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Surname Ireland County Where Emigrated Time line Contact
MacCarthy Fethard, Tipperary Refrewshire > Sydney AU 1880 on Maggi
MacCarthy Naddmore, Banteer, Lyre, Cork Australia, US, Fr 1820 on Leonard Pearsell
Macauley Ballintaggart, Co Armagh; Armagh Portadow, Co Tyrone Ohio, USA 1920 Brenda Battler
MacGiolla Roscommon Ontario CAN 1829 Vicki Gilhula
Macken Granard, Co Longford Brooklyn NY 1848 Pat Wood
Mackey Cobh, Co Cork British Burma 1874-1931 James N Mackey
Mackey Kilkenny US 1929 on Jackie Trock
Mackey Cork Boston, NJ 1872 Susan Hollenbeck
Mackey Dublin New Zealand 1921 on William & Mary
Mackey not given not given 1830-1870 Ruth Briggs
Madden Old Leighlin or Leighlin Bridge Kiama, Australia 1840-70 Glen Brown
Mahedy, Mahady possibly, Co. Longford Brooklyn, NYC ca 1835 Robert Gallagher
Magauran Oteragh, County Leitrim not given 1829-1903 Jean
Magee Dublin did not emigrate 1750-1900 Michelle Wilson
Maguire Cleggan, Cleenish Parish, Fermanagh Toronto/York, Ontario, CAN 1847 Carl Maguire
Maguire County Cavan did not emig 1853+ John J Bohnert
Maguire Tryone to Belfast did not emigrate ca 1851-2 Muriel Caldwell
Maher Co Tipperary Iowa, USA 1880 Cheri Hill
Maher Galway Manchester, England 1860 onward C Feeney
Maher County Laois New Haven Co, CT 1842 onward Janet Maher
Maher unknown Omaha NE 1880s Michael Maher
Maher Roscrea, Co Tipperary not given from 1855 Marianne Bonner
Mahon Kilkenny England 1844-45 Keith Darnell
Mahon East Galway Brooklyn NY 1820-80 Pat Wood
Mahoney Co Clare, Athlunkard, Knockballynameath unknown 1849-1900s Judith Mason
Mahoney Kilmoe, Goleen, Cork London 1870 Mary Simpson
Mahoney not given not given 1830-1870 Ruth Briggs
Mahoney Castlegregory, Co Kerry Boston MA 1913-20 Joe Allen
Mahoney unknown Auburn NY 1870s Daniel Mahoney
Mahony Doon Village or Kilmoylan Upper QLD, Australia 1891 Brendan
Maley, Malia Clare New Haven CT 1860s Melody Masi
Malley, Malia,Maley Kilkelly, Louisburgh, Co Mayo Thompsonville, New Haven CT 1865-1870 John Malley
Malone Castlecomer, Kilkenny Ramsey, Twsp., Ontario 1844 Marilyn White
Maloney Mayo or Limerick Sydney, NSW, Aust. 1833 Dee
Maloney Castleconnell, Limerick Reidsdale, NSW, AU 1850-present Colin B Maloney
Maloney Currow, Co Kerry NY, NY 1800-1900 James O'Leary
Mallalla Galway region not given not given Thomas Mullally
Malloy Waterford Ontario, Canada 1830-55 Barclay Mulligan
Malloy Co Offaly Philadelphia PA from 1860 Marianne Bonner
Mangan Limerick New Zealand, Australia 1850-1930 Julie
Mangan Glin, Co Limerick Passaic NJ 1900 Elizabeth Baehrel
Mangan Limerick NSW Australia 1850-1915 David
Manley Cork or Mayo unknown 1840-1899 Terry Garrett
Mannell not given not given not given Joyce Mannell
Manning unknown Troy NY 1840-1900 Eileen Manning
Manning Co. Cork Troy NY 1880-94 Rita O'Brien
Mannion Killian/Ballygar, Galway Chicago 1860s Diane Culhane
Marinan Clare Davenport, Iowa 1849 John M Dooly
Mark Clogh, Co Antrim Scotland 1800+ George Mark
Marlin Curran area Co. Derry Scotland >>Tasmania AU 1886 Tasmania Laurie Marlin
Marsh Co Mayo not given not given Madonna Lechner
Marshall Killinchy area, Co Down IL 1850 Pat
Marshall Co Laois and ? USA, IN ca 1854 Mary Conroy
Mateer County Down NYS, USA not given Karin
Martin Downpatrick or Saul Parish, Co Down unknown 1793 Carl Maguire
Martin Co Dublin, Co Louth NYC, NY 1889 Ray Veth
Martin Coolkeeragh, Longfield East parish, Co Tyrone New York NY 1846 Carolyn Cowart
Martin Co Tyrone England 1815-1840 Ruth MacKay
Martin Donaghmoyne, Co Monaghan Hartford CT > NYC 1880-1885 Jean Dupon
Martin Carnmoney, Antrim not given 1625 on Nancy Jewel
Mason Co Clare Parteen, Athlunkard, etc. 1775-1900s Judith Mason
Mason unknown Bilston, Wolverhampton ENG 1690 on Anita Walker
Mathers Co. Tyrone Co. Cork 1834 Joyce A Hall
Mathison Co Down Battersea, Storrington Twp, CAN West 1824-46 Esther Mitchell
Matthews Co Cavan USA 1890 Sylvia Kendrick
Maunsell Castlegregory, Co Kerry CT 1898 Maunsell
Mavity, McVittie Fermanagh, Cavan Virginia 1765 Brian Mavity
Mayer Down Sidney Australia (1832) 1800-1845 Marie Riley
Maxwell Corrock, Co Down Australia 1800, 1870 Meryle Maxwell
McAdam Cloncore, Co Armagh London ENG > Adelaide So Australia 1855 1833 (born) Pat Rawlings
McAfee not given NY 1830-90 Kevin Fitzpatrick
McAllister Antrim New Brunswick CAN 1785-1835 Douglas McAllister
McAllister Belfast, Dublin Eire pre 1900 Michael McAllister
McAllister Dublin England 1925 on Michael McAllister
McAllister Ballycastle Co Antrim unknown 1850-1900 M E Wagner
McAnulty Knocknagarmon, Inniskeen Par. Co Monaghan Victoria, Australia 1860 Janet McNulty
McArdle Co Louth Pittsburgh 1866 Thomas McCarroll
