Conahy Roman Catholic Parish

Assorted Baptism and Marriage Records

The following records were contributed to the site by Brenda Pilson who concentrated on getting baptisms and marriages of people named Fogarty. Where ?? are found, it was because she had a problem reading the record. 



06/02/1833 Honor P A Fogarty A Kavanagh T Healy B Dalton Tomaheany
22/02/1833 Bridget Jno Fogarty Mary Kavanagh P Kavana M Brenan Maudlin
17/05/1834 Thomas Will Fogarty Mary Walsh Patt Waters Cath Grace Maudlin
09/06/1836 Mary Lawrence Darmody Cath Fogarty John Daughey Judith Lawless Tullowglass
06/09/1836 Richard John Fogarty Mary Kavanagh John Kavanagh Mary Brennan Maudlin
13/12/1838 Anne Lawrence Darmody Cath Fogarty John Darmody Anne Fogarty Tullowglass
22/12/1838 Bridget Will Fogarty Mary Walsh John Grace Ellen Butler Maudlin
27/08/1840 Mary John Healy Ellen Fogarty James Healy Mary Butler Kilmicar
29/08/1840 Pat Michael Walsh Mary Fogarty James Fogarty Bridget Walsh Kilmicar
20/01/1841 Mary Pat Fogarty Mary Carson John Fogarty ?? Daughey Lisnafunchin
14/05/1842 John Michael Walsh Mary Fogarty James Walsh Cath Fogarty Kilmicar
29/10/1842 Andrew Pat Fogarty Mary Carson James Fogarty Ellen Delany Lisnafunchin
26/11/1843 Margaret Pat Fogarty Mary Carson Wm Carson Margaret Fogarty Lisnafunchin
23/02/1844 Elizabeth Michael Lawless Cath Fogarty Mathew Lalor Mary Fogarty Lisnafunchin
05/09/1844 Thomas Michael Walsh Mary Fogarty Pat Fogarty Mary Walsh Kilmicar
22/12/1844 Mary Thomas Fogarty Anne Nowlan John Comerford Asty Dooley Maudlin
01/06/1845 Anne John Healy Ellen Fogarty Bridget Fogarty  None Fornehuna??
01/09/1845 Michael Daniel McEvoy??? Margaret Fogarty Alexander Bradly Bridget Bowe?Bour?? Ardaloo
27/10/1845 Thomas Michael Lawlefs Cath Fogarty Jas Lawlefs Ellen Fogarty Lisna
16/6/1846 James Michael Walsh Mary Fogarty Pat Walsh Bridget Fogarty Kilmicar
06/11/1846 Thomas James Fogarty Ellen Shea James Fogarty Ellen Shea Maudlin
25/11/1848 Ellen John Healy Ellen Fogarty Darby Brennan Cath Marsden ?? Thomahuna
21/12/1847 Richard Thomas Fogarty Anne Nowlan Richard Fogarty Cath Manton Maudlin
20/03/1848 John James Fogarty Ellen Shea Thos Shea Brid Fogarty Maudlin
23/04/1849 Mary John Ryan Cath Fogarty Will Grace Ellen Fogarty Bancu
19/05/1850 John Michael Dowling Mary Fogarty John Fogarty Macl------rey Maudlin
20/04/1851 Richard Michael Lawless Cath Fogarty John Lawless Anty Fogarty Lisnafunchin
05/05/1851 Ellen Thomas Fogarty Mary Nolan Thomas Shea Margaret Fogarty Lisnafunchin
04/04/1851 Mary James Fogarty Ellen Shea Ed Fogarty Margaret Shea Maudlin
29/10/1851 James John Healy Mary Fogarty James Kenny Mary Travis Tomahuna
26/02/1853 Thomas Michael Lawless Cath Fogarty James Lawless Anty Lawless Lisnafunchin
05/02/1854 Bridgid Michael Walsh Mary Fogarty John Healy Mary Fogarty Kilmicar
12/04/1854 Patrick James Fogarty Ellen Shea Elizabeth Fogarty None Maudlin
17/09/1854 Catherine Wm Shea Mary Fogarty Thom Shea Ellen Fogarty Maudlin
02/10/1854 Michael John Healy Ellen Fogarty Pat Healy Judy Traverse Tomahena
22/10/1854 Martin Patk Morrifsey Bridget Fogarty Patk Healy Mary Brenan Gragara
19/06/1855 Mary Michl Lawless Kate Fogarty Thomas Lawless Betty Fogarty Lisnafunchin
03/03/1856 Patk Patrick Morrifsey Bridget Fogarty Patk Fogarty Judy Kavanagh Gragara
11/03/1856 Mary John Fogarty Mary Drenan Edwd Fogarty Mary Brenan Maudlin
12/08/1856 Mary Wm Shea Mary Fogarty Edwd Fogarty Mary Grace Toor
08/01/1857 John Dan Hayden Ellen Fogarty Edmd Fogarty Bridget Fogarty Esker
26/08/1857 John John Fogarty Mary Drenan Thos Grace Ellen Dalton Maudlin
18/10/1857 Judy Nicholas Dobby Kate Fogarty James Power Bridget Comerford Newtown
25/12/1857 Bridget John Healy Mary Fogarty James Healy Mary Healy Kilmicar
13/08/1858 Mary Dan Hayden Ellen Fogarty John Mulhall Catherine Healy Esker
10/01/1859 Michl Wm Shea Mary Fogarty Thos Fogarty Bridget Kenny Maudleen
16/08/1859 Catherine (illeg) Michl Fogarty Bridget Walsh Judy Bergin None Maudleen
22/01/1860 Michl Michl Walsh Mary Fogarty Martin Healy Betty Fogarty Kilmacar
09/02/1860 Mary Pat Morrifsey Bridget Fogarty Richd Downey Mary Farhan Gragara
05/06/1860 Michl Dan Hayden Ellen Fogarty Patk Barry Eliza Mulhall Esker
05/07/1860 Catherine John Fogarty Mary Drennan Thos Fogarty Kate Drennan Maudleen
30/05/1861 Bridget William Shea Mary Fogarty Martin Shea Margaret Waters Maudleen
05/05/1862 Edward John Fogarty Mary Drennan Nicholas Bergin Judy Drennan Maudleen
12/06/1862 Bridget William Shea Mary Phogarty Patk Grace Jane Healy Maudleen
09/07/1862 Judy David Hayden Ellen Fogarty Fogarty  Bridget Bolan Esker
14/12/1864 Michl Born 13th Wm Shea Mary Fogarty Edmd Fogarty Bridget Fogarty Maudleen
02/02/1866 William born 1st Edmnd Fogarty Ann Bergin John Fogarty Honoria Bergin Maudleen
30/12/1866 Kyran? Born 29th Dan Hayden Ellen Fogarty Kyran Mulhall Ann Butler Esker
17/02/1867 Mary born 16th Edmd Fogarty Anne Bergin Thos Fogarty Bridget Fogarty Maudleen
28/01/1868 Thomas Pat Fogarty Kate Doran Pat Walsh Ellen Walsh Kilmacar
31/12/1868 William born 13th Wm Shea Mary Fogarty Richard Fogarty Mary Healy Maudleen




Feb 9 1836 Lawrence Darmody Cath Fogarty John Doughney Judith Larabys?? Tullyglafs
Feb 4 1845 James Fogarty Ellen Shea Michl Brenan Cath Shea Maudlin
Sept 5 1845 Michl Fanning Nancy Fogarty Michl Walsh Catherine Campion Springhill
Nov 20 1845 Micl Dowling Mary Fogarty Thos Dowling Mary Fogarty Maudlin
May 15 1849 John Ryan Catherine Fogarty John Healy Fogarty Ban--
Feb 23 1852 Wm Shea Mary Fogarty Thos Shea Ellen Fogarty Maudlin
Feb 23 1852 Edmund Fogarty Mary Harden Edm Fogarty Mary Harden Maudlin
Jan 31 1853 Patk Morrifsey Bridget Fogarty Patk Halley Bridget Shea Kilmacar
Feb 1 1858 Pat Fogarty Ellen Campion Michael Phelan Mary Dargan Tullyglafs
Nov 19 1867 Thomas Coogan Eliza Fogarty Thomas Brennan Kate Brennan Kilmacar
Feb 3 1870 Patrick Fogarty Ellen Morissey Francis?? Walsh Joanna Dargan ?? Conahy
Feb 20 1873 Bryan Cordoran Bidy Fogarty Patt Morrissey Mary Walsh Madlin



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