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Surname UK Location Ireland Location Contact Person
Angus not given Howth, North Dublin Heather
Ardill London Dublin Brian Wray
Atkinson Hartlepool Easkey, Co Sligo Ken Atkinson
Barret Pontefract, Yorkshire unknown Kenpick
Barton Londonderry, N. Ireland Londonderry Mary Hughes
Beggs not given Armagh, NI Heather
Belanger not given not given Jennifer Belanger
Bergin Gateshead, Co Durham Ballymackan, Maryborough, Co Laois George Gibson
Bernie, Birnie Lanarkshire, Scotland Tyrone Cece Braun
Blair not given Antrim Frank Moden
Blackwell Bredbury & Stockport, Cheshire Dunkerrin Parish, Offaly Jan K Fortado
Blinman not given not given Christine Adams
Boden Manchester Newcastle, Co Down Oonagh
Booth Lancashire Castlecomer area, Co Kilkenny Pat Connors
Boreland Ireland Clondavaddog, Donegal Dave Borland
Bourke United Kingdom not given Thomas Metcalfe
Bowes Woolwich, Birmingham, W. Australia Limerick John Baldwin
Boyle Rutherglen & Cambuslang, SCOT Co Monaghan Jessen
Boyle Ayr, Ayrshire Donegal Margaret Boyle
Boyle Australia unknown Duncan
Boyle Glasgow Clondavaddog Donegal Anne Rutherford
Boyle Ireland, Scotland, England Co Donegal Anne
Boyle Campsie, Stirlingshire Donegal Beth Bradley
Boyle Liverpool unknown Gerard Boyle
Boyne Birkenhead Co Wicklow? Chris Boyne
Brackett Oxford Cork, Dublin Frank Brackett
Brackett Cowley, Oxford Kilworth, Cork Kevin Brackett
Bradley Heworth, England not given Pat Coogan
Bradner Cheltenham, Gloucestshire County Wicklow Bernie  Bradner
Branagan, Brannigan Gorton, Lancashire Donegal Kathleen Paton
Brennan St Helens, Lancashire ENG Tuam, Co Galway, Ireland Bernard
Brennan not given Kilkenny Brennan
Brogan not given Mayo Jean
Brown not given Belfast, Antrim Helen Templeton
Bryans Glasgow, Scotland unknown Marg B Stewart
Buckley Merthyr Tydfil, Wales West Cork, Clonakilty John Steitz
Buick not given Lisburn Tracey Johnson
Buick Scotland Moylarg or Ballymena John
Burke Oswaldtwistle, Nr Accrington, Lancashire not given Thomas Metcalfe
Burns Leeds unknown Tracey Burns
Burns New Castle on Tyne SCOT not given Mary Devries
Burns Eccleston, St Helens, Lancashire not given Ted O'Toole
Burns Midlands Belfast Reg Burns
Caden Hartlepool Sligo Easkey John Burke
Calla(g)han Poplar, Middlesex, London Cobh, Aghada, Co Cork Mary Palmer
Callanan not given Sligo Tom Callanan
Campbell England not given Frances Petrak
Campbell Co. Durham Killelagh, Halfgayne, Co Derry John Campbell
Canavan Lancashire Wicklow, Dublin Christine


unknown Gerard Boyle
Cannon Liverpool unknown Gerard Boyle
Carey Pendleton, Salford, Kirkham Co Tipperary Linda
Carley not given Cork Tom
Carley Ardwick, Manchester Roscommon Shelagh Street
Carlin Greenock, Glasgow Londonderry, Co Donegal Anne Rutherford
Carroll Liverpool unknown Nathalie
Carroll not given unknown Margaret Mitchell
Carvil Manchester Belfast Peter Carvil
Casey Alcester Warwickshire Limerick chwarden
Casey Manchester Castletownbere, West Cork Judith
Casey Glasgow, Dumfries, Scotland Shanballysallagh, Tubber, Co Clare Paddy Casey
Cassidy Dundee, Scotland Leitrim Carole
Cassidy Gateshead unknown Angela
Cassidy Midlands Ballymoney Reg Burns
Caufield Stockton on Tess unknown Ron Alexander
Cavanaugh not given unk, poss Co Donegal Mary P
Christie Chatham, Kent and Netley Abbey, Hampshire Rathkeale, Limerick Jean
Churchfield Hartlepool, Durham ENG Co Mayo Mary L Casey
Clarke Tyne & Wear, So Yorkshire Milltown, Co Galway Sharon Clarke
Claven, Clavin Mold, Wales Gibraltar, unknown county Dot Schultz
