timothy Ballykenny
Doolin no first Garryduff
Doolin William Killeline
Doolin widow Shanagarry
Dooly Maurice Rathnanane
Doorly Maurice Rathcahill
Dower Patrick Meeneline
Dower widow Rathcahill
Dower Ed Rathcahill
Dower Jas Rathcahill
Dower widow Rathcahill
Dowling John Knockanecullane
Dowling John Rathnanane
Drinnane Michael Crean
Dunworth widow Ballymorragh Jefferies
Dunworth widow Meeneline
Dunworth Timothy Meeneline
Dwyer Timothy Ballymorragh Gun
Dy Corns Killelagh
Egan William Camas
Egan William Rathcahill
Enright James Ballycunnov
Enright Patrick Camas
Enright Cornelius Cullinah
Enright Patrick Glenmore
Farrell Richard Gurteenreynard
Farrell Michael Rathnanane
Feaheny Mathew Shanagarry
Fealy G Tulligoline
FitzGerald John Ardnacrohy
FitzGerald David Ballyvoogane
FitzGerald Daniel Cullinah
FitzGerald James Rathnanane
Fitzgibbon John Ballymackessy
Fitzgibbon James Ballymorragh Gun
Fitzgibbon John Rathnanane
Fitzmaurice G Templeglentane
Fitzpatrick Daniel Arranagh
Fitzpatrick Daniel Camas
Fitzpatrick Corn's Cloonkilly
Flanigan Michael Ballygeele
Flanigan no first Cloonkilly
Flanigan James Rathnanane
Flanigan Maurice Rathnanane
Flynn Denis Camas
Flynn Mau Tulligoline
Flynn, Sr M Tulligoline
Foley widow Ballinvallig
Foran Bat Shanagarry
Furlong Joseph Killeline
Furlong  Thomas Clounescrehane
Furlong, Esq Alfred Cullinah
Furlong, Esq Thomas Knockanecullane
Furlong, Esq Alfred Rathcahill
Furlong, Mr Joseph Cloonkilly
Galavin Michael Ballymorragh Jefferies
Geen/Gun John Knockanecullane
Gerrathy, Revd Edward Glenquin
Gilburne James Killelagh
Gillenane Thomas Cullinah
Gorman Henry Rathnanane
Grady widow Clouncon Bourke
Griffin Patrick Cullinah
Griffin Daniel Knockanecullane
Griffin Patrick Shanagarry
Griffin Darby Triermenough
Guiry David Ardnacrohy
Hallinan Jerry Templeglentane
Haloore no first Killelagh
Halpin Denis Camas
Halpin James Rathnanane
Haneen John Cullinah
Hanley Timothy Ballymorragh Jefferies
Hanna? W. W. Tulligoline
Hanrahan Ed Glenquin
Hanrahan Denis Glenquin
Harnett no first Ballymorragh Gun
Harnett Michael Meeneline
Harnett Michael Tulligoline
Harnett Maurice Templeglentane
Harr widow Crean
Hartegan no first Killelagh
Hayes John Ballymorragh Gun
Hayes William Ballymorragh Jefferies
Hayes David Glanduff
Hayes no first Glanduff
Hayes Patrick Rathnanane
Hayes Patrick Rathnanane
Hayes widow Triermenough
Healy Andy Ballylinnane
Healy Patrick Camas
Hinchy Thomas Cullinah
Hoare Patrick Ballymorragh Gun
Hogan Denis Camas
Hogan Edmond Dromroe
Hogan no first Gardenfield
Hogan Edmond Rathcahill
Horan Charles Knockanecullane
Hough Patrick Ballinvallig
Hough William Knockanecullane
Hough William Rathnanane
Houlihan Thomas Rathnanane
Hourigan D Ballymorragh Jefferies
Howard Patrick Cloonkilly
Hurley John Ballinatubbrid
Hurley Denis Cloonkilly
Hurley Denis Killeline
Ivers Eyre Glanduff
Ives John Cullinah
K/Reidy? Patrick Gardenfield
Keane Edmond Cloonkilly
Keeffe & sons David Killelagh
