Tithe Applotments

Athneasy Civil Parish


Kilmallock Poor Law Union
    Smallcounty & Coshlea Baronies


Martinstown 1840
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Research Notes:  The Ballinard CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256566 by Pat Connors.  The film was in was very difficult because the light strokes of the pen could not be seen, making it very hard to ready both names and townland names.  Plus, the handwriting was very old, and the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

Nick Reddan's trascription.  Nick transcribed his index at the Archives of Ireland in Dublin and had a clearer film than the FHL film.  So, both transcriptions are being presented here.  They are matched by Number assigned to the occupier in the tithes.

Surname First Number Townland   Nick Reddan's  
Land John 1 Drenstown? Land John Dorenstown
Cooke John 2 Drenstown? Cooke John Dorenstown
Lloyd, Esq Thomas 3 Drenstown? Lloyd Thomas Dorenstown
Higgins Maurice 4 Drenstown? Higgins Maurice Dorenstown
Higgins John 5 Drenstown? Higgins John Dorenstown
Daley John 6 Drenstown? Daly John Martinstown
Clifford Patk 7 Drenstown? Clifford Patk Martinstown
Riordan Cornelious 8 Drenstown? Riordan Cornelius Martinstown
Rile James 9 Drenstown? Rile James Martinstown
Hogan Dan'l 10 Drenstown? Clogan Danl Martinstown
Boland Wm 11 Drenstown?
Boland Edmd 12 Drenstown? Boland Edmd Martinstown
McAuliffe Th's 13 Drenstown? McCauliffe Ths Martinstown
Greery David 14 Drenstown? Giury David Martinstown
Higgins Edmd 15 Drenstown? Higgins Edmd Martinstown
Larkine Edmd 16 Drenstown? Larkin Edmd Martinstown
Treassoy? Edmd 17 Drenstown? Treapoy Edmd Martinstown
Boland Edmd 18 Drenstown? Boland Edmd L Martinstown
Boland Rm/Km? 18 Drenstown? Boland Wm Martinstown
Leahey Mathewe 19 Drenstown? Leahey Mathew Martinstown
Rearden Darby 20 Drenstown? Riordan Darby Martinstown
Rearden Js 21 Drenstown? Neardine Js Martinstown
Grady John 22 Drenstown? Srady John Martinstown
Rearden David 23 Drenstown?
Walshe Jno/Ml? 24 Drenstown? Walshe MI Martinstown
Crawley Marks 25 Drenstown? Crawley Mark Martinstown
26 Creed W Ballinvana
Carroll John 26 Balliivaneo Connell John Ballinvana
Bennett, Esq Tho  27 Balliivaneo Bennett Thos Ballinvana
Drenane Th's 28 Balliivaneo Brinand Thos Ballinvana
Mahony John 29 Balliivaneo Maheny John Ballinvana
Leahey no first 30 Balliivaneo Slattery Leakey L Ballinvana
Malloy? no first 30 Balliivaneo
Meaney Phill & bro 31 Balliivaneo Meany & bro Chas Ballinvana
Halpern Thomas 32 Balliivaneo Halpin Thomas Ballinvana
Keefe John 33 Ballinscaula Keefe John Ballinscala
Casey? Philip? 34 Ballinscaula Casey Messrs Ballinscala
Clary Thom's 35 Ballinscaula Clary Thoms Ballinscala
Halpin Mich'l 36 Ballinscaula Halpin Michl Ballinscala
Clary John 37 Ballinscaula Clary John Gibbinstown
Cooke Wm 38 Ballinscaula Cooke Wm Ballinscala
Walsh Thos? 39 Ballinscaula Welsh, Rev Mr Ballinscala
Walsh  Jno  39 Ballinscaula
Connelly Wm 40 Ballinscaula Connelly Wm Ballinscala
Sullivan John 41 Ballinscaula Sullivan John Ballinscala
?? Patrick 42 Ballinscaula Sixpence Patrick Ballinscala
Lynch Thom's 43 Ballinscaula Lynch Thoms Stephenstown
Meaney Patrick 44 Ballinscaula Meade & partners Patrick Ballinscala
Maxwell, Esq Robert 45 Balline Maxwell Robert Ballinscala
Clary John 46 Balline Clary John Balline
McMahon? Michl 47 Balline Mahon Michl Balline
Garvy David 48 Adamstown Garvy David Adamstown
McCawliff John 49 Adamstown McCauliff John Adamstown
English Michl 50 Adamstown English Michl Adamstown
Dee Thom's 51 Adamstown Dee Thoms Adamstown
English John 52 Adamstown English John Adamstown
Dolan Edmond 53 Adamstown Delane Edmond Adamstown
Quane? Patrick 54 Gormanstown Quane Patrick Gormanstown
Ryan James 55 Adamstown Ryan James Adamstown
McEniry John 56 Gormanstown M'Eriry John Gormanstown
Delane Nich's 57 Gormanstown Delane Michl Gormanstown
McMahan John 58 Gormanstown McMahon John Gormanstown
McMahan Daniel 59 Gormanstown Delane Daniel Gormanstown
Hennessy Phillip 60 Balline Hennessy Philip Balline
Hennessy Wm 61 Balline Hennessy Wm Balline
Ryan David 62 Balline Ryan David
Ryan Martin 62 Balline Ryan Martin Balline
Ryan Patrick 63 Balline Ryan Patrick Balline
Ryan Kenny? 63 Balline Ryan Kenny
Ryan David 64 Balline Ryan David Balline
Ryan Michl 64 Balline Ryan Michl Balline
Ryan Patrick 64 Balline Ryan Patrick Balline
Ryan John 65 Balline Quane John Ryan Balline
Kenny Mich'l 66 Gormanstown Kearny Michl Gormanstown
Lynch widow 67 Gormanstown Lynch widow Gormanstown
Wallace Thom's 68 Gormanstown Wallace Thoms Gormanstown
McCormack Jno? 69 Gormanstown McCormack Wm Gormanstown
Mahony Js? 70 Gormanstown Mahony Js Gormanstown
Lynch Js 71 Gormanstown Lynch Js Gormanstown
Callihan Jn? 72 Gormanstown Callihan Jn Gormanstown
Keane? Patrick 73 Gormanstown Kean Patrick Gormanstown
McNamara Patrick 74 Gormanstown McNamara Patrick Gormanstown
Keane? Edmond 75 Gormanstown Keane Edmond Gormanstown
Cormack John 76 Gormanstown Cormack John Gormanstown
Mahony Thom's 77 Gormanstown Mahony Thoms Gormanstown
Walsh Maurice 78 Gormanstown Welsh Maurice Gormanstown




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