Tithe Applotments

Killeely Civil Parish 1833


County Limerick
Limerick Poor Law Union
    Pubblebrien & Limerick Baronies


Ballynanty Beg Coonagh
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Research Notes:  The Killeely CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256638 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  This parish was located in both County Limerick and County Clare and enumerated together.  Both are included here.

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Surname First Number Townland County
Ahern Danl 158 Knock Brack Clare?
Allan John 1 Clondrina Limerick
Anderson James 178 Woodcock Hill Clare
Boland Wm 15 Clondrina Limerick
Boland John 23 Coonagh Arthur Limerick
Boland Patrick 187 Punch Bowl Clare
Boland James 243 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Bourk Thomas 184 Punch Bowl Clare
Brennan James 241 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Brennan Pat 241 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Bruggy Danl 234 Derry More Clare
Campble no first name 279 Boston Clare
Canny Denis 22 Coonagh Arthur Limerick
Canty Andrew 269 Fean Mountain ??
Carey widow 196 Knockrowe Clare
Carmody Michl 56 Ballynanty More Limerick
Carmody Patrick 60 Ballynanty Beg Limerick
Cherry John 167 Cratlo More Clare?
Cherry no first name 193 Knockrowe Clare
Cherry widow 205 Derry More Clare
Cherry Patrick 222 Moneenaclogen Clare?
Cherry Lawence 236 Derry More Clare
Cherry James 237 Derry More Clare
Cherry widow 239 Derry More Clare
Clanchy widow 160 Knock Brack Clare?
Clanchy Hugh 163 Cratlo More Clare?
Clune Cornelius 151 Knock Brack Clare?
Collins John 51 Ballynanty More Limerick
Collins Michl 81 Meelick Clare
Collins James 87 Meelick Clare
Collins James 89 Meelick Clare
Collins Mort 111 Stone Park Clare
Collins widow 112 Stone Park Clare
Collins Daniel 126 Sand Mount ??
Collins Michl 260 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Collins Michl 261 Fean Mountain ??
Connery Danl 235 Derry More Clare
Consedine Mrs/Wm? 134 Cratlo Consedine Clare?
Consedine Michl 136 Cratlo Consedine Clare?
Consedine Charles 137 Cratlo Consedine Clare?
Corbet James 211 Mill Park ??
Costello widow 143 Knock Brack Clare?
Costello Danl 190 Punch Bowl Clare
Cunningham Marques 131 Meelick Wood Clare?
Cuomore? widow 244 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Cusack Martin 120 Murranes ??
Cusack Mary 130 Sand Mount ??
Daley James 17 Clondrina Limerick
Daley Mart  27 Coonagh Hickey Limerick
Daley widow 128 Sand Mount ??
Davis Patrick 181 Woodcock Hill Clare
Davis John 191 Punch Bowl Clare
Deoine? widow 54 Ballynanty More Limerick
Donnellan James 52 Ballynanty More Limerick
Donnellan Michael 64 Monabraher Limerick
Donnellan John 157 Knock Brack Clare?
Downs Danl 194 Knockrowe Clare
Duhig widow 175 Bulls Farm Clare
Dunmade Connor 13 Clondrina Limerick
Egan Michl 57 Ballynanty Beg Limerick
Finucan John 253 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Finucan Patrick 265 Fean Mountain ??
Finucan Patk 272 Half Wood ??
Flannery John 180 Woodcock Hill Clare
Ford John 186 Punch Bowl Clare
Frost Thomas 77 Meelick Clare
Frost James 85 Meelick Clare
Frost Thomas 91 Meelick Clare
Frost James 91 Meelick Clare
Frost George 91 Meelick Clare
Frost John 92 Meelick Beg Clare?
Frost John 97 Meelick Beg Clare?
Frost Thomas 99 Cratlo O'Brien Clare?
Frost William 104 Cratlo Neil Clare?
Frost James 107 Griotts Farm Clare?
Frost Patrick 113 Stone Park Clare
Frost Soloman 114 Stone Park Clare
Frost John 116 Meelick Villa Clare?
Frost Thomas 123 Pass Clare
Frost George 124 Punch Bowl Clare
Frost Thomas 125 Punch Bowl Clare
Frost George 141 Knock Brack Clare?
Frost Charles 188 Punch Bowl Clare
Frost George 195 Knockrowe Clare
Frost James 204 Derry More Clare
Frost Thomas 206 Derry More Clare
Frost James 208 Derry Beg Clare
Frost Thos 209 Derry Beg Clare
Frost George 212 Boulinicausk Clare
Frost Patrick 217 Fean ??
Frost Thomas 229 Derry More Clare
Frost Thos 246 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Frost, Jr Thomas 84 Meelick Clare
Frost, Jr Thomas 200 Knockneskehe Clare
