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Surname Ireland County Where Emigrated Time line Contact
Paden Co Tyrone Liverpool, 1830 onwards Elaine Pass
Page Connaught NY to Missouri 1848 - 1904 Cate
Palmer Co Longford Liverpool, England 1871-78 Geoffrey Palmer
Patrick unknown South Carolina 1700 Linda Collins
Pearson Old Ross, Co Wexford not given not given Kaye
Penderg(r)ast Doonbeg, Co Clare may not have 1860-1940 Barbara McGrath
Pennington Belfast England 1820-1902 Christine Shelmerdine
Peoples Donegal, Antrim Philadelphia PA, Canada 1840 on Patricia Peoples
Perry Downpatrick India 1782-1816 Christopher
Perry Kildare, Carbury RC Par. Kingston, Ulster Co, NY 1870-80s Edward R FitzGerald
Pertill unknown Manchester 1900-20 June Bradbury
Peters Co Tipperary Iowa, USA 1850s Cheri Hill
Petticrew, Pettigrew Cos Down, Antrim, Tyrone, Armagh Lancaster & Dauphin Cos PA, USA mid 1700s B Kline
Peyton Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim Ontario CAN 1832 Brenda Hooton
Phelan Co Leix not given not given Kathryn Kahmoku
Philpott County Cork did not emigrate 1830-1892 Tony Philpott
Pickens Ahoghill, Antrim Iowa US 1883 Frank Moden
Pickering Maralin Parish, Down Tweed, ON, Canada 1816 Jane Magill
Pickham Gortavalla, Doon, Co. Limerick USA & UA 1880 John O'Connell
Plunket unknown New York, USA ca 1820 Doreen Pennell
Plunkett Belfast Manchester, England 1850s Doreen Pennell
Plunkett Monaghan 1803 Woolwich, 1806 Malta, 1823 Australia 1803-1823 Doreen Pennell
Poole Old Ross, Co Wexford not given not given Kaye
Potter Co Meath Utica NY 1790-1844 Sue Saunders
Powell Cork City Portland ME 1878-1890 Louise Gallagher
Power Waterford Australia, Tasmania convict 1857 Brian Power
Power Fairbrook, Co. Waterford England 1870-80 Ron Southwick
Power not given not given not given John Power
Power Knock-A-doon USA 1840 Newell Powers
Power Tramore, Co Waterford Washington Co NY 1875 Susan Berkhimer
Powers Waterford Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1848 Kyle Rooney
Pritchard not given not given not given Donna Bolton
Purcell Co Clare Chicago, IL, USA 1850-1900 Judith Mason
Purcell possibly Co Tipperary Australia 1830-1850 George Asuega
Purcell Wexford, Kilkenny unknown 1820-1880 Maureen
Purcell not given Canada 1800 Mary Greene
Purcell Cork & Rathkeale, LIM not given 1800 onwards Teresa Wadman
Pursell unknown Bucks Co, PA 1600s to present Elysia Whisler
Quigley Cork Washington DC 1840-41 Lisa Quigley-Moon
Quigley Loughgall, Armagh Ontario CAN 1780 onward Juanita
Quigley Co Cork South Australia 1857-73 Margaret Roney
Quigley Gartons, Urney Par, Co Tyrone Philadelphia 1880-90 Joe Hunter
Quin Ballintra, Donegal Glasgow, Scotland 1830 on Barbara L Gillon
Quinlan Knockavilla Australia 1865 Mary Hogan
Quinlan Roscrea Montreal 1847 Sandy Rogers
Quinn Clare Boston MA 1860-1869 Patricia Q Brown
Quinn unknown NY > Harwinton CT 1828+ Nancy Grenier
Quinn Co Cork USA 1900 Sandy Quinn
Quinn Co Laois Middletown CT 1860s-1920s Pat Robinson
Quinn unknown Brooklyn NY 1889-90 Georgia Evans
Quinn all Ireland Canada 1840-50? Mike J Quinn
Quinn Cos Antrim, Cork, Down USA 1800s-1900s Sharon Rogers
Quinn Armagh or Tyrone Clarendon Twp, Pontiac Co, QBC, CAN 1835-48 Frank Quinn
Quinn unknown Massachusetts 1800 Norma Q Higgins
Quinn Kerry NYC 1800s Sallie Mills
Quinn Dublin Sydney 1800 Colin Printz
Quinn Waterford did not emigrate 1880 onward Valerie Gloin
Quirey etc Carnmoney, Antrim not given 1712 on Nancy Jewel
Quirk Waterford, Tipperary Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Canada 1825 Joe Quirk
