Tithe Applotments

Grean Civil Parish 1834


County Limerick
Limerick & Tipperary Poor Law Unions
    Coonagh & Clanwilliam Baronies


Pallas Grean Town Nicker Town
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Research Notes:  The Grean CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256616 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

Surname First Townland
Abjohn Ml Bunavie
Abjohn Thomas Sunglen
Abjohn Thos Drumlara
Abjohn Thos Pallis  
Abjohn Thos Pallis  
Ahern Ellen Kilduff
Ahern Michl Boherroe
Barry widow Boherroe
Beary John Plaukarauka
Beary Michl Plaukarauka
Beary Patk Plaukarauka
Birmingham Patt Pallis  
Birrane Andw Knockderk
Birrane Con Knockderk
Birrane John Pallis  
Birrane Patt Mt Sion
Birrane Thos Corelish
Birrane Wm Pallis  
Birreen Anstice Ballincassa
Birreen Edmd Ballincassa
Bonfield John Corelish
Bourke Edmd Cloughadereen
Bourke Ml Garranmore
Bourke Patt Drumbane
Bourke Patt Drumbane
Bourke Thos Pallis  
Bourke widow Mt Sion
Boyle Robt Ballytarsna
Bradshaw Robt Kilduff
Bradshaw Robt Mt Sion
Bresnahan John Knockderk
Brien Marks Pallis  
Brouwne Andw Sunglen
Browne David Nicker
Browne Denis Pallis  
Buckley John Ballytarsna
Buckley Patt Knockaunroe
Buckley Thos Coologue
Burke Thos Garranmore
Burke Thos Kilduff
Burke Thos Longstone
Burke widow Boherroe
Callaghan widow Longstone
Carroll John Killeenevera
Casey Denis Drumlara
Clanchy Danl Corelish
Clanchy Owen Ballytarsna
Cleary Patt Bunavie
Coffee John Pallis  
Coffee Tim'y Kilduff
Coffee Willm Killeenevera
Coffee Wm Garranmore
Coffee Wm Pallis  
Coffee Wm Pallis  
Coleman Patt Drumlara
Collins Patt Ballyvoneen
Collins Patt Bunavie
Connelly John Ardroe
Connors Denis Garranmore
Considine He--? Derk
Conway Owen Ballytarsna
Conway Owen Killeenevera
Cooper Rev'd Ballyvoneen
Cormick Danl Ardroe
Cormick Matt Ardroe
Cormick Patt Pallis & Garrison
Croneen Tim'y Kilduff
Curloy Michl Pallis  
Daltn Wm Knockderk
Dalton Wm Knockderk
Danahar Danl Bunavie
Dongan Ml Garranmore
Dongan Mrs Knockaunroe
Dungan Catherine Coologue
Dwyer Connor Gurtavalla
Dwyer Danl Knockderk
Dwyer Darby Gurtnacoolah
Dwyer Edmd Knockderk
Dwyer John Drumlara
Dwyer John Drumlara
Dwyer John Knockderk
Dwyer John Knockderk
Dwyer Patk Druminbue
Dwyer Patt Garranmore
Dwyer Patt Knockderk
Dwyer Patt Nicker
Dwyer Patt Nicker
Dwyer Thomas Druminbue
Dwyer Thos Knockderk
Dwyer William Druminbue
Dwyer Wm Corelish
Dwyer Wm Knockderk
Dwyer Wm Knockderk
Dwyer Wm Nicker
Elligott John Bunavie
Elligott Thos Ballytarsna
English John Boherroe
English Patt Sunglen
Fitzgerald Martin Knockaunroe
Fitzgerald Ml Corelish
Fitzgerald Ml Pallis  
Fitzgerald widow Moymore
