County Kilkenny

Mothell Tithe Applotments 1825

Mothel Civil Parish

Kilkenny and Castlecomer
Poor Law Unions
   Gowran and Fassadinin Baronies


Coocullen, Griffith's Valuation map

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Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotment entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from LDS Family History Film #0256668.  All occupiers are included, however, the complete entry was not transcribed.  The area and net annual value of the occupied property was not included.  The data base is sorted by surname and information includes first name, townland, and household number if listed in the tithes.  The film was in fair condition but dark in spots plus the old type handwriting may have lead to some mistakes in the transcribing of names.  Therefore, do not treat this as a source document, if you think your ancestor is listed, go the film and check for the accuracy.
1.  The handwriting and condition of the film made it very difficult to read at times, therefore, there are many ??.
2.  The townland names were also difficult to read plus the names were not mentioned in the 1851 Townland Index.  They are recorded as written.

Surname First Number Townland
?? ? 11 Lisnafunchan
?? ?? 14 Lisnafunchan
?? James 11 Lisnafunchan
?? James 16 Lisnafunchan
?? John? 6 Esker
?? Michl 15 Lisnafunchan
?? Patt 7 Lisnafunchan
Aselford John 6 Prospect
Aselford John 20 Prospect
Aselford Joseph 13 Lacknabina
Baney? ?? 2 Corbetstown
Baney? Pierce 10 Lower Webbsborough
Barton? John? 1 Esker
Benson Charley 14 Lower Webbsborough
Bergan John Kilcollen
Bergan  Martin? 15 Corbetstown
Bergan? William 17 Esker
Bergin John 14 Corbetstown
Birgan? Martin 11 Corbetstown
Blanchfield Garrett 11 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Blanchfield John 3 Noonanontha
Blanchfield John 1 Tullabrin (called Cassagh on Ord Survey)
Blanchfield Thos? 10 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Blanchfield William 18 Lanigans Quarter
Bradley Henry 7 Lacknabina
Bradley John 10 Lacknabina
Bradley Saml 11 Lacknabina
Bradley William 9 Lacknabina
Brenan Cornelius 10 Lisnafunchan
Brenan Daniel 5 Esker (2nd page), called Inchabride on Ord Survey
Brenan James 3 Bracken
Brenan James 6 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Brenan James 12 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Brenan James 9 Noonanontha
Brenan James 3 Noongonvough
Brenan John 7 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Brenan John 2 Lisnafunchan
Brenan John? 13 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Brenan Michal 2 Noongonvough
Brenan Michl 8 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Brenan Phillip 14 Prospect
Brenan T? 3 Lisnafunchan
Brenan Tom? 1 Lisnafunchan
Brenan widow 14 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Brenan widow 4 Noonanontha
Brenan widow 15 Prospect
Brenan (Martin) John 13 Lisnafunchan
Brophy Martin 11 Noongonvough
Brophy Martin 12 Noongonvough
Brown Walter 6 Bracken
Buckley Michl 2 Noonanontha
Buckley William 1 Noonanontha
buggy Pat Kilcollen
Bulger John 6 Webbsborough
Butler Edward 13 Noongonvough
Butler Edward 15 Noongonvough
Butler James 12 Bracken
Butler James 21 Lacknabina
Butler John Kilcollen
