Tithe Applotments

Knockainy Civil Parish 1833


County Limerick
Kilmallock Poor Law Union
    Smallcounty Barony


Baggotstown Elton
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Research Notes:  The Knockainy CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256655 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  There are townlands found in this civil parish's tithes that cannot be found in the 1851 Townland Index.  The townlands starting with ?... were on the first page of the tithes and there names were cut off in the filming.

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Surname First Townland
Ahern Jno Knockrough
Ahern Martin Knockrough
Baily Jno Kilalough
Baily Jno Loughgur
Baily Mary Loughgur
Barry James Elton
Barry James Gurtacloona
Barry Michl Gurtacloona
Barry Michl Knockaney
Barry Thos Elton
Barry Thos Elton
Barry Thos Knockaney
Barry (Wm) Thos Elton
Baylee   Thos Knockrough
Baylee, Esq? Jno Loughgur
Blue Patk Baggotstown
Bouchin, Esq Jno Baggotstown
Bourke Bridget Knockderk
Bourke James Elton
Bourke James Knockrough
Bourke Widow Knockaney
Bourke Wm Elton
Boyle Edmd Patrickswell
Brennan James Knockrough
Brennan Jno Knockrough
Burns Edmd Knockaney
Burns Edmd & son Baggotstown
Burns Jno Knockaney
Butler Jno ?...rana
Butler Pierce ?...rana
Byrns Edmd Knockaney
Byrns Edmd Knockaney
Byrns Jno Knockaney
Byrns Philip Knockaney
Byrns Tim'y Knockaney
Calaghan Michl ?...rana
Callaghan Jno ?...nes/res
Carmody Dav'd ?...rana
Carney Patk Russeen
Carroll Edmd ?...rana
Carroll Edmd Gurtnamanarough
Carroll George Ballyhawkish
Carroll George Ballyhawkish
Carroll Jno ?...rana
Carroll Jno Knockaney
Carroll Jno Knockaney
Carroll Jno Knockaney
Carroll Jno Knockaney
Carroll Patk Russeen
Carroll Thos Baggotstown
Carroll Thos Russeen
Carroll Wm Knockaney
Carroll Wm Rathanny
Carroll Wm Rathanny
Carthy Tim'y Knockaney
Casey Darby Knockderk
Casey James Knockderk
Casey Martin Knockderk
Casey Michl ?...rana
Casey Owen Patrickswell
Casey Patk Russeen
Cleary Danl Loughgur
Cleary Mrs? Rathanny
Cleary Patk Loughgur
Coffey Thos Baggotstown
Collins Patk Loughgur
Connell Jno Knockaney
Connell Jno Knockderk
Connell Ms? Knockaney
Connell Ms? Knockaney
Connell Nich's Knockaney
Connell Philip Knockrough
Connolly Edmd Knockderk
Connolly Edmd Loughgur
Connolly Edmd Russeen
Connolly Edwd Knockbolouge
Connolly Jno Knockaney
Connolly Jno Patrickswell
Connory Jno Loughgur
Conway Edwd Knockaney
Cooke Thos Baggotstown
Cooke, Jr Nich's Bottomstown
Cooke, Sr Nich's Bottomstown
Corsby/Cribby? James Knockbolouge
Coursey James Bottomstown
Creming Jno Gurtnamanarough
Crowe John ?...nes/res
Cunningham Robt Knockaney
Curry Wd? Knockaney
Cussen Michl Knockaney
Cussin Jno Knockbolouge
Daly James Loughgur
Davern Danl Knockaney
Davoran Mrs? Elton
Dawson James Knockaney
Dea Edwd Bottomstown
Dea Jno Bottomstown
Dealy James Loughgur
Dealy Michl Loughgur
Dealy Tim'y Loughgur
Delane Jno Ballydawley
Delane Patk Bottomstown
Delane widow Bottomstown
Dinneen Corn's Baggotstown
Dinneen Danl Knockaney
Dinneen Danl Knockaney
Dinneen Danl Knockaney
Dinneen Darby ?...rana
Dinneen James Baggotstown
Dinneen Jno Knockderk
Dinneen Jno & Thos Knockderk
Dinneen Michl Knockaney
Dinneen Michl Knockderk
Dinneen Thos & Jno Knockderk
Donovan Jno Loughgur
Dooly Jno Baggotstown
Dooly Michl Knockbolouge
Dooly Patk Knockderk
Dooly Thos Russeen
Dooly widow Knockderk
Dooly widow Patrickswell
Dooly  Jno Knockrough
Downes James Knockrough
Dunneen Tim'y Knockderk
Dunworth Robt Knockaney
Dunworth Robt Knockaney