Fitzgibbons Wm Bunavie
Fleming John Longstone
Franklin George Corelish
Gleeson Lau'ce Coologue
Gleeson Wm Bunavie
Godsell John Drumbane
Grace James Gurtnacoolah
Grace John Cloughadereen
Grace Philip Ballincassa
Grady John Pallis  
Guerin Connor Bunavie
Guerin Connor Bunavie
Guerin Edmd Bunavie
Guerin Patt Bunavie
Guerin Patt Bunavie
Guerin Patt Bunavie
Hagney Denis Drumbane
Halleran Cath'e Drumlara
Halleran John Ardroe
Halleran Lau'ce Ardroe
Halleran Oliver Ardroe
Hannan Michl Ardroe
Hannan Michl Corelish
Hannan Michl Linfield
Hartney Terence Knockderk
Harty Catherine, widow Garranmore
Harty James Bunavie
Harty John Bunavie
Harty widow Bunavie
Harty widow Moymore
Harty Wm Bunavie
Harty Wm Garranmore
Harty Wm Garranmore
Hayes Danl Ardroe
Hayes Danl Ardroe
Hayes Hugh Druminbue
Hayes Hugh Druminbue
Hayes Hugh Nicker
Hayes John Ballytarsna
Hayes John Corelish
Hayes John Killeenevera
Hayes Mary Gurtavalla
Hayes Morty Corelish
Hayes Patt Gurtavalla
Hayes Thos Kilduff
hayes Thos Pallis  
Hayes Timothy Corelish
Hayes widow Ballytarsna
Hayes widow Corelish
Healy John Bunavie
Healy Tim'y Sunglen
Heffernan Darby Ardroe
Heffernan Roger Mt Sion
Heffernan Thos Drumbane
Heffernan widow Drumbane
Hickey John Garranmore
Hickey John Mt Sion
Hickey Mary Corelish
Hickey Patt Corelish
Hickey widow Corelish
Holmes John Mt Sion
Hurley widow Boherroe
Jones Patk Ardroe
Kearney Thos Drumlara
Kearney Thos Sunville
Keaty James Garranmore
Keaty Margt Drumlara
Keaty Matt Drumlara
Keayes Wm Deerpark
Kelly Keaty Drumlara
Kelly Michl Moymore
Kennedy Hugh Corelish
Kennedy James Kilduff
Kennedy Jas Pallis & Garrison
Ker John Drumlara
Ker Patt Drumlara
Kinifeck John Drumlara
Kirby Darby Deerpark
Kirby Mau'ce Linfield
Kirby Michl Kilduff
Kirby Michl Linfield
Laffan Rich'd Glenn
Leonard Denis Drumlara
Leonard John Knocknacroha
Leonard Michl Ballyvoneen
Leonard Patt Ballyvoneen
Leonard Rich'd Knocknacroha
Liston Catherine Kilduff
Liston James Kilduff
Lloyd, Revd R Pallis  
Loughlan Roger Bunavie
Loughland Roger Bunavie
Lynch Patt Longstone
Lynch Roger Ballytarsna
Lynch widow Longstone
Mackay Patt Kilduff
Mackay Thos Kilduff
Madden Ml Drumbane
Magrath John Treanmana
Magrath Thos Corelish
Magrath widow Mt Sion
Mahar Danl Drumlara
Mahar widow Corelish
Maher Con. Drumlara
Mahony John Ballytarsna
Mahony Michl Garranmore
Maley James Drumbane
Maley James Mt Sion
Mara John Kilduff
McCarthy Ellen Linfield
McCarthy Patt Ballytarsna
McCarthy Thomas Ballytarsna
McCarthy Thos Garranmore
McCarthy widow Garranbeg
McCarthy Wm Garranbeg
McCarty Ellen Nicker
McMahon Roger Ardroe
Meade Patt Pallis  
Meara Dan. Nicker
Meara Danl Nicker
Meara Wm Nicker
Mhony Patt Ardroe
