County Kilkenny

Tithe Applotments 1833

Burnchurch Civil Parish

Poor Law Union
   Shillelogher Barony


Burnchurch Ballymack

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Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotment entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from LDS Family History Film #0256576.  All occupiers are included, however, the complete entry was not transcribed.  The area and net annual value of the occupied property was not included.  The data base is sorted by surname and information includes first name, townland, and household number if listed in the tithes.  The film was in fair condition but dark in spots plus the old type handwriting may have lead to some mistakes in the transcribing of names.  Therefore, do not treat this as a source document, if you think your ancestor is listed, go the film and check for the accuracy.
NOTE:  Two books of tithes were found on the film.  Basically they are the same but have some differences.  Both are transcribed and online.

Surname First Townland Page
Barton, Esq Benj'm Ballymack 11
Bourke Jam's Ballyrobberts 4
Breen Thom's Ballymack 12
Brennan Patk Ballymack 11
Brennan Patt Burnchurch 10
Brennan Thom's Burnchurch 9
Brophy Jam's Burnchurch 9
Brophy Kryran Graigue 1
Brophy Patrick Burnchurch 10
Brophy Patrick Graigue 1
Brophy Thos Ballyrobberts 4
Bryan Corn's Burnchurch 6
Bryan Darby Burnchurch 6
Bryan Darby & bro Ballyrobberts 5
Bryan Darby & bro Viper 8
Bulger John Oldtown 3
Bulger Patrick Oldtown 3
Butler John Burnchurch 9
Cahill Mary Burnchurch 9
Cahill Thom's Burnchurch 7
Carty Dav'd Ballyrobberts 4
Carty Jas Ballyrobberts 4
Carty John Ballymack 12
Carty Ml Ballyrobberts 4
Carty Patrick Burnchurch 6
Carty Thom's Burnchurch 9
Cashell Luke Burnchurch 9
Cashell Patrick Burnchurch 7
Dea Michl Ballymack 11
Dooley Michl Graigue 2
Dooley Patrick Ballymack 12
Dowe William Burnchurch 6
Downey John Viper 8
Dugan Tim'y Oldtown 3
Dunn Patrick Viper 8
Dwyer Jam's Graigue 1
Fannon Jam's Burnchurch 9
Fannon Jeoffry Burnchurch 9
Fannon John Burnchurch 9
Fannon Michl Burnchurch 9
Fleming Thos Oldtown 3
Flood, Esq John Oldtown 3
Flood, Esq Robt Burnchurch 9
Ford Jam's Burnchurch 6
Ford Wm Burnchurch 6
Forde John Ballyrobberts 4
Grace Den's Burnchurch 10
Grace Jas Ballymack 11
Grace Jno Burnchurch 10
Grace Robt Ballymack 11
Hayden Corn's Burnchurch 7
Hayes Anstace Burnchurch 7
Hogan Bryan Oldtown 3
Holden Michl Viper 8
Holden Thom's Viper 8
Houlehan Michl Graigue 1
Houlehan Richd Graigue 1
Howard Jud'th Burnchurch 7
Howard Richd Burnchurch 7
Hughes James Burnchurch 7
Hughes Jam's Graigue 2
Hughes Jam's Oldtown 3
Ireland Richd Burnchurch 7
Ireland Sam'l Burnchurch 7
Kenehan Eliz'th Graigue 1
Kenehan Richd Ballyrobberts 4
King Edmond Burnchurch 9
King Rd Burnchurch 9
King Thom's Burnchurch 10
King Wm Burnchurch 9
Knight Robert Burnchurch 6
Lacy Patrick Burnchurch 10
Lacy Thom's Burnchurch 10
Lacy widow Burnchurch 9
Laffan Thom's Burnchurch 9
Lannan Darby Graigue 2
Lea Patrick Burnchurch 10
Luffan Thos Ballymack 11
Magrath Patk Graigue 1
Magrath Thom's Burnchurch 9
Magrath Wm Graigue 1
Magree Patrick Ballyrobberts 5
Magree Patrick Burnchurch 7
Marnell Bridg't Oldtown 3
Marnell John Oldtown 3
Marnell Richd Oldtown 3
Marnell Wm Oldtown 3
Martin James Burnchurch 10
Martin Thom's Ballyrobberts 5
Martin widw, Jas Ballyrobberts 4
Mason Lau'ce Burnchurch 7
McKenahan Richd Graigue 1
Moran Will'm Ballymack 11
Moran Will'm Burnchurch 9
Murphy Jefry Graigue 2
Murphy Jno Graigue 2
Murphy Pat Burnchurch 9
Murphy Pat Graigue 2
Murphy Wm Burnchurch 9
Newlan Mary Ballyrobberts 4
Nowlan Thom's Graigue 1
Phelan John Burnchurch 7
Phelan Thos Ballyrobberts 5
Powlan Thom's Burnchurch 7
Reilly Patk Burnchurch 10
Reilly Thos Burnchurch 10
Rice Edmd Burnchurch 6
Rice John Burnchurch 9
Rice Michl Burnchurch 9
Rice Oliver Ballymack 12
Roberts George Burnchurch 7
Roberts Wm Burnchurch 6
Rogers Peter Burnchurch 7
Ryan Math'w Ballymack 12
Ryan Math'w Burnchurch 10
Shirley John Burnchurch 6
Stack John Ballyrobberts 4
Tallis Martha Burnchurch 7
Tobin Keyran Ballymack 11
Walsh Anne Burnchurch 10
Walsh Richd Viper 8
Walsh Wm Burnchurch 10
Wood, Esq Jno Burnchurch 6





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