McArdle Cullyhanna Parish, Co Armagh NY, Indiana 1869 Kevin McArdle
McArdle Co Monaghan New York 1846 Bob McArdle
McArdle Dundalk, Co Louth Chicago IL 1886 Susan R Clark
McAslin Co Antrim Scotland 1800+ George Mark
McAtee Ulster Baltimore MD 1594 on Darrel McAtee
McBrearty Killaghtee CP, Donegal Brandon, ONT, CAN 1862 Geraldine Raudzens
McBride Donegal New York, Castle Gardens 1862 Susan McBride Cook
McBride Dromara, Artana NY, Rensselaer Co. late 1860s Cynthia
McCabe Headford, Co Galway Wilmington DE 1876 Sheila Swierczewski
McCabe Co Cavan or Longford Australia 1850-60s Marilyn
McCabe not given not given 1895-1905 John C Snodgrass
McCafferty left @ Londonderry New York arr June 1824 Brenda J Rider
McCaffrey Northern Ireland Quebec CAN 1841 V Eggen
McCaffrey Co Meath USA, WI 1831-87 Bruce R Bucholtz
McCalmont Islandmagee, Co Antrim Canada 1906 Roger McCalmont
McCann Meath or Westmeath NY to PA 1847-52 Patrick M McCann
McCann Antrim Canada 1930 Sabrina Hysa
McCann Cush, Clonaslee, Co Laois Port Jervis NY 1925 Robyn Fulk
McCanney Drumquin, Co Tyrone Philadelphia PA 1815, 1845 Mary M Finley
Mc(C)ardle Donegal ? Mauch Chunk PA 1840s Megan Marsh
McCarren Co Donegal Armstong County 1847 Dan Sherman
McCarroll unknown USA, CT 1883-1900 Kelly Scottisheart
McCarthy Bandon & Kilbrogan Ottawa ONT 1839 Bill Lavery
McCarthy Cork Stepney, England 1840s Angie
McCarthy unknown did not emig 1880-1883 Maureen
McCarthy Templemichael, Ballinhassig, Cork London 1905 Mary Simpson
McCarthy Cork Kent, England 1841 Janice Angell
McCarthy Bandon, Co Cork N.S.W., Australia ca 1822 Marie Payne
McCarthy Banteer, Lyre, Cork Melbourne AU 1880-present Leonard Pearsell
McCarthy County Cork Syracuse NY not given Toni McCarthy
McCasker Armagh Australia 1817 Susan Hazell
McCaughan Antrim New York 1806, 1843 Pat McDermott
McCauley, McAul(l)ey poss Dublin So. Australia 1837-55 Karrix
McCaveney, McKeaveney Co Armagh New Zealand > AU 1925-1940 Joyce
McCayghey Antrim PA, WI 1844-60 Arlene Finley
McClaren Co Armagh Ontario 1820-60 Ida Maloney
McCaughey Antrim PA, WI 1844-60 Arlene Finley
McClaughry Co Sligo Maryland ca 1774 Kevin Cooper
McClaughry Clonbroney Par., Co Longford Delaware Co, NY 1747 Melissa Ambrose
McClelland Ballymoney, Co Antrim not given 1768-1880 Trish McClelland
McCloskey Culdaff & Oldtown, Co Donegal Camden County NJ, Philadelphia 1820-70 MaryLynn McCloskey
McCloskey, McClusky Co Derry, Dungiven or Ballykelly Philadelphia ,PA, >> Wilmington,DE 1825-1909 Doris Brostrom
McCloy Antrim Winnipeg, Canada 1876 Gail
McCombs Ulster RI, USA bef 1824 Frank Ward
McCombs, McComb Keady parish, Co Armagh Troy NY early-mid1800s Tammi Mitchell
McConkey Belfast, No. Ireland Rockwood, Randolph IL, USA 1860 John J Wilson
McConnell Co Tyrone Londonderry > St John, NB, CAN 1830 Eva
McConnell Saintfield, Co Down unknown 1901-1911 Erla Angell
McCormack Kilkenny LA, KY, Ontrion, MI 1853 Jeff Ford
McCormick Tipperary 1849 Tipperary 1793-1843 Marie Riley
McCoy Kilcolman, Limerick Australia 1856 June Shanahan
McCoy Co Limerick Indiana? USA 1849-54 Melody Marshall
McCracken Belfast, Co Antrim South Australia 1860 on Di Comley
McCracken Belfast, Co Antrim NY 1850-1900 Rich Nicholas
McCracken Co Antrim N.S.W., Australia 1839 Marie Payne
McCrystal Tyrone 1835 Australia 1816-1874 Marie Riley
McCrory Co. Monaghan New York City 1840-1844 Faith Poole
McCrubb Co Antrim NY; Ridgeway WI early 1800s Mary Yamamoto
McCue Co Cavan, Ballamore? Perth, ONT, Canada 1820-1826 Mike McCue
McCullough Banbridge, Co Down Bruce Co, Ontario CAN 1849 Anna Tucker
McCullough Downpatrick, Co Down Australia ca 1860-5 Merv McCullough
McCullough not given England 1850-78 Alan Williams
McCully Banbridge, Co Down Scotland 1850 Ellen Kennedy
McCune Ballygorman, Co Armagh Quebec CAN 1828-30 Marion Paquet
McCurdy Co Antrim Pennsylvania 1705-61 Jim McCurdy
McCurdy Ballycastle Co Antrim Refrewshire > Sydney AU 1835-1950 Maggie
McDermid anywhere Scotland not given Marjorie
McDermott Kildare CT, USA 1849-1935 Peggy
McDermott Co Mayo Canada 1843-45 Jerome J McDermott
McDermottroe Copse, Co Roscommon IL 1863-1919 Pat
McDonald Newry Scotland 1890-1900 John Harold
McDonnell Co Mayo Pittston PA 1860 Jeanne Bilsky
McDonagh Shanaghy, Bohola, Co Mayo not given not given Ann
McDonald Roscommon Dorset VT 1880-90 K McDonald
McDonald Co Clare St Marys, Ontario, CAN 1821-65 Marianne Powers
McDonald Cork, Midleton England 1800s-early 1900s Eileen McDonald-Sayer
McDonald Co Wexford Ipswich, Brisbane AU 1856 Louise Barry
McDonald unknown Troy NY > St Paul MN 1849-57 Connie McDonald
McDonough Sligo Co. Portneuf, Quebec CAN ca 1832 Denis Savard
McDonough Sligo Troy NY, Columbus OH, WI, MN 1851-1867 Pat Dorsey
McDonough unknown Ironton OH mid 1850s Bill McDonough
