Tithe Applotment

  Abington Civil Parish 1826


 Limerick County
Limerick Poor Law Union
    Owneybeg & Clanwilliam Baronies


Abington ca 1840 Annagh ca 1840

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Research Notes:  The Abington CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256560 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.



Surname First Number Townland Barony
Ahern John 2 Eyon Clanwilliam
Ahern  John 1 Eyon Clanwilliam
Aherne no name 1 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Ardell no name 1 Toorlougher Owneybeg
Barely? Patrick 7 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Barrington, Esq Matthew 1 Glenstal Owneybeg
Barry Daniel 9 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Barry Daniel 1 Rathwood Owneybeg
Barry Edmund 2 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Barry James 1 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Barry James 2 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Barry James 5 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Barry John 1 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Barry John 4 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Barry John 6 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Barry Thomas 3 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Barry Thomas 1 Rath Owneybeg
Barry Tho's 5 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Booley? George 3 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Bourke Bridget 1 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Bourke David 2 Annagh Owneybeg
Bourke David 2 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Bourke Frederick 1 Clooncunna? Clanwilliam
Bourke James 2 Annagh Owneybeg
Bourke James 2 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Bourke James 1 Farnane Owneybeg
Bourke James 2 Farnane Owneybeg
Bourke James 3 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Bourke John 1 Boarmans Hill Owneybeg
Bourke John 1 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Bourke Laurence 8 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Bourke Mich'l 3 Annagh Owneybeg
Bourke Mich'l 1 Boher  Clanwilliam
Bourke Patrick 1 Ashroe Owneybeg
Bourke Thomas 1 Annagh Owneybeg
Bourke Thomas 4 Annagh Owneybeg
Bourke Thomas 2 Ashroe Owneybeg
Bourke Thomas 2 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Bourke William 11 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Boyle Edmund 1 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Boyle George 1 Dromeliagh Owneybeg
Boyle George 3 Mongfune Owneybeg
Boyle James 1 Mongfune Owneybeg
Boyle James 1 Puckane Owneybeg
Boyle Patrick 2 Mongfune Owneybeg
Boyle Patrick 1 Murroe Owneybeg
Boyle William 2 Mongfune Owneybeg
Bradshaw Thomas 5 Annagh Owneybeg
Bray widow 3 Boher  Clanwilliam
Brennan? John 1 Gortavacoosh Owneybeg
Brohan Thomas 10 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Broughton Lawrence 3 Eyon Clanwilliam
Broughton Richard 3 Abington Owneybeg
Browne George 2 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Browne James 1 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Browne Mich'l 2 Rath Owneybeg
Browne Thomas 3 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Butler Patrick 2 Abington Owneybeg
Butler Thomas 1 Abington Owneybeg
Byrne Edward 4 Abington Owneybeg
Byrne John 4 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Campbell Denis 1 Ballyvorheen Owneybeg
Campbell Edmond 1 Ballyvorheen Owneybeg
Cantillon? Philip 7 Eyon Clanwilliam
Carthy Denis 5 Abington Owneybeg
Casey James & sons 1 Moher Owneybeg
Casey John 8 Ashroe Owneybeg
Casey William 6 Annagh Owneybeg
Casseles? John 4 Ashroe Owneybeg
Casseles? Richard 6 Ashroe Owneybeg
Casseles? Thomas 5 Ashroe Owneybeg
Clanchy Patrick 9 Annagh Owneybeg
Clanchy Patrick 14 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Clanchy Patrick Owen 10 Annagh Owneybeg
