County Kilkenny

Tithe Applotments 1840

Stonecarthy Civil Parish

Thomastown Poor Law Union
   Shillelogher, Knocktopher, & Kells Baronies


Stonyford Town

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Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotment entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from LDS Family History Film #0256657.  There were two enumerations on this film, this one for 1825 and another completed in 1840.  All occupiers are included, however, the complete entry was not transcribed.  The area and net annual value of the occupied property was not included.  The data base is sorted by surname and information includes first name, townland, and household number listed in the tithes.  The film was in fair condition but dark in spots plus the old type handwriting may have lead to some mistakes in the transcribing of names.  Therefore, do not treat this as a source document, if you think your ancestor is listed, go the film and check for the accuracy.

Surname First Number Townland
Aylward Michael 22 Stamcarty
Barden Michael 6 Knockdrina
Barden Thomas 7 Knockdrina
Blake Thomas 65 Cottrels Booley
Bowes Thomas 51 Cottrels Booley
Bradley Dr. 82 Cottrels Booley
Bradley Dr. 85 Cottrels Booley
Breen Thomas 16 Stamcarty
Brennan John 54 Cottrels Booley
Brennan Patt 11 Knockdrina
Butler James 35 Stamcarty
Butler Thomas 67 Cottrels Booley
Caphin? widow   14 Stamcarty
Carroll Michael 48 Cottrels Booley
Carroll Patt 40 Stamcarty
Carroll Philip 9 Knockdrina
Carroll William 49 Cottrels Booley
Carty Pat 42 Stamcarty
Cashin Michael 62 Cottrels Booley
Cashin Michael 87 Cottrels Booley
Clear William 52 Cottrels Booley
Clear William 56 Cottrels Booley
Clear William 81 Cottrels Booley
Clear William 86 Cottrels Booley
Connell widow 25 Stamcarty
Cronyn Edward 20 Stamcarty
Cronyn Mark 32 Stamcarty
Devereaux Pat 26 Stamcarty
Devereaux Richard 27 Stamcarty
Dunphy Thomas 39 Stamcarty
Dwyer Ellen 19 Stamcarty
Dwyer James 5 Knockdrina
Dwyer William 33 Stamcarty
Dwyer, jun Henry 34 Stamcarty
Dwyer, senr Kenny 36 Stamcarty
Egan Thomas 31 Stamcarty
Fitzgerald James 29 Stamcarty
Fitzgerald Thos 28 Stamcarty
Flood Mrs 45 Knockdrina
Flood W. Lloyd 38 Knockdrina
Goodman John 88 Cottrels Booley
Harnahan Edward 17 Stamcarty
Harnahan Nicholas 66 Cottrels Booley
Infant school 75 Cottrels Booley
Kealy William 73 Cottrels Booley
Keeffe Edmund 1 Knockdrina
Keeffe James 43 Stamcarty
Keeffe Martin 71 Cottrels Booley
Keeffe Michael 76 Cottrels Booley
Keeffe Richard 47 Cottrels Booley
Keeffe Richard 83 Cottrels Booley
Keeffe, sen Edmund 3 Knockdrina
Maher Richard 68 Cottrels Booley
Martin William 46 Stamcarty
Murphy James 44 Knockdrina
Murphy James 70 Cottrels Booley
Murphy Martin 57 Cottrels Booley
Murphy Martin 74 Cottrels Booley
Murphy Murty 58 Cottrels Booley
Neal Mich'l 23 Stamcarty
Neal P. 23 Stamcarty
Neary widow of T 12 Stamcarty
Nowlan John 50 Cottrels Booley
Perry Mr. 91 Cottrels Booley
Power Nicholas 53 Cottrels Booley
Ragget  Richard 90 Cottrels Booley
Raggett Thomas 72 Cottrels Booley
Reade James 8 Knockdrina
Reade John 89 Cottrels Booley
Reade Thomas 37 Knockdrina
Reade 18 Stamcarty
Reddy Pat 30 Stamcarty
Ryan Anty 41 Stamcarty
Ryan Pat 69 Cottrels Booley
Ryan Patt 61 Cottrels Booley
school house 59 Cottrels Booley
Sheehan James 13 Stamcarty
Sheehan James 55 Cottrels Booley
Shortall John 60 Cottrels Booley
Sullivan Pat 15 Stamcarty
Walsh James 24 Stamcarty
Walsh Michael 77 Cottrels Booley
Walsh Patrick 2 Knockdrina
Walsh Patt 10 Knockdrina
Walsh Samuel 4 Knockdrina
Walshe John 80 Cottrels Booley
Walshe John 84 Cottrels Booley
Walshe Patt 64 Cottrels Booley
White John 63 Cottrels Booley
White Mary 21 Stamcarty



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