McDonough Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim Oxford OH not given Susan Kail
McDonough unknown West Troy NY 1846-1880s Pat Wood
McDuffee Antrim New Hampshire, USA 1600-1725 Colin Brooks
McElgunn Ireland New York USA 1927 Deirdre Fox
McElgunn Fermanagh not given not given Elizabeth Bogue
McElhinney Kilmacrenan, Co Donegal unknown 1780-1857 Anne Rutherford
McElveen unknown PA 1739-1800 Shelley Gauna
McEneny Banbridge, Co Down Salford, England 1852-1915 Alan Williams
McEntee Co Mayo?, Co Monaghan? Co Cavan? Albany, Troy NY, maybe PA ca 1790s-1900s Pat Connors
McEntyre Cavan Victoria, Australia > Arrowtone, NZ 1832 onward Maria McEntyre
McEnulty Knocknagarmon, Inniskeen Par. Co Monaghan Victoria, Australia 1860 Janet McNulty
McErlane, McLean Londonderry Scotland 1865-6 Cathy
McEvoy Rathsallagh, Dunlavin, Co Wicklow Australia 1830s on Jane Cleary
McEvoy Dundalk, Co Louth Australia 1852 Jenny Craig
McEwan Kirkubbin, Co Down Scotland 1800 Ann Gray
McFadden Cavan, Bailieborough Australia 1844 Janice Angell
McFadden Clondahorky Par,  Co Donegal USA mainly PA 1800 on Anne Rutherford
McFadden unknown Canada 1860-1910 Sandra McFadden
McFadden NW Donegal All Ports 1880-present Henry McFadden
McFall Ballycastle, Fallintoy New York State 1893 Margaret
McFarlane Waterford & Wexford Scotland, Australia, England late 1880s-1900s Debra Buchanan
McFaul Aghadowey, Co Derry Chilliwack, BC, Canada 1911 Ken McFaul
McGann unknown Westchester Co, NY 1832-55 Carol McGann
McGann Co Clare New Zealand 1860s Lorraine Anderton
McGarvey Cavan Scotland, USA-MA 1845-1900 John Kelly
McGaughnea unknown Liverpool 1860s Mary Frisbee
McGee Co Down Quebec, CAN 1820-60 Dillon McGee
McGee unknown Schuylkill Co, PA unknown Lorraine Hanley
McGee Belfast (?) Co Antrim NY >> San Francisco 1885-1900 Janet Sandberg
McGeever Meelick, Co Mayo Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire pre 1868 Karen Ford
McGiffert, McGifford Co Down Australia 1800-1890 Meryle Maxwell
McGifford Down Australia not given Debra
McGifford Downpatrick not given 1800-50 Bluebird
McGinn Armagh Ulster County, NY by 1850 Howard McGinn
McGinty Co Donegal Philadelphia PA from 1860 Marianne Bonner
McGirr Armagh Montreal > IL > Beatrice NE 1800s Anita Gorglione
McGirr Co Armagh or Tyrone Allegany (Garrett) Co, MD 1815 Larry McGirr
McGlin Castlederg, Co Tyrone Meriden CT 1840s Ray
McGloin Leitrim USA early 1900 Mary
McGloin near Galway New York City 1920 Colleen
McGlynn Mayo NY, Brooklyn 1800 Nan
McGlynn unknown Johnstown NY 1800 Nan McG
McGlynn Co Longford Philadelphia PA ca 1900 Brian Wray
McGonagle Co Donegal Armstong County 1847 Dan Sherman
McGovern, McGauran Rath, Forgeny, Co Longford NY 1800 Kevin P Flood
McGough Castelblayey Liverpool 1840s Deanna Smith
McGrath Limerick, Oola & Pallas Illinois USA 1850 Chuck Real
McGrath Co Kerry Newfoundland, CAN 1839 Barb Derick
McGrath Doonbeg, Co Clare NY, NJ 1860 onward Barbara McGrath
McGrath Ballyhagen, Co Tipperary New Orleans LA 1848-1856 Howard D Sheppard
McGrath Co Longford Scotland PA not given Patricia C Coogan
McGrath Kilfearagh, Co Clare New Jersey 1880-1925 Kwirth
McGrath Carrigaholt, Moyarta Hamilton, Ontario 1815-1890 Sally Masson
McGrath Kilfearagh, Co Clare did not emigrate 1880-1925 Kwirth
McGraw Ballee, Co Down St Andrews, New Brunswick 1830-31 Don Ondracek
McGuckin Co Tyrone Paterson NJ, Yonkers NY 1830-1899 Bill Bennett
McGuane Co Clare did not emigrate 1800-1830's Joseph Dorsey
McGuire, Maguire Wicklow Ontario, CAN 1852 Mary Beth Raycroft
McGuire, Maguire Westport, Co Mayo Eng > CAN> KY>OH >IN 1853 Linda Rodgers
McGurn, Magauran, McGauran Co Cavan, Leitrim? Glasgow, Lanarkshire, SCOT 1870s Anne
McHallen etc. unknown Roxbury MA 1840-50 David Nicholas
McHenry Co Antrim Philadelphia PA 1861-1928 Mike McHenry
McHugh, McCue Donegal Philadelphia PA 1850-on Anne Rutherford
McHugh unknown PA, NJ, MO 1820-80 Judy Hall
McHugh Donegal PA, USA late 1800s Frank Yaccino
McHugh Curraghmore, Co Fermanagh Australia 1834-1870 Terry McHugh
McHugh mostly Galway Boston MA 1840-1914 Sandy Mullen
McIlvana, McIlvana Antrim Boston MA 1850s Sara Mallett
McIlwaine Belfast Detroit MI 1920-22 Deirdre Donahue
McInerney Bodyke, Co Clare N.S.W., Australia 1850 Marie Payne
McInerney Co Clare Canada 1840-60 Anne Glock
McInerney Kilfrearagh, Kilrush Co Clare Elmira, Chemung Co NY 1872 Anne Green
McKaig Galway Philadelphia 1860 Darrell McKaig
McKeag Kircubbin Down Australia 1850 Jenny Hall
McKeating Killard, Downpatrick, Co Down Vancouver, B.C., Canada 1882-1961 Eric Hartney
McKeaveney, McCaveney Co Antrim not given 1882-1961 Joyce
McKeefry Granaghan, Swatraigh, Derry NI New York City, USA 1895 McGem
McKeefry Maghera, Co Derry Ontario CAN >  NY 1911-23 G.W.
