Tithe Applotments 1824

Wells Civil Parish


County Kilkenny
Poor Law Union
   Gowran Barony


County Carlow
Carlow Poor Law Union
Idrone West Barony


Leighlinbridge Town

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Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotment entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from LDS Family History Film #0256699.  All occupiers are included, however, the complete entry was not transcribed.  The area and net annual value of the occupied property was not included.  The data base is sorted by surname and information includes first name, townland, and household number if listed in the tithes.  The film was in fair condition but dark in spots plus the old type handwriting may have lead to some mistakes in the transcribing of names.  Therefore, do not treat this as a source document, if you think your ancestor is listed, go the film and check for the accuracy.

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Surname First Number Townland County
?? Martin 7 Borgage Carlow
Ayward Richard 9 Tinnegarney Carlow
Ayward Richard 14 Tinnegarney Carlow
Brenan Patt 1 Bohernasterkaun Kilkenny
Brenan Pierce 17 Borgage Carlow
Brenan Edwd 18 Borgage Carlow
Brenan James 22 Borgage Carlow
Brenan Edward   23 Borgage Carlow
Brenan Pierce 12 Tinnegarney Carlow
Brenan Phill 15 Tinnegarney Carlow
Brenan (Hill) Jas 38 Borgage Carlow
Brennan Jas 19 Borgage Carlow
Brophy Jas 40 Borgage Carlow
Byrn  Henry 18 Ballynockan Carlow
Byrne, Esq Richard 2 Ballynockan Carlow
Byrne, Esq Richd 4 Ballynockan Carlow
Byrne, Esq Robert 9 Ballynockan Carlow
Byrne, Esq Michl 16 Tinnegarney Carlow
Cole Philip 8 Connicare Carlow
Doyle James 2 Connicare Carlow
Fanlon? widow 9 Borgage Carlow
Farrell Martin 6 Borgage Carlow
Fishburn M? 15 Borgage Carlow
Fitzpatrick? Michl 10 Fenniscourt Carlow
Fitzpatrick? Mat? 10 Fenniscourt Carlow
Foley? widow 10 Borgage Carlow
Gleson? James 4 Borgage Carlow
Goss, Revd Mr 3 Ballynockan Carlow
Groome, Esq Edward (Mrs Bawoon) 7 Ballynockan Carlow
Hanlon Timothy 6 Tinnegarney Carlow
Hanlon widow 5 Fenniscourt Carlow
Hanlon Jas 6 Fenniscourt Carlow
Hanlon Jas 7 Fenniscourt Carlow
Hanlon Michl 7 Fenniscourt Carlow
Hanlon widow 11 Fenniscourt Carlow
Hanly? James 11 Borgage Carlow
Hartnett William 1 Borgage Carlow
Heally James 1 Fenniscourt Carlow
Heally Edwd 8 Fenniscourt Carlow
Holdon? widow 20 Borgage Carlow
Jeffers Michael 1 Connicare Carlow
Keefe Pierce 7 Connicare Carlow
Kelly widow 4 Bohernasterkaun Kilkenny
Kelly Bridget 14 Ballynockan Carlow
Kelly John 13 Borgage Carlow
Kelly widow 16 Borgage Carlow
Lalor James 16 Ballynockan Carlow
Lee Michl 5 Borgage Carlow
Lee? Michl 27 Borgage Carlow
Lenon Peter 17 Ballynockan Carlow
Lynch Thos 1 Tinnegarney Carlow
Lynch Edward 4 Tinnegarney Carlow
Lynch Joseph 5 Tinnegarney Carlow
Lynch Jas 7 Tinnegarney Carlow
Lynch, Sr Joseph 8 Tinnegarney Carlow
Lyons Edward 2 Fenniscourt Carlow
Lyons Nichs 3 Fenniscourt Carlow
Lyons Jas 4 Fenniscourt Carlow
Lyons Jas 9 Fenniscourt Carlow
Maher Ma's? 21 Ballynockan Carlow
McDonald widow 10 Tinnegarney Carlow
Minchin Richard 6 Connicare Carlow
Murphy Owen 15 Ballynockan Carlow
Murphy Wm 12 Borgage Carlow
Murphy William 31 Borgage Carlow
Murphy widw 32 Borgage Carlow
Murphy widow 42 Borgage Carlow
Murphy widow 43 Borgage Carlow
Neale John 3 Connicare Carlow
Nowlan Michl 12 Ballynockan Carlow
Nowlan John 2 Borgage Carlow
Nowlan John 34 Borgage Carlow
Nowlan Michl 35 Borgage Carlow
Nowlan John 37 Borgage Carlow
Nowlan William 2 Tinnegarney Carlow
Nowlan Michl 3 Tinnegarney Carlow
Rainsford Henry 20 Ballynockan Carlow
Ransford  Henry 13 Ballynockan Carlow
Ransford, Mr Henry 8 Ballynockan Carlow
Reddy Michl 41 Borgage Carlow
Robins Patt 5 Connicare Carlow
Rudhem? Captn 11 Tinnegarney Carlow
Rudhin, Esq Thos 21 Borgage Carlow
Rudhin, Esq Thos 25 Borgage Carlow
Ryan Thos 4 Bohernasterkaun Kilkenny
Ryan Thomas 1 Ballynockan Carlow
Stenart, Esq Wm 6 Ballynockan Carlow
Stenart, Esq W.R. 10 Ballynockan Carlow
Tobin widow 2 Bohernasterkaun Kilkenny
Tobin Richard 3 Bohernasterkaun Kilkenny
Treacy Wm 11 Ballynockan Carlow
Wall Dowling 4 Connicare Carlow
Walsh? John 14 Borgage Carlow
Walsh? Martin 14 Borgage Carlow
Ward Richard 3 Borgage Carlow
Ward Richard 26 Borgage Carlow
Ward Thos 26 Borgage Carlow
Ward Thos 28 Borgage Carlow
Ward Richard 29 Borgage Carlow
Ward Richard 30 Borgage Carlow
Ward Mathew 33 Borgage Carlow
Ward Richard 36 Borgage Carlow
Ward Thos 39 Borgage Carlow
Ward Mathew 13 Tinnegarney Carlow
Ward, Sr Thomas 8 Borgage Carlow
Watson, Esq Henry 5 Ballynockan Carlow
Wynn widow 24 Borgage Carlow


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