County Kilkenny

Tithe Applotments 1834

Urlingford Civil Parish

Poor Law Union
   Galmoy Barony


Urlingford Tincashel

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Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotment entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from LDS Family History Film #0256698.  All occupiers are included, however, the complete entry was not transcribed.  The area and net annual value of the occupied property was not included.  The data base is sorted by surname and information includes first name, townland, and household number if listed in the tithes.  The film was in fair condition and the handwriting was fairly clear but it was the old type handwriting which may have lead to some mistakes in the transcribing of names.  Therefore, do not treat this as a source document, if you think your ancestor is listed, go the film and check for the accuracy.


Surname First Townland
Allen Martin Islands
Barlow Patt Islands
Boe Tho's Moonfin
Boe widow Moonfin
Boe Patt Moonfin
Bowden James Islands
Bowden John Urlingford
Bowden James Ardreigh
Brennan John Islands
Brennan John Tincashel
Brennan Law'ce Tincashel
Brennan Wm Ardreigh
Brophy And'w Moonfin
Brophy James Moonfin
Butler Pearce Urlingford
Butler Pearce Ardreigh
Butler Pearce Ardreigh
Byrne Patt Islands
Byrne Edm'd Islands
Byrne Dan'l Urlingford
Cahill Tho's Moonfin
Cahill Corn's Moonfin
Cahill John Moonfin
Cain Martin Urlingford
Cantfill Edm'd Urlingford
Carroll John Urlingford
Carroll John Urlingford
Carroll Jno's widow Ardreigh
Carroll Mich'l Ardreigh
Cogan John Urlingford
Connelly Wm Urlingford
Cormack Tim'y Urlingford
Cormick Denis Urlingford
Corrigan Tho's Tincashel
Corrigan Patt Tincashel
Coyne Patt Urlingford
Coyne Patt Ardreigh
Croake John Islands
Croake James Islands
Dalton Jas' widow Islands
Dalton Mich'l Islands
Dalton Tho's Urlingford
Darcy Mich'l Islands
Delany Mich'l Islands
Delany Mich'l Islands
Delany Mich'l Urlingford
Delany Mich'l Urlingford
Delany John Urlingford
Delany Mich'l Urlingford
Delany Mich'l Urlingford
Delany Rich'd Urlingford
Delany Mich'l Urlingford
Delany Tim'y Urlingford
Delany Jno Ardreigh
Delany Rich'd Ardreigh
Delany Mich'l Ardreigh
Donavon Wm Urlingford
Doughny Patt Urlingford
Doughny John Ardreigh
Doyle John Moonfin
Driscol widow Moonfin
Dullard John Islands
Dunne Jno Islands
Dunne Rich'd Ardreigh
Egan Tho's Islands
Egan Mich'l Islands
Faherty Tho's Tincashel
Feeny Wm Islands
Feeny Wm Burrisbeg
Feeny Wm Ardreigh
Fitzgerald Jas  Ardreigh
Fitzpatrick Jno Islands
Fitzpatrick John Islands
Fitzpatrick widow Islands
Fitzpatrick Jno Church Lands
Fogarty Phillip Islands
Fogarty James Islands
Fogarty Martin & son Islands
Glasson Ant'y Urlingford
Greene Wm Urlingford
Hacket Rich'd Ardreigh
Hanahan Wm Ardreigh
Hanberry Wm Ardreigh
Hanrahan Wm Islands
Heley Hamp'dn Moonfin
Hogan Edm'd Burrisbeg
Hogan Wm Urlingford
Holohan James Islands
Holohan Rich'd Islands
Holohan Phil  Islands
Holohan Wm Islands
Holohan widow Islands
Holohan Tim'y Islands
Holohan James Islands
Holohan Thos Ardreigh
Holohan James Ardreigh
Joyce Mich'l Islands
Joyce Patt Islands
Joyce Matt'w Islands
Joyce Patt Moonfin
Joyce widow Ardreigh
Joyce Patt Ardreigh
Kavanagh James Urlingford
Kelly Mich'l Urlingford
Kelly Mich'l Urlingford
Kelly Mich'l Ardreigh
Kelly Mich'l Ardreigh
Kennedy Tho's Moonfin
Kennedy Tho's Moonfin
Kennedy Col'n Urlingford
Kilbride B. Islands
Kilfoyle Denis Urlingford
Kilfoyle Thady Urlingford
Kirwan Corn's Urlingford
Kirwan Corn's Urlingford
Lamphin Tho's Ardreigh
Larkin Tho's Islands
Lawler John Islands
Lyster Rob't Urlingford
Lyster Rob't Moonfin
Lyster Rob't Ardreigh
Magrath Tho's Islands
Maher Patt Moonfin
Maher Dan'l Urlingford
Manton John Ardreigh
McDaniel Denis Moonfin
McDaniel John Moonfin
McDonald Patt Ardreigh
McDonnel Patt Burrisbeg
McDonnel John Burrisbeg
McDonnel Patt Urlingford
McDonnel Patt Moonfin
McDonnel Patt Ardreigh
McMahon Tho's Urlingford
Mercier John Urlingford
Morrissy Wm Urlingford
Morrissy Wm Ardreigh
Murphy James Islands
Murphy Mich'l Islands
Neville Bob't Moonfin
Nugent John Urlingford
Power Nich's Islands
Power Nich's Urlingford
Power James Urlingford
Power Nich's Ardreigh
Power James Ardreigh
Poyne Tho's Urlingford
Purcell Joseph Ardreigh
Quinlan Tho's Ardreigh
Ryan James Islands
Ryan John Moonfin
Ryan Will'm Tincashel
Ryan Tho's Tincashel
Ryan Edm'd Tincashel
Ryan John Ardreigh
Ryan, Jun'r Tho's Tincashel
Scott David Islands
Scott John Islands
Scully Edm'd Moonfin
Scully Corn's Urlingford
Shee Rich'd Urlingford
Shelly Wm Urlingford
Shelly John Urlingford
Smith John Ardreigh
St George Wm Urlingford
Sullivan Owen Ardreigh
Tassel Wm Urlingford
Tassel Geo Urlingford
Tobin Patt Tincashel
Tobin John Tincashel
Tobin Edm'd Tincashel
Tracy Tho's Islands
Tracy widow Islands
Tynan Mich'l Islands
Tynan Tho's Islands
Tynan Mich'l Islands
Walpole Edw'd Urlingford
Walsh Rev'd Burrisbeg
Walsh Wm Burrisbeg
Walsh Edm'd Urlingford
Walsh Edm'd Urlingford



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