McKellar kilmoremoy, Co Mayo not given not given Geri
McKenna Monaghan, Co Monaghan Westchester CO > Brooklyn > Yonkers NY bef 1862 onward Kevin M Hayes
McKenzie Co Mayo Oneida NY > Sheboygan WI 1806 onward Kay R
McKeon Sligo, most likely Schuylkill Co, PA 1840 onward Mary Ann Lubinsky
McKeough unknown Canada 1850s Mary Ann Larson
McKeown Belfast, Ballyclare, Ballynure, Antrim New Zealand 1878 Dorothy Derecourt
McKeown Cork, Co Cork Troy NY 1880-1919 Rita O'Brien
McKeown, McEwan Cappagh, Co Tyrone Scotland 1800 Rusty Russell
McK(i)ernan Drumkeeran Co Leitrim Phila, So. NJ 1850-1900 M E Wagner
McKiernan,McKernan Ballycastle, Co Antrim unknown 1800-1900 M E Wagner
McKinney Armagh New Brunswick, CAN; ME, NJ 1817-64 Karen Brooks
McKinstry Carrickfergus, Co Antrim Bucks, Philadelphia, PA 1730-40 Bob
McKinstry Belfast Philadelphia 1911-25 Joe Hunter
McKitterick Bere Island, Carrick Magheross Everett MA 1870-1892 Karen Kelly
McLafferty Co Donegal Rosemount, MN 1820-1900 Mary Jones
McLaughlin Tyrone Hull, UK 1780-1900 Pauline Mayland
McLaughlin Roscommon Dorset VT 1860-90 K McDonald
McLaughlin Mullingar NY 1857 Florence A Kissane
McLaughlin Co Galway NY, IL, CA, WA not given Patricia C Coogan
McLaughlin near Belfast Canada 1800-1920 Maralee Groome
McLaughlin unknown Boston MA 1800s Bernadette Maurer
McLaughlin mostly Galway Boston MA 1840-1914 Sandy Mullen
McLaughlin poss Co Cork US 1850-70 Kate Fredericksen
McLean Co Tyrone Brantford, ONT, Canada 1850 Lori Hamilton
McLean Balleycastle, Co. Mayo Nova Scotia CAN 1830 Jean Covert
McLean, McClean Co Down Grey Co, Ontario CAN 1853-1855 Rene
McLean, McClean Lisburn Ontario CAN 1855 Rene
McMahon Clare USA, NH not given Dorothy McMahon
McMahon Ballingarry, Limerick Melbourne AU 1860 Leonard Pearsell
McMahon unknown Pittsfield MA 1860s Kay Bailey
McManus Cavan Ontario, CAN (Upper Canada) 1828 Robert Ireland
McManus Donegal Sydney AU 1995 Lorraine McManus
McManus Cavan did not emig 1800-1900 Val Oliver
McMenomy etc Killygordon, Co donegal NJ > San Francisco 1871-2 Pat Bogue
McMuldrough County Down South Carolina 1763 John McMuldroch
McMullan unknown Cumbria 1860? Neil Watson
McMullen Callan, Kells, Castelcomer, Co Kilkenny Orillia, Ontario CAN 1846 Lyn David McMullen
McNally not given England 1800s Vanda Francis
McNalty Knocknagarmon, Inniskeen Par. Co Monaghan Victoria, Australia 1860 Janet McNulty
McNamara Upper Kilbane, Co. Clare did not immigrate n/a Judith Mason
McNamara Co Limerick Tasmania 1849 Mary Landers
McNamara Co Clare Australia 1849+ Frances Terry
McNeely Armagh Battersea, Storrington Twp, CAN West 1798 to present Esther Mitchell
McNeill Co Antrim Tyendinaga Twp, Ontario 1840s Marybeth Corrigall
McNicholas Mayo Chester-le-street, ENG 1930-50 Martin McNicholas
McNicholas Bohola, Mayo Wigon, Lancashire, ENG 1800-80 Margaret
McNulty Knocknagarmon, Inniskeen, Co Monaghan Victoria, Australia 1860 Janet McNulty
McPadden Derrintawy Glebe, Innishmagrath, Co Leitrim New York, St Louis MO not given Ann
McPadden Derrintawy Glebe, Innishmagrath, Co Leitrim did not emig 1800 to present Maura McPadden
McQuaid Tummery, Dromore, East Omagh, Co Tyrone Monson MA, USA 1880 T T McQuaid
McQuillan Co Antrim Australia bef 1840 Vicki Strickland
McShane Co Armagh Omaha NE 1880s Michael Maher
McShane Kircubbin did not emig 1821-1891 William A Seely
McShane Co. Louth England 1850-1910 Ron McShane
McSheffery Cardonagh, Donegal Canada, NYC 1857 Barbara
McTague Kilmacrenan, Co Donegal Albany NY 1830-1860 Sheila Addison
McTavey Castleblayey not given 1823 Deanna Smith
McTernan Leitrim United Kingdom not given Patrick McTernan
McTigue Islandeady, Mayo Liverpool & Chicago 1870s & 1880s Diane Culhane
McVeigh Newcastle, Co Down, Ballaghby USA 1932 Christine Delaplace
McWilliam(s) Co Armagh, Tyrone Australia, USA 1800s Jill Glover
Meade Co Meath NY, Iowa, USA 1850s Cheri Hill
Meade Co Cork Philadelphia PA 1880 Marianne Bonner
Meagher Tipperary Baltimore 1810 Linda Jenne
Meagher Tipperary Stoneham MA, USA ca 1846 Patti Hoffman
Mean(e)y poss Dublin Jersey City NJ 1860s-present Lorraine Hanley
(O)'Meara Lissavane West, Co Kerry Peabody, Lynn MA 1890-1910 John Bierman
Medlan unknown Philadelphia PA 1904-on Anne
Meehan Dungarvan, Waterford Montana 1908 Pat Crane
Meehan Co Clare Australia 1840 Clare Taylor
Meehan Sligo NY > Westbury LI 1901-1930 Mary M Meehan
Meehan Cappamore, Co Limerick Australia 1857 Sharon Southall
