Tithe Applotments


Ardagh Civil Parish 1826


County Limerick
Newcastle Poor Law Union
    Shanid & Glenquin Baronies


Ardagh Town Carrigkerry
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Research Notes:  The Ardagh CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256565 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
Transcription Notes:  Spelling of surname was mostly wrong and many times the name was spelled differently on the same page.  The filming was a bit blurry which made it difficult to read the letters.


Surname First Number Townland
Ahern Dennis 39 Ballinbeahane
Ahern Patk 20 Killaghteen
Ahern Thos 31 Killaghteen
Ahern William 101 Ardagh  
Ahern Wm 20 Killaghteen
Ahern Wm 29 Killaghteen
Ambrose Jeremia  85 Kilriddane
Ambrose John 89 Ardagh  
Ambrose John 79 Canegher
Ambrose John 72 Dromranhee
Ambrose John 73 Lisbranagh
Ambrose John 106 Miniters Lands
Ambrose Patk 78 Canegher
Barrett John 37 Ballinbeahane
Barrett John 49 Ballinbeahane
Boucher Henry 128 Coolako Kerry
Bourk Jno 99 Ardagh  
Bourke James 117 Miniters Lands
Breen Edwd 144 Killard
Brown Edmond 41 Ballinbeahane
Burns Burns 152 Ballyrobbin
Burns John 145 Ballyrobbin
Canty Darby 102 Ardagh  
Carmody John 154 Monashanagh
Carroll Michl 80 Canegher
Collins John 135 Coolako Kerry
Collins Patrick 9 Rooscagh
Condon James 88 Ardagh  
Condon Thos 113 Miniters Lands
Connors Jno 12 Rooscagh
Connors John 62 Ballinabearny?
Connors Patrick 57 Ballinabearny?
Conway Connor 150 Ballyrobbin
Conway John 70 Dromranhee
Conway Penny 149 Ballyrobbin
Conway Willm 151 Ballyrobbin
Corbett James 141 Glebe
Creedan Martin 61 Ballinabearny?
Crimmin Connor 143 Killard
Crimmin Mau'ce 139 Liskilleen
Cronan Wm 129 Coolako Kerry
Cushion Honoria 59 Ballinabearny?
Dalton John 51 Ballinabearny?
Dalton Michl 50 Ballinabearny?
Dalton Michl 47 Ballinbeahane
Danworth Danl  68 Ballinabearny?
Davis James 5 Rooscagh
Donahoe Patk 44 Ballinbeahane
Donnelly Michl 126 Cusakeenouge
Doody John 23 Killaghteen
Doody John 25 Killaghteen
Dooling Timothy 11 Rooscagh
Dooly Maurice 42 Ballinbeahane
Dower James 17 Killaghteen
Enright Connor 71 Dromranhee
Enright Connor 104 Kilreash
Enright Connor 137 Liskilleen
Enright Connor 110 Miniters Lands
Enright Darby 109 Miniters Lands
Enright Hugh 97 Ardagh  
Enright James 98 Ardagh  
Enright Jeremia 93 Ardagh  
Enright John 52 Ballinabearny?
Enright John 26 Killaghteen
Enright Martin 146 Ballyrobbin
Enright Martin 123 Farrantlabba
Enright Michael 109 Miniters Lands
Enright Michl 93 Ardagh  
Feehanny Ellen 30 Killaghteen
Feehanny Mathew 33 Killaghteen
Flanigan Morty 27 Killaghteen
Flanigan Morty 34 Killaghteen
Flyn Thos 98 Ardagh  
Foran Connor 1 Rooscagh
Foran John 4 Rooscagh
Foran Tim'y 4 Rooscagh
Frawly John 56 Ballinabearny?
Galwin Patk 92 Ardagh  
Green John 103 Ardagh  