Quirk Co Cork? New York, IL 1850-1920 Marie
Radcliff(e) Belfast, Ballymacarrett, Co Down Cincinnati OH, IN, MO 1847-54 Carol Radcliff
Raftree Kilkerrin, Co Galwasy NY, NJ, Boston? 1800-1920 Maureen
Raftery Co Galway Melbourne AU 1840-60 Leonard Pearsell
Raftery Ballinasloe, Galway Australia 1841 Julia Sheppard
Rainey Co Cork Troy NY 1837 Michael Rainey
Ralph Camolin, Co Wexford New Hampton, Jacksonville, Iowa 1819-1901 Venon Ralph
Rankin Co Derry Prince Edward Island ca 1857 Rich Rankin
Ratikin Roscommon England, Walsall 1820-1860 Brian Edge
Ravell anywhere did not emigrate 1700+ Linda Hansen
Ray, Rea Armagh not given 1750-1850 Jessie Engan
Real Limerick, Oola & Pallas Illinois USA 1850 Chuck Real
Reardon Cork New Zealand 1874 Alan
Reburn unknown New York 1835-1848 Joyce Chiasson
Reddin Abington, Co Limerick Australia bef 1840 Vicki Strickland
Redding Co Kerry (Ballinskelligs or Tralee?) Holyoke, MA ca 1900 Ray
Redding Borrisokane, Tipperary Tamworth, Staffordshire UK 1859-1877 Miriam Smith
Redding Clare PA 1844 Francis Redding
Redding Clare New South Wales AU 1800s onwards Julia
Reddington not given New York not given Barbara Hayes
Redmond Wexford? PA 1830 Linda Scatena
Redmond Co Carlow New York State USA 1845-50 John L Redmond
Reed, Reid Derry Rockbridge Co, VA 1720-1729 Jim Reed
Regan Co Cork Marine City, Michigan, USA 1852-53 Bernard J Regan
Regan poss Co Meath Central New York 1846 Jim McNally
Regan Co Offaly England not given Karl Regan
Regan Galway Tennessee USA 1825-50 Dottie
Regan Kilfinne New York 1880-90 Jim Regan
Regan Galway USA 1824-50 Dottie
Regan Kiltimagh, Co Mayo Maine early 1900 Mary Brady
Reid Co Down Augusta Co, VA ca 1720 Jim Reed
Reid Antrim New Zealand 1880+ Barry Hornell
Reidy Castleisland area, Co Kerry Negaunee MI 1870 Ray Marshall
Reilly Cavan Brooklyn NY 1840-1880 Jim Riley
Reilly, Riley unknown Brooklyn, NYC, NY 1800s-1930s Patti Reilly S.
(O) Reilly Galway OH, IA, MO, Chicago 1840-1920 Maureen
Reuby Cork City Bermondsey, London, ENG 1846-70 Peter Reuby
Reynolds Leitrim not given not given Bob Hardiman
Reynolds Armagh England 1840-1900 Julie Peel
Reynolds Athy, Co Kildare did not emig 1910-1970 Liz Buckley
Reynolds Shanagolden, Co Limerick did not emig 1840-1900 Liz Buckley
Rice Co Galway western PA, Pittsburgh late 1840s Marybeth Corrigall
Rice Co Louth Milwaukee WI & Hopkinton MA 1831-current Sally Garcia
Rice Banbridge, Co Down Australia, England 1840s or 1850s Diane Johns
Richardson Co Leix Kingston, New York 1870 Edward D Richardson
Richerby Shillelagh. Wicklow New Zealand 1800-1880 Dorothy Pasco
Ricky, Rickey, Riky Co Down Kent Co Delaware > Somerset Co NJ 1600s Tom Rickey
Riddle Dublin South South Africa 1854-1938 Lloyd Scott
Riley Wexford 1835 Australia 1814-1875 Marie Riley
Riley Cork NJ-Allaire Village, Wall Township 1834 Nancy Riley
Riley, Reiley, O'Riley County Meath Canada 1839-42 Sally Stevens
(O)Riley, Reilly unknown MD 1820-1830 Helen Rehm
Riley, Reil(l)y Co Cork MA > Bridgewater SD 177801920 A F Senecal
Riley, Reil(l)y Killeagh, Co Cork Boston, Holyoke etc MA 1830s-2004 A F Senecal
Riley, O'Reilly Counties Carlow, Cavan, Meath New Zealand 1820-45 Carole KB
Ring, Wring Cork Belleville, Ontario CAN 1846 Janet Bruton
Roach Co Cork Chenango Co, NY ca 1860 Cassie Clipston
Roach Co Clare 1860 Lancashire ENG, 1871 USA 1855-65 Thomas F Travis
Roach, Roche Co Cork Far Rockaway, NY 1845-1925 Pat Wood
Roane, Ruane, Rowan Galway New York > Lowell MA ca 1851 Christine Roane