Meehan unknown Eng>Atlantic City NJ>Baltimore MD 1880s Erin Sullivan
Meehan unknown Pennsylvania USA 1880 to 1930 Mary P
Meekins not given Phila., Lancaster, Wilkes Barre, PA 1850 Walton J Sullivan
Melia Headford, Co Galway Liverpool ENG 1840s-1860s Michael Melia
Mellows poss Dublin not given not given Peter Gainsborough
Merrigan, Merigan etc Wicklow, Blessington, Swords Canada, USA, Australia 1845? Debbie
Mescall Co Clare US 1912-22 Bernadette Hudson
Milam not given not given 1625 Babette M Weil
Millen Derry New York 1854-59 Joan
Miller, Millard unknown Quebec, Valcartier ca 1817 Mona Savard
Minahan Clarina, Co Limerick Queenstown to NY 1889 Michael E Minahan
Minihane Ballyalley, Co Cork SD 1846-1930 Jean W Copeland
Minogue Co Tipperary Troy NY, Poultney, Fair Haven VT 1854-1860 Michael Minogue
Missett Killalla Par, Co Mayo Carbondale PA 1850- Carol Collins
Mitchell Monaghan Sydney, Australia, 1841, 1855 1780-1855 Shirley Harper
Mitchell Portumna 1954 Boston MA 1917 on Noreen Denaro
Mitchell ?? London, England pre 1830s Dorothy
Mitchell Portumna, Galway Kingston NY 1849-present Judy Christopher
Mochan Donegal Duntocher, SCOT 1840-50 Mary K Small
Moffatt unknown Whitwick, Leicesters, W Yorks, UK ca 1860s+ Sue
Molloy Ballybricken, Waterford New York City 1896 John Moran
Moloney Clare Knockballynameath, Athlunkard etc 1880-1900s Judith Mason
Moloney Clooniff, Moycullen, Galway Boston MA not given Patricia Concannon
Moloney Co Clare Australia 1852 Lesley
Monahan Monaghan, Monaghan County Newark, New Jersey 1828-1855 Jack Cipriano
Monaghan unknown NYC, NY 1888- Joanne Lattrell
Monaghan Tipperary Australia 1820 Patricia
Monahan Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan New York, NY 1892-1920 Florence Monahan
Monahan Monaghan, Co Monaghan Newark, NJ 1840-1855 Jack Cipriano
Monahan, Moneghan Roscommon USA 1827-40 Ronald Coon
Moncrief, Moncrieffe Cos. Monaghan, Cavan Philadelphia PA ca 1982 Virginia D Gross
Montgomery No Ireland not given 1776+ Mary
Moody Northern Ireland Canada, Australia, USA 1830-90 Debbie
Mooney Co Donegal unknown 1831 Norma Milne
Mooney Tipperary and Waterford USA - Troy NY 1863-1865 Patricia M. Mooney
Mooney unknown Kiama?, NSW, Aust. ca 1860-65 Dee
Mooney Belfast not given not given Geraldine Mooney
Mooney Kilmacthomas, Waterford Mass. 1884 Richard Londergan
Moor Kilkenny Pennsylvania 1834 Mike Saunders
Moran Tubberclare, Westmeath not given 1850-1950 Tina Mattocks
Moran Co Waterford? New York, Ohio 1854 MK Utz
Moran Castlebar, Co Mayo New York City NY; Wisner NE 1846-1904 Linda
Moran Tuam, Co Galway NYC 1890s Martin Moran
Moran Dublin Lancashire ENG; Fall River MA 1845-90 Ann D'Amore
Moran Co Kildare, Co Mayo Canada > Boston MA > TX 1800-60 Joseph C Dorsey
Moran Castlereagh, Roscommon not given 1800s John Moran
Moran Ballina, Co Mayo New York City 1898 John Moran
Moran Tubberclaire, Lissatunia, Athlone Hartford CT 1890-1960 John
Moran Drumshanbo, Co Limerick Brooklyn NY 1866-1950 SD
Moran Castlebar, Co Mayo CAN>ENG >KY> OH>IN 1853 Linda Rodgers
Moran Mayo UK-ENG, USA-MA 1855-1900 John Kelly
Morgan Belfast New Zealand, Victoria AUS 1870-90 Suzanne
Morgan Rowan, Derrynoose, Armagh Australia 1857 Kerryn Taylor
Morgan unknown Brooklyn NY > Jersey Cty NJ 1870's-present Lorraine Hanley
Moriarty Caherciveen Melbourne, Australia 1850s Michelle Lawrence
Moriarty Cahirciveen Camden, NSW ca 1850 David Ralph
Moriarty Cahirciveen, Co Kerry N.S.W., Australia ca 1850 Marie Payne
Morooney Cork? Islington, London ENG 1880s? Tim Healy
Morrison Co Monaghan Russell Co, Ontario, Canada 1790-1851 Greg Ferguson
Morrison County Mayo Canada not given Diane
Mor(r)issey Waterford Troy, Albany NY 1865-1875 Jeanne Keefe
Morrow Co Down Pennsylvania 1774 Vickie L Marsh
Mortel Limerick East Pittsburgh PA, USA 1852-1924 Claudia D Sperl
Mathews Belfast area immigrated to Cincinnati OH 1848 Stanley Owens
Moxham Longford Australia, USA, NZ 1800-50 Sharon
Moxley Co Cork Quebec, Ontario, Canada 1828 Julia Scott
Moyles Co Louth Genesse Co, NY 1846 onwards Colleen Wheeler
Moynihan Gneeveguilla, Co Kerry Yonkers NY 1884 Andy Moynihan
Moynihan Castlegregory, Co Kerry Boston MA 1913-20 Joe Allen
Muckian Co Monaghan Newcastle upon Tyne, ENG ca 1850 Michael L Muckian
Mulderig Bohola, Co Mayo St Louis 1880-present Ellen Naliboff
Mulcahy unknown Hoosick Falls NY, N.Adams MA bef 1855 Jennifer Mulcahy