Clansley? Patrick 3 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Clifford Patrick 6 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Coffee Daniel 7 Annagh Owneybeg
Coffee Mich'l 8 Annagh Owneybeg
Coffee Mich'l 4 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Coffee Mich'l 2 Murroe Owneybeg
Coffee Patrick 13 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Collopy John 4 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Collopy John 7 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Collopy John 8 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Collopy Thomas 2 Clooncunna? Clanwilliam
Collopy Thomas 6 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Collopy William 2 Clooncunna? Clanwilliam
Collopy William 5 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Colman James 2 Gortavacoosh Owneybeg
Colman Mich'l 3 Gortavacoosh Owneybeg
Colman Patrick 4 Gortavacoosh Owneybeg
Coman Thomas 5 Gortavacoosh Owneybeg
Connell John 5 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Connell John 5 Farnane Owneybeg
Connell John 3 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Connell Thomas 12 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Connell William 7 Ashroe Owneybeg
Connors James 8 Abington Owneybeg
Connors widow 1 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Conway Robert 5 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Corbett Thomas 4 Farnane Owneybeg
Cormick Matthew 2 Rathwood Owneybeg
Cosgrave Patrick 3 Rathwood Owneybeg
Costello Daniel 3 Farnane Owneybeg
Costello David? 6 Abington Owneybeg
Costello Patrick 3 Ashroe Owneybeg
Costello Thomas 7 Abington Owneybeg
Crenghe? William 6 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Crowe Denis 6 Eyon Clanwilliam
Crowe Patrick 5 Eyon Clanwilliam
Crowe William 4 Eyon Clanwilliam
Cullinan Denis 1 Ballyguy Clanwilliam
Dahy Matthew 3 Ballyguy Clanwilliam
Darcy John 3 Clooncunna? Clanwilliam
Darcy Nicholas 3 Clooncunna? Clanwilliam
Davis Francis 15 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Davis John 16 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Dea Edmund 2 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Dea John 3 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Deeley? George 5 Mongfune Owneybeg
Deeley? Matthew 6 Mongfune Owneybeg
Deely/Dooly Mich'l 11 Annagh Owneybeg
Devane James 8 Mongfune Owneybeg
Devane John 7 Mongfune Owneybeg
Devitt Edward 9 Abington Owneybeg
Devitt Henry 10 Abington Owneybeg
Dillon no name 3 Boarmans Hill Owneybeg
Donaghoe John 1 Toberagarriff Owneybeg
Donnelly William 9 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Donovan Benjamin 3 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Donovan Henry 2 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Donovan William 1 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Donovan? widow 6 Gortavacoosh Owneybeg
Downes Denis 3 Murroe Owneybeg
Doyle Patrick 8 Eyon Clanwilliam
Duggan David 2 Ballyguy Clanwilliam
Duggan Mich'l 2 Ballyguy Clanwilliam
Duggan Patrick 4 Mongfune Owneybeg
Dundon Thomas 2 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Dwyer Brown? 10 Ashroe Owneybeg
Dwyer James 8 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Dwyer James 2 Glenstal Owneybeg
Dwyer James 1 Meentolla Owneybeg
Dwyer James 2 Toorlougher Owneybeg
Dwyer John 9 Ashroe Owneybeg
Dwyer John 8 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Dwyer John 7 Gortavacoosh Owneybeg
Dwyer Mich'l 7 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Dwyer no name 3 Glenstal Owneybeg
Dwyer Patrick 4 Boher  Clanwilliam
Dwyer widow 4 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Egan? John 12 Ashroe Owneybeg
Egan? Mich'l 12 Ashroe Owneybeg
Egan? Patrick 12 Ashroe Owneybeg
Evans, Esq Geo F 1 Cappercullen Owneybeg
Evans, Esq Thomas 11 Ashroe Owneybeg
Fahy? George 3 Rath Owneybeg
