1798 Uprising & March

Castlecomer Area



1798 brought 5000 Croppies from County Wexford on their march to Dublin through the Castlecomer area.  Some of the residents lost property.  The below chart was transcribed from the book, Castlecomer Connections by Tom Lyng (1984)
His notes:  "List of Castlecomer connection persons who submitted Claims for losses sustained at the time of the '98 Rising...were made to "the Commissioners for enquiring into the losses sustained by such of his Majesty's Loyal Subjects, as have suffered in their Property by the Rebellion."  Spellings are as submitted.


Claimant's Name Addition Residence Nature of Loss Amt (lbs) Claimed 
Alcock, John Castlecomer House, furniture & plate 32
Alcock, Richard Sen. Shoemaker Castlecomer Cloaths, furniture, working tools & timber 20
Anderson, Thomas Coofile Horse, gun & hat 11
Auston, James Castlecomer Cloaths  4
Baker, William Castlecomer Cash, furniture & cloaths 28
Bell, Mary Castlecomer Furniture & cloaths 10
Bergin, Margaret Widow Castlecomer House & furniture 207
Betts, Frances Coolbawn Cloaths 5
Booth, John Gurteen Cloaths, furniture, meadow & potatoes 36
Booth, John Minemore Cloths, tobacco & provisions 18
Booth, Thomas Gurteen A horse 9
Boyle, Peter Gurteen Furniture, house damaged 18
Boyle, Robert Moneenroe Hourses & tackling 20
Boyle, Edmond Moneenroe A horse 9
Boyle, Robert Gurteen Furniture & cloaths 5
Boyle, Martin Castlecomer Car, expenses & 8 yards of stuff 4
Bradley, Thomas Coolbane Horse, meadow & cloaths 13
Bradley, Alexandra Coolbane A horse 10
Bradley, Thomas Clogh A horse & windows broke 10
Bradley, William Coolcullen Cloaths & linen 1
Bradley, George Coolbane A horse 2
Bradley, John Cloneen A horse 11
Bradley, Richard Moneenroe A horse & cloaths 11
Bradley, Jane Gurteen Furniture, cloaths, horse, car & wine 92
Bradley, James Castlecomer Repairs of house & straw 232
Bradley, Robert Castlecomer Furniture, watch, cloaths & fire-arms 125
Bradley, Edmond Moneenroe Oats & cloaths 4
Bradley, Henry Coolbawn A horse 9
Bradley, Elizabeth Widow Coon Mare, heifer & linen 10
Bradley, Mary Widow Kiltown Cash & glass brokedn 10
Bradley, John Castlecomer House burned & furniture 356
Brennan, Daniel Castlecomer House & furniture 56
Brennan, Denis Clasduff A mare, cash, butter & linen 20
Brennan, Mary Gurteen A horse 11
Brennan, James Castlecomer Spirits, furniture & cloaths 31
Butler, Margaret Widow Coonfile A horse 5
Byrne, John Shoemaker Castlecomer Repairs of house & furniture 7
Campion, John Coolbane A heiffer 3
Campbell, Sarah Moneenroe Cloaths & linen 2
Campbell, James Castlecomer House, furniture, barley, linen & ale 212
Cantwell, James Gurteen A horse 8
Carroll, John Castlecomer House, furniture, cloaths, cash & a mare 339
Carroll, Ann Castlecomer House, furniture, cloaths, Shop goods, & tobacco presses 600
Cavanagh, John Coolcullen Mare, fowl, cash & butter 7
Comerford, Patrick Castlecomer House, furniture & cloaths 384
Comerford, Garrett Castlecomer Furniture, cloaths, potatoes & cash 9
Conran, Mary Widow Castlecomer Cloaths, furniture, bed & bedding, & a chest of pipes 19
Condon, Margaret Widow Castlecomer Cloaths, books, cash & a pair of wool-combs 15
Connell, Laurence Castlecomer House, furniture & provisions 20
Conn, Margaret Cretinclough Cloaths, a silver watch & buckles 10
Cook, Jane Widow Castlecomer Cloaths & bedding 18
Copley, Henry Castlecomer Sheep, furniture, meadowing & a gun 6
Cullenan, Thomas Publican Castlecomer Cash & liquors of different kinds 16
Deevey, Mary Castlecomer House & furniture 18
Dempsey, Anthony Moneenroe Ale & porter 5
Den, Patrick Lieut. Chatsworth Plate, wearing apparel, cash & bank-notes 561
Diven, Peter Moneenroe One horse 9
Dooley, John Castlecomer House, furniture, cloaths, Leather & tools 63
Downey, John Castlecomer Window-sashes, & roof of a house burned 5
Draper, Richard Moneenroe A mare & wearing apparel 15
Dunn, Timothy Castlecomer Wearing apparel 18
Dunn, James Castlecomer Beds & farming utensils 6
Earle, Thomas Castlecomer House, horses, fire-arms, cash & bank-notes 393
Fennell, Joseph Dysart Provisions & cloaths 6
