County Kilkenny

Tithe Applotments 1833

St. Patrick's Civil Parish

Poor Law Union
   Shillelogher & Kilkenny Baronies


Kilkenny City

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Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotment entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from LDS Family History Film #0256684.  All occupiers are included, however, the complete entry was not transcribed.  The area and net annual value of the occupied property was not included.  The data base is sorted by surname and information includes first name, townland, and household number if listed in the tithes.  The film was in fair condition but dark in spots plus the old type handwriting may have lead to some mistakes in the transcribing of names.  Therefore, do not treat this as a source document, if you think your ancestor is listed, go the film and check for the accuracy.



Surname First Townland
?? Ed'd Drakeland
Anderson Paris Archer's Town
Bagwell Capt'n Review Field
Bailey, Revd Doct'r Smithland Wigmore
Bayley C. Kilcreen
Bergan Patt Drakeland, Castle Quarter
Boulger Michl Archer's Town
Boulger Michl Deans Ground
Boulger James Drakeland, Castle Quarter
Boulger James Holden's Rath
Brennan John Holden's Rath
Britt Edwd Archer's Grove
Bryan Danl Deans Ground
Butler Richd Drakeland, Castle Quarter
Butler Patt Drakeland, Castle Quarter
Butler Patt Holden's Rath
Butler Michl Smithland Glascott
Butler John Smithland Wigmore
Butler Michl Wet Lands
Byrne Patt Deans Ground
Byrne Michl Dunmorne
Byrne Michl Review Field
Cahill Patt Archer's Grove
Cahill widow Joinner's Folly
Cahill Patt Ragget's Land
Carrick Lady Archer's Lease & Nursery
Carroll Patt Archer's Grove
Carroll widow Deans Ground
Carty widow Archer's Grove
Cashin Richd Deans Ground
Cass James Deans Ground
Cody Wm Deans Ground
Cody Michl Holden's Rath
Connell widow Drakeland
Cooney widow Archer's Town
Corbett Wm Deans Ground
Cormack M. Drakeland, Castle Quarter
Cronyn Thos Deans Ground
Cusick John Spring Hill
Dalton Michl Shellums Rath
Dalton widow Wet Lands
Darcy John Drakeland, Castle Quarter
Davis S. Deans Ground
Davis Martin Kilcreen
Degan Michl Deans Ground
Dencefe John Shellums Rath
Dowling A. Deans Ground
Dowling no first Wet Lands
Doyle Patt Deans Ground
Doyle Wm Scald Furze
Doyle Wm Spring Hill
Doyle Jas Spring Hill
Dray no first Wet Lands
Dullard Patt Archer's Town
Dullard widow Archer's Town
Dullard James Drakeland
Dullard Michl Smithland Glascott
Dwyer Denis Kilebeg
Egan widow Drakeland
Egan widow Joinner's Folly
Egan no first Kilebeg
Farrell Mrs Deans Ground
Fitzgerald Jas Kilcreen
Fitzpatrick Jas Deans Ground
Fleming Jas Poulgour
Fogarty widow Joinner's Folly
Gallavan Robt Deans Ground
Gibbs Wm Archer's Grove
Glascott Geo Smithland Glascott
Gooney Matt'w Archer's Grove
Gorman widow Shellums Rath
Grace Patt Smithland Wigmore
Gregg widow Shellums Rath
Gregg Thos Shellums Rath
Hackett Thos Drakeland
Heffernan widow Wet Lands
Henessy M. Gallow's Hill
Henry, Revd Herbert Drakeland
Herbert, Revd Henry Clonmorne or Castle Blunden
Hill Patt Archer's Town
Hill Thos Archer's Town
Hill, Jr Thos Archer's Town
Hoban Michl Review Field
Hoban Michl Smithland Wigmore
Holden James Shellums Rath
Hoyne John Joinner's Folly