Robertson Co Down Augusta Co, VA ca 1720 Jim Reed
Robertson Enniskillen, Fermanagh Canada 1800-1920 Maralee Groome
Robinson Ballygrainey, Bangor Parish, Co Down not given 1780-1850 Dianne Poore
Robinson Co Armagh Ontario 1820-60 Ida Maloney
Roche Bahaga, Co Tipperary New York 1861 Mary Colbert
Rochford Easky Dromore West, Co Sligo Brooklyn NY 1800 on Kevin P Flood
Rochford, Ratchford Co Clare NY to Chicago, IL, USA 1850s-1870s Judith Mason
Rodgers Co Armagh not given not given S. Brown
Rodgers Carnmoney, Antrim not given 1712 on Nancy Jewel
Rogers unknown NYC? 1844-48 Virginia Giguere
Rogers Co Mayo New York 1880-present Noelle Fairbanks
Rogers Cos Armagh or Antrim Van Buren Co, IA 1880-1860 Craig Rasmussen
Roney Northern Ireland Philadelphia PA 1843 Loretta G Darlington
Rooney Kilkenny City Liverpool UK 1820-1930 Leslie Rowlands
Rooney Tipperary Dodge Co, Wisconsin USA 1848 Kyle Rooney
Rooney not given not given 1840 Janet Magnuson
Rooney Kiltamaugh, Co Mayo NYC 1890s Martin Moran
Rooney unknown Whitwick, Leicesters, W Yorks, UK ca 1860s+ Sue
Ross Longford South Africa 1820 Jennifer Spear
Ross No Ireland not given 1800+ Mary
Roughan, Rowan, Rohen etc Co Clare, Derra, Cratloe, Parteen Chicago IL, USA 1840's-1900's Judith Mason
Rouine Ennistimon, Co Clare Lowell MA, USA 1830-present Mary R Marsh
Rourke Rushin, Co Laois Quebec, Canada 1819 Wanda Crawford
Rourke Longford USA 1924-26 Jane Rourke
Rowan Clare New South Wales AU 1800s onwards Julia
Rowe Co Offaly (Kings) Victoria, AU bef 1851 Susan Adam
Rowlette, Roulett Easky Drumore West, Co Sligo Brooklyn NY 1800 on Kevin P Flood
Ruddy Northern Ire, possibly Donegal New York, Castle Gardens 1862 Susan McBride Cook
Rutledge Balliderg, Co Mayo Niagara Falls NY 1830-present Kate Parle
Ryan Doon Village or Kilmoylan Upper QLD, Australia 1891 Brendan
Ryan unknown Newfoundland late 1800s-1900 Patricia Jackman
Ryan unknown Brooklyn NY by 1872 Georgia Evans
Ryan Commonealine, Co Tipperary New York 1881 Mary Colbert
Ryan Knockavilla, Tipperary NY > RI > MA 1864 - 1928 Carol VerCammen
Ryan Kilkenny unknown 1820-1920 Maureen
Ryan Tipperary NY 1848? Colleen Wheeler
Ryan Doon, Co Limerick USA-NY, WI, MN 1850 K F Ryan
Ryan Co Limerick Philadelphia PA 1880 Marianne Bonner
Ryan Northern Ireland Lowell MA 1870 Ras Lipomi
Ryan Trim, Co Meath Australia 1859 Cheryl Ianson
Ryan Annaholty, Newport Boston 1889-1902 Bob Ryan
Ryan Borrisoleigh, Co Tipperary Melbourne AU 1850-6 Barbara Lughermo
Ryan Dundalk, Co Louth Chicago IL 1886 Susan R Clark
Ryan Tipperry New Zealand > AU early 1840s-1844+ Frances Terry
Ryan unknown Eastman,   WI 1846-49 Gloria Lund
Ryle Hacketstown, Co Carlow West Australia, USA 1897-1911AU, later USA Lesley
Rynard Gurteen, Castletown CP, Co Kilkenny bef 1799, m Boyle who emig to Ontario CAN Boyle-1830s Pat Connors
Salinger, St Leger Kilkenny not given not given Julie
Salter Castleton not given not given Vickie Tatsch
Saunders Kilkenny New Orleans LA 1854 Mike Saunders
Savage Co Down Victoria, Australia 1840 Ron Savage
Savage Lurgan Victoria, Australia 1800, 1860 Rae Enever
Savage Shanagolden, Co Limerick did not emig 1800-1900 Liz Buckley
Savage Co Down Dubuque Co. IA, USA 1846 Pat Martin
Sayers Glenarm, Co Antrim Canada 1905 Judith Stark-Sayers
Scally not given not given not given Donna Bolton
Scanlon Ballyduff Upper, Co Waterford Boston MA 1700s-present Tricia Scanlon
Scanlan Longford South Africa 1820 Jennifer Spear
Scanlan Ballybackon, Ardfinnan, Tipperary Victoria & Western Australia 1890s Patricia G.