Dwyer Den's Elton
Dwyer Michl Russeen
Dwyer Philip Elton
Egan Jno ?...rana
Egan Jno Bottomstown
Egan widow Knockaney
English Lau'ce Elton
English Nich's Gormanstown
Erwin Robt Bottomstown
Erwin Thos Rathanny
Farrell Danl ?...rana
Farrell Michl Knockrough
Fitzgerald Garrett   Knockbolouge
Fitzgerald Garrett & widow Knockrough
Fitzgerald James Knockaney
Fitzgerald Jno Baggotstown
Fitzgerald Jno Knockaney
Fitzgerald Jno Knockaney
Fitzgerald Jno Knockaney
Fitzgerald Jno & son Gurtacloona
Fitzgerald Mau'ce ?...rana
Fitzgerald Thos Cringer
Fitzgerald Thos Knockaney
Fitzgerald widow Elton
Fitzgerald widow & Garrett Knockrough
Fitzgibbon Jno Elton
Flyn Jno Patrickswell
Flyn Thos Knockaney
Galligan Rich'd Loughgur
Galligan widow Rathanny
Gavin Jno Kilalough
Gearey widow Elton
Gerane Patk Rathanny
Gillane Michl Knockaney
Gleeson Den's Baggotstown
Gleeson Den's Baggotstown
Gleeson James Baggotstown
Gleeson Jno Baggotstown
Gleeson Jno Baggotstown
Gleeson Jno Baggotstown
Gleeson Michl Bottomstown
Gleeson Patk Baggotstown
Gleeson Patk Rathanny
Gleeson Wm Baggotstown
Glyn thos Knockrough
Glyn Thos Loughgur
Gorman Patk Knockaney
Gourey Jno Loughgur
Gourey Michl Loughgur
Grady Danl Bottomstown
Grady Dav'd Knockaney
Grady Jno Bottomstown
Grady widow Elton
Griffif James ?...rana
Griffin Cathne & Mary Knockaney
Griffin Mary & Cathne Knockaney
Griffin widow Loughgur
Gubbins, Esq George Elton
Gubbins, Esq George Elton
Halpin Danl Baggotstown
Halpin Jno Baggotstown
Halpin Michl Knockaney
Halpin Tim'y Baggotstown
Halpin Tim'y Baggotstown
Halpin Wm Baggotstown
Halpin Wm Baggotstown
Hanly Michl Knockaney
Hannan James Loughgur
Hannan Jno Loughgur
Hannan widow Loughgur
Harris Arthur Elton
Harris George Elton
Harris Jno Knockaney
Harris Jno Knockaney
Harris Jno Knockaney
Harris Saml Elton
Harty James Knockaney
Hayes Edmd Knockrough
Hayes Jno Knockaney
Hayes Martin Rathanny
Hayes Michl Loughgur
Hayes Michl Loughgur
Hayes Michl Russeen
Hayes Thos Knockaney
Hayes widow Gurtnamanarough
Hayes widow Loughgur
Heelan Dav'd Elton
Heelan Edwd Rathanny
Heelan Patk Knockaney
Heelan Philip Elton
Heelan widow Elton
Heelan Wm Elton
Heelan Wm Knockaney
Heelan (Jno) Jno Elton
Hennessy Jno Rathanny
Hennessy Wm Rathanny
Hickey Patk ?...rana
Hickey Thos Knockrough
Higgins Edmd Bottomstown
Higgins Thos Bottomstown
Higgins Wm & bro Bottomstown
Higgins  widow Bottomstown
Higgins, Sr Wm Bottomstown
Hinchy Den's Knockaney
Hinchy Den's Knockaney
Hinchy Den's Knockaney
Hinchy Jno Knockaney
Hinchy Jno Knockaney
Hinchy Michl Knockaney
Hinchy Michl Knockaney
Hinchy Thos Knockaney
Hogan Edmd Russeen
Hogan Edwd Patrickswell
Hogan James Russeen
Hogan Jno Knockaney
Horan Michl ?...rana
Hourigan Jno ?...rana
Hourigan Wm Ragamus?
Hourihan Wm Knockaney
Hynes Edmd Knockrough
Keane Patk Baggotstown
Keane Wm Bottomstown
Keane Wm Bottomstown
Keane  Jno & son Knockaney
Keane (Edmd) Mau'ce Bottomstown
Keane (Wm) Edmd Bottomstown
Keane (Wm) Mau'ce Bottomstown
Keane, Jr Jno Knockaney
Kearny Dav'd Knockbolouge
Keefe widow Knockderk
Keenan Den's Knockaney
Kelly Edmd Knockderk
Kelly Jno Knockderk
Kelly Mrs? Knockaney
Kelly widow Knockderk
Kelly widow Russeen
Kenny Thos Loughgur
Kirby John Baggotstown
Laughnane widow Loughgur
Leahy Francis Elton
Leo James Knockbolouge
Leo Jno ?...lins
Lillis James Knockaney
Lynch Patk Knockaney
Mackey Jno ?...rana
Mahony Michl Elton
Mahony widow Elton
Marshal Michl Knockrough
McAuliff Michl Baggotstown
McCann Michl Knockderk
McCann Thos Gurtnamanarough
McCann widow Knockaney
