Tithe Applotments

Kilbradran Civil Parish 1833


County Limerick
Rathkeale & Glin Poor Law Unions
    Shanid & Connello Lower Baronies


OS 19, Griffith's Valuation map
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Research Notes:  The Kilbradran CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256622 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

Immigration Collection

Surname First Townland
Brown no first Lisatotan
Byrns Edmd Arlemand
Cahill Thos New Bridge
Carmody Denis Cooltomin
Casey Thos Ballyane
Casey Thos Ballyane
Casey Mary Ballyane
Casey Danl Ballyane
Condon James Rathnagore
Condon Jas Dunturk
Condon Jas Arlemand
Connelly Jas New Bridge
Connelly, Jr Jno Adumy
Connely Thos Adumy
Connely Jno Adumy
Connely D Adumy
Connors no first Tyrnes
Conway Con'r New Bridge
Culhane Morty Ballyane
Cummins Ed'd Ballyane
Cummins Ed New Bridge
Cusack John Adumy
Cussen James Rathnagore
Cussen Jno Graguire
Cussen Jas Graguire
Dinaher Denis Cooltomin
Dinaher Michl Lisatotan
Dineen/Dimen? Michl Adumy
Downy Patk Cooltomin
Downy Pattk Cooltomin
Downy Michl Cooltomin
Duggan no first Adumy
Egan Michl Ballyneety
Egan David Ballinvulla
English Michl Ballyneety
Enright Tim Dunturk
F.Gerald Jno Ballyneety
F.Gerald Michl Ballyane
F.Gerald Ger'd Ballyane
F.Gerald Jas New Bridge
F.Gerald Jno New Bridge
Fealey Patk New Bridge
Flahivan Michl New Bridge
Gorman Jas Adumy
Gorman Jas Ballylin
Hallinan Michl Graguire
Halloran Michl Ballyneety
Hanrahan Jas Tyrnes
Hassett Jno New Bridge
Hauglin Danl Cooltomin
Hayes Joseph Cooltomin
Hayes John Ballyane
Healy John Cooltomin
Healy M'ce Cooltomin
Healy Jno Cooltomin
Healy M'l Cooltomin
Hiffle Thos Cooltomin
Hiffle Robt Cooltomin
Histon Denis Ballyneety
Histon Mau'e Tyrnes
Histon Michl Tyrnes
Hoare Michl New Bridge
Hogan Patk Ballyneety
Kelly no first Ballyane
Leahy Will'm New Bridge
Leahy David New Bridge
Leahy Will'm Arlemand
Long Dav'd Cooltomin
Long Michl Cooltomin
Lyston Michl Adumy
Lyston Michl Cooltomin
Lyston Jno Cooltomin
Madigan Anne Ballyane
Madigan wid'w New Bridge
Mangan Jno Graguire
McCoy Patk Cooltomin
McMahon Jno Kilbrodran
McMahon Patt Tyrnes
McMahon Ml Tyrnes
McMahon Patt Tyrnes
McMahon K? Tyrnes
Molony Thos Arlemand
Molony Patk Arlemand
Mulcahy Con Ballybrue
Mulcahy Con New Bridge
Murry James Ballyneety
Murry Peter Ballyneety
Nash Wid'w New Bridge
Naughtin Ann Rathnagore
Naughtin Patt Cooltomin
Naughton Jno Ballyane
Neile Wm Lisatotan
Neile Hugh Lisatotan
Neville Jno Ballybrue
Neville Jas New Bridge
Neville Darby New Bridge
Nowlan Francis Ballyane
O'Donnell Jno Ballyneety
O'Donnell Patt Ballyneety
O'Donnell Jno Graguire
O'Donnell Jas Graguire
O'Donnell wid'w Lisatotan
Phelan Jno Rathnagore
Quirk Wm New Bridge
Riedy Patk Ballylin
Scanlan Jno Ballybrue
Scanlan Patt Tyrnes
Scanlan Ter/Jer? Tyrnes
Scanlan Patt Cooltomin
Scanlan Jno Coolomin
Scanlan Jno Cooltomin
Scanlan Joe? Lisatotan
Scanlan Mary Lisatotan
Scanlan Jas Lisatotan
Scanlan Con Lisatotan
Shanessy Patk Kilbrodran
Shanessy Patt Cooltomin
Shanessy Michl Ballyane
Shanessy Jno Ballyane
Shanessy Michl Ballyane
Shanessy Michl Craggs
Shanessy Jno New Bridge
Shanessy Thos Arlemand
Shanessy Jas Arlemand
Sheahan Ja Cooltomin
Sheahan Patk Cooltomin
Sheahan Jno Cooltomin
Sheahan Patt Cooltomin
Sheahan D's Ballyane
Sheahan T's Ballyane
Sullivan Jn  Tyrnes
Sullivan Jno New Bridge
Sweeny Edmd Cooltomin
Wall James Cooltomin
Walsh Michl Ballyneety
Walsh Jno Ballyneety
Walsh Richd Ballyane
Walsh Michl Ballyane
Walsh Pierce New Bridge
White Brurke Ballyneety





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