Scanlan Garraunboy, Killaloe, Co Clare Limerick > Quebec, CAN (Wyndham Emigrants) 1847 Orla Kuiper-Ryan
Scanlan Limerick did not emig 1850-1900 Julie
Scanlan Kilmoyler, Tipperary Queensland AU 1819-1852 Barbara Andersen
Scanlan Ballyduff Upper, Lismore, Co Waterford CT>Grass Valley CA>Negaunee MI 1850s-1869 Ray Marshall
Scanlan unknown Islington, London ENG 1870s Tim Healy
Scanlan Rathkeale, Co Limerick USA, AU 1850-1920 Mike Scanlan
Scanlan, Scanlon LiseyCasey, Ennis, Co Clare Brisbane, Queensland, AUS 1907-9 Janice Hegarty
Scanlan, Scanlon Co Kerry Natchez, MS, USA 1850 Harry D Smith
Scanlan, Scanlon Co Clare USA 1700s-1900s A L Scanlon
Scannell Cork or Kerry Plymouth ENG > Senega Falls NY 1870-1900 Eileen
Scarlott Leitrim, Fermanagh USA, PA, OH 1786-89 Jean Scarlott
Scott Donegal NY 1778 DL Cline
Scott Belfast Canada 1918 V. Scott
Scott Co Donegal NJ, DE, PA 1850-1900 Rich Nicholas
Scott Downpatrick not given  1820-50 Bluebird
Scrymgeour Belfast Manchester ENG 1852-72 Joseph Wright
Scullan unknown not given 1810-40 Cathy
Scully Roscrea, Co Tipperary not given from 1855 Marianne Bonner
Seaward, Seward Tipperary not given 1790/1850 Adelle Jordan
Seery Roscommon & Westmeath Australia 1800-1870 Terry Seery
Seery Westmeath or Offaly Philadelphia PA 1868 Frank Seery
Sexton Limerick PA, MN 1848 on Sheri Sexton
Seymour Limerick City Orange, NJ, USA 1850 John Seymour
Shanahan Roscommon Canada? Chicago USA 1855-75 Marilyn Shanahan
Shannon Galway England, Walsall 1810-1853 Brian Edge
Shannon poss Connaught New York City 1830-1910 Maureen
Shannon unknown CAN > Negaunee MI ca 1860s Shawn Kathleen
Shannon Co Cork or Down Battersea, Storrington Twp, CAN West 1800 to present Esther Mitchell
Shannon Northern Ireland Canada, Australia, USA 1830-90 Debbie
Shannon County Mayo Canada not given Diane
Shannon Newbliss Par., Co Monaghan Grenville Co ONT, CAN 1829 Ronald D Shannon
Shannon Dublin, Meath Ohio>Pittsburgh PA 1795 to present Lynn Sheahen
Shannon Cavan, Co Cavan, NI Glebe AU 1862-1867 Shirley Parker
Sharkey Golanee, Ardstraw Par, Co Tyrone Philadelphia 1880-90 Joe Hunter
Shaughnessy Derrymore, Dunmore, Co Galway NY 1927 Mary O'Dowd
Shaughnessy Co Carlow New York City 1847-53 Sharon S Natcher
Shaw Dundalk, Co Louth Chicago IL 1886 Susan R Clark
Shay, Shea Clontuskert Par, Galway New Orleans LA mid 1830s Janice L Worthen
(O)Shea Garryduff, Co Kilkenny Hoosick Falls NY 1880 Susan Berkhimer
Shea Co Cork or Kerry Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ENG 1800-1835 Pamela
Shea Cork Nova Scotia late 1700s Burdena Shea
Shea unknown Westchester, Bronx NY 1839-1840 Mike Saunders
Sheedy Co Clare USA 1700s - 1900s A L Scanlon
Sheehan Cork not given 1835-1935 Terri Connors
Sheehan Kilmacow, Wexford Merthyr Tydfile Wales, PA 1804+ Kate
Sheehan, Sheehy Dingle, Co Kerry Chicopee MA > Fall River MA 1860s-1880 Ann D'Amore
Sheehy Duagh, Co Kerry Chicago, NY 1875 onward Nan Brennan
Sheehy Cork Australia 1877 Myree McGoldrick
Sheekey Boyle, Deerpark, Co Roscommon PA, NJ, Indiana 1820-1890 John Warther
Sweeney Skibbereen, Co Cork 1860 Australia 1839-1912 Marie Riley
Sheeran Donegal Troy NY 1860 Michael Sheeran
