Tithe Applotments

Kilbreedy Major Civil Parish
ca 1823-1838


County Limerick
Kilmallock Poor Law Union
    Smallcounty & Cashlea Barony


Ballycullane Bulgaden
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Research Notes: The Ballingaddy CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed by Nick Reddan from film at the National Archives of Ireland in Dublin. Remember, the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames so caution should be taken with the transcription. All recorded names are as spelled in the record. All entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family. This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document. The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.


Surname First No Townland
Berkny Peter 51 Bulgaden
Boland widow 127 Bullincurra
Boland Patk 129 Bullincurra
Breene Michl 74 Bulgaden
Burns John 104 Kilbreedy
Burry Michl 55 Bulgaden
Cahill Thos 6 Fantstown
Cahill Patk 7 Fantstown
Cahill Patk 98 Kilbreedy
Cahill Thos 100 Kilbreedy
Cahill Thos 130 Bullincurra
Cahill Patk 131 Bullincurra
Casey Patk 3 Fantstown
Casey, Jr Patk 121 Buanagh
Casey, Sr Patk 120 Buanagh
Cleary James 15 Ballycullane
Cleary Willm 17 Ballyvorane
Cleary Patrick 18 Ballyvorane
Cleary Thos 19 Ballyvorane
Cleary John 20 Ballyvorane
Cleary John 52 Bulgaden
Cleary Michl 69 Bulgaden
Cleary Danl 70 Bulgaden
Cleary Willm 71 Bulgaden
Cleary Denis 82 Gibbinstown
Cleary Nicks 83 Gibbinstown
Cleary John 84 Gibbinstown
Cleary Patk 86 Gibbinstown
Cleary John 89 Gibbinstown
Cleary, Jr Mark 81 Gibbinstown
Cleary, Sr Mark 87 Gibbinstown
Clifford Willm 67 Bulgaden
Clifford Michl 85 Gibbinstown
Clifford Jas 96 Kilbreedy
Clifford Jno 97 Kilbreedy
Clifford Jas 107 Kilbreedy
Clifford Jas 108 Kilbreedy
Clifford Michl 109 Kilbreedy
Clifford Michl 110 Kilbreedy
Coffee John 105 Kilbreedy
Collins John 27 Bulgaden
Collins Lauce 29 Bulgaden
Condon Willm 16 Ballycullane
Connell  John 59 Bulgaden
Connelly Thos 36 Bulgaden
Connelly Thos 42 Bulgaden
Connelly Park 66 Bulgaden
Cooke widow 21 Ballyvorane
Cooke Jeffry 22 Ballyvorane
Cooke James 25 Ballyvorane
Cooke John 26 Ballyvorane
Cooke Willm 40 Bulgaden
Cooke James 62 Bulgaden
Cooke Nicks 65 Bulgaden
Cooke Thos 68 Bulgaden
Crawley Danl 63 Bulgaden
Crawly Timthy 32 Bulgaden
Crawly Jas 38 Bulgaden
Crawly widow 111 Kilbreedy
Crawly Mark 112 Kilbreedy
Cunningham Jas 33 Bulgaden
Daley Patk 101 Kilbreedy
Daley Dens 102 Kilbreedy
Daley Patrick 114 Kilbreedy
Desmond Thos 23 Ballyvorane
Donoher Patk 54 Bulgaden
English Patk 122 Buanagh
Finn John 123 Bullincurra
Griffin Thos 99 Kilbreedy
Gubbins Willm 94 Kilbreedy
Gubbins Willm 124 Bullincurra
Gubbins Willm 125 Bullincurra
Guynan Edmd 41 Bulgaden
Hartigan Thos 13 Ballycullane
Hayes N, widow 117 Tullileaky
Hayes, Jr Jas 118 Tullileaky
Hayes, Sr Jas 119 Tullileaky
Healy John 28 Bulgaden
Healy Patk 132 Bullincurra
Heane Danl 43 Bulgaden
Hickey Patk 135 Tienmore
Hickey Michl 136 Tienmore
Hickey James 137 Tienmore
Hickey Thos 142 Tienmore
Hinchy Patrick 37 Bulgaden
Hogan John 14 Ballycullane
Keane Edwd 44 Bulgaden
Kearny Edmd 133 Tienmore
Kearny Thos 134 Tienmore
Kelly John 24 Ballyvorane
Kelly Patrick 34 Bulgaden
Kerney Patk 57 Bulgaden
Lane Michl 31 Bulgaden
Leahy John 139 Tienmore
Leahy Patk 140 Tienmore
Leahy Rodgr 141 Tienmore
Lynch Thomas 1 Fantstown
Lynch John 2 Fantstown
Lynch Michl 138 Tienmore
Mahony Patt 39 Bulgaden
Mahony Richd 73 Bulgaden
Mahony Morty 75 Bulgaden
Mahony Patk 77 Bulgaden
Mahony, Jr Jas 76 Bulgaden
Mahony, Sr Jas 72 Bulgaden
McCarthy Thos 45 Bulgaden
McCarthy Chas 143 Tienmore
McKeineny Michl 58 Bulgaden
Meade Patk 126 Bullincurra
Molony Owen 4 Fantstown
Mortal John 5 Fantstown
Naughton Ter 64 Bulgaden
Naughton John 78 Bulgaden
Naughton Thos 79 Bulgaden
Naughton Jas 80 Bulgaden
O'Brien Patrick 35 Bulgaden
O'Brien John 103 Kilbreedy
O'Brien Patk 106 Kilbreedy
O'Brien Darby 128 Bullincurra
O'Donnell Michl 61 Bulgaden
O'Donnell Jno 92 Ballingalligan
O'Donnell Jno 95 Kilbreedy
Quish Willm 56 Bulgaden
Raleigh Thos 60 Bulgaden
Reardon Davd 116 Kilbreedy
Ruan Patrick 50 Bulgaden
Ryan Michl 46 Bulgaden
Ryan John 47 Bulgaden
Ryan widow 48 Bulgaden
Ryan John 49 Bulgaden
Sixpence John 10 Fantstown
Sixpence Edwd 11 Fantstown
Smyth Richard 12 Ballycullane
Smyth Richd 90 Ballingalligan
Sullivan Michl 91 Ballingalligan
Toole Edmd 53 Bulgaden
Treacy Patk 88 Gibbinstown
Wall Michl 8 Fantstown
Wall Willm 9 Fantstown
Walsh John 93 Kilbreedy
Walsh Michl 113 Kilbreedy
Walsh Michl 115 Kilbreedy
Woods Thos 30 Bulgaden



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