Clogan Everywhere North Mayo, Kiltmagh etc Ciaran Colgan
Close not given Inishargy, Co Down William A Seely
Close Hyde, Cheshire County Down, Dublin Joyce P Mason
Co(c)burn Paisley, Renfrewshire Tanderagee, Co Armagh Nuala Cockburn
Cochran(e) Glasgow, Scotland Lurgan NI; New Ross, Co Wexford, Dublin Heather
Colgan Yorkshire area Ballavary, Kiltamagh, Straide, Balla?, Sharaheens, Co Mayo Ciaran Colgan
Colleran Batley, West Yorkshire Charlestown, Co Mayo Michele
Collins Glasgow Donegal Edwina Tonner
Comber Elthan, London Co Cork John Comber
Connelly not given Donegal Connelly
Connor Everton, Liverpool unknown Nathalie Connor
Connor Heworth, England Derry, Ireland Pat Coogan
Connor Leeds, Yorkshire unknown Hester NicEilidh
Connor Middlesbrough not given Charles Connor
Conroy Essex Templemore, Tipperary Stephanie Conroy
Conway Wigan, Lancashire, England unknown Ireland area Liz Cook
Conwell Holytown, Lanarkshire Tullyleek, Donaghmore, Co Tyrone Malcolm McConville
Copeland Yorkshire Newry Jean Spiers
Corr Greysouthen, Cumberland Dungannon Catherine Wykes
Corrigan Lanarkshire Lisburn Helenor G B Jones
Corry Wigan, Lancashire Co Clare Sue Corry
Costello The Strand, London Tipperary, Cork Moira Hannam
Costello Lancashire, Yorkshire Tipperary, Cork Moira Hannam
Costello Manchester ENG Co Cavan Joan R Plantinga
Coughlan Lymington, Portsmouth, Devonport Crookhaven, Co Cork Max Coughlan
Coughlin Bolton, Lancashire ? Tipperary Angela Ashworth
Coulter UK Londonderry McClellan
Coyle Glasgow Donegal Agnes Foley
Coyle Glasgow Donegal Edwina Tonner
Coyle Glasgow Donegal Charles Coyle
Coyne Kirkdale, Liverpool Ballinrobe Claire
Craven unknown Roscommon Denise Rivera
Criglington not given Maze, Lisburn, NI Wendy
Crossley not given not given Christina Crossley
Cullen Liverpool Wexford Denise
Curry Telford, Shropshire Swinford, Co Mayo Frank Curry
Daly Manchester Dublin Cathy Daly
Daly East Lothian Carrigtwohills, Cork Irene Higgenbotham
Darcy Salford, Lancashire not known, possibly Dublin Joan Willcock
Day St Helens unknown Eileen
Deacon not given Enniscorthy, Co Wexford Heather
Degnan not given unk, poss Co Donegal Mary P
Dennison not given Strabane, Co Tyrone Alice Chapin
Desmond Newcastle, Tyneside, London Cobh, Co Cork Cal M Desmond-Pearson
Devaney Liverpool unknown Annie
Devine Liverpool Donegal Daniel
Devine Farsley, Leeds, Yorkshire Mullingar Christine Devine
Devitt, Davitt Lanarkshire SCOT, Hartlepool, Durham ENG Easkey Parish, Co Sligo Mary L Casey
Devlin Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Glasgow not given George Devlin
Devlin Yorkshire, Lancashire Hillsborough, Co Down Jane Revord
Doherty Nottingham, England maybe Sligo June
Donaghee Northern Ireland Co. Londonderry Diane
Donnelly Lanarkshire Lurgan, Co Armagh Henry Machon
Donnelly Birmingham Belfast Katie Donnelly
Donoghue Glasgow unknown Loraine Donoghue
Donoghue Birmingham not given NAM
Donoghue not given unknown Margaret Mitchell
Dorrian not given Inishargy, Co Down William A Seely
Dowman London Cork and Dublin Glenda Boulter
Downing Surrey Skibbereen, Co Cork June Greenough
Doyle Port Talbot, South Wales Enniscorthy, Co Wexford John Doyle
Doyle Widnes Dock, Lancashire Co Galway Phyllis Edwards
Driscoll Poplar, East London unknown, Co Cork? Victor Paul
Duffy Leeds Donegal, Mayo, Galway Lisa Duffy
Duggan Tradegar, Wales unknown Blaine O'Connell
Duke, Duck not given Longford Bridie Woods
Dunlevie Glasgow, Scotland Donegal Margaret Burns
Dunn Milton, Glasgow, Scotland Belfast Cece Braun