Sheeran not given NY 1850 to present Jo-Ann
Sheppard Dublin Keighley, West Yorkshire, ENG 1900 onward Matt Sheppard
Sheppard Ballyhagen, Co Tipperary New Orleans LA 1848-1856 Howard D Sheppard
Sheridan Drumnacarry, Clondahorky Par., Co Donegal Philadelphia PA, USA 1900s Anne
Sheridan Lacken, Multyforham, Co Westmeath NY, USA bef 1890 Gail Kiniry
Sherlock Westmeath Melbourne from 1841 Marie Lockyer
Shevnan Crossna, Co Roscommon UK, USA 1800-1900 Kevin Shivnan
Shields Antrim, Armagh Bardados > Virginia ca 1650 John Shields
Shillington Co Tyrone Green Bay, Bedford Twp, Frontenac Co, ONT, CAN 1841 Kevin Shillington
Shine Millstreet, Co Cork London ENG 1887-88 Patricia Hannafin
Shirey Co Cork Berks or Bucks Co, PA 1880s Brian Shirey
Shivnan Crossna, Cootehall, Co Roscommon Australia, UK, NZ, USA 1800-2000 Kevin Shivnan
Shorten Bradon area, Co Cork unknown 1842-65 Mary Lutz
Silver Galway Manchester ENG 1850s Lyn Christian
Simpson Newry, Co Down Sydney, AU 1838 Ken Simpson
Simpson Northern Ireland Liverpool ENG 1847 Gerry Burger
Sinott, Sinnet, Synott, Senet not given poss. Virginia bef 1860 Pat Robison
Skahill, Skhaill Co Galway Australia 1850-70 Clare Taylor
Skuce, Scuse Cork Boston early 1830s Helen Smith
Slowey Clones PA 1869 Carol Marlo
Smith Cavan did not emig 1700s Nathan Zipfel
Smith Belfast Canada 1920-30 Joan
Smith, Smythe Belfast Ontario CAN 1927-30 Joan K Bourgeois
Snodgrass not given not given 1700-70 John C Snodgrass
Somers Tipperary Channel Islands>NZ 1866, 1870s Gloria
Spears Co Down Ontario CAN 1863 Sharon Spears
Spence Donegal not given not given Maureen
Spiers Drumballyroney, Co Down Australia 1800, 1880 Rae Enever
Spillane, Spellman Cork Bangor ME via St John's NFLD ca 1847 Edwina D'Aiuto
Spotten, Spotton Co Monaghan Philadelphia PA 1851 Virginia D Gross
Stafford Crossabeg, Wexford Liverpool UK any Bill Stafford
Stanton Castlebar, Co Mayo not given 1831 Gail
Stanton Leitrim Ionia Co MI 1838 Patrick Powell
Steen Derry, Donegal PA 1849-59 Mary Lovell
Steen Derry, Co Derry Baltimore MD ca 1815-1856 Warren Fisher
Steep(e) Kilfinane, Co Limerick Australia 1800s-present Margaret Guppy-Steepe
Stevenson, Steenson Co Armagh Scotland any Michael Lynn
Stewart unknown Venango Co., PA ca 1824-37 James S Seebass
Stewart Dunmuckrum, Co Donegal Batsto NJ 1839 Barbara S Price
Stewart Virginai, Co Cavan area PA 1840-50 Steve
Stewart Ballycastle, Co Antrim Americas 1800 David
Stewart poss Donegal or Armagh Wilmington DE bef 1871 Doris Brostrom
Stinson Northern Ireland Boston MA 1773-1840 John Stinson
Stone Clonbroney, Castlecomer Liverpool, England 1800-1900 Wester
St John Tipperary New York 1840 Thomas Fullam
Strain Newbliss, Co Monaghan York Co., Canada 1850 Diane Dougherty
Strickland Newtownards, Co Down Australia bef 1870 Vicki Strickland
Stritch Co Roscommon Tasmania (Van Deiman's Land) 1844-45 Elaine Stevens
Stubbs Dublin Stoke on Trent emig 1820s Andy Micklethwaite
Stutt Co Armagh USA not given Dawn Rene Compton
Sullivan Kenmare, Co Kerry Newport, Rhode Island 1860s forward Sheryl Wildoner
Sullivan Cahirciveen, Co Kerry Holyoke, MA 1890s Ray
Sullivan Kerry Newark NY > Brooklyn NY > Yonkers NY 1867-1937 Mary Payne
