Castlecomer Area



The most controversial relief of the Castlecomer Lordship was that of emigration assistance which was carried out immediately before the building of Castlecomer Workhouse.  The Guardians of the Union were empowered to grant assistance for emigration and a small number got assistance from that source before and after the setting up the Workhouse ... 4,854 individuals have been assisted to migrate ... however, to get the assistance they had to give up their leases, many held from the 1700s and the lease could not be given to their heirs/relatives which proved most controversial.
Castlecomer Connections by Tom Lyng, 1984
(all information and data is from this source)


Emigration numbers by townland for 1849


Adams to Delahunty

Delaney to Malone

Mangan to Wright


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