Hoyne John Scald Furze
Hoyne John Smithland Wigmore
Hudson James Smithland Glascott
Hughes James Deans Ground
Hyland Law'ce Clonmorne or Castle Blunden
Hyland Law'ce Mortgage Fields
Ivory Danl Archer's Grove
Ivory Danl Spring Hill
James Christ'r Archer's Grove
Johnston Andw Deans Ground
Kavanagh P Archer's Town
Keade Jas Archer's Grove
Keade David Archer's Grove
Keade Michl Drakeland, Castle Quarter
Kelly John Deans Ground
Kelly John Spring Hill
Kelly Wm Spring Hill
Kenny Michl Archer's Town
Kenny Patt Archer's Town
Kenny John Archer's Town
Kilree James Deans Ground
Kyland Law'ce Drakeland
Lanigan Luke Archer's Grove
Lanigan Patt Archer's Grove
Lanigan widow Archer's Grove
Lanigan widow Joinner's Folly
Lanigan Patt Joinner's Folly
Lanigan Luke Ragget's Land
Lanigan widow Ragget's Land
Leeche Wm P Black Quarry
Loughman no first Kilebeg
Mackey Michl Archer's Town
Mackey Patt Archer's Town
Mackey Wm Deans Ground
Mackey Wm Smithland Glascott
Madagan H. Gallow's Hill
Magrath Wm Archer's Grove
Magrath Michl Smithland Glascott
Maher Danl Deans Ground
Maher Tim'y Drakeland
Maher widow Mortgage Fields
Maher James Shellums Rath
Malone Richd Archer's Lease & Nursery
Malone Richd Wet Lands
Marshall Jno Drakeland
Maxwell C Smithland Wigmore
McEvoy Mrs Deans Ground
Meany Richd Review Field
Meigan James Smithland Glascott
Meighan Michl Deans Ground
Meighan Patt Deans Ground
Meighan Jas Smithland Wigmore
Meighan, Jr Jas Smithland Wigmore
Mellea John Archer's Town
Mellea Thomas Archer's Town
Mellea Walter Archer's Town
Mellea widow Archer's Town
Mellea David Joinner's Folly
Mellea, Jr David Archer's Grove
Mellea, Jr David Coxes Fields
Mines Denis Shellums Rath
Mines Martin Shellums Rath
Morressy Patt Dicksboro
Mulroney John Deans Ground
Murphy Patt Deans Ground
Murphy Ant'y Poulgour
Murphy Law'ce Ragget's Land
Murphy Patt Scald Furze
Murphy James Smithland Wigmore
Murphy David Spring Hill
Naughton Michl Archer's Town
Naughton Michl Ragget's Land
Neale Garret Black Quarry
Neale Richd Shellums Rath
Neary Law'ce Shellums Rath
Ormond Marg't of Deans Ground
Ormond Marquis of Dukes Meadows
Ossory Lord Archer's Grove
Palmer Patt Archer's Town
Palmer Wm Black Quarry
Phelan John Holden's Rath
Phelan Wm Holden's Rath
Price David Dicksboro
Purcell Mrs Deans Ground
Purtill James Gallow's Hill
Purtill James Smithland Glascott
Reade Redm'd Holden's Rath
Reade James Joinner's Folly
Reade Redm'd Poulgour
Robertson Wm Anscradine
Robertson Wm Brennan & Alcocks fields
Ryan John Deans Ground
Ryan John Dicksboro
Ryan John Kilebeg
Saunders widow Drakeland, Castle Quarter
Shanager Wm Deans Ground
Shortall Jas Shellums Rath
Smithwick Jno Drakeland
Smithwick Jno Kilcreen
Smithwick Jno Magarets Fields
Stokes Stephen Kilebeg
Sullivan Richd Drakeland, Castle Quarter
Sullivan Richd Kilcreen
Sullivan Michl Wet Lands
Summers Ant'y Deans Ground
Sweeny no first Ragget's Land
Terril Thos Deans Ground
Wall Thos Gallow's Hill
Walsh John Archer's Lease & Nursery
Walsh Michl Deans Ground
Walsh no first Ragget's Land
Walsh John Smithland Glascott
Walsh, Revd Mr Scald Furze
Walton Thos Review Field
Watters John Deans Ground
Wheeler Wm Poulgour
White James Dicksboro



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