County Kilkenny

Tithe Applotments 1825

Dunnamaggan Civil Parish

Callan & Thomastown
Poor Law Unions
   Kells & Knocktopher Baronies


Dunnamaggan Town

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Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotment entries were transcribed by Jane Stein from the Family History Library Film #0256606.  All occupiers are included, however, the complete entry was not transcribed.  The area and net annual value of the occupied property was not included.  The data base is sorted by surname and information includes first name, townland, and household number if listed in the tithes.  The film was in fair condition but dark in spots plus the old type handwriting may have lead to some mistakes in the transcribing of names.  Therefore, do not treat this as a source document, if you think your ancestor is listed, go the film and check for the accuracy.
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES:  The handwriting was often too light and sometimes didn't come through clearly on the paper copy. I got around this by going back to the image on the screen and writing the names as they appeared on the screen above the names on the paper copy. Fortunately the work was done by one recorder and after studying and comparing his handwriting I was able to piece most of it together.  The spelling was creative, as it always is in census data of that era. I entered the spellings as they appeared, not as they are currently spelled. What is now spelled Sheppard was spelled Shepherd, Shay was Shea, Walsh was Walshe, etc.

Surname First Townland
?? Michael Donemagan
Arehdikin Peter Raheen
Brenan Denis Donemagan
Brenan Denis Tuitstown
Brenan Dennis Ballinslee
Brenan James Donemagan
Brenan Mathew Donemagan
Brenan Park. Donemagan
Brenan Thoman Donemagan
Brenan Widow Donemagan
Brenan, Jr James Ballinslee
Broderick Patk. Tuitstown
Broderick W Tuitstown
Broderick Wm. Tuitstown
Burke Michale Vinesgrove
Burke William Vinesgrove
Butler John Moonmore
Butler Michl Baysrath
Butler Patk. Moonmore
Butler Stephen Moonmore
Butler T.J. Baysrath
Butterfield Thomas Moonmore
C....? Patk. Raheen
Cahill, Jr John Ballinslee
Caroll Patk. Donemagan
Carrole James Vinesgrove
Carrole Patk. Vinesgrove
Cleary Michael Donemagan
Cody Michael Ballinslee
Corcoran Patk. Moonmore
Corcoran Widow Moonmore
Crawford William Donemagan
Crawford Wm. Baysrath
Croak Michael Moonmore
Croake John Donemagan
Crowole John Donemagan
Davis James Danganmoore
Davis Richard Danganmoore
Deacon James Ballinslee
Deacon, Jr James Tuitstown
Deloghry Thos. Donemagan
Duncan Robt. Vinesgrove
Dwire J.W. Baysrath
Dwire Thos. Baysrath
Eagan Michael Danganmoore
Egan Patk. Newtown
Fahy Catherine Ballinslee
Ferreson Nicholas Ballinslee
Finelly John Newtown
Fitzpatrick Widow Donemagan
Gorman, Jr John Ballinslee
Grady Henry Moonmore
Grady Michael Donemagan
Gulinaw James Ballinslee
Hayden James Donemagan
Hayden Wm. Donemagan
Henesy James Donemagan
Hickey John Donemagan
Hickey Patrk. Raheen
Hyrley Edmond Ballinslee
Izod Major Raheen
Izod Major Vinesgrove
Kavanagh Thomas Donemagan
Kenny John Donemagan
Kenny Richard Donemagan
Kinna Patk. Donemagan
Lahy James Baysrath
Laricy Michael Baysrath
Lawler Leonard Donemagan
Loughman Nicholas Baysrath
Mackey James Donemagan
Mackey Patk. Moonmore
Maher John Ballinslee
Marah Timothy Moonmore
Marnel Edmond Moonmore
Mihan John Donemagan
Mihan Patk. Donemagan
Morgan Patk. Baysrath
Morgan Ptk. Vinesgrove
Morisey John Donemagan
Morisey John Moonmore
Mullaly Pierce Donemagan
Murphy James Tuitstown
Murphy Widow Tuitstown
Nary Thomas Donemagan
Neile K Ballinslee
Neile Myran Danganmoore
Neile Myran Newtown
Neile Patk. Newtown
Neile W Ballinslee
Neile William Newtown
Neile Willliam Danganmoore
Peders Patk. Donemagan
Pendergrast Lawrence Raheen
Pendergrast Maurice Raheen
Phletcher Patk. Vinesgrove
Power John Donemagan
Reade Richard Moonmore
Rowe first name not given Vinesgrove
Rowe no first name given Donemagan
Russele Phillip Tuitstown
Ryab Ricd. Tuitstown
Ryan J Tuitstown
Ryan James Newtown
Ryan Patk. Tuitstown
Ryan R Tuitstown
Ryan Thomas Donemagan
Ryan W Tuitstown
Ryan William Danganmoore
Shea Edmund Donemagan
Shea Emmons Raheen
Shea Joseph Moonmore
Shea Michael Raheen
Shea no first name given Donemagan
Shee Widow Donemagan
Shepherd David Raheen
Tobin Henry Donemagan
Tobin John Donemagan
Tobin Thomas Donemagan
Vass Michael Newtown
Wale Rbt Tuitstown
Wale Thos Tuitstown
Wallace Robert Ballinslee
Wallace Robert Donemagan
Wallace Robert Donemagan
Wallace Robert Tuitstown
Walsh James Baysrath
Walsh John Vinesgrove
Walsh Michael Donemagan
Walsh Michael Moonmore
Walsh Michl. Donemagan
Walsh Stephen Raheen
Walshe Marlin Ballinslee
Walshe Robert Ballinslee
Walshe Robert Tuitstown
Whitakre George Raheen
Williams John Raheen




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