Gregg Patk 114 Miniters Lands
Griffin Ellen 84 Kilriddane
Griffin James 81 Kilriddane
Griffin James 82 Kilriddane
Griffin Jno 81 Kilriddane
Griffin John 74 Lisbranagh
Griffin, Sr James 83 Kilriddane
Halpin James 77 Reerasty Clough
Halpin James? 121 Miniters Lands
Halpin Michl 116 Miniters Lands
Halpin Patk 87 Ardagh  
Halpin widow 120 Miniters Lands
Healy Dennis 111 Miniters Lands
Heffernan Edmd 40 Ballinbeahane
Heffernan Michl 43 Ballinbeahane
Hennessy Danl 134 Coolako Kerry
Hennessy John 24 Killaghteen
Hough Edwd 19 Killaghteen
Hough Jno 19 Killaghteen
Hough John 35 Ballinbeahane
Hough William 18 Killaghteen
Hough? James 35 Ballinbeahane
Hurly Dennis 36 Ballinbeahane
Hurly William 38 Ballinbeahane
Keating Paul 99 Ardagh  
Keaven Roger 103 Ardagh  
Keaven Roger 125 Farrantlabba
Keaven Roger 112 Miniters Lands
Keef John 147 Ballyrobbin
Kenedy Joseph 45 Ballinbeahane
Kenedy Marks 46 Ballinbeahane
Kilmartin Will'm 12 Rooscagh
Madigan Cath'ne 138 Liskilleen
Madigan Mathew 22 Killaghteen
Magher Thos 115 Miniters Lands
Massey, Esq Eyre 76 Ardagh Commons
Massey, Esq Hugh 127 Coolako Kerry
Massey, Esq John 142 Killard
Massey, Esq Wm 105 Miniters Lands
Massey, Esq Wm or Eyre 122 Farrantlabba
McCahill John 54 Ballinabearny?
McCahill Michl 54 Ballinabearny?
McCoy Catharine 43 Ballinbeahane
McGrath Danl? 66 Ballinabearny?
McGrath Darby/Danl? 65 Ballinabearny?
McGrath George 67 Ballinabearny?
McMahon Danl 140 Glebe
McMahon Jno 118 Miniters Lands
Moore James 97 Ardagh  
Moore James 48 Ballinbeahane
Moore Jno 77 Reerasty Clough
Moore John 75 Ardagh Commons
Moore Maurice 55 Ballinabearny?
Moore Patrick 96 Ardagh  
Moore Willm? 95 Ardagh  
Moylan James 15 Killaghteen
Mulcahy David 140 Glebe
Murry, Revd P 130 Coolako Kerry
Nash James 13 Killaghteen
Nash Mathew 124 Farrantlabba
Nash Willm 95 Ardagh  
Noralan John 107 Miniters Lands
Nowlan John 153 Monashanagh
O'Brian John 91 Ardagh  
O'Brian Michl 131 Coolako Kerry
O'Brian Patk 69 Ballinabearny?
O'Brian Patk 132 Coolako Kerry
O'Donnell James 14 Killaghteen
Pemberton Jno 108 Miniters Lands
Pheahan Connor 119 Miniters Lands
Pickly Jas 3 Rooscagh
Quaid Darby 64 Ballinabearny?
Quaid Jeremia? 58 Ballinabearny?
Quaid John 63 Ballinabearny?
Quin Michl 32 Killaghteen
Quin Will'm 148 Ballyrobbin
Ryan Daniel 136 Coolako Kerry
Shaughnessy Michl 27 Killaghteen
Sheady Catharine 10 Rooscagh
Sheahan Darby 86 Ardagh  
Sheahan Darby 100 Ardagh  
Sheahan Henry 90 Ardagh  
Sheahan Thos 133 Coolako Kerry
Sheehy John 16 Killaghteen
Sheehy John 21 Killaghteen
T/Hanly? John 2 Rooscagh
Turney Owen 28 Killaghteen
Upton, Esq Wm 60 Ballinabearny?
Walker James 8 Rooscagh
Ward Dennis 94 Ardagh  
Windle John 54 Ballinabearny?
Windle Nicholas 53 Ballinabearny?
Woolf James 6 Rooscagh
Woolf John 7 Rooscagh


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