Griffiths Valuation for Boyle, Booth
From the Griffith's Valuation Index CD

Surname First Civil Parish Location Comments
Boyle Robert Castlecomer Ardra  
Boyle Bridget Miss Castlecomer Castlecomer High St
Boyle Eliz Mis Castlecomer Castlecomer High St
Boyle Owen Castlecomer Clogh  
Booth Augustine Castlecomer Cloneen  
Booth Dorothea Castlecomer Coolbaun  
Boyle Eleanor Castlecomer Coolbaun  
Boyle Hannah Castlecomer Coolbaun  
Boyle Robert Castlecomer Coolbaun  
Booth John Castlecomer Croghtenclogh  
Boyle James Castlecomer Donaguile  
Boyle Bridget Miss Castlecomer Drumgoole  
Boyle John Castlecomer Glenmagoo or Firoda Upper
Booth Agustine Castlecomer Gorteen  
Booth Andrew Castlecomer Gorteen  
Booth John Castlecomer Gorteen  
Boyle John Castlecomer Gorteen  
Boyle Richard Castlecomer Gorteen  
Booth William Castlecomer Gorteen  
Boyle Eliz Mis Castlecomer Kiltown  
Booth Augustine Jr. Castlecomer Monenroe  
Booth Augustine Sr Castlecomer Monenroe  
Booth Jane Castlecomer Monenroe  
Boyle John Castlecomer Monenroe  
Booth Jonathan Castlecomer Monenroe  
Booth Margaret Castlecomer Monenroe  
Boyle Mary Castlecomer Monenroe  
Boyle Michael Castlecomer Monenroe  
Boyle Richard Castlecomer Monenroe  
Boyle Bridget  Derrynahich Ballyhale  
Booth William Dunbell Dunbell Big  
Boyle Anne Dungarvan Neigham  
Boyle James Dungarvan Neigham  
Boyle Michael Dunkitt Ballyhomuck  
Boyle Mary Gowran Gallowshill  
Boyle Mary Gowran Gowran Demesne  
Boyle Patrick Gowran Watree  
Boyle Mary Graiguenamanagh Graiguenamanagh  
Boyle Michael Jerpointabbey Knockhard  
Boyle John Knocktopher Common Knocktopher
Boyle Bridget Rathcoole Mountnugent Lower
Boyle Patrick Rathkieran Clonassy  
Boyle Martin Rossinan Farnoge West
Boyle William Shanbogh Shanbogh Upper  
Boyle Thomas Shankill Shankill  
Booth Catherine St. Canices Gardens Dean St, Lower
Boyle William St. Canices Gardens Bullalley Lane
Boyle Margaret St. Johns Pennefather's Lot Dublin Road


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