Dunne Dover unknown Rupert Butler
Durning Glasgow Donegal Agnes Foley
Eaton Glasgow, Scotland Derry Marg B Stewart
Ellis Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk ENG Co Waterford Michelle Brett
Ellis London Limerick Moira
England Orpington, Kent Co. Tipperary Veronica Malmberg
Exshaw not known Co Kildare Brian Wray
Fahy, Foy Misc. Misc. Margaret
Fay, Fahy, Foy Lancashire unknown Margaret Rose
Ferguson Whitehaven, Cumbria Dundalk, Co Louth Eve Ferguson
Fitzalan South London Dublin Olive Fitzalan
Fitzsimmons Glasgow Cavan Mary Johnston
Fitzmaurice Manchester Lisbaun East Simon
Fitzmaurice Yorkshire area Ballavary, Kiltamagh, Straide, Balla?, Sharaheens, Co Mayo Ciaran Colgan
Fitzpatrick Lancashire, Yorkshire not given Moira Hannam
Fitzpatrick Durham, Lancashire Co Galway William Karr
Fitzsim(m)ons Rock Ferry, Birkenhead Wirral Kilmachael, Ballygarrett area, Co Wexford Suzanne Dodd
Flaherty Ayr not given Irene Porte
Flaherty, Flarty Leeds, West Yorkshire Dublin Frank Holleran
Flannigan Chorley, Lancashire unknown Maggie
Floody Newcastle, Elswick, Northumberland Co Monaghan A Harney
Flynn Manchester Clydagh, Co Roscommon Simon
Foley not given Dublin Agnes Foley
Foley Scotland Ireland Anne
Forster, Foster Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire Co Fermanagh John Forster
Forster Surrey Co Cork June Greenough
Freeman Rock Ferry, Birkenhead Kilmore are, Co Wexford Suzanne Dodd
French Wirral Wexford, Dublin Jackquie
Friel Manchester Aghadaghly, Donegal Fiona
Gaff Little Bolton, Lancashire Roscommon Evelyn Ulmer
Gaghen Ulster Londonderry Mary Hughes
Gallagher York, England Co Mayo Colleen Kilvington
Gallagher Newcastle upon Tyne unknown Angela
Gallagher Garston, Liverpool, Salford, Manchester Swinford, Co Mayo Carol Jones
Gallagher Liverpool unknown Gerard Boyle
Gallivan Merthyr Tydfil Tralee Clive Gilbert
Gallocher Ayrshire unknown Elizabeth Gallocher
Gallocher Campsie, Stirlingshire Donegal Beth Bradley
Gannon Coventry Westport, Co Mayo William Seely
Gannon Huddersfield, West Yorks Galway Jean Morris
Garty Liverpool Cheshire Kilkenny, Westmeath Eileen K
Gavin Lancashire Mayo, Mullingar Triena Duffy
Gavin Chester, Liverpool Islandeady, Co Mayo Margaret Hayes
Gavin Leeds, Yorkshire Mayo Gavin Moore
Gentleman Scotland County Kerry June Rupp
Gibbons Wigan, Lancashire Glenisland, Bohola, Co Mayo Carmel Gibbons
Gibbons Sunderland, Durham Westport, Co Mayo Julia Robinson
Gillespie not given Easkey, Co Sligo Michael Reynolds
Gilmartin Hartlepool, Co Durham ENG Easkey Par., Co Sligo Mary L Casey
Gilmore not given Howth, North Dublin Heather
Glynn not given Tiaquin, Newcastle Athenry, Galway John Glynn
Godden not given Dublin Heather
Godley Hyde, Cheshire County Down, Dublin Joyce P Mason
Gordon Liverpool Co Antrim, Cullybackey J. Lappin
Gorman Lancashire unknown Margaret Rose
Gosnell East London unknown, Co Cork? Victor Paul
Gow Carlilse Belfast, Dublin, Cork Jenny Field
Grange Hyde, Cheshire County Down, Dublin Joyce P Mason
Griffin Glasgow Donegal Edwina Tonner
Grimason, Grimison Cumberland, Kent, Brighton, London, Gwent Cos Tyrone, Armagh David J Grimshaw
Guinane Huddersfield, Yorkshire Limerick J Morris
Hacket England Dublin Joan Cook
Hackett Halifax, Yorkshire Clonlara, Co Clare Margaret Spearin
Hall London Belfast Jackie Hall
Halliday Durham Tyrone Nouvelle Thwaites
Hallinan Liverpool Limerick Dianne K Lawrence
Hallinan Manchester Cork City Sandra Martin
Halloran, Holoran Salford, Bilston, Manchester Meath Lou
Halvey Birmingham Kilkerrin, Ballinasloe, Galway Bernadette Meally