Kelleher John Garryduff
Kelleher Thos Garryduff
Kelly Roger Ardnacrohy
Kelly Timothy Knockanecullane
Kelly James Sugarhill
Kelly Dy Sugarhill
Kennedy John Ballinatubbrid
Kevin widow Knockanecullane
Kiely John Killelagh
Kiely Darby Killelagh
Kiely Michael Rathcahill
Kiely Mau Rathcahill
Kilmartin Margt Shanagarry
King John Ballymorragh Gun
King John Ballymorragh Jefferies
King Jas Ballymorragh Jefferies
King Patk Ballymorragh Jefferies
King wid Ballymorragh Jefferies
King James Rathcahill
King (Long) John Ballymorragh Jefferies
Kirby Bartholemew Glenquin
Lacy James Rathnanane
Lalee Stephen Rathnanane
Lane William Ballyvoogane
Lane Timothy Ballyquirk
Lane Edward Rathnanane
Lane Eneas? Templeglentane
Larkin Timothy Cloonkilly
Leahy David Ballyquirk
Leahy Maurice Crean
Leahy David Glanduff
Leahy John Killelagh
Leahy Daniel Knockanecullane
Leahy David Templeglentane
Leahy Maurice Templeglentane
Leahy Daniel Templeglentane
Leahy, Jr Daniel Ballyquirk
Leahy, Jr Daniel Ballycloovane
Leary Patk Garryduff
Leary Michl Garryduff
Lee Daniel Clouncon Bourke
Lehy John Cloonkilly
Lehy Danl Tulligoline
Lenihan John Cloonkilly
Loane Richard Knockanecullane
Locke, Esq Thomas Ballinahown
Locke, Esq Thomas Knockanecullane
Lucet no first Shanagarry
Lynch Timothy Glenquin
Lynch Edmond Killelagh
Lynes Maurice Cullinah
Lynes Batt Cullinah
Mackessy William Ballymorragh Gun
Mahony David Ballygeele
Mahony William Ballinatubbrid
Mahony Denis Cullinah
Mahony Patk Cullinah
Mahony James Templeglentane
McAuliffe widow Meeneline
McAuliffe Cornelius Meeneline
McCann James Cloonkilly
McCann James Rathnanane
McCarthy John Crean
McCarthy no first Gurteknaveen
McCarthy Patrick Gurteenreynard
McCarthy Doctor Garryduff
McCarthy widow Garryduff
McCarthy Owen Killeline
McCarthy Callaghan Triermenough
McCarthy Doctor Treenbuoy
McCoy Edmond Cloonkilly
McEniery William Camas
McEniery James Camas
McEniery Thomas Camas
McEniery widow Camas
McEniery John Camas
McEniery Tom Camas
McEniery James Clouncon White
McEniery widow Tom Gardenfield
McEniery widow Jas Gardenfield
McEniery William Rathnanane
McMahon Richard Ballycloovane
McNamara J Tulligoline
McNamara L Tulligoline
McSweeny Peter Rathcahill
Meany widow Shanagarry
Minihan Michael Rathnanane
Moore wid. Ballylinnane
Moore John Shanagarry
Moran widow Ballinatubbrid
Moran James Ballinatubbrid
Moran Denis Ballycunnov
Moran widow Cullinah
Moriarty Maurice Shanagarry
Morrissy Denis Ballinatubbrid
Mulcahy widow Ballylinnane
Mulcahy George Ballykenny
Mulcahy Timy Ballymorragh Jefferies
Mulcahy Patk Ballymorragh Jefferies
Mulcahy Denis Ballymorragh Jefferies
Mulcahy Patk Ballymorragh Jefferies
Mulcahy William Ballymorragh Jefferies
Mulcahy Timothy Gardenfield
Mulcahy Michael Meeneline
Mulcahy Patrick Rathcahill
Mullane Denis Camas
Mullane Daniel Gurteenreynard
Mulvihill Francis Cloonkilly
Mulvihill Francis Rathnanane
Murphy John Ballymorragh Jefferies