Molloy Thos Ballytarsna
Molloy Wm Sunglen
Molony Edmd Bunavie
Mulcahy Edmd Knockderk
Mulcahy Edwd Corelish
Mulcahy Ml Corelish
Mulcahy Patt Drumlara
Mulcahy Thos Drumlara
Murphy John Coologue
Murphy Michl Bunavie
Murphy Thomas Moymore
Nash Rich'd Pallis  
Neill Michl Cloughadereen
Nugent John Moymore
OBrien Danl Corelish
OBrien John Bunavie
OBrien Kennedy Cloughadereen
OBrien Kennedy Pallis  
OBrien Ml Pallis  
OBrien Patt Ballytarsna
OBrien Patt Ballytarsna
OBrien Patt Bunavie
OBrien Patt Pallis  
OBrien Thos Croghvera
OBrien Timothy Druminbue
OBrien Tim'y Ballytarsna
O'Brien Wm Drumlara
ODonnell Bridget Kilduff
OGrady  Darby Garranmore
OGrady, Esq Darby Linfield
ONeile Wm Pallis  
ONeill Laurence Longstone
Power John Moymore
Power Patt Boherroe
Power widow Boherroe
Power Wm' Kilduff
Quillinan Thos Mt Sion
Quin Edmd Moymore
Quin Ml Moymore
Quinlan Thos Moymore
Raleigh Tim'y Cloughadereen
Raleigh Tim'y Gurtnacoolah
Real James Coologue
Real John Drumbane
Real Patt Knockaunroe
Real, junr Jas Knockaunroe
Real, senr Jas Knockaunroe
Regan Edmd Pallis & Garrison
Regan Thos Pallis & Garrison
Regan Tim'y Pallis & Garrison
Reynolds Mrs Pallis  
Riordan John Ardroe
Ryan Connor Bunavie
Ryan Connor Knockderk
Ryan Dan  Mt Sion
Ryan Danl Boherroe
Ryan Danl Corelish
Ryan Danl Kilduff
Ryan Denis Drumbane
Ryan Edmd Ardroe
Ryan Edmd Ballytarsna
Ryan Edmd Bawnbrey
Ryan Edmd Boherroe
Ryan Edmd Coologue
Ryan Edmd Moymore
Ryan James Drumbane
Ryan James Garranmore
Ryan John Cloughadereen
Ryan John Longstone
Ryan John Moymore
Ryan John Mt Sion
Ryan John Pallis  
Ryan John Treanmana
Ryan Laurence Knockaunroe
Ryan Laurence Mt Sion
Ryan Margaret Cloughadereen
Ryan Mau'ce Corelish
Ryan Michl Drumbane
Ryan Ml Garranmore
Ryan Ml Kilduff
Ryan Patt Bunavie
Ryan Patt Cloughadereen
Ryan Patt Drumbane
Ryan Patt Gurtnacoolah
Ryan Patt Moymore
Ryan Patt Pallis  
Ryan Thomas Drumbane
Ryan Tobias Treanmana
Ryan widow Garranmore
Ryan widow Sunglen
Ryan Wm Drumlara
Scott, Revd Wm Kilduff
Scully Roger Treanmana
Shannahan Robt Kilduff
Sheahan Ml Pallis  
Sheahan Patt Corelish
Smithwich Henry Kilduff
Spelman Denis Cloughadereen
Spelman Jas Garranmore
Spelman Jas Nicker
Spelman Jer'h Gurtavalla
Sullivan John Garranmore
Sullivan John Knockderk
Tierney Patt Drumlara
Touhy Brien Knockderk
Touhy Edw'd Linfield
Touhy John Knockderk
Touhy John Linfield
Touhy Thos Knockderk
Touhy Thos Knockderk
Tracy Darby Bunavie
Tracy Darby Bunavie
Tracy Patt Bunavie
Tracy Thos Pallis  
Wallace Wm Drumbane
Walsh John Drumlara
Walsh Wm Knockaunroe
Welsh John Garranmore
Welsh John Garranmore
Welsh Patk Garranmore


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