Hanlon Lancashire, Liverpool, Manchester unknown Lou
Hannon Lancashire, Durham Co Mayo William Karr
Hannon Farsley, Leeds, Yorkshire Delvin Christine Devine
Harkin Glasgow Donegal Charles Coyle
Hayden Wirral Wexford, Dublin Jacquie
Hayes not given Saints Island, Sod Island, Bunratty, Co Clare Margaret Spearin
Hayes Manchester unknown Ellen
Hayes Tredegar, Wales Co Cork John Steitz
Headley Leeds, York unknown Ralph Forsaith
Healy West Calder, Livingston unknown R Mogg
Heaphy not given Ballyphehane, Co Cork David
Heaphy, Heafey Jersey, Channel Islands Waterford Gloria
Heatley not given Belfast or Co Armagh/Down William A Seely
Henderson Lanarkshire Londonderry Sarah Campbell
Hewitt Hamilton, Scotland Moira, Co Down Alistair Hewitt
Higgenbotham East Lothian Donegal Irene Higgenbotham
Higginbotham Scotland Dublin Joan Cook
Hill London Waterford Mary Whibley
Hingerty, Hingarty Staffordshire & Lancashire Tipperary, Offaly Carole
Holden Lancashire Co Wicklow Gail Bales
Holleran Leeds, West Yorkshire Ballina area, Co Mayo Frank Holleran
Hood York Yorkshire Belfast Theresa Mitchell
Horgan Pembrokeshire, Wales Co Kerry Shirley Ann Walker
Hornell England not given Barry H
Houston Glasgow Londonderry Cathy
Howell Sussex unknown Bev
Hughes not given not given Mary Hughes
Hunt Manchester Bekan, Co Mayo Simon Hunt
Hyde, Hide London prob Co Cork Ellen Elliott
Igoe Hackney, London Muckanagh, Westmeath Irene
Irvine Liverpool, ENG unknown Paul Irving
Irvine Liverpool unknown Sandra
Johnson not given Co Wicklow Morris Johnson
Joyce Surrey Connemara Josie Joyce
Judge London Mayo Peter Judge
Judge Hartlepool, Co Durham, ENG Easkey Parish, Co Sligo Mary L Casey
Kane not given Ballycastle, Co Mayo Richard J Kane
Karr not given Donegal Kyshirll Emianon
Kavanagh Manchester Dublin Cathy Daly
Kaveeny Wakefield Killanumery, Co Leitrim Eileen
Keating not given Ardfinnan, Ballybacon, Co Tipperary Patricia
Keefe Wales unknown Ann
Keegan, Gegin Hartlepool, Co Durham ENG Easkey Parish, Co Sligo Mary L Casey
Keenan Johnstone, Glasgow, Scotland Carnagat Killevy, Armagh Paul Keenan
Keenan Cumberland, ENG County Down Chuck Keenan
Kelly Northampton Clare Rebecca
Kelly Yorkshire Mohill, Co Leitrim Cathy
Kennedy Rotherham, Yorkshire Ballinderry, Co Tipperary June Metcalfe
Kennedy Manchester Dublin Cathy Daly
Kerrigan Glasgow, Scotland Donegal Margaret Burns
Kerrigan Sunderland, Durham Westport, Co Mayo Julia Robinson
Kier not given Ballymoney, Co Antrim Shirley B Baker
Kilmartin Hartlepool, Co Durham ENG Easkey Par., Co Sligo Mary L Casey
Kissane not given Co Kerry Helen Templeton
Knight Pontefract, Yorkshire unknown Kenpick
Kyle Wigan Mayo Muriel Hutton
Laffan, Laffin Horwich, Lancashire Kilkenny City, Co Kilkenny Artie Purcell
Lamont England Antrim Barry H
Lardner Tyldesley, Greater Manchester Caravola, Tuam, Galway Ted O'Toole
Lawler Ardwick, Manchester Co Tipperary Shelagh Street
Leathem not given Lisburn Wendy Grant
Lewis not given not given Paula Lewis Owens
Kilker Manchester Mayo Juliana Mulroy
Leddy not given Cavan Nan
Loftus Wales Swinford, Co Mayo Betsey
Loftus Cheshire Mayo Gordon
Long Halifax, West Yorkshire Cork Gordon Moody
Long-holden Lancashire Co Wicklow Gail
Loughlin London prob Co Cork Ellen Elliott
Loughran Mid Wales Tyrone Pater Loughran
Lowry Selby, Yorkshire Co Roscommon Ann Harney
Lyden, Loyden Lancashire Galway Val Ashcroft
Lydon everywhere Kiltimagh Kate Ford
Lynam Lancashire Meath Andrea
Lynch not given Galway Darth Miller


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