Butler Moris 5 Lanigans Quarter
Butler Thomas 21 Lacknabina
Byrne Denis 13 Lanigans Quarter
Byrne Martin 2 Lacknabina
Cain Martin 1 Nockalame
Cambell Joseph 9 Lackavore & Bootbog
Carrell John 1 Noongonvough
Carrell Thomas 5 Lisnafunchan
Casy George 3 Prospect
Clear John 10 Lanigans Quarter
Clear Patt 1 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Clear, Jr John 3 Lackavore & Bootbog
Clear, Sr John 5 Lackavore & Bootbog
Comeford C..? 17 Corbetstown
Comeford Edward 9 Lanigans Quarter
Comeford James 9 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Comeford James 17 Noongonvough
Comeford John 11 Lanigans Quarter
Comeford widow 2 Lanigans Quarter
Conners Richard 3 Lacknabina
Connory John Kilcollen
Conrey Thomas 4 Esker
Conrey Thomas 5 Esker
Conry John 6 Noonanontha
Conway John 3 Nockalame
Coogan John 3 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Coogan Michel Kilcollen
Coogan Michl 16 Esker
Coogan Pat? Kilcollen
Cormick John Kilcollen
Crow widow 5 Noongonvough
Daulton James 3 Madlien
Delaney ? 4 Lisnafunchan
Delaney Edmond 10 Esker
Dermer? John 7 Noonanontha
Doben Michl 18 Lisnafunchan
Doran James Kilcollen
Doran Michel Kilcollen
Doran Patt 9 Killcollen (2nd page)
Dougheny John 19 Lacknabina
Doughney Pat 11 Lower Webbsborough
Doyle William 5 Lacknabina
Dulenty Andrew 7 Webbsborough
Dulenty John 2 Webbsborough
Dullenty Andrew 8 Lower Webbsborough
Dunn James? 4 Esker (2nd page), called Inchabride on Ord Survey
English Arthur 4 Tullabrin (called Cassagh on Ord Survey)
Fahey John 16 Noongonvough
Fleming John 1 Bracken
Fleming John 8 Lacknabina
Fogarty John 4 Madlien
Fogarty Mat? 1 Madlien
Fogarty widow 2 Madlien
Foley Edward 16 Prospect
Foley Thady 17 Prospect
Foley Thady 21 Prospect
Gafney John 11 Killcollen (2nd page)
Garland Thomas 12 Lanigans Quarter
Gillespie Wm 16 Lacknabina
Gooling Thomas 8 Lackavore & Bootbog
Gorden Samuel 1 Lacknabina
Grace Patt 8 Killcollen (2nd page)
Gregg John 7 Esker
Griffith James 19 Bracken
Griffith John 18 Lacknabina
Griffith Mathew 17 Lacknabina
Griffith widow 6 Nockalame
Groom? Mrs 7 Bracken
H/N/Will? Stephen 4 Lacknabina
Hacket James 20 Lanigans Quarter
Harding Nick Kilcollen
Hardy John 3 Esker
Healy ?? 7 Esker (2nd page), called Inchabride on Ord Survey
Healy Edward Kilcollen
Healy Edward Kilcollen
Healy Judy 3 Webbsborough
Healy Martin 6 Killcollen (2nd page)
Healy Pat? 3 Corbetstown
Hearlly, Esq George 14 Noongonvough
Hoban John 10 Corbetstown
Hoban William 9 Corbetstown
Horan William 6 Lisnafunchan
Houlbrook Edward 7 Prospect
Houlbrook Edward 8 Prospect
Humffres? Christopher Kilcollen
Hunt Ralph 12 Esker
Jackson Robert 15 Lanigans Quarter
Jackson Robert 16 Lanigans Quarter
Jackson Robert 17 Lanigans Quarter
Kavanagh Own? 10 Lackavore & Bootbog
Kavanagh Own? 11 Lackavore & Bootbog
Kavanagh Richard 4 Lackavore & Bootbog
Kealy ? 4 Corbetstown
Kelly ?? 16 Corbetstown
Kelly James 5 Webbsborough
Kelly Joseph 7 Lanigans Quarter
Kelly William 6 Lackavore & Bootbog
Kensla? Thomas 14 Lanigans Quarter
Lacy John 10 Noongonvough
Lacy Thos? 9 Noongonvough
Lahy Behan? 9 Lower Webbsborough
Laney John 15 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Lawler William 7 Lackavore & Bootbog
Lett John 2 Bracken
Lukes John 20 Lacknabina
Macy William? 5 Prospect
Mahar Caleb 8 Lisnafunchan
Mahar Daniel 4 Noongonvough
Mahar Darby 7 Killcollen (2nd page)
Mahar James Kilcollen
Mahar widwo 9 Lisnafunchan
Mahar William 5 Killcollen (2nd page)
Maldowny Darby 4 Webbsborough
Malhall John 2 Esker (2nd page), called Inchabride on Ord Survey
Malhall John 3 Esker (2nd page), called Inchabride on Ord Survey
Malone Thomas 15 Bracken
Malone Thomas 2 Prospect
Maloy James 10 Bracken
Maring? John 12 Corbetstown
Moore Martin 4 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Moracy Martin Kilcollen
Moracy Mick Kilcollen
Moran John 7 Nockalame
Moran John 8 Nockalame
Muldowny ? 5 Corbetstown
Muldowny Hugh? 1 Corbetstown
Muldowny Hugh? 8 Corbetstown
Muldowny Martin 6 Corbetstown
Mulhall ?? 8 Esker
Mulhall John 3 Killcollen (2nd page)
Mulhall Martin 9 Esker
Mulhall Patt 4 Killcollen (2nd page)
Murphy Daniel 11 Esker
Murphy Luke 2 Tullabrin (called Cassagh on Ord Survey)
Murphy Mick 14 Lackavore & Bootbog
Murphy widow 5 Noonanontha
Myers?? Thomas 10 Killcollen (2nd page)
Nowlan James 2 Killcollen (2nd page)
Nowlan James 2 Nockalame
Nowlan Stephen Kilcollen
Nowlan Thomas 3 Lanigans Quarter
Phelan Thomas 15 Lacknabina
Phelan William 19 Lanigans Quarter
Phillips Robert 1 Prospect
Power Martin 19 Lisnafunchan
Purcell John 1 Lackavore & Bootbog
Purcell Michl 2 Lackavore & Bootbog
Purcell Mick 18 Noongonvough
Purcell Patt 6 Noongonvough
Purcell Phillip 5 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Purcell Richard 2 Esker
Purcell Tom 12 Lackavore & Bootbog
Purcell William 12 Lackavore & Bootbog
Quirk ?? 18 Bracken
Quirk Hugh 9 Bracken
Quirk John 13 Lower Webbsborough
Quirk Miles 14 Bracken
Quirk widow 17 Bracken
R/Pahidge? Robert 8 Noongonvough
Rathwell Charles 11 Prospect
Rathwell Edward 4 Prospect
Rerel?? John 6 Esker (2nd page), called Inchabride on Ord Survey
Rose John 4 Bracken
Rose Thomas 12 Lacknabina
Ryan Nell? 16 Bracken
Ryan Thomas 7 Noongonvough
Saunders James 4 Nockalame
Saunders Thomas 2 Coolrahien (called Coonaheen North on Ord Survey)
Saunders Thomas 5 Nockalame
Saunders William? 12 Prospect
Shea John 13 Corbetstown
Shea John 5 Madlien
Shea Pat 12 Lower Webbsborough
Shirley Ansla 13 Prospect
Shirley John 8 Bracken
Shirley Paul? 4 Lanigans Quarter
Shirley Paul? 6 Lanigans Quarter
Shirley, Jr John 13 Bracken
Stedman Michael 6 Lacknabina
Stone William 14 Lacknabina
Tindle Caleb 19 Prospect
Tindle widow 9 Prospect
Tobin Thomas 13 Lackavore & Bootbog
Tobin Thomas 10 Prospect
Toel?? Frank 8 Noonanontha
Walsh ?? 13 Esker
Walsh John 20 Esker
Walsh Mathew 21 Esker
Walsh Michal 14 Esker
Walsh Michal 19 Esker
Walsh Patt 1 Esker (2nd page), called Inchabride on Ord Survey
Walsh Pierce 5 Bracken
Walsh Thomas 3 Tullabrin (called Cassagh on Ord Survey)
Walsh William 8 Lanigans Quarter
Ward Luke 11 Bracken
Webb George 1 Webbsborough
Whealan ?? 15 Esker
Whealan ?? 12 Lisnafunchan
Whealan Cohvair? 13 Killcollen (2nd page)
Whealan Denis 12 Killcollen (2nd page)
Whealan James Kilcollen
Whealan James 12 Lisnafunchan
Whealan John Kilcollen
Whealan Joseph 17 Lisnafunchan
Whealan Pat Kilcollen
Whealan Tim Kilcollen
Whealan? C? Kilcollen
White Martin 7 Corbetstown
Willoby William  18 Prospect
Winchell ?? 18 Esker
Woodcock James 1 Lanigans Quarter


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