Tithe Applotments

Hospital Civil Parish 1834


County Limerick
Kilmallock Poor Law Union
    Smallcounty Barony


Hospital Town Ordnance Survey 40-Ballycahill
Ordnance Survey maps are from the Griffith's Valuation
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Research Notes:  The Hospital CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256617 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.


Surname First Townland
Barrett Michl Ballycahill
Bourke Con's Fawley's Farm
Bourke Michl Lodge
Bourke Patk Castle Farm
Bourke Patk Coolalough
Bourke Patk Oldtown Ledwill
Bourke Wm Lodge
Bradshaw Jno Mill Farm
Bradshaw Jno Mill Farm
Brasil Dav'd Ballycahill
Browne Jno Lodge
Carey Nich's Garryenchara
Carroll Jas Goultoon
Carroll Jno Castle Farm
Carroll Jno Goultoon
Carroll Joseph Goultoon
Carroll Margt Ballycahill
Carroll Margt Fawley's Farm
Carroll Michl Coolalough
Carroll Michl Cools Cart
Carroll Michl Goultoon
Carroll Michl Mill Farm
Carroll Patk Castle Farm
Carroll Patk Garryenchara
Carroll Wm Barrys Farm
Carroll Wm Garryenchara
Carroll Wm Goultoon
Carroll Wm Mill Farm
Carroll, Sr Wm Mill Farm
Casey Jno Ballycahill
Casey Wm Ballycahill
Coffey Robt Garryenchara
Coffey Thos Garryenchara
Connell Jno Castle Farm
connell Mary Lough
Connell Michl Castle Farm
Connell Patk Cools Cart
Connolly Den's Oldtown Ledwill
Connolly Edmd Oldtown Ledwill
Connolly Patk Oldtown Ledwill
Connoly Edmd Barrys Farm
Connors Jno Oldtown Ryan
Cranitch Jno Fawley's Farm
Creed Thos Barrys Farm
Crofts Mary Barrys Farm
Crowe Darby Ballycahill
Crowe Jno Ballycahill
Cullinane Danl Castle Farm
Cullinane Jno Castle Farm
Curreen Michl Barrys Farm
Curtain Patk Ballycahill
Cush And'w Ballycahill
Cush Jas Ballycahill
Davern Mary Ballycahill
Dea Edwd Ballycahill
Dea Jas Ballycahill
Dea  Patk Ballycahill
Dealy Wm Oldtown Ledwill
Delane Michl Ballycahill
Donavan Jno Ballycahill
Donavan Mary Ballycahill
Donavan Patk Oldtown Ryan
Donohue Jno Castle Farm
Dooly Jno Mill Farm
Dooly Thos Mill Farm
Downs Jno Mill Farm
Downs Thos Barrys Farm
Duggan Gordy Barrys Farm
English Anne Barrys Farm
English Lau'ce Castle Farm
English Walter Garryenchara
Erwin Owen Ballycahill
Fitzgerald Jas Goultoon
Fitzgibbon Jno Ballycahill
Fogerty Danl Garryenchara
Foley Patk Oldtown Ryan
Foley Wm Oldtown Ryan
Frawley Alicia Mill Farm
Frawley Mary Fawley's Farm
Frawley Wm Oldtown Ryan
Gafney Francis Fawley's Farm
Gafney Francis Mill Farm
Galway Christopher Cools Cart
Galway Christopher Lodge
Galway Christopher Mill Farm
Gleeson Mary Barrys Farm
Gleeson Michl Ballycahill
Grace Jno Barrys Farm
Grady Jeremiah Barrys Farm
Grady Jeremiah Mill Farm
Griffin Jas Lodge
Griffin Wm Lodge
Gubbins Joseph Barrys Farm
Gubbins Joseph Castle Farm
Gubbins Joseph Lough
Guiry Patk Barrys Farm
Halloran Elly Fawley's Farm
Hallorin Jas Castle Farm
Hallorin Jno Mill Farm