Sullivan Connaught? New York City 1840-1920 Maureen
Sullivan Kilgarvin Parish unknown 1782-1864 Donna Marstrander
Sullivan Kerry NY 1853 Florence A Kissane
Sullivan Co Kerry Genessee Co, NY 1845 Colleen M Wheeler
Sullivan unknown England, Birmingham 1800-60 Ros Jarvis
Sullivan Cappamore, Limerick New South Wales AU, NZ? ca 1855 Maureen Sullivan
Sullivan Cahirciveen, Co Kerry Indianapolis IN 1860-62 Scott Sullivan
Sullivan Tuosist, Co Kerry W Springfield MA 1840-1900 A F Senecal
Sullivan Co Cork? Wales, Luzerne, Lackawanna PA 1800s Walton J Sullivan
Sullivan Co Antrim Baltimore MD 1855 - 1865 Erin Sullivan
Sullivan unknown Westchester, Bronx NY 1839-40 Mike Saunders
Swain Portadown, Co Armagh Manchester CT 1800-present Jean McFall
Sweeney Donegal did not emig 1800s Frank Yaccino
Sweeney unknown Philadelphia PA 1800s Bernadette Maurer
Sweeney Co Mayo England ca 1841-1880 Craig Simpson
Sweney, Sweeny Portadown, Co Armagh Westland, NZ 1860s Diane Johns
Swindell Co Kerry USA? Army 1780-1860 Liz Buckley
Taaffe Co Meath Melbourne AU 1859 Barbara Lughermo
Taggart unknown Toronto, ONT, CAN 1886 Kate Taggart
Talbot Kinvarra?, Co Clare Australia NSW 1862-1941 Sharon
Tallon Co Meath not given 1850s Garry Tallon
Tamplin Clare, Galway Australia 1850s-today John Tarrant
Tarpy Mayo USA-Peru, Illinois ca 1849 John M Dooly
Taylor Parsons Town, Co Offaly not given 1700 to 1850 Noni Brown
Taylor Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny NY 1850s Patricia Bush
Tedford Tartaraghan, Armagh, Derrykeeven Quebec or Montreal CAN 1851-52 Judi Power
Tedford Cloncore, Tartaraghan, Armagh QSLD, Australia 1855 Douglas Tedford
Teefy Birdhill, Co Tipperary Australia 1800-1900 Bill Chapman
Terry Co Cork unknown not given Rachel
Thomasson, Thomason unknown Georgia, SCarolina 1700-1800? Dena T Whitesell
Thompson Ulster RI, USA bef 1824 Frank Ward
Thompson Edgeworthtown, Co Longford Goshen, Orange Co, NY 1729 USA Kathy Sternberg
Thompson Dungiven New Zealand ca 1856-66 Jennifer Hudson
Thompson Warrenpoint Co Down Liverpool UK, AU 1860s-present Gill Rice
Thornton Blaria, Co Down Scotland 1800 Lorna Doyle
Tiernan Doogary, Co Roscommon UK, USA, New Zealand 1800-1930 Kevin Shivnen
Tierney Mulqueeney, Co Clare USA 1980-1990 Lila Levinson
Tierney not given Canada, US 1860s Christine Fox
Tierney Co Tipperary Australia bef 1852 Vicki Strickland
Tighe Wexford Brisbane, Queensland AUST 1840 Torquil MacDonald
Timlin Muingnabo, Rossport, Co Mayo Scotland 1850, or later Nora T Buckley
Timmons Lurgan, Co Armagh Colleton Co SC, Baltimore MD ca 1700-1730 Mary Timmons
Tobin Waterford Lexington MA, USA 1848-52 Gerard Tobin
Tobin Bere Island, Carrick Magheross Everett MA 1870-1892 Karen Kelly
Todd (Fox) Columkille, Derrylard, Loughgall RC Parish, Co Armagh Son (Campbell) emig Troy NY 1800-1900 Pat Connors
Todd Counties Sligo & Dublin Pennsylvania 1790-1895 John Warther
Todd Derry Illinois 1700s-1900 Dennis Todd
Todd Drumond, Co Armagh Australia 1830-1880 B Todd
Todd ? Belleanon, Antrim Laurens, SC, PA 1768-1852 Ann Lackey
Tomkins Wexford Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 1829 Barbara MacLellan