Mulcahy Cork Cambridge MA 1915-20 Kat Donlon
Muldowney Kilkenny NYC, NY; California 1900- Joanne Lattrell
Muldowney Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny Schuylkill Co PA 1847 M E Wagner
Mulgannon Wexford NYC, NY 1874 Donald F Mulgannon
Mulgrew Lissan, Co Derry Durham Co, England 1870 Mary Walsh
Mulhearn Co Mayo Perth, SCT ca 1850 Kathleen
Mulherin unknown Pennsylvania, USA 1860-1930 Mary P
Mulholland Letterkenney, Co Donegal Saint John, NB, Canada 1834 Pete Mulholland
Mulkeen Coogue, Aghamore Co Mayo not given 1790-1930 Michael Duffy
(O) Mullally Galway region not given not given Thomas Mullally
Mullally Galway, Kilkenny & Tipperary Tipperary>Ontario, CAN ca 1839 Thomas Mullally
Mullally Klonakeen, Co Tipp & Rathangan, Co Kild Timaru, NZ 1860 Lesley Kennedy
Mullen Co Longford PA, USA 1815-1875 John Warther
Mullen, Mullan Donegal Queens Co, NY 1886 Nan
Mullen Co. Fermanagh Queensland AU 1834-present Dianne Kreis
Mullen County Cavan Scotland, VT 1864- John J Bohnert
Mullen, Mullin unknown Brooklyn NY ca 1825 Anna Caulfield
Mulligan Waterford Ontario CAN 1830-55 Barclay Mulligan
Mulligan unknown Long Island NY ca 1840-1850 Mary Timmons
Mullin Longford, Co Longford PA, USA 1840-46 John Warther
Mullins Glin, Co Limerick Perth, Woodslee, Ontario CAN 1832, 1838 C Mullins
Mulready, Mulreedy Republic of Ireland ca 1857 1847-99 Troy NY Gloria R Parker
Mulvehill, Mulvihill Currow New South Wales AU 1854 Anne Morrisson
Mulvihill Co Clare NYC > Waterville NY 1948 Sharon Mulvihill
Mulvihill Kilfearagh, Kilkee, Kilrush Co Clare Emira NY, CT, Oil Cty PA 1872-1921 Anne Green
Munnelly, Monnelly, Munley, Manley Belmullet area, Co Mayo unknown 1863 Marianne M Granoff
Munroe Headford, Co Galway Wilmington DE 1875 Sheila Swierczewski
Murphy Co Kilkenny Australia ca 1835 Jocelyn Gould
Murphy Castle Garden, Co Kilkenny Rhode Island USA & Australia 1850-1864 Claire Latham
Murphy Glenarm, Co Antrim unknown, did not emig 1851 David Elliott
Murphy Co Leitrim Cincinnati OH 1800 Vicki Probst
Murphy Co Cork Upstate NY not given Kirsten Murphy
Murphy Wexford Horton>Halifax, NS, CAN 1830 S Murphy
Murphy Cork or Waterford St John's NFLD 1827 Delina Murphy
Murphy Kilkenny, Gowran Australia 1856 Janice Angell
Murphy Offaly not given 1855 Tim Murphy
Murphy Newmarket, Cork Newmarket, York, NB, CAN 1824-25 Linda Morris
Murphy Tipperary, Toomyvara Australia 1852 Lesley
Murphy Kilkenny Plainfield NJ 1887 John J Flynn
Murphy Belfast Toowoomba Qld, AU 1859 Louise Barry
Murphy Carric-on-Suir, Co Tipperary Wales, USA 1910-15 Julie
Murphy Ballynahow,Dunquin Co Kerry Quebec, MA, OH, IA ND 1848 Margie M Monihan
Murphy Gowran, Co Kilkenny Ontario CAN 1845 or so Tom Murphy
Murphy Castledrum, Kilgarrylander, Co Kerry South Australia 1840 Edna McCouat
Murray Limerick Troy NY 1859 Jayne Barber
Murray unknown Brooklyn NY 1840-60? Wendy Hopkins
Murray North Mayo, Koltmagh etc NJ, NY, UK 1850s onward Ciaran Colgan
Murray Co Down Pennsylvania 1774 Vickie L Marsh
Murray East Galway Brooklyn NY 1860s Pat Wood
Murtagh Westmeath Westchester Co, NY 1895-1960s Pat Wright
Murtagh Meath UK-ENG, USA-MA 1845-1900 John Kelly
Nafin, Naphan Roscommon Belleville, Ontario CAN 1842 Janet Bruton
Nagle Clonakilty Kane Co, IL ca 1825 Laura Freeman
Nash, Naish Callen, Kilkenny Newfoundland 1765 Petrina Nash
Naughton Galway North Braddock, PA, USA 1868-1939 Claudia D Sperl
Naughton Co Mayo, Sligo Honesdale, Wayne Co, PA 1800s Walton J Sullivan
Nawn Co Fermanagh Australia 1866 June Shanahan
Neaf, Neafsey Co Mayo St Louis MO 1840-60 Marialice O'Hara
Nealon Limerick & Dublin Canada 1750-1850 Lisa Jones
Neary unknown New York City 1865-70 Jerome J McDermott
Neary, Narey Shrahanarry, Bangor Erris, Co Mayo Philadelphia PA 1900 Celeste Koehler
Neeson Carrickfergus, Co Antrim England 1997 Edith Neeson
Nehill unknown Troy NY 1880-1910 Jeanne Keefe
Nelis Tyrone VIC, Australia 1860s on Bronwyn Firman
Nelligan, Nelagan unknown Chicopee MA 1840-50 Ann D'Amore
Neville Co Cork Castle Garden, NY 1850-1870 Ginny Pietsch
Nevins Sligo not given 1800s John Moran
Neylon Limerick, Kerry Marylebone ENG, Cambria NY 1864-1874 Francis Redding
Neylon, Neylan, Nealon Cappamore QLD, Australia 1859 Brendan
Nial, Niall, Nihill, Nehill Tipperary? Troy, Rensselaer Co, NY 1840-1860 Kathleen Nial Ross
Nichols Co Cavan St John, NB, CAN 1802 Craig Nichols
Nicholason Co Down South Australia 1830-57 Peter Nicholson