Hallorin Thos Lodge
Hanrahan Jas Ballycahill
Harky? Jas Lodge
Harky? Wm Lodge
Harman Francis Mill Farm
Harris Arthur Ballycahill
Hastings Edmd Lodge
Hastings Ellen Lodge
Hayes Danl Ballycahill
Hayes Jno Castle Farm
Hayes Michl Oldtown Ledwill
Hayes Rodger Oldtown Ledwill
Hayes Wm Ballycahill
Hayes Wm Mill Farm
Hayes Wm Oldtown Ledwill
Heelan Dav'd Ballycahill
Heelan Wm Ballycahill
Hickey Den's Barrys Farm
Hickey Den's Mill Farm
Hickey Kennedy Barrys Farm
Hickey Kennedy Mill Farm
Higgins Jas Mill Farm
Jones Jno Coolalough
Jones Wm Coolalough
Keane Edwd Ballycahill
Keane Patk Fawley's Farm
Keane Thos Ballycahill
Keane Wm Ballycahill
Kiely Jno Ballycahill
Kiely Michl Ballycahill
Laffen Jas Castle Farm
Leahy Den's Ballycahill
Leddan Tim'y Ballycahill
Loughlin Patk Castle Farm
Mahony Darby Ballycahill
Mahony Den's Barrys Farm
McCann Johana Ballycahill
McCarthy Danl Castle Farm
McCarthy Dav'd Fawley's Farm
McCarthy Den's Oldtown Ryan
McCarthy Jno Lodge
McCarthy Michl Oldtown Ryan
McCormick Jno Lodge
McEniry Jno Oldtown Ryan
McKey Tim'y Castle Farm
Meagher Darby Lodge
Meagher Jno Castle Farm
Meagher Jno Lodge
Meagher Thos Castle Farm
Meagher Thos Goultoon
Meara Jno Oldtown Ledwill
Meara Tim'y Lough
Meara Tim'y Oldtown Ledwill
Mohony Jas Ballycahill
Moloney Jas Mill Farm
Molony Thos Barrys Farm
Murphy Jno Garryenchara
Murphy Jno Oldtown Ledwill
Neale Jno Goultoon
Nelan Jno Barrys Farm
Nugent Jno Ballycahill
Nugent Patk Oldtown Ledwill
Nugent Thos Oldtown Ledwill
Nunan Patk Oldtown Ryan
O'Brien Math'w Barrys Farm
O'Brien Thos Mill Farm
O'Donnell Bryan Fawley's Farm
O'Grady Standish Castle Farm
O'Grady Standish Castle Farm
O'Grady Standish Mill Farm
Power Mary Ballycahill
Purcell Michl Castle Farm
Quinlon Michl Lough
Quinlon Michl Mill Farm
Raleigh Patk Barrys Farm
Reagan Thos Goultoon
Reagan Thos Lough
Reale Patk Ballycahill
Reale Thos Coolalough
Riordan Jno Ballycahill
Riordan Michl Ballycahill
Roache Mary Barrys Farm
Rourke Henry Castle Farm
Rourke Jno Mill Farm
Rourke Thos Castle Farm
Ryan Danl Goultoon
Ryan Danl Oldtown Ledwill
Ryan Jas Ballycahill
Ryan Jno Mill Farm
Ryan Lau'ce Fawley's Farm
Ryan Patk Garryenchara
Ryan Stephen Oldtown Ledwill
Ryan Thos Oldtown Ryan
Shanahan Den's Oldtown Ryan
Shanahan Edwd Garryenchara
Shanahan Michl Oldtown Ryan
Shanahan Patk Oldtown Ryan
Shanahan Wm Oldtown Ryan
Sherin Peter Castle Farm
Sherin Peter Castle Farm
Slattery Johana Mill Farm
Slattery Michl Fawley's Farm
Smyth Michl Mill Farm
Sullivan Patk Fawley's Farm
Walsh Jno Ballycahill
Walsh Thos Ballycahill
Ward Darby Ballycahill
Ward Jno Ballycahill
White Michl Lodge
Woods Austice Fawley's Farm
Woods Den's Cools Cart
Woods Edmd Cools Cart
Woods Jno & bro Cools Cart
Woods Thos Cools Cart
Woods Thos Cools Cart
Woods Wm Fawley's Farm


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