Murphy William Ballymorragh Jefferies
Murphy William Ballymorragh Jefferies
Murphy John Ballymorragh Jefferies
Murphy Michael Cloonkilly
Murphy no first Glanduff
Murphy Edmond Killeline
Murphy Daniel Rathnanane
Murphy Danl Tulligoline
Nash John Ballinatubbrid
Nash James Ballinatubbrid
Nash James Cullinah
Nash Richard Rathnanane
Nash (N) James Ballymorragh Jefferies
Nash(?) James Ballymorragh Jefferies
Neil Thomas Gurteenreynard
Nix James Killeline
Nix John Killelagh
Nocten John Cloonkilly
Nocten no first Shanagarry
Noonan Darby Ballymorragh Gun
Noonan no first Glanduff
Noonan no first Killelagh
OBrien James Cullinah
O'Brien John Killeline
O'Brien Cornelius Lisurland
O'Donnell no first Garryduff
O'Donnell Thomas Meeneline
O'Donnell widow Meeneline
P/Dower? Maurice Meeneline
Peircy Francis Rathnanane
Pickley David Glenmore
Pickley widow, John Rathcahill
Pickley William Rathcahill
Pickley widow, Thos Rathcahill
Plummer, Esq Brudenell Killelagh
Plummer, Revd Richard Killelagh
Prickley Thomas Lisurland
Punch William Rathnanane
Qinnee John Ballinatubbrid
Rahilly Martin Rathnanane
Rahilly Denis Rathnanane
Reidy John Ballymorragh Gun
Reidy Jermiah Gardenfield
Reidy William Gardenfield
Reidy Patrick Garryduff
Reidy Laurence Knockanecullane
Reidy Ds Templeglentane
Riordan John Ballinatubbrid
Roche Muarice Ballygeele
Roche John Cloonkilly
Roche Edmond Meeneline
Roche Mau Sugarhill
Roche John Tulligoline
Roche Wid Tulligoline
Rolleson Willm Shanagarry
Royse Mr  Clounescrehane
Scanlan Patk Dromroe
Scanlan Mart  Dromroe
Scanlan Laurence Dromroe
Scanlan Michael Dromroe
Scannell Patrick Rathcahill
Sexton no first Rathcahill
Sexton no first Rathcahill
Sexton no first Templeglentane
Shanahan Timothy Ballymorragh Jefferies
Shanahan widow Camas
Shanahan no first Gardenfield
Shanahan David Killelagh
Shaughessy no first Ballymorragh Gun
Shaughnessy Daniel Crean
Shaughnessy James Killeline
Shea John Ardnacrohy
Shea  Patrick Knockanecullane
Sheahy Roger Cloonkilly
Sheehan John Crean
Sheehan no first Templeglentane
Sheehy Roger Cloonkilly
Shine William Ballymorragh Jefferies
Slattery James Ardnacrohy
Stack Tho Sugarhill
Stevelby? Mr Glanduff
Sullivan John Ballinatubbrid
Sullivan widow Crean
Sullivan Denis Clouncon Bourke
Sullivan Timothy Dromroe
Sullivan Michael Glenquin
Sullivan John Glenquin
Sullivan Timy Glenquin
Sullivan Jas Glenquin
Sullivan James Gurteenreynard
Sullivan Maurice Killelagh
Sullivan James Knockanecullane
Sullivan Daniel Knockanecullane
Sullivan Daniel Rathcahill
Sullivan no first Rathcahill
Sullivan, Mr John Camas
Switzer Tobias Rathnanane
Tfelan/Helan? Stephen Ballinatubbrid
Tfelan/Helan? Maurice John Clouncon Bourke
Tierney Mathew Ballinatubbrid
Vaughan Thomas Garryduff
Ward Martin Clouncon Bourke
White John Meeneline
White Jas Tulligoline
Wolfe Patrick Meeneline
Wolfe Richd Meeneline
Wolfe Ed Sugarhill
Wren M Tulligoline


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