Farrell James 3 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Farrell no name 18 Ashroe Owneybeg
Farrell Patrick 6 Farnane Owneybeg
Feheen Timothy 13 Ashroe Owneybeg
Finley Terence 5 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Fitzgerald Edmund 2 Toberagarriff Owneybeg
Fitzgerald Edward 5 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Fitzgerald James 12 Abington Owneybeg
Fitzgerald John 13 Abington Owneybeg
Fitzgerald John 15 Abington Owneybeg
Fitzgerald Mich'l 11 Abington Owneybeg
Fitzgerald Mich'l 14 Abington Owneybeg
Fitzgibbon John 5 Boher  Clanwilliam
Fitzgibbon John 6 Boher  Clanwilliam
Fitzgibbon Patrick 14 Ashroe Owneybeg
Fitzgibbon Thomas 3 Sandylane Clanwilliam
Fitzgibbon widow 4 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Fitzgibbon William 10 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Fitzgibbon William 4 Sandylane Clanwilliam
Flannery John 4 Ballyguy Clanwilliam
Flannery Patrick 12 Annagh Owneybeg
Flannery William 4 Ballyguy Clanwilliam
Fleming Daniel 9 Mongfune Owneybeg
Fleming Edmund 7 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Fleming James 6 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Fleming Laurence 6 Rath Owneybeg
Fleming Mich'l 5 Ballyguy Clanwilliam
Fleming Patrick 4 Rath Owneybeg
Fleming Patrick 5 Rath Owneybeg
Fleming Patrick 7 Rath Owneybeg
Fleming Thomas 5 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Fleming William 4 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Flood Peter 4 Rathwood Owneybeg
Flyn James 7 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Flyn James 8 Rath Owneybeg
Flyn Paul 15 Ashroe Owneybeg
Flyn Paul 16 Ashroe Owneybeg
Flyn Philip 9 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Flyn widow 9 Boher  Clanwilliam
Foley Patrick 4 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Frahel? William 9 Rath Owneybeg
Fullen? Matthew 5 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Gabbett John 10 Rath Owneybeg
Ginnane Timothy 13 Annagh Owneybeg
Glesson? no name 5 Glenstal Owneybeg
Glyn Richard 6 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Gobbett Michl 16 Abington Owneybeg
Going, Esq Robert 1 Clonloughna Owneybeg
Going, Esq Robert 1 Lismullane Clanwilliam
Gorman John 17 Abington Owneybeg
Gorman Thomas  8 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Gorman Torance 9 Eyon Clanwilliam
Grace widow 10 Mongfune Owneybeg
Grace William 11 Mongfune Owneybeg
Grady Bouke 2 Boher  Clanwilliam
Grady Bouke 1 Sandylane Clanwilliam
Grady Denis 17 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Grady Handish? 8 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Grady Henry 17 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Grady John 10 Eyon Clanwilliam
Grady Thomas 6 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Grady widow 8 Gortavacoosh Owneybeg
Griffin Daniel 5 Rathwood Owneybeg
Griffin Foley? 6 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Halloran John 16 Mongfune Owneybeg
Hanafin Daniel 12 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Hanafin James 11 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Hanly Denis 10 Farnane Owneybeg
Hanly John 10 Farnane Owneybeg
Hanly widow 17 Ashroe Owneybeg
Hannan Nicholas 13 Eyon Clanwilliam
Hannan Patrick 19 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Harly Mich'l 3 Toberagarriff Owneybeg
Harly widow 4 Toberagarriff Owneybeg
Hartnedy John 7 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Hartnedy? Lawrence 12 Mongfune Owneybeg
Hartnedy? Lawrence 13 Mongfune Owneybeg
Hartnedy? Mich'l 7 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Harty Francis 18 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Harty Patrick 21 Abington Owneybeg
Hayes Daniel 9 Farnane Owneybeg
Hayes Denis 11 Eyon Clanwilliam
Hayes Edmund 6 Ballyvorheen Owneybeg
Hayes John 18 Abington Owneybeg
Hayes John 2 Coolnahila Powell Owneybeg
Hayes John 12 Eyon Clanwilliam
