Castleconnell Cemetery at St. Joseph's Church
Castleconnell RC Parish
Stradbally Civil Parish
County Limerick


Surname First Picture Number Surname First Picture Number
Ahern Bridget CC-3 Ryan Annie CC-10
Ahern Denis   CC-3 Ryan Bridget CC-2
Ahern Jack CC-3 Ryan Catherine CC-9
Ahern Mary   CC-3 Ryan Danial CC-2, CC-6
Ahern Michael CC-3 Ryan Denis K. CC-11
Ahern Paddy CC-3 Ryan Ellen   CC-8
Ahern Patrick CC-3 Ryan Emmet CC-10
Aherne Margaret Christine CC-5 Ryan James CC-8
Aherne Margaret Christine CC-5 Ryan James CC-9
Aherne Martin CC-5 Ryan Joseph (Joss) CC-10
Aherne Michael CC-5 Ryan Martin CC-10
Bradshaw Mary CC-7 Ryan Martin CC-2
Bradshaw Michael CC-7 Ryan Mary CC-7
Bradshaw Timothy CC-7 Ryan Mary (Mamie) CC-10
Carey Bridget CC-7 Ryan Mary (Mamie) CC-2
Carey Richard CC-7 Ryan Michael CC-2
Clohessy Michael CC-10 Ryan Nancy CC-10
Crist Bridget Ahern CC-3 Ryan Norah CC-11
Edmonds Joseph   CC-4 Ryan Patrick CC-2
Edmonds Mary CC-4 Ryan Patrick CC-9
Edmonds William CC-4 Ryan Philip CC-11
Gouic* Danial CC-6 Ryan Richard CC-10
Keating Edward CC-5 Ryan Seamus CC-10
Keating Ellen Aherne CC-5 Ryan Seamus CC-8
Keating Patrick CC-5 Ryan? Danial CC-6
Kelleher Donal CC-1
Kelleher Kathleen CC-1
Kelleher Michael CC-1

*probably Gouig/Gooig, a townland in the parish


CC-1 CC-2 CC-3
CC-4 CC-5 CC-6
CC-7 CC-8 CC-9
CC-10 CC-11  
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