Nicholson unknown Roxbury MA 1850-60 David Nicholson
Nihen, Nighan, Nien, Nehen Cork Aberavon, Wales by 1851 Joe Nihen
Nilan Kiltarton Par. Co Galway, Crossboyle Par. Co Mayo not given 1851 Laurie
Noble Drumreilly Par., Co Leitrim Grey Co, Ontario 1840 Herbert Noble
Noble Co Fermanagh Meriden CT 1850s Ray
Nolan not given not given 1835-1871 Jayne Barber
Nolan Currow, Co Kerry Rhode Island 1850? Herbert Brown
Nolan Co Leix not given not given Kathryn Kahumoku
Noonan unknown Franklin County PA, USA early 1800s Denny Seymour
Noonan Co Cork not given from 1856 Marianne Bonner
Noonan Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford New York City 1840 Pat Wood
Noone Mayo Montreal 1857-1936 Barb Ruppert
Norris Belfast England 1820-99 Christine Shelmerdine
Norton unknown West Lothian, SCOT 1860s Bob
Norton Ballingarry, Co Tipperary Australia 1840 Julie Holmes
Nowlan Kilkenny New Orleans LA 1854 Mike Saunders
Nugent Scilly, Kinsale New York NY 1906-1920 Joanne M Coen
Nugent Cos Meath, Westmeath New York State 1800- Ida Maloney
Oakman Co Antrim Australia bef 1840 Vicki Strickland
O'Beglan Co Longford San Francisco CA 1849 Leary O'Beglan
O'Brian Co Wexford Sydney, Australia 1855-56 Mary
O'Brien Canvan, Belturbet Govan, Lamark Scotland, Manhattan NY? 1864 Linda Davitt
O'Brien Co Cavan Australia ca 1860 Jocelyn Gould
O'Brien Co Tipperary, Waterford or Cork USA 1844 Debby Massie
O'Brien Toryhill, Croom, Limerick Australia 1914 Jacquin Herschel
O'Brien Carrickbeg Australia 1883 Robert Armstrong
O'Brien Cork Cobh 1920s Kay
O'Brien Co Mayo Philadelphia PA, USA 1850-60 Kate
O'Brien Viper-Kells, Kilkenny USA, poss NY 1852-54 Pat Utecht
O'Brien Co Monaghan Prince Edward Island 1832 B Harvey
O'Brien Ballingarry, Limerick Iowa, USA 1860s Marie O'Brien
O'Brien Cork Boston MA 1848 Florence A Kissane
O'Brien Tipperary New Zealand 1870s Dianne Black
O'Brien Moynoe, Scariff, Co Clare N.S.W., Australia 1850 Marie Payne
O'Brien Clonmel, Co Tipperary New Zealand 1870-80 Connie Newton
O'Brien Galway Australia 1888-1916 Tony
O'Brien Kilfinane, Co. Limerick not given not given Jim Regan
O'Brien Co Wexford Newfoundland early 1800s Theresa Cantwell
O'Brien Garryvoe, Co Cork Springfield MA 1830s-1900 A F Senecal
O'Brien Nenagh Cohoes NY 1867-68 Rita O'Brien
O'Brien not given not given 1811-87 Sue
O'Brien Mayo, Galway, Cork Manchester UK 1840s, 50s Gill Rice
O'Brien Galway New York 1914 Valerie Colohan Gloin
O'Brien Dublin NY, VT, USA 1850 Virginia W Johnson
O'Callaghan Cork not given 1870 Myree McGoldrick
O'Callaghan Coolroemore, Banteer, Co Cork England not given Cornelius O'Callaghan
O'Connell Ireland Andover MA 1825-1896 Blaine O'Connell
O'Connell Limerick Pennsylvania, Iowa, USA ca 1850 Michael Lavenz
O'Connell Kerry? PA 1860+ Kate
O'Connell Limerick New York City NY ca 1935-45 Mary Timmons
O'Connell Ireland Sydney, AUS < 1850 Sandra Morrison
O'Connell Carrick Beg, Co Waterford St John's NL, CAN 1900 Karen Hickey
O'Connell Tipperary Philadelphia PA 1880s Timothy O'Connell
O'Connell County Cork London ENG 1854 Ron Ellis
O'Connell Birchgrove, Co Tipperary New Zealand 1850s Elizabeth O'Connell
O'Connell Renville, Oranmore, Co Glwy NY? > VT? > Sheboygan WI 1777 onward Kay R
O'Connor Co. Waterford Virgina > New York VA-1862, NY-1872 Robert Gallagher
O'Connor, Connors Ennistymon, Co Clare Victoria AUS 1880+ Andy Schlaikier
O'Connor, Connors Tipperary Victoria AU 1800+ Lisa Sukra
O'Connor, Connors unknown So Amboy NJ 1860-1920 Arlene Volkay
O'Connor Cork Stapleton Lawler, Chickasaw Co, Iowa 1834-1913 Dale H
O'Connor N. Ireland:  Derry, Dungiven Ontario (Kemptville), Canada 1830-1900 Earlene Hutsell
O'Connor unknown PA, USA 1882-1895 Chuck O'Connor
O'Connor Tralee, Co Kerry Castle Gardens NY > Independence IA 1835-1913 Jana Wellman
O'Connor not given not given 1840, 1860 Bill Gott
O'Connor Limerick City, Limerick Ogle Co IL, Polk Co IA 1800-80 Nancy I Baker
O'Connor unknown Georgia USA 1864-1933 Dee Bradley
O'Connor Clasheen, Kilarney NY, PA 1830-40 Angela Pieper
O'Connor Dublin not known ca 1890+ Amaris Tallis
O'Connor unknown Maryland USA 1660-1680 Cindy
O'Connor Tipperary RC Parish, Co Tipperary Troy NY ca 1863 Pat Connors
O'Connor Ballyscaddan Par, Co Limerick Troy NY ca 1863 Pat Connors
O'Connor Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry ?> California 1850-1950 Dot O'Connor