Frost, Jr Thomas 207 Derry More Clare
Gleeson Thomas 10 Clondrina Limerick
Gleeson John 144 Knock Brack Clare?
Gleeson, Jr Martin 9 Clondrina Limerick
Gleeson, Sr Martin 8 Clondrina Limerick
Glinn James 226 Moneenaclogen Clare?
Gloster James 110 Stone Park Clare
Goggin Edward 168 Burtin Hill Clare
Grady Patrick 248 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Griffin James 153 Knock Brack Clare?
Griffin John 155 Knock Brack Clare?
Grimes Mathew 19 Coonagh Arthur Limerick
Grimes Patrick 25 Coonagh Arthur Limerick
Grimes? Matthew 46 Coonagh Sexton Limerick
Guerin Laurence 7 Clondrina Limerick
Hallorran John 2 Clondrina Limerick
Hallorran widow 3 Clondrina Limerick
Hallorran Michl 11 Clondrina Limerick
Hallorran Patrick 81 Meelick Clare
Hallorran Thomas 135 Cratlo Consedine Clare?
Hallorran John 142 Knock Brack Clare?
Hallorran John 174 Bulls Farm Clare
Hallorran Thomas 185 Punch Bowl Clare
Hannafane Danl 227 Moneenaclogen Clare?
Hartigan Thomas 55 Ballynanty More Limerick
Hartigan Michl 218 Boulihouhilan ??
Hartigan Patrick 219 Boulihouhilan ??
Hartigan Roger 220 Boulihouhilan ??
Hartigan John 221 Boulihouhilan ??
Hartigan John 276 Boston Clare
Hartigan Patrick 277 Boston Clare
Hartney William 63 Monabraher Limerick
Hasset Patrick 65 Monabraher Limerick
Hayes Michl 44 Coonagh Sexton Limerick
Healey John 12 Clondrina Limerick
Healey widow 14 Clondrina Limerick
Healey Michl 53 Ballynanty More Limerick
Healey James 53 Ballynanty More Limerick
Healey Patrick 268 Fean Mountain ??
Heath widow 102 Cratlo Keal Clare
Heath James 103 Cratlo Keal Clare
Heath James 105 Cratlo Neil Clare?
Hickey Patrick 5 Clondrina Limerick
Hickey Patt 18 Clondrina Limerick
Hickey Patrick 29 Coonagh Hickey Limerick
Hickey widow 30 Coonagh Hickey Limerick
Hickey Denis 31 Coonagh Hickey Limerick
Hickey James 32 Coonagh Hickey Limerick
Hickey Patrick 36 Coonagh Sexton Limerick
Hickey widow 43 Coonagh Sexton Limerick
Hickey Michl 129 Sand Mount ??
Hickey Andrew 172 Bulls Farm Clare
Hickey Andrew 197 Knockrowe Clare
Hickey widow 201 Knockneskehe Clare
Honeen John 148 Knock Brack Clare?
Hourgan James 38 Coonagh Sexton Limerick
Hourigan Patrick 75 Meelick Clare
Kean James 165 Cratlo More Clare?
Kean   Michl 109 Griotts Farm Clare?
Kean (Charles) Robert 80 Meelick Clare
Kelaher William 127 Sand Mount ??
Kelaher Michl 164 Cratlo More Clare?
Kelly John 162 Knock Brack Clare?
Kelly William 242 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Kennevan Ed'd & bros 108 Griotts Farm Clare?
Kennevan Cornelius 121 Kennevan ??
Kennevan James 179 Woodcock Hill Clare
Kennevan Connor 180 Woodcock Hill Clare
Kerby John 50 Ballynanty More Limerick
King Michl 215 Fean ??
Larkin Hugh 262 Fean Mountain ??
Leddan Patrick 37 Coonagh Sexton Limerick
Lellis James 67 Monabraher Limerick
MacNamara Roger 70 Monabraher Limerick
Maginis Timothy 74 Meelick Clare
Maher John 34 Coonagh Hickey Limerick
Maher Patk 171 Bulls Farm Clare
Maher Laurence 179 Woodcock Hill Clare
Mara no first name 193 Knockrowe Clare
Mara Cornelius 232 Derry More Clare
Mara John & sons 233 Derry More Clare
Mara Connor Patt 238 Derry More Clare
Mara Cornelius 278 Boston Clare
McCarthy Michl 33 Coonagh Hickey Limerick
McCormick Patrick 223 Moneenaclogen Clare?
McInnerney Daniel 26 Coonagh Arthur Limerick
McInnerney Thomas 35 Coonagh Sexton Limerick
McInnerney Michl 41 Coonagh Sexton Limerick
McInnerney widow 149 Knock Brack Clare?
McInnerney Michl 156 Knock Brack Clare?
McInnerney widow 169 Cratlo More Clare?
McInnerney John 216 Fean ??
McMahan Michl 49 Ballynanty More Limerick
McMahan no first name 79 Meelick Clare
McMahan James 150 Knock Brack Clare?
McMahan John 192 Knockrowe Clare
McMahan Patk 228 Moneenaclogen Clare?
McMahan no first name 279 Boston Clare
McNamara John 6 Clondrina Limerick
McNamara Patrick 66 Monabraher Limerick
McNamara Mathew 71 Monabraher Limerick
McNamara Patrick 100 Cratlo O'Brien Clare?
McNamara Patrick 140 Knock Brack Clare?
McNamara Michl 145 Knock Brack Clare?
McNamara John 230 Derry More Clare
McNamara Danl 231 Derry More Clare
McNamara Michl 231 Derry More Clare