McCarthy Michl Knockaney
McCarthy Patk Patrickswell
McEnery Jno ?...rana
McEniry Anne Ballydawley
McEniry Dav'd Ballydawley
McEniry Jno ?...rana
McEniry Jno Ballydawley
McGrath Jno Knockrough
McGrath Jno Patrickswell
McGrath Michl Loughgur
McGrath Patk Elton
McNamara Danl Bottomstown
McNamara Jno Bottomstown
McNamara Jno Loughgur
McNamara Malac'y Knockderk
McNamara Patk Bottomstown
McNamara Patk Gormanstown
McNamara Thos Rathanny
Meara Jno Elton
Meehan Jno Knockaney
Mortal James Knockaney
Moynihan Bridget ?...rana
Mulcahy Thos Baggotstown
Mulcahy Tim'y Russeen
Mulloy Jno Knockaney
Naughton widow Elton
Neville Jno Baggotstown
Nolen Jno Elton
O'Brien Jno Knockaney
O'Brien Michl Loughgur
O'Brien Patk Kilalough
O'Brien Patk Loughgur
O'Brien Patk Loughgur
O'Connor Bryan Baggotstown
O'Donnell Cath'ne Loughgur
O'Donnell James Rathanny
O'Donnell Jno Rathanny
O'Donnell Mary   Knockderk
O'Donnell Owen Patrickswell
O'Donnell Patk Patrickswell
O'Donnell Thos Loughgur
O'Donnell Thos Loughgur
O'Donnell widow Elton
O'Donnell Wm Patrickswell
O'Grady Decoursey Knockaney
O'Grady, Esq Decomsey Knockaney
O'Grady, Esq Decoursey Kilballyowen
O'Grady, Esq Decoursey Knockaney
O'Grady, Esq Thos ?...nes/res
O'Grady, Mrs S. Elton
O'Grady, Rev'd D.C. Knockaney
Oliver Peter Knockrough
O'Neal Jno Ballyhawkish
O'Neal Jno Ballyhawkish
O'Neal Jno Knockaney
Osborne Jno Knockaney
Pillion Patk Knockrough
Power Rich'd Elton
Punch Garrett Kilalough
Punch Patk Knockrough
Punch Richd Kilalough
Punch Wm Knockrough
Quane Dav'd Rathanny
Quane Jno Rathanny
Quane Michl Rathanny
Quane Thos Rathanny
Quane Wm Bottomstown
Quilty Wm Knockrough
Quinlan Michl Knockaney
Quinlan Thos Baggotstown
Quinlan Thos Knockaney
Quinlan Thos Knockaney
Quinlan Wm Knockaney
Quinlon Jno Baggotstown
Quinlon Michl Baggotstown
Quinlon Thos Baggotstown
Quinlon Wm Baggotstown
Raleigh James Patrickswell
Raleigh Mrs? & sons Kyles
Raleigh Rich'd Gurtnamanarough
Raleigh, Esq Walter Kyles
Rawleigh Dav'd Patrickswell
Rawleigh James Knockrough
Rawleigh Michl Knockrough
Reach/Rench? Richd Patrickswell
Reagan Thos Bottomstown
Reale Mau'ce Knockaney
Reale Patk Knockaney
Reale Simon ?...rana
Reale, Jr Patk Knockaney
Reale, Jr Simon Knockaney
Reale, Jr Simon Knockaney
Reale, Sr Simon Knockaney
Rice widow Gurtnamanarough
Riley Mrs? Knockaney
Riordan Danl Bottomstown
Riordan James Bottomstown
Riordan Patk Bottomstown
Riordan Simon Bottomstown
Roache Wm Knockrough
Rourke Danl Knockderk
Russell James Rathanny
Russell Michl Knockbolouge
Ryan Chas Knockaney
Ryan Darby Knockrough
Ryan Edmd Russeen
Ryan Jno Kilalough
Ryan Jno Knockrough
Ryan Lau'ce Ragamus?
Ryan Martin Baggotstown
Ryan Math'w Rathanny
Ryan Michl Knockaney
Ryan no first name Knockaney
Ryan Patk Knockaney
Ryan widow Knockaney
Ryan (Matt) Michl Knockaney
Ryan (Matt) Thos Knockaney
Ryan (Matt?) Thos Knockaney
Sayers, Edq Edward Gurtacloona
Shea Jno Ballydawley
Shea  Den's Knockaney
Sheahan widow Knockaney
Sheehan widow Knockaney
Sherin, Mr Patk Rathanny
Slattery Den's Knockaney
Slattery Edmd ?...rana
Slattery Jno Rathanny
Slattery Mau'ce Rathanny
Slattery Patk Knockaney
Smyth Jno Rathanny
Stubbins Richd Knockderk
Tiby Thos Knockderk
Toomey Jno Knockaney
Toomey Patk Rathanny
Toomy Jno ?...rana
Tracy Edmd Kilalough
Tracy Thos Gurtnamanarough
Walsh James Rathanny
Walsh Mau'ce Baggotstown
Walsh Mau'ce Rathanny
Ward Thos ?...rana
Weeks George Loughgur
Whelan Dav'd Loughgur
Whelan Jno Loughgur
White Jno Loughgur
Woods Edmd Knockaney




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