O'Connor Tralee, Co Kerry Kings Co, Nova Scotia, CAN 1835 Mary Pat Shankle
O'Day, Day unknown Jersey City NY 1880s-1900s Lorraine Hanley
O'Donnell Co Limierick Quebec? unknown Jodi Rose
O'Donnell Kilkelly, Louisburgh, Co Mayo Thompsonville, New Haven CT 1865-1870 John Malley
O'Donnell unknown Brooklyn NY 1855-60 Loretta O'Donnell
O'Donnell Co Mayo Philadelphia 1860-75? Brian G O'Donnell
O'Driscoll Cork Cork & England 1850 on Sue Brewer
O'Flaherty Co Galway or  Co Cork Brisbane, Moreton Bay Colony 1855 Janice Hegarty
O'Grady Shanagolden, Co Limerick Melbourne AU 1861-3 Barbara Lughermo
O'Hagan (Egan) Blackwatertown, Co Armagh Australia 1842 Jeanette Egan
O'Haghan County Louth Hopkinton MA 1835-61 Sally Garcia
O'Halloran unknown Australia 1900-1940 Frank Montoliu
O'Hara Sligo Govan, Glasgow; Bronx NY; Plainfield NJ 1924 Erin Patrick
O'Hara Cork Weymouth MA 1926 Tara C
O'Hara Northern Ireland Australia 1850 Bev Cameron
O'Hara Belfast Govan, Scotland 1850-1880 Ray
O'Hearn Co Clare Chicago 1850? Robert Brannon
O'Herron,Ahern, etc unknown New Jersey mid 1800s Lorraine Hanley
O'Hora, O'Hara Leach, Co. Mayo Geneva NY 1892 MaryPat Carey
O'Keefe Castle Garden, Co Kilkenny Australia 1850-1864 Claire Latham
O'Keefe Co Clare PA > Ironton OH 1840-50s Bill McDonough
O'Keef(f)e Tounnafulla, Co Limerick Syracuse NY after 1836 Toni W McCarthy
O'Keeffe Duagh, Co Kerry Jamberoo NSW, AU 1858 Jeanette Egan
O'Laughlin unknown Berkshire MA 1850 Anne Marshall
O'Laughlin, O'Loughlin Kilmaley St Joachim de Shefford, Quebec CAN ca 1844 Maryse
O'Leary Bansha, Co Tipperary Australia 1840 1802-1898 Marie Riley
O'Leary unknown PA 1845+ Kate
Oliver Carlow America 1850 on John Shepperd
O'Maley Co Mayo Indiana 1840s Linda Rodgers
O'Malley Louisburgh, Co Mayo Clinton MA, USA 1900 Mary McNally
O'Mara Limerick City, Limerick Ogle Co IL, Polk Co IA 1800-80 Nancy I Baker
O'Melia unknown NY 1850-1900 Rich Nicholas
O'Neil Templemichael Parish, Co Longford Quebec, Canada 1830 Wanda Crawford
O'Neil Co Wicklow Canada 1850-1860 Patricia Kirkwood
O'Neil Tipperary Australia 1848 Leanne Woods
O'Neil Lattin Parish, Co Tipperary NY or Boston 1850s Daniel O'Neil
O'Neil(l) Cork Plain Field, Phillipsburg NY, Aurora IL 1850s John J Flynn
O'Neill Banteer Sydney, Australia 1853-55 Kathlean Thomas
O'Neill Armagh New York 1840 Robert O'Neill
O'Neill Valentia, Co Kerry Dowlais, Wales > NY, CT 1830-85 James O Condon
O'Neill Newtown Hunt, Thomastown, Kilkenny Charleston NC, USA 1830-60 Julie O Perkins
O'Neill Co Derry did not emig n/a Pat Iurilli
O'Neill Baltimore, Co Cork New Zealand 1880 Michael
O'Neill Newport, Co Tipperary London UK not given Michael Duff
Orchard Tipperary Town, Co Tipperary Melbourne AU 1900s John Orchard
Orr Moneydarragh, Culdaff, Donegal NY, MA, Canada mid 1800s Cheryl Curole
O'Regan Cork Quebec, CAN 1860-65 Reg Volk
O'Reilly Armagh ON, Canada 1830s Juli Jorgensen
O'Reilly Doon Parish, Co Limerick New York 1849 Joanne Wright
O'Reilly poss Co Cork New York ?? 1870-1881 Jennifer Cotier
O'Reil(l)y, Riley Co Clare CAN > Negaunee MI ca 1860s Shawn Kathleen
Ormond Cork, Co Cork NY 1850s Stan Ettinger
Ormsby not given ENG, Can, NY, PA late 1800s Walton J Sullivan
O'Rourke Limerick East Pittsburgh, PA, USA 1852-1929 Claudia D Sperl
O'Rourke Co Wexford Minnesota 1855-65 Bobbi Janes
O'Rourke unknown Schuylkill & Luzerne Cos, PA 1850-70 Thomas O'Rourke
O'Rourke not given CA not given Dena O'Rourke
O'Rourke County Kildare Sydney, AU 1773-1828 Mal Pettett
O'Rourke, Rorke Liscellew, Drumkeerin, Co Leitrim did not emig n/a Ann
Orr Moneydarragh, Co Donegal Londonderry 1795-1920 Cheryl Curole
Orr Northern Ireland not given 1800s-present Diane
Orr Donegal New Jersey not given Coleen
Osborne Donegal, Glencolumbkille NY 1950-1 Ellen
Osborne Donegal Canada ca 1816-1819 Betty Ann
O'Shaughnessy Dublin New York 1886+ Amaris Tallis
O'Shea, Shea Kerry Nova Scotia, P.E.I. 1800s Nancy Schmitz
O'Shea Valentia Island Connecticut 1909 Shirlee
O'Sullivan Limerick not given not given Michael
O'Sullivan Limerick, Kerry New Jersey, MA, USA 1879-1885 Emma Fedie
O'Toole Dublin Australia 1820 Patricia
Owen Monaghan, County Monaghan Newark, New Jersey 1830-1855 Jack Cipriano
Owens Dumcrow, Inishmacsaine Parish, Co. Fermanagh Huron Co, Ontario 1846 Carl Maguire
Owens Rosscrennagh, Templecame Parish, Co. Fermanagh Huron Co, Ontario 1846 Carl Maguire

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