McNamara Thomas 247 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
McNamara Robt 257 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Melecan Timothy 154 Knock Brack Clare?
Moloney Matthew 181 Woodcock Hill Clare
Moloney Patrick 189 Punch Bowl Clare
Moloney James 199 Knockneskehe Clare
Moloney Michl 203 Knockneskehe Clare
Moloy Michl 48 Ballynanty More Limerick
Monsell William Thomas 133 Cratlo Keal Clare
Mooran Patrick 254 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Mulcahy William 28 Coonagh Hickey Limerick
Mulchy Wm 15 Clondrina Limerick
Murrane Danl 117 Murranes ??
Murrane Patrick 118 Murranes ??
Murrane Danl 119 Murranes ??
Murrane Patrick 170 Cratlo More Clare?
Murry Danl 245 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Myles Thomas 59 Ballynanty Beg Limerick
Neil John 106 Cratlo Neil Clare?
Neil Robert 138 Knock Brack Clare?
Neil John 146 Knock Brack Clare?
Neil James 147 Knock Brack Clare?
Neil Thomas 152 Knock Brack Clare?
Neil Patrick 166 Cratlo More Clare?
Neil Michl 225 Moneenaclogen Clare?
Nix Charles 122 Kennevan ??
Nix John 213 Boulinicausk Clare
Nunan no first name 243 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
O'Brien John 39 Coonagh Sexton Limerick
O'Brien Donat 98 Cratlo O'Brien Clare?
O'Brien Thomas 115 Stone Park Clare
O'Brien John 159 Knock Brack Clare?
O'Brien widow 161 Knock Brack Clare?
O'Brien Michl 176 Bulls Farm Clare
O'Brien John 256 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
O'Dea, Jr Patrick 21 Coonagh Arthur Limerick
O'Dea, Sr Patrick 20 Coonagh Arthur Limerick
O'Donnell widow 45 Coonagh Sexton Limerick
O'Neil James 210 Derry Beg Clare
O'Neil Owen 224 Moneenaclogen Clare?
Palmer Ed 4 Clondrina Limerick
Palmer Edmond 47 Coonagh Calcut Limerick
Parnell Michl 241 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Parnell Richd 273 Boston Clare
Parnell Stephen 274 Boston Clare
Parnell John 275 Boston Clare
Perce no first name 16 Clondrina Limerick
Perce no first name 16 Clondrina Limerick
Punch John 101 Cratlo Keal Clare
Purcil Thos 79 Meelick Clare
Purcil James 88 Meelick Clare
Purcil Thomas 89 Meelick Clare
Purcil George 177 Woodcock Hill Clare
Purcil John 251 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Purcil James 259 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Purcil James 266 Fean Mountain ??
Purcil John 266 Fean Mountain ??
Purcil Thomas 267 Fean Mountain ??
Purcill Thomas 271 Half Wood ??
Quane Michl 40 Coonagh Sexton Limerick
Quigly no first name 249 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Quin Patrick 217 Fean ??
Quin Michl 250 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Quin, Lord George 132 Cratlo Moyl Wood Clare
Quinlevan Edmond 182 Woodcock Hill Clare
Reddan Michl 61 Ballynanty Beg Limerick
Reddan John 258 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Ringrose John 86 Meelick Clare
Ringrose John 214 Boulinicausk Clare
Ryan Andrew 42 Coonagh Sexton Limerick
Ryan Wm 76 Meelick Clare
Ryan widow 78 Meelick Clare
Ryan Patrick 90 Meelick Clare
Ryan Patrick 198 Knockneskehe Clare
Ryan John 263 Fean Mountain ??
Ryan James 264 Fean Mountain ??
Ryan Michl 270 Fean Mountain ??
Seymour, Revd M 73 Monabraher Limerick
Sheahan Danl 58 Ballynanty Beg Limerick
Sheahan Thomas 62 Ballynanty Beg Limerick
Sheahan Denis 69 Monabraher Limerick
Simmons Patrick 90 Meelick Clare
Simmons Patrick 198 Knockneskehe Clare
Skeahan Thomas 72 Monabraher Limerick
Skehan Thomas 255 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Smith James 139 Knock Brack Clare?
Stundon Bridget 68 Monabraher Limerick
Tuohy Patrick 240 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
Wall James 202 Knockneskehe Clare
Wall  James 183 Punch Bowl Clare
Wallnutt Thomas 24 Coonagh Arthur Limerick
Wallnutt John 83 Meelick Clare
Walsh Thomas 173 Bulls Farm Clare
Walsh Garret 252 Derry More, Wood Division Clare
White James 81 Meelick Clare
White James 82 Meelick Clare
White Michl 93 Meelick Beg Clare?
White Andrew 94 Meelick Beg Clare?
White John 95 Meelick Beg Clare?
White Patrick 96 Meelick Beg Clare?



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