Hayes John 7 Farnane Owneybeg
Hayes John 15 Mongfune Owneybeg
Hayes John 8 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Hayes John & brother 6 Toberagarriff Owneybeg
Hayes Matthew 9 Gortavacoosh Owneybeg
Hayes Mich'l 5 Ballyvorheen Owneybeg
Hayes Morgan 11 Rath Owneybeg
Hayes no name 5 Glenstal Owneybeg
Hayes Patrick 7 Boher  Clanwilliam
Hayes Patrick 11 Eyon Clanwilliam
Hayes Patrick 5 Toberagarriff Owneybeg
Hayes Timothy 4 Clooncunna? Clanwilliam
Hayes widow 8 Farnane Owneybeg
Hayes William 3 Ballyvorheen Owneybeg
Hayes William 7 Ballyvorheen Owneybeg
Hedigan? Jeremiah 13 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Hefferan James 7 Sandylane Clanwilliam
Heffernan Patrick 2 Ballyvorheen Owneybeg
Hely John 11 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Hely Mich'l 10 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Hely no name 2 Boarmans Hill Owneybeg
Hely Patrick 11 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Herrigan David 8 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Hicky Connor 12 Rath Owneybeg
Hicky Daniel 19 Abington Owneybeg
Hicky Daniel 2 Cappercullen Owneybeg
Hicky Daniel 6 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Hicky Derby 2 Dromeliagh Owneybeg
Hicky Mich'l 21 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Hicky Thomas 5 Sandylane Clanwilliam
Hicky widow 6 Sandylane Clanwilliam
Hiely no name 9 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Higgins James 1 Coolnahila Palmer Owneybeg
Higgins Mich'l 7 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Hilliard John 9 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Hilliard William 10 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Hogan Derby 20 Abington Owneybeg
Hogan Patrick 5 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Holmes Robert 3 Dromeliagh Owneybeg
Holmes Thomas 13 Rath Owneybeg
Houlihan Maurice 9 Rathwood Owneybeg
Hourigan John 14 Annagh Owneybeg
Hourigan John 15 Annagh Owneybeg
Hourigan Patrick 20 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Humphreys? John 6 Glenstal Owneybeg
Humphreys? John 7 Glenstal Owneybeg
Humphreys? Patrick 4 Glenstal Owneybeg
Humphreys? Richard 7 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Humphreys? Simon 8 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Humphrys Richard 14 Mongfune Owneybeg
Jones Thomas 9 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Jourdan John 7 Toberagarriff Owneybeg
Kearney Daniel 14 Rath Owneybeg
Kearney John 28 Abington Owneybeg
Kearney Mich'l 27 Abington Owneybeg
Keating no name 11 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Keays Benjamin 26 Abington Owneybeg
Keays Benjamin 6 Dromeliagh Owneybeg
Keays Edward 24 Abington Owneybeg
Keays John 25 Abington Owneybeg
Keays Robert 22 Abington Owneybeg
Keays Samuel 5 Dromeliagh Owneybeg
Keays William 23 Abington Owneybeg
Kell? Timothy 17 Mongfune Owneybeg
Kellian? no name 18 Ashroe Owneybeg
Kelly Kate 9 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Kelly Mich'l 11 Farnane Owneybeg
Kelly no name 15 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Kemp no name 9 Glenstal Owneybeg
Kenna Edward 8 Rathwood Owneybeg
Kenna John 6 Rathwood Owneybeg
Kenna John 7 Rathwood Owneybeg
Kenna Mich'l 6 Rathwood Owneybeg
Kerne James 8 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Kerne widow 18 Mongfune Owneybeg
Kett Timothy 9 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Kiely widow 4 Dromeliagh Owneybeg
Kilmartin James 29 Abington Owneybeg
Kirby John 12 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Kirby widow 5 Clooncunna? Clanwilliam
Kott Tim'y 8 Glenstal Owneybeg
Laffan John 17 Eyon Clanwilliam
Laffan Richard 15 Eyon Clanwilliam
Laffan William 16 Eyon Clanwilliam
Laffan William 18 Eyon Clanwilliam
Leader George 10 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Leddon Mich'l 6 Clooncunna? Clanwilliam
Leipence? William 22 Mongfune Owneybeg