Tone Freshford, Kilkenny Arthur, Ontario ca 1740 Sally Mason
Toohill Tipperary Australia 1820 Patricia
Toole unknown Tipton, Iowa USA 1860s Anne
Toole Westmeath USA 1850-60 Joe Toole
Toole unknown Madison IN 1850 Laura Frazier
Tormy Co Westmeath not given ca 1810-1825 Judith Mason
Torpey Co Mayo Ireland 1868 Mark Torpey
Torpey unknown New York 1900 James Torpey
Trac(e)y Londonderry San Francisco, CA 1880 Dave Morgan
Trac(e)y Limerick, Pallas did not emigrate not given Chuck Real
Trainor Bailieborough, Co Cavan Australia 1840-60 Clare Moore
Trainor Bailleborough Australia 1840-60 Phil Trainor
Trainor Co Antrim Scotland 1800+ George Mark
Tubman Kinawley Par., Co Fermanagh Canada > USA 1850-80 Darlene Pugh
Tuft Armagh Western Australia 1820-1910 Annette
Tuite Ballinahinch, Curraghduff, Co Tipperary not given 1700 to 1863 Noni Brown
Tully Roscommon Dorset VT 1860-90 K McDonald
Tumpane Bawn, Silvermines, Nenagh NY, CT 1870 David Campbell
Tuohey Dublin New York 1800s Mary Lou McCabe
Turner Tyrone Long East Illinois 1832-1900 Laurel Perkins
Turner Galway US, MA 1852 Paul C Turner
Tweedie Newry? VIC, Australia 1855 Douglas Tedford
Union Dublin not given not given Derek Union
Vallaney, Valleny unknown New York, USA, UK 1860s-1879 Angela
Vaughan Co Clare Australia 1875-1878 Michael Vaughan
Vaughan Cork City did not emig 1790-1820 Brian Kenealy
Vaughan Ardstraw, Strabane, Co Tyrone Ballyshannon, Co Donegal 1780-1830 Kimithy Vaughan
Vaughan Dunmuckrum, Ballyshannon, Co Donegal Toronto ONT, CAN 1865-80 Kimithy Vaughan
Vaughan Dunmuckrum, Ballyshannon, Co Donegal Chicago IL, USA 1840-60 Kimithy Vaughan
Vaughan Lahinch, Moher, Co Clare Rochester NY 1901 Philip Keane
Verdon Co Limerick USA 1872 Kverdon
Vickers? Tipperary Australia & NZ 1849+ Frances Terry
Wade Northern Ireland New York City NY, USA 1860 Kate Wade
Wade Co Cavan Canada 1789 C Ralph Hayes
Waldron Crossard, Co Mayo n/a 1830-1901 Mary Jane Everett
Walker Rathangan New York 1916 Barbara Hogan
Walker Caroney Tyrone Bundaberg, QLD, AU 1850-1940 Rhonda Harris
Walker Coharn, Co Donegal did not emig ca 1780-1841 Jerrian Barsness
Walker Belfast did not emigrate 1901-11 Muriel Caldwell
Wall Co Meath NY, USA 1850s Cheri Hill
Wallace Co Cavan Ontario CAN 1823 Shauna Quigley
Wallace Galway So Boston, MA 1909-1912 Meg Knieriem
Wallace Moolum, Rochestown, Co. Kilkenny OH > SD > OH 1857-1910 Jean W Copeland
Wallace Killyleagh, Turllyveery, Simmy Island, Co Down Jefferson Co, NY 1838 Chris Wanamaker
Wallace Markethill, Co Armagh California 1912 Rosemary McCormack
Walsh County Waterford Newfoundland 1840-51 Frank
Walsh Armagh Sydney, Australia 1854 Pam Tierney
Walsh Muckalee, Kilkenny Sydney NSW, Australia 1790-1870 Paddy Walsh
Walsh Curraghmore, North Galway New York, NY, USA 1900 on Joanne Lattrell
Walsh Limerick, Ballylanders area Detroit 1826 Geraldine Walsh
Walsh Inchigeelaugh, Co Cork N.S.W., Australia 1878 Marie Payne
Walsh Durrown, Co Leix did not emig 1750-1850 Liz Buckley
Walsh Co Kerry MA, WI, IA not given Patricia C Coogan
Walsh Lahinch, Moher, Co Clare Rochester NY 1901 Philip Keane
Walsh Dublin Connecticut USA 1860-82 Maureen Payton
Walton not given ENG, Can, NY, PA late 1770s Walton J Sullivan
