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Clans and Families
 of Ireland

by John Grenham

Irish Book of Arms, Genealogy &  Heraldry
by Michael C. O'Laughlin


Surname Ireland County Where Emigrated Time line Contact
Eagan, Egan Clonmel, Tipperary Australia 1834 Joanne Egan
Earles Galway Newfoundland 1800s Joe Earles
Earls ?? West Troy NY 1846-1880s Pat Wood
Egan Tipperary NYC 1889 Karen
Egan unknown Prairie Du Chien,   WI 1845-50 Gloria Lund
Eighan, Egan Co Westmeath Australia 1840-64 Pat Liebich
Emerson Belfast, Co Down England 1900s M Emerson-Smith
English Clare? Wales, USA 1860-1940 Julie
English Tipperary NY >> WI 1848-1851 SJ Hawley
English Antrim PA ca 1774 Julia English-Spicer
Enright Limerick Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota 1830s Susan M Thomas
Enright Kilcolman, Limerick Australia 1856 June Shanahan
Erick Dublin London 1900 - present Christopher
Erwin Northern Ireland Charleston SC & GA 1840s-1850s Lilly Erwin
Erwin, Irwin not given Pennsylvania 1700's Shari Cygan
Evans Monaghan Boston, MA 1892-1915 Diann LaRosa
Evans Co Kerry So Australia 1800-1840 Leanne Parker
Evoy Co Wexford OH, IL 1850 on Pat
Fagan unknown Kansas ca 1870 Rick F Kasparek
Faherty Galway Australia 1842-1860 Elaine Stevens
Fahy Claremorris, Co Mayo Sydney AU 1826-7 Erla
Fallon Co Galway did not emig 1800-70 Maureen
Fallon Co Galway NY, PA not given Patricia C Coogan
Fanning Fenaugh, Co Leitrim Cincinnate OH 1800-60 Pat Fannin
Fanning