County Kilkenny

Tithe Applotments 1834

Tullahought Civil Parish

Callan & Carrick on Suir
Poor Law Unions
   Kells Barony


Cussan Lamoge

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Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotment entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from LDS Family History Film #0256696.  All occupiers are included, however, the complete entry was not transcribed.  The area and net annual value of the occupied property was not included.  The data base is sorted by surname and information includes first name, townland, and household number listed in the tithes.  The film was in fair condition but dark in spots plus the old type handwriting may have lead to some mistakes in the transcribing of names.  Therefore, do not treat this as a source document, if you think your ancestor is listed, go the film and check for the accuracy.

Surname First Townland
Barrett Patrick Baunfree
Barry Thos Garthanaglough
Bishop John Curraghdampaun
Bishop Thomas Curraghdampaun
Blackman John Brigawn
Bowes Edmund Lamogue
Brien John Brigawn
Broderick James Tullahought Lower
Broderick Thomas Brigawn
Broderick Thomas Glencommon
Broderick Thomas Poolrown
Bulter Michael Birchwood
Burke Thomas Tullahough Upper & Knockeen
Butler Edmund Baunfree
Butler Edmund Knockroe
Butler John Baunfree
Butler Mary Inchnaclough
Butler Michael Kilmacoliver & Baunfree
Byrne Luke Brigawn
Byrne Thomas Lamogue
Clancy Andrew Tullahough Upper & Knockeen
Cleary Patrick Coghlan Quinlan
Cleary Thomas Garthanaglough
Cody Pierce Larranshallow
Coghlan Nicholas Carrigawn
Coghlan Valentine Carrigawn
Colclough Patrick Baunfree
Comerford Edmond Lamogue
Comerford Edmond Lamogue
Comerford no name Lamogue
Comerford Thomas Curraghdampaun
Cormick Richard Cussane
Cosgrave Bartholomew Carrigawn
Coughlan Nicholas Carrigawn
Croke Thomas Kilmacoliver & Baunfree
Croke Thomas Poolrown
Crowley Bryan Kilmacoliver & Baunfree
Crowley Edmund Kilmacoliver & Baunfree
Crowley Michael Kilmacoliver & Baunfree
Cuttoclan Jane Baunfree
Davis Mathew Coghlan Quinlan
Dealey Michale Lamogue
Duggan Edward Kilmacoliver & Baunfree
Duggan Edward Poolrown
Duggan Patrick Brigawn
Duggan Patrick Poolrown
Dwyer James Brigawn
Finucane no name Baunfree
Fitzgerald Laurence Baunfree
Flanagan James Coghlan Quinlan
Flanagan John Coghlan Quinlan
Flinn Daniel Tullahough Upper & Knockeen
Flinn Honora Brigawn
Flinn Nicholas Tullahought Lower
Flood John Lamogue
Fogarty David Poolrown
Fogarty James Glencommon
Gaines Laurence Lamogue
Gaines Michael Lamogue
Gice James Knockroe
Gorman Richard Ballinalinagh
Grace Thomas Brigawn
Grant James Glencommon
Haw James Carrigawn
Hayes Edmond Ballinalinagh
Henberry no name Ballinalinagh
Hennessy Eleanor Knockroe
Hickey Michael Lamogue
Hickey William Curraghdampaun
Hunt James Lamogue
Hyland Laurence Bawnreagh
Hyland Laurence Bawnreagh
Hyland Laurence Coghlan Quinlan
Hyland Laurence Inchnaclough
Hyland Laurence Inchnaclough
Hyland Laurence Knockroe
Hyland Laurence Mealoughmore
Hyland Laurence Mealoughmore
Kearin  James Tullahought Lower
Kearins Patrick Birchwood
Keck Catherine Mealoughmore
Keck Joseph Mealoughmore
Keck William Mealoughmore
Keefe John Tullahough Upper & Knockeen
Keefe John Tullahought Lower
Keefe Michl Tullahought Lower
Kenbury Elenor (widow) Ballinalinagh
Kennedy Catherine Ballinalinagh
Kennedy John Rahemilly?
Kennedy Michael Bawnreagh
Kennedy Michael Garthanaglough
Kennedy no name Ballinalinagh
Kennedy Patrick Baunfree
Kenny James Ballinalinagh
Kenny Timothy Ballinalinagh
Kre-? John Lamogue
Kre-? William Lamogue
Lahy John Baunfree
Larkin Kirin Lamogue
Larkin Kirin Lamogue
Larkin widow Lamogue
Lawless James Brigawn
Leary John Ballinalinagh
Magrath David Curraghdampaun
Maher William Newtons Quarts
Maher William Newtons Quarts
McGrath David Brigawn
McGrath Mathew Baunfree
Meehan Patrick Tullahought Lower
Meehan Thomas Baunfree
Meehan Thomas Carrigawn
Meighan Andrew Mealoughmore
Meighan Philip Bawnreagh
Meihan William Garthanaglough
Miller John Bawnreagh
Miller Patrick Bawnreagh
Moore James Birchwood
Moore Patrick Birchwood
Moore Thomas Birchwood
Morris William Lamogue
Morris? Nathaniel Lamogue
Mulloy Richard Mealoughmore
Nash James Baunfree
Nash James Kilmacoliver & Baunfree
Neale Nicholas Knockroe
Neale Patrick Knockroe
Neill James Mealoughmore
Norris Michael Lamogue
OHara Andrew Glencommon
OHara John Glencommon
OLeary John Coghlan Quinlan
Osborne Daniel Kilmacoliver & Baunfree
Pierce James Garthanaglough
Power Richard Curraghdampaun
Power Thomas Carrigawn
Purcell Michael Lamogue
Quinn Edmund Ballinalinagh
Quinn Edmund Poolrown
Quinn Edward Tullahought Lower
Quinn Johanna Poolrown
Quinn John Tullahought Lower
Quinn Patrick Ballinalinagh
Quinn Patrick Brigawn
Quinn Timothy Brigawn
Sexton Andrew Glencommon
Sexton Patrick Glencommon
Shea James Knockroe
Smith Darcy Newtons Quarts
Sullivan James Garthanaglough
Thompson widow Ballinalinagh
Tobin Frisby? Carrigawn
Tobin James Garthanaglough
Tobin Nathaniel Lamogue
Tobin Nathaniel Lamogue
Tobin Pierce Lamogue
Tobin Thomas Kilmacoliver & Baunfree
Wall John Carrigawn
Walsh Michl Tullahought Lower
Walsh Patrick Curraghdampaun
Walsh Richard Carrigawn
Wheaton widow Carrigawn
Whelan Richard Brigawn
Whelan Robert Brigawn
Wilson Joseph Baunfree


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