Ward Ulster RI, USA bef 1846 Frank Ward
Ward unknown Minnesota 1855-65 Bobbi Janes
Ward Monaghan South Australia ca 1846 Islay Kelly
Ward unknown Brooklyn NY ca 1825 Anna Caulfield
Ward Donegal Scotland late 1800s-early 1900s Margaret Burns
Ward not given New Orleans LA 1820-1835 Jack T Ward Jr
Ward Warrenpoint, Lugan, Co Down Brisbane, Bundaberg AU 1883 Louise Barry
Ward Galway New Orleans? Indianapolis 1851 Laura Frazier
Ward Wexford Lanark, Ontario, Canada 1826 Jim Ward
Wark Killymard, Donegal Brooklyn NY 1860-65 George Colvin
Weadick Wicklow New York 1830 Patrick Weadick
Webb Co Cork Ontario CAN 1825-28 Beth Ostriyznick
Weir Lisburn did not emig 1800s on Linda March
Weir Northern Ireland Australia 1850 Bev Cameron
Welsh, Walsh Monaghan, Cavan Scotland 1868-1900 Rosemary Richardson-Weisgerber
Welsh Connaught did not emig 1820-90 Maureen
Whalan Kilkenny Australia 1850 K Wall
Whelan unknown Hoboken NJ > Troy NY 1851-1883 Mike Whelan
Whelan, Phelan Bansha, Co Tipperary New York 1890s Mary Colbert
Whelan, Whalen County Waterford Vermont 1826 Katherine
White Co Kerry Canada > Rochester NY, Carbondale PA 1845 arrival Mary Coleman
White Dublin Australia NSW 1745-1845 Lee-anne
White Ballycastle New York, USA 1890s Margaret
White Wicklow, Blessington, Swords Canada, USA, Australia 1845? Debbie
White unknown Brooklyn NY 1840-60? Wendy Hopkins
Whitney Oldcourt, Adamstown Co Wexford not given not given Kaye
Wigim Tyrone New Orleans LA 1850 Michael Wigim
Wigmore Cork Canada 1780-1840 Clarence Wigmore
Wildermoth Rosecrea Australia, NZ prior 1900 Colleen
Wilkey, Wilkie Cos Donegal, Derry, Down PA, IL, MS emig 1850 Jerrian Barsness
Williamson Co Down and/or Co Antrim Grenville, Quebec, Canada 1750-1817 Greg Ferguson
Williamson Loughgall, Armagh Ontario CAN 1780 onward Juanita
Wills Leix Ontario, CAN 1860-63 Norman Wills
Wills, Willis unknown USA late 1700s-1800s Sharon Rogers
Wilson Kildare U.K. 1917-2005 David Wilson
Wilson Tuam, Co Galway not given not given Steven Wilson
Wilson St Johns, Donegal Bradford, ONT, CAN 1862 Geraldine Raudzens
Wilson St John's Point, Donegal Eng, Can, USA 1850s + Anne Green
Wilson, Willson Co Tyrone Ontario CAN 1833-1900 Shirley Redfern
Windrum Kildare Southsea UK 1873-1900 Windrum
Wood Co Cork New Brunswick CAN 1817-20 Jane Wood
Woods Co Monaghan Canada ca 1830 Judith Woods
Woods Co. Tyrone Co Cork 1834 Joyce A Hall
Woodlock Tipperary NSW, Australia 1800-50s Carol Dale
Woods Longford New Brunswick CAN not given Kyle
Woods Newry, Co Down Brooklyn NY 1850-present Pat Wood
Wymes Skreen, Dromard New York 1929 on Deb Huimh
Wynn(e), Winn(e) Riverstown, Co Sligo PA, NY 1847 on Rich Nichols
Young Glenosheen, Co Limerick New Jersey 1749 onward Roland D Young
Young County Laois Lancashire, ENG 1800 on Susan O'Connor
Young Lissballyfroot, Tullaroan, Co Kilkenny Trenton NJ, USA 1880s-1960s Maryann Arnold
Young Co Wexford Canada 1800s Greg Young
Young Northern Ireland not given 1800s-present Diane
Young Co Antrim Savannah GA 1736 Eileen Taft
Yourell Quarryland, Dunboyne, Co Meath 1856 Australia 1856 Alan Yourell


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