Leonard Mich'l 10 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Lock John 2 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Loyd  William 14 Eyon Clanwilliam
Loyd, Esq Thos 8 Ballyvorheen Owneybeg
Lynch John 15 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Lynch Patrick 14 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
Lyne no name 3 Boarmans Hill Owneybeg
Macky brothers 1 Knocklalena? Owneybeg
Macky Derby 12 Farnane Owneybeg
Madden Philip 13 Farnane Owneybeg
Madden Timothy 16 Farnane Owneybeg
Magrath Denis 14 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Maguire Hugh 12 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Maguire John 30 Abington Owneybeg
Mahony Denis 2 Meentolla Owneybeg
Maley John 1 Maddyboy Clanwilliam
Mara James 12 Rathwood Owneybeg
Mara John 11 Rathwood Owneybeg
Marr James 15 Rath Owneybeg
McAuliff Henry 4 Murroe Owneybeg
McCormick Jno 13 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
McCormick Patrick 5 Murroe Owneybeg
McCormick widow 8 Boher  Clanwilliam
McCormick Wm 2 Moher Owneybeg
McDonagh Timothy 12 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
McDonnell John 16 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
McMahon Patrick 32 Abington Owneybeg
McMahon Torance 1 Newtown Owneybeg
McNamara Tim  19 Mongfune Owneybeg
McNamara Tim'y 20 Mongfune Owneybeg
McNamara widow 19 Eyon Clanwilliam
McNamara widow 20 Eyon Clanwilliam
Meara James 8 Sandylane Clanwilliam
Meehan no name 10 Glenstal Owneybeg
Meeky? Rich'd 16 Rath Owneybeg
Miller William 28 Farnane Owneybeg
Moley James 2 Coolnahila Palmer Owneybeg
Moloney James 10 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Moloney John 9 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Moloney John 10 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Moloney John 22 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Molony Denis 11 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Molony Denis 8 Toberagarriff Owneybeg
Molony Edmund 6 Murroe Owneybeg
Molony James 3 Coolnahila Powell Owneybeg
Molony John 3 Coolnahila Powell Owneybeg
Molony John 10 Gortavacoosh Owneybeg
Molony John 3 Meentolla Owneybeg
Molony Lawrence 9 Toberagarriff Owneybeg
Molony Lawrence 10 Toberagarriff Owneybeg
Moore Connery 2 Sandylane Clanwilliam
Moore Daniel 11 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Moore John 14 Farnane Owneybeg
Moore no name 1 Gleno Owneybeg
Moore no name 2 Gleno Owneybeg
Moore no name 11 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Moore Patrick 9 Sandylane Clanwilliam
Moore Philip 14 Farnane Owneybeg
Moore Philip 15 Farnane Owneybeg
Moore Thomas 31 Abington Owneybeg
Mulcahy John 10 Rathwood Owneybeg
Mulcahy Patrick 10 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Mulcahy Patrick 7 Clooncunna? Clanwilliam
Mulcahy Patrick 17 Rath Owneybeg
Murphy James 33 Abington Owneybeg
Neill William 15 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Newnan? Mich'l 12 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Nichelson William 13 Rathwood Owneybeg
Nicholas George 18 Rath Owneybeg
Nicholason no name 11 Glenstal Owneybeg
Nicholson Stephen 19 Rath Owneybeg
Noonan Mich'l 20 Rath Owneybeg
Nunan Edmund 17 Farnane Owneybeg
OBrien Ben 21 Rath Owneybeg
OBrien Daniel 20 Ashroe Owneybeg
OBrien John 14 Rathwood Owneybeg
OBrien John 15 Rathwood Owneybeg
OBrien Mich'l 22 Eyon Clanwilliam
OBrien Mich'l 17 Kishyquirk Clanwilliam
OBrien Mich'l 13 Knockanerry Owneybeg
OBrien Patrick 19 Ashroe Owneybeg
OBrien Thomas 22 Ashroe Owneybeg
OBrien Thomas 4 Coolnahila Palmer Owneybeg
OBrien Timothy 21 Ashroe Owneybeg
OBrien widow 21 Eyon Clanwilliam
OBrien widow 24 Rath Owneybeg
OBrien William 18 Farnane Owneybeg
OBrien William 22 Rath Owneybeg
OBrien William 23 Rath Owneybeg
OConnor James 11 Cappanouk Owneybeg
OConnor William 12 Cappanouk Owneybeg
OConnor William 10 Sandylane Clanwilliam
