County Kilkenny

Tithe Applotments

Shankill Civil Parish 1834

Ballytarsna Paulstown

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County Kilkenny
Kilkenny Poor Law Union
    Gowran Barony

Research Notes:  The Shankill CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256685 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

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Surname First Townland
Ayelward John Bournafea
Ayelward, Esq James K Shankill
Bergin Thos Bournafea
Bergin William Bournafea
Bookey Wm Kellymount
Boyle Thomas Shankill
Brennan Anne Knockadeen
Brennan Charles Shankill
Brennan Edward Knockadeen
Brennan James Ballytarsna
Brennan James Ballyvalden
Brennan James Kellymount
Brennan James Knockadeen
Brennan James Shankill
Brennan James  Shankill
Brennan John Ballygurtheen
Brennan John Ballyvalden
Brennan John Bournafea
Brennan Martin Ballyvalden
Brennan Mathew Bournafea
Brennan Mat'w Ballyvalden
Brennan Michl Bournafea
Brennan Patt Ballyvalden
Brennan Patt Ballyvalden
Brennan Patt Knockadeen
Brennan Thomas Bournafea
Brennan Thomas Knockadeen
Brennan widow Bournafea
Brennan widow Knockadeen
Brennan William Ballyvalden
Bridget Martin Ballygurtheen
Bridget Mich'l Coolcutta
Bridget Patt Kellymount
Bridget Thomas Ballytarsna
Bridget Thomas Shankill
Brophy James Shankill
Brophy John Knockadeen
Brophy Mary Kellymount
Brophy Thomas Shankill
Bulger John Castle Hill
Butler James Shankill
Butler John Shankill
Butler Patt Kellymount
Butler William Shankill
Byrne Edward Bournafea
Byrne James Castle Hill
Byrne James Kellymount
Byrne James Knockadeen
Byrne Patt Ballytarsna
Byrne Patt Shankill
Byrne Tom Shankill
Byrne widow Bournafea
Byrne widow (Thomas) Kellymount
Cahill Martin Shankill
Cahill widow Castle Hill
Carroll Anthony Ballygurtheen
Carroll Dennis Shankill
Carroll John Bournafea
Carroll John Bournafea
Carroll Laurence Bournafea
Carroll Laurence Courleigh
Carroll Martin Knockadurreen
Carroll Martin Shankill
Carroll Simeon Ballygurtheen
Carroll Simeon Coolcutta
Carroll Thomas Ballyvalden
Carroll & son widow Shankill
Carroll, jun. Patt Ballygurtheen
Carroll, sen. Patt Ballygurtheen
Clear John Shankill
Clear Mich'l Shankill
Clear Thomas Shankill
Coady Anne Kellymount
Coady Nicholas Kellymount
Connors Charles Bournafea
Connors John Bournafea
Coogan Philip Kellymount
Cook Mich'l Shankill
Cook Wm Shankill
Costella John Shankill
Crea Edward Bournafea
Creddens John Shankill
Cullen Martin Courleigh
Cullen widow Courleigh
Dooly Bridget Kellymount
Dooly James Kellymount
Dooly John Shankill
Dooly John Shankill
Dooly Judith Kellymount
Dooly Michl Kellymount
Dooly Patt Kellymount
Doran widow Shankill
Doyle Dominick Bournafea
Doyle Dominick Knockadurreen
Doyle Edward Shankill
Doyle James Shankill
Doyle Joseph Shankill
Doyle William Kellymount
Dray John Shankill
Dray Mich'l Shankill
Drennan Dennis Jordanstown
Dwyer Darby Castle Hill
Dwyer Darby Courleigh
Dwyer Jno Courleigh
Dwyer John Castle Hill
Dwyer Nicholas Castle Hill
Dwyer Nich's Courleigh
Dwyer Thomas Castle Hill
Dwyer Thos Courleigh
Fanel John Shankill
Fanel Mary Kellymount
Fanel widow Kellymount
Farrell Patt Shankill
Flood, Esq John Coolcutta
Gibon John Bournafea
Gittens John Courleigh
Gittens Laurence Ballyvalden
Gittens Laurence Coolcutta
Gittens Thomas Ballyvalden
Gittens widow Coolcutta
Hanlon James Ballytarsna
Hanlon Margaret Shankill
Headen Francis Knockadurreen
Hennessy Brien Ballyvalden
Hennessy James Jordanstown
Holohan Michael Ballytarsna
Holohan Michael Shankill
Holohan Michael Shankill
Howlan Michael Ballytarsna
Hughes Edw'd Kellymount
Hughes James Shankill
Hughes widow Shankill
Hynes Andrew Shankill
Hynes Michael Shankill
Hynes Patt Shankill
Joyce Michael Shankill
Kealy Edward Bournafea
Kealy Martin Ballygurtheen
Kealy Michl Knockadeen
Kealy Patt Bournafea
Kealy William Knockadeen
Keating Myles Ballytarsna
Keefe John Castle Hill
Keefe Mich'l Courleigh
Keefe Mich'l Shankill
Keefe Patt Courleigh
Keefe Patt Knockadurreen
Keefe Patt Shankill
Keefe Walter Knockadurreen
Keefe widow Castle Hill
Kehoe Patt Knockadurreen
Kelly Edward Knockadurreen
Kelly Edw'd Courleigh
Kelly James Kellymount
Kelly John Ballyvalden
Kelly Martha Knockadeen
Kelly Michl Bournafea
Kelly Patt Bournafea
Kelly Patt Shankill
Kelly Thomas Bournafea
Kelly Thomas Kellymount
Kenedy John Shankill
Kenedy Thomas Shankill
Knox George Ballyvalden
Lawless James Shankill
Loughnan James Bournafea
Loughnan Mich'l Bournafea
Loughnan Thomas Bournafea
Lupton John Shankill
Lynch Edw'd Shankill
Maheny? Richard Shankill
Maher Dan'l Ballytarsna
Maher Darby Shankill
Maher James Jordanstown
Maher James Shankill
Maher John Ballytarsna
Maher John Knockadurreen
Maher John Shankill
Maher John Shankill
Maher Martin Bournafea
Maher Richard Shankill
Maher Thomas Ballygurtheen
Maher Thomas Knockadurreen
Maher Thomas Shankill
Maher Timothy Ballytarsna
Maher Timothy Shankill
Maher William Bournafea
Malone William Bournafea
Marshall Patt Courleigh
McAsey Patt Ballytarsna
McGennis John Bournafea
Meany James Shankill
Meany Margaret Shankill
Merum Mrs Bournafea
Muldowning Patt Bournafea
Mullins widow Knockadurreen
Mulroney Martin Courleigh
Mulrony James Shankill
Mulrony John Shankill
Mulrony Mathew Shankill
Mulrony Michael Shankill
Murphy Edw'd Knockadeen
Murphy James Knockadurreen
Murphy Laurence Ballygurtheen
Murphy Patt Ballygurtheen
Murphy Philip Shankill
Murphy Rich'd Knockadeen
Murphy Thomas Knockadeen
Murphy Thomas Shankill
Murphy Thomas Shankill
Neil James Bournafea
Neil James Shankill
Neil Mathew Bournafea
Nowlan James Shankill
Nowlan John Knockadeen
Nowlan Martin Ballytarsna
Nowlan Martin Shankill
Nowlan Patt Shankill
Nowlan Peter Shankill
Nowlan Thomas Shankill
Phelan James Bournafea
Power Captain Ballygurtheen
Power James Bournafea
Power James Coolcutta
Power Mich'l Bournafea
Power Nicholas Bournafea
Power widow Ballygurtheen
Power, jun. Laurence Coolcutta
Purcell Andrew Ballyvalden
Quinlan Thomas Ballytarsna
Quinlan William Kellymount
Quinlin William Ballyvalden
Quinlin William Kellymount
Roach Philip Shankill
Roberts Stephen Bournafea
Ronayne John Castle Hill
Rourke widow Ballygurtheen
Ryan Nicholas Shankill
Ryan Patt Shankill
Scanlan Mathew Shankill
Shehan widow Bournafea
Shelly Mathew Coolcutta
Shelly Patt Coolcutta
Shelly widow Knockadeen
Shelly & son widow Coolcutta
Shortle widow Courleigh
Shortle widow Shankill
Stanton Patt Coolcutta
Stanton widow Courleigh
Taylor William Bournafea
Tobin Andrew Courleigh
Tobin Edw'd Ballyvalden
Tobin John Shankill
Tobin Michael Shankill
Tobin widow Knockadurreen
Treacy John Knockadeen
Treacy Mary Ballyvalden
Treacy Mary Ballyvalden
Treacy Michael Ballyvalden
Treacy Michl Ballyvalden
Treacy Pierce Knockadeen
Treacy Thomas Knockadeen
Treacy Thos Kellymount
Trinity? James Bournafea
Wall John Coolcutta
Wall Patt Coolcutta
Wall Valentine Shankill
Wall widow Shankill
Walsh Edw'd Coolcutta
Walsh James Shankill
Walsh James Shankill
Walsh Marks Ballygurtheen
Walsh Mathew Shankill
Walsh Mathew Shankill
Walsh Michael Shankill
Walsh Michl Shankill
Walsh Patt Shankill
Walsh Patt Shankill
Watters & son Patt Bournafea
Whately Patt Knockadurreen
Wheetely Patt Courleigh
Whelan Dan'l Kellymount
Whelan James Bournafea
Whelan John Jordanstown
Whelan Mary Kellymount
Whelan widow Kellymount
Whelan widow or Mrs Jordanstown
Wynne Edward Kellymount
Wynne Edw'd Ballyvalden
Wynne Edw'd Kellymount


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