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Tithe Applotments 1833

Pollrone Civil Parish

Waterford & Carrick on Suir
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Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotment entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from LDS Family History Film #0256676.  All occupiers are included, however, the complete entry was not transcribed.  The area and net annual value of the occupied property was not included.  The data base is sorted by surname and information includes first name, townland, and household number if listed in the tithes.  The film was in fair condition but dark in spots plus the old type handwriting may have lead to some mistakes in the transcribing of names.  Therefore, do not treat this as a source document, if you think your ancestor is listed, go the film and check for the accuracy.


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Surname First Number Townland
Aylward Richd 89 Grange
Aylward Richd 139 Silver Spring
Barrett James 56 Poleroan Townland
Barrett William 57 Poleroan Townland
Bowers, Mr Edwd 162 Coolfreheen
Bowers, Mr M 161 Coolfreheen
Bowers, Mr Thos 163 Coolfreheen
Brennan Edwd 31 Dunenane
Brit Patrick 61 Poleroan Townland
Britt Patrick 66 Middle Quarter
Broders John 25 Dunenane
Broders Rich'd 26 Dunenane
Broders Thomas 24 Dunenane
Broders William 42 Dunenane
Brophy Patt 151 Cloggath
Browne James 131 Luisville
Byron Richd 123 Farenavaroon
Byron  James 73 Middle Quarter
Byron? James 50 Poleroan Townland
Carroll Catharine 81 Skeheen, pt Pollrone
Carroll Catherine 46 Poleroan Townland
Carroll James 47 Poleroan Townland
Carroll Mrs 132 Luisville
Carroll Richd 115 Farenavaroon
Carroll Richd 69 Middle Quarter
Carroll William 134 Luisville
Carroll William 76 Middle Quarter
Carroll William 52 Poleroan Townland
Carroll Willm 116 Farenavaroon
Carroll Will'm 75 Middle Quarter
Carroll, Revd Ml 55 Poleroan Townland
Clanchy James 67 Middle Quarter
Clanchy James 72 Middle Quarter
Clansey Catharine 125 Farenavaroon
Clansey James 120 Farenavaroon
Comeford James 106 Grange
Corcoran M 154 Cloggath
Cuddihee James 65 Middle Quarter
Cudehee Walter 60 Poleroan Townland
Dalton John 153 Cloggath
Dalton Peter 152 Cloggath
Dalton William 96 Grange
Deady James 41 Dunenane
Delehunty James 108 Grange
Delehunty John 156 Kileaveroon (pt of Clogger)
Delehunty Richd 36 Dunenane
Delehunty Walter 10 Ballybrazel
Doherty John 149 Cloggath
Doherty Richd 135 Luisville
Doherty Richd 43 Poleroan Townland
Doherty Richd 78 Skeheen, pt Pollrone
Dollard James 18 Ballybrazel
Dumphy Edwd 48 Poleroan Townland
Dumphy James 62 Middle Quarter
Dumphy James 44 Poleroan Townland
Dumphy Margaret 49 Poleroan Townland
Dunn John 14 Ballybrazel
Dunn Patrick 58 Poleroan Townland
Dunphy Edwd 130 Luisville
Dunphy Margaret 133 Luisville
Dunphy Patt 150 Cloggath
Farrell Thomas 155 Kileaveroon (pt of Clogger)
Fewer William 28 Dunenane
Fielding Danl 5 Aaronfaddy
Fielding Denis 4 Aaronfaddy
Foristel James 118 Farenavaroon
Foristel James 64 Middle Quarter
Gelevan John 128 Luisville
Grant James 117 Farenavaroon
Grant Marcus 90 Grange
Haneberry Thomas 6 Aaronfaddy
Hanlon Michl 29 Dunenane
Heneberry Edward 34 Dunenane
Heneberry James 21 Dunenane
Heneberry John 19 Ballybrazel
Heneberry Patk 39 Dunenane
Heneberry Patt 99 Grange
Heneberry Richd 40 Dunenane
Heneberry widow 35 Dunenane
Hoban Patrick 84 Nicholas Town
Hoban Thomas 85 Nicholas Town
Hogan Michl 93 Grange
Hogan Michl 101 Grange
Howley John 87 Nicholas Town
Keefe James 98 Grange
Keefe Patk 137 Luisville
Keefe Richd 107 Grange
Keefe widow 103 Grange
Keefe William 104 Grange
Kelly Edwd 97 Grange
Kelly Lawrence 141 Silver Spring
Kelly Thomas 142 Silver Spring
Kenedy William 105 Grange
Kennedy Isaac/James? 53 Poleroan Townland
Kennedy Mrs 79 Skeheen, pt Pollrone
Kennedy Philip 54 Poleroan Townland
Kennedy Philip 82 Skeheen, pt Pollrone
Kerwig Denis 121 Farenavaroon
Kerwig Denis 127 Luisville
Kerwig Walter 124 Farenavaroon
Kilmartin Michl 160 Kileaveroon (pt of Clogger)
Kinsella Denis 158 Kileaveroon (pt of Clogger)
Kinsella James 159 Kileaveroon (pt of Clogger)
Kinsella John 157 Kileaveroon (pt of Clogger)
Kinsella Patk 94 Grange
Landy James 17 Ballybrazel
Lynaght Danl 114 Farenavaroon
Lysaght John 122 Farenavaroon
Mackay William 20 Dunenane
Mackey William 70 Middle Quarter
Malone Edwd 91 Grange
McDonnell James 164 Coolfreheen
McDonnell John 146 Cloggath
McDonnell Lau'ce 145 Cloggath
McDonnell Oliver 143 Cloggath
McDonnell Patk 102 Grange
McDonnell Wm 144 Cloggath
McDowell John 88 Nicholas Town
McDowell Richd 86 Nicholas Town
Moran Edward 9 Ballybrazel
Moran James 45 Poleroan Townland
Moran James 80 Skeheen, pt Pollrone
Moran Michl 30 Dunenane
Moran William 38 Dunenane
Moran, Jr Rich'd 11 Ballybrazel
Moran, Sr Rich'd 12 Ballybrazel
Murphy Richd 129 Luisville
Newfort, Revd F 138 Luisville
Osbern, Esq Danl 113 Grange
Phrips Michl 92 Grange
Power Edwd 13 Ballybrazel
Purcell Philip 63 Middle Quarter
Quilty Michl 83 Nicholas Town
Quin Edwd 23 Dunenane
Quin William 33 Dunenane
Rockett Richd 136 Luisville
Rowlan Mary 100 Grange
Ryan Edwd 37 Dunenane
Ryan Philip 32 Dunenane
Ryan Philip 51 Poleroan Townland
Ryan Rich'd 27 Dunenane
Ryan Thomas 74 Middle Quarter
Shea John 165 Coolfreheen
Sinnott Martin 15 Ballybrazel
Sinnott widow 16 Ballybrazel
Stone Thomas 22 Dunenane
Walsh Edward 109 Grange
Walsh Edwd 148 Cloggath
Walsh Edwd 140 Silver Spring
Walsh James 147 Cloggath
Walsh James 119 Farenavaroon
Walsh James 126 Luisville
Walsh James 68 Middle Quarter
Walsh James 71 Middle Quarter
Walsh James 59 Poleroan Townland
Walsh James 77 Skeheen, pt Pollrone
Walsh John 1 Aaronfaddy
Walsh John 112 Grange
Walsh Rich'd 3 Aaronfaddy
Walsh Rich'd 110 Grange
Walsh widow 111 Grange
Walsh Will'm 2 Aaronfaddy
Walsh, Jr Thomas 7 Aaronfaddy
Walsh, Sr James 95 Grange
Walsh, Sr Thomas 8 Aaronfaddy


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