ODonnell Owen 19 Farnane Owneybeg
ONeil Charles 23 Eyon Clanwilliam
Palmer, Esq Edw'd 3 Coolnahila Palmer Owneybeg
Power William 16 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Quigley John 3 Cappercullen Owneybeg
Quigley John 7 Murroe Owneybeg
Quigley John 13 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Quigly John 12 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Quin James 10 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Quin widow 11 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Quinlisk John 23 Ashroe Owneybeg
Quinlisk no name 1 Gleno Owneybeg
Quirke Timothy 13 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Ransport? Edmund 22 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Ransport? William 21 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Riedy widow 12 Sandylane Clanwilliam
Riodan John 31 Ashroe Owneybeg
Roche Wm 3 Toorlougher Owneybeg
Ryan Andrew 22 Farnane Owneybeg
Ryan Connor 24 Farnane Owneybeg
Ryan Connor 9 Murroe Owneybeg
Ryan Daniel 24 Ashroe Owneybeg
Ryan Daniel 13 Murroe Owneybeg
Ryan Daniel 14 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Ryan Daniel Ned? 19 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Ryan David 16 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Ryan David 18 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Ryan Denis 14 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Ryan Denis 15 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Ryan Denis 17 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Ryan Denis 16 Rathwood Owneybeg
Ryan Denis Dooley 25 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan Edward 17 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Ryan Gerald 25 Rath Owneybeg
Ryan Hanly 1 Coolnahila Powell Owneybeg
Ryan James 28 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan James 31 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan James 11 Boher  Clanwilliam
Ryan James 4 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Ryan James Gun 18 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan John 16 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan John 30 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan John 13 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Ryan John 4 Coolnahila Powell Owneybeg
Ryan John 24 Eyon Clanwilliam
Ryan John 27 Eyon Clanwilliam
Ryan John 23 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Ryan John 2 Maddyboy Clanwilliam
Ryan John 11 Murroe Owneybeg
Ryan John 11 Sandylane Clanwilliam
Ryan John Brown 17 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Ryan John Bull 20 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Ryan John Ceagh 23 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan John Dooley 26 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan John Kelly 17 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan John Morgan 21 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Ryan John Richard 23 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Ryan John Tim 22 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Ryan Martin 26 Ashroe Owneybeg
Ryan Martin 13 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Ryan Michl 12 Murroe Owneybeg
Ryan Mich'l 35 Abington Owneybeg
Ryan Mich'l 29 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan Mich'l 28 Ashroe Owneybeg
Ryan Mich'l 9 Ballyvorheen Owneybeg
Ryan Mich'l 18 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Ryan Mich'l 8 Clooncunna? Clanwilliam
Ryan Mich'l 20 Farnane Owneybeg
Ryan Mich'l 25 Farnane Owneybeg
Ryan Mich'l 26 Farnane Owneybeg
Ryan Mich'l 14 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Ryan Mich'l 27 Rath Owneybeg
Ryan no name 12 Glenstal Owneybeg
Ryan Owen 29 Ashroe Owneybeg
Ryan Patrick 27 Ashroe Owneybeg
Ryan Patrick 10 Boher  Clanwilliam