Fennell, William Policeman Coonfile Provisions, cast, bank-notes & cloaths 32
Flewellen, John Castlecomer Potatoes, care & tackling, meadowing & a bank-note 10
Flinn, James Castlecomer House, furniture, potatoes & timber 93
Flue, James Coolbane House, furniture & cloaths 7
Fogarty, Michael Castlecomer House, furniture & potatoes 14
Fogarty, John Castlecomer House, furniture, timber & provisions 19
Forestall, Redmond Castlecomer Furniture, oats, beds, bedding & cloaths 51
Garraway, Roger Castlecomer House, offices, furniture & a horse 747
Garraway, Rog & Co Brewers Castlecomer Brew-houses, and barrels 132
Garraway, Henry Yeoman Castlecomer Furniture, books, wearing apparel & cash 112
Garlan, John Coolcullen Saddle & bridle 2
Grant, James Castlecomer Meadowing, oats & potatoes damaged 10
Groome, Edward Esquire Castlecomer Houses, furniture, wearing apparel & books 803
Hewetson, Jane Widow Castlecomer 1 Guitar, silver spoons & cloaths 10
Hill, Thomas Coolcullen A mare 9
Houlbrook, John Coonfile Wearing apparel, car, tackling 3
Jackson, William Gurteen A horse, car & tackling 9
Jackson, James Gurteen A horse, bed, cloths & linen 14
Jenkins, Richard Cabinet maker Castlecomer Furniture, working-tools, timber 12
Irwin, Rev. Henry Curate Castlecomer Books, furniture, cloaths & plate 143
Kane, Robert Castlecomer House, watch & seals, horses, cloaths 1235
Kavanagh, Leonard Coolcullen A horse, oats, a coat & wheel 10
Keirsutt, William Coolcullen Potatoes, oats, a saddle 5
Keirsutt, George Coolcullen Oats, potatoes, a gun & meadow 6
Kennedy, Robert Castlecomer Cloaths, books, two gold seals 25
Kidd, William Coolcullen Potatoes, meadowing & saddle 8
Kidd, Thomas Coonfile Cloaths, potatoes 2
Lambert, Mary Widow Castlecomer House, furniture, cloaths & plate 443
LaRive, Henry Castlecomer Three feather-beds, plate & plated articles 21
Leacock, Elinor Widow Kiltown Cash, p?rize, meal & furniture 10
Leacock, Catherine Widow Gurteen Cloaths, linen & furniture 3
Lodge, Mary Castlecomer A stable, cow-house, 2 pigs & hay 18
Malone, James Moneenroe A mare 10
Mathews, James Weaver Castlecomer A loom, furniture, cloaths & thread 9
McCullaugh, Barbara Castlecomer Cloaths, working implements 2
Medler, Alice Widow Cruttenclough A mare 11
Mulrowney, James Castlecomer Cloaths, furniture & timber 4
Ormond, Countess Castlecomer House, plate, wines, furniture, library paintings 8,162
Pielow, Anthony Coolcullen Corn, potatoes, a gun & furniture 7
Pool, Thomas Coonfile A mare, car & tackling 2
Power, Robert Yeoman Castlecomer Bank-notes, cash, wines, groceries, furniture 470
Prescott, Henry Confile A horse, potatoes, oats 14
Purcell, Mary Castlecomer House, furniture, straw 34
Roberts, Samuel Rev. Curate of the Parish of Dysart Furniture, house, linen wearing apparel, books, provisions 320
Robinson, Joseph Castlecomer 2 watches, shop-goods, window broke & cash 173
Ryan, Mary Castlecomer House burned, cash & furniture 22
Salter, Peter Dysart Loss of annuity by the death of his son 6
Salter, Margaret Widow Coon Cloaths & geese 1
Scott, Joseph Castlecomer Bed-cloaths & wearing apparel 3
Seale, Margaret Castlecomer Wearing apparel, flour & silver spoons 9
Searson, Alice Widow Castlecomer House, furniture, pork & quilting frames 15
Shekleton, Jonas Castlecomer Cash, notes, furniture, cloaths, provisions arms 100
Shirley, John Coolcullen Butter, sheep, a heiffer, wearing apparel & a gun 22
Shore, William Castlecomer Gunpowder 1
Shore, William Cloneen One horse, & car & tacklings, and potatoes 23
Shore, John Coonfile One mare, car, tackle & cash 17
Shore, John Moneenroe One horse, saddle & bridle 11
Smith, Ann Castlecomer One horse, car & tacklings 12
Smith, Randle Castlecomer A coat, provisions, poultry, linen & thread 3
Smyth, Richard Moneenroe Two horses 12
William (surname?) Coolcullen Meadowing, leather & cloaths 3
Wilson, Mary Widow Gurteen Wearing apparel & potatoes 3
Wilson, John Gurteen Meadow, oats & potatoes  10
Wilson, Thomas Castlecomer Household furniture & a flax-wheel 6
**NOTE:  After William (end of  the S surnames but before the W surnames, many items and townlands given but no names)




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