Tithe Defaulters

Dungarvan Civil Parish 1831


County Kilkenny
Kilkenny & Thomastown Poor Law Union
    Gowran Barony

Dungarvan Town Cloghala Cross Roads

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Research Notes:  An organized campaign of resistance to the payment of tithes came to a head in 1831 in large scale refusals to pay the tax. Local Church of Ireland clergymen were ordered to make a list of all those in their parish that did not pay the tithe and the list was called, the "Tithe Defaulters".  However, only 127 have survived, many from counties Kilkenny and Tipperary.  They are on microfiche by county in at the National Library of Ireland and have been transcribed and recorded on CD-Rom by Stephen McCormac.

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Surname First Occupation Townland
Blackney, esq James farmer Neigham
Blackney, esq Walter MP JP Neigham
Boyle James farmer Neigham
Boyle Mary farmer Neigham
Boyle Michael farmer Neigham
Boyle, jun Michael farmer Neigham
Breene Martin labourer Neigham
Breene Patrick labourer Kilmanaghan
Breene Stephen farmer Kilmanaghan
Brennan Patrick farmer Mounteenmore
Brenocke Mathew farmer Cloela
Brenocke Michael farmer Cloela
Bryan Patrick farmer Neigham
Bulger Thomas farmer Bramblestown
Byrne Darby farmer Huntingtower
Byrne Edmund farmer Raheenroache
Byrne Edward farmer Bramblestown
Byrne John farmer Mounteenmore
Byrne Patrick farmer Scorth
Byrne Paul farmer Kilmanaghan
Cahill Pierce farmer Raheenroache
Cahill Edmund farmer Raheenroache
Cahill, jun. Philip farmer Raheenroache
Cahill, sen. Philip farmer Raheenroache
Cain Mary widow Kilmanaghan
Carroll David farmer Cloela
Carroll William farmer Cloela
Carter William farmer Kilmanaghan
Coady Laurence farmer Kilmanaghan
Coady Pierce farmer Raheenroache
Comerford's reps widow farmer Raheenroache
Connell David farmer Cloela
Connell Michael labourer Neigham
Connell Patrick farmer Cloela
Conway James farmer Mounteenmore
Corcoran Denis farmer Dungarvin
Corcoran John farmer Bramblestown
Cranny Patrick farmer Bramblestown
Cullen John farmer Kilmanaghan
Culleton James labourer Kilmanaghan
Darcy Judith widow Raheenroache
Dowling James farmer Raheenroache
Dowling John farmer Raheenroache
Dowling Patrick farmer Raheenroache
Dowling John farmer Kilmanaghan
Dowling, jun. James farmer Kilmanaghan
Dowling, sen. James farmer Kilmanaghan
Dullard Edmund farmer Dungarvin
Dunn Edmund farmer Dungarvin
Egan James farmer Huntingtower
Fahey Martin farmer Kilmanaghan
Farrell Catherine widow Neigham
Farrell Mathew farmer Cloela
Farrell Mathew farmer Huntingtower
Farrell Mathew farmer Raheenroache
Farrell Michael farmer Neigham
Farrell Patrick farmer Bramblestown
Farrell Thomas farmer Huntingtower
Farrell Thomas farmer Neigham
Ferguson John farmer Huntingtower
Forde Patrick farmer Cloela
Fowler Denis farmer Neigham
Fowler, jun. Dennis farmer Bramblestown
Fowler, jun. Thomas farmer Bramblestown
Fowler, sen. Thomas farmer Bramblestown
Gleeson Edmund farmer Raheenroache
Glinden John farmer Raheenroache
Glinden Michael farmer Raheenroache
Glinden Patrick farmer Raheenroache
Glinden Richard farmer Raheenroache
Gore William labourer Mounteenmore
Gorman Patrick farmer Kilmanaghan
Gorman Thomas farmer Kilmanaghan
Grace Bridget widow Mounteenmore
Grady James farmer Scorth
Hanlon John carpenter Dungarvin
Hickey Alicia farmer Kilmanaghan
Hickey Daniel farmer Kilmanaghan
Hickey James labourer Raheenroache
Hickey John farmer Kilmanaghan
Hickey Judith widow Bodle
Hickey Mathew farmer Bodle
Hickey Michael farmer Kilmanaghan
Holland Daniel farmer Scorth
Holland Ery mason Scorth
Howard John labourer Mounteenmore
Howard Patrick labourer Mounteenmore
Kane Richard farmer Raheenroache
Kavenagh John labourer Mounteenmore
Kavenagh Martin labourer Mounteenmore
Kealy Michael publican Dungarvin
Kearny Thomas farmer Scorth
Keary David farmer Kilmanaghan
Keefe Luke farmer Huntingtower
Kelly David farmer Dungarvin
Kerevan John labourer Scorth
Kerevan widow farmer Scorth
Landricken Denis labourer Neigham
Lannin Pat smith Cloela
Long Patrick farmer Neigham
Long Simon farmer Kilmanaghan
Lynch John farmer Neigham
Maddock William farmer Kilmanaghan
Magrath John farmer Kilmanaghan
Magrath Michael farmer Kilmanaghan
Mahar Laurence farmer Bodle
Mahar Timothy farmer Bramblestown
Mahar Laurence farmer Bramblestown
Mahar jun. John farmer Neigham
Mahar, jun. John farmer Bramblestown
Mahar's reps Thomas farmer Scorth
Marhar, sen. John farmer Bramblestown
McDonnell Martin labourer Huntingtower
McDonnell Nicholas labourer Huntingtower
Meighan John farmer Neigham
Meylan Denis farmer Bramblestown
Meylan Denis farmer Neigham
Meylan John farmer Bramblestown
Meylan John farmer Neigham
Meylan Richard farmer Neigham
Meylan Thomas farmer Bramblestown
Meylan, jun. James farmer Bramblestown
Meylan, sen. James farmer Bramblestown
Millea Thomas farmer Scorth
Molloy Columbus farmer Scorth
Moore Kyran farmer Huntingtower
Moran Mary widow Raheenroache
Moran William miller Bodle
Morressy Andrew labourer Cloela
Morrissy reps Mathew farmer Mounteenmore
Muldowney James labourer Neigham
Muldowney James farmer Mounteenmore
Muldowney, jun. John farmer Mounteenmore
Muldowney, jun. Mathew farmer Mounteenmore
Muldowney, sen John farmer Mounteenmore
Muldowney, sen Mathew farmer Mounteenmore
Murphy Andrew farmer Bodle
Murphy Andrew farmer Huntingtower
Murphy Ann widow Cloela
Murphy Anty farmer Raheenroache
Murphy Charles publican Dungarvin
Murphy Edmund farmer Bramblestown
Murphy John labourer Neigham
Murphy Laurence farmer Mounteenmore
Murphy Martin farmer Bramblestown
Murphy Martin labourer Neigham
Murphy Patrick labourer Mounteenmore
Murphy Patrick labourer Neigham
Murphy Thomas carpenter Scorth
Murphy William labourer Neigham
Murry Luke farmer Dungarvin
Naddy Michael labourer Cloela
Naddy Richard farmer Kilmanaghan
Narry John smith Neigham
Navan Patrick farmer Bramblestown
Navan, jun. Denis farmer Bramblestown
Navan, sen. Denis farmer Bramblestown
Neighan's widow Patrick farmer Neigham
Neile Elenor widow Bramblestown
Neille Elenor widow Mounteenmore
Peert Thomas farmer Scorth
Purcell Philip labourer Neigham
Quigley David farmer Dungarvin
Quirke Margaret widow Bramblestown
Reed Edmund farmer Scorth
Rice Richard farmer Bodle
Rice Richard farmer Huntingtower
Ring James farmer Mounteenmore
Ring John farmer Raheenroache
Roache John farmer Bodle
Roache John farmer Kilmanaghan
Roache Thomas farmer Scorth
Ryan Charles farmer Bramblestown
Ryan John farmer Bramblestown
Ryan Murtagh labourer Mounteenmore
Ryan Walter labourer Mounteenmore
Sharke George farmer Kilmanaghan
Strangeway esq William farmer Scorth
Tehan Patrick farmer Cloela
Tenlon Martin farmer Raheenroache
Thomas Mathew gentleman Huntingtower
Todd Michael farmer Bodle
Walsh Elenor widow Kilmanaghan
Walsh James labourer Huntingtower
Walshe David labourer Cloela
Walshe Kev'n labourer Kilmanaghan
Walshe Patrick farmer Kilmanaghan

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