Ryan Patrick 20 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Ryan Patrick 14 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Ryan Patrick 25 Eyon Clanwilliam
Ryan Patrick 26 Eyon Clanwilliam
Ryan Patrick 21 Farnane Owneybeg
Ryan Patrick 15 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Ryan Patrick 8 Murroe Owneybeg
Ryan Patrick Ceagh 19 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan Patrick Ellen 21 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan Patrick Morgan 19 Cappanouk Owneybeg
Ryan Patrick Tom 24 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan Roger 36 Abington Owneybeg
Ryan Roger 12 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Ryan Thomas 11 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Ryan Thomas 14 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Ryan Thomas 16 Rathwood Owneybeg
Ryan Thos Ellen 22 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan Thos Waller 20 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan Tim 30 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan Tim 31 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan Tim 10 Murroe Owneybeg
Ryan Timothy 34 Abington Owneybeg
Ryan Timothy 27 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan widow 13 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Ryan William 29 Annagh Owneybeg
Ryan William 25 Ashroe Owneybeg
Ryan William 14 Coolbreedeen Owneybeg
Ryan William 7 Dromeliagh Owneybeg
Ryan William 28 Eyon Clanwilliam
Ryan William 26 Rath Owneybeg
Ryan wiow 23 Farnane Owneybeg
Ryan, Esq Jeremiah 37 Abington Owneybeg
Ryan, jun Edward 16 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Sadler Richard 39 Abington Owneybeg
Savage James 28 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Savage John 26 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Savage Mich'l 27 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Scully, Esq Roger 1 Forkeala Owneybeg
Shaughessy David 15 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Shea Patrick 30 Ashroe Owneybeg
Sheahan no name 15 Murroe(2) Owneybeg
Sheahan Patrick 24 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Sheehan James 21 Mongfune Owneybeg
Sheehan Mich'l 25 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Sheehan William 24 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Shimmors John 12 Toberagarriff Owneybeg
Shimmors Matthew 13 Toberagarriff Owneybeg
Shimmors Patrick 14 Murroe Owneybeg
Shimmors Patrick 11 Toberagarriff Owneybeg
Shinnors Denis 30 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Shinnors John 31 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Shinnors widow 29 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Small Mich'l 15 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
Stack? Thomas 28 Rath Owneybeg
Sullivan Richard 38 Abington Owneybeg
Terrane Derby 15 Murroe Owneybeg
Tierney Patrick 20 Rath Owneybeg
Tierney Patrick 29 Rath Owneybeg
Tierny William 16 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Tucker no name 1 Cappanahanagh Owneybeg
Tucker no name 12 Glenstal Owneybeg
Tucker Patrick 27 Farnane Owneybeg
Tucker widow 13 Glenstal Owneybeg
Tuffy John 32 Ashroe Owneybeg
Vaughan Daniel 32 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg
Walsh James 41 Abington Owneybeg
Walsh John 17 Cloghnadromin? Clanwilliam
Walsh Mich'l 42 Abington Owneybeg
Ward widow 18 Rathwood Owneybeg
Ward William 17 Rathwood Owneybeg
Welsh Denis 23 Mongfune Owneybeg
Wheeler Henry 40 Abington Owneybeg
Wheeler William 29 Farnane Owneybeg
White Daniel 16 Millon/Willon? Owneybeg
White James 18 Knockanerry Owneybeg
Wickham, Esq John 3 Maddyboy Clanwilliam
Wilkinson Doctor 1 Bohergar Clanwilliam
Wixted James 33 Ashroe Owneybeg
Wixted no name 9 Glenstal Owneybeg
Wixted Thomas 34 Ashroe Owneybeg
Wren Denis 16 Murroe Owneybeg
Wren Edmund 17 Murroe Owneybeg
Wynne John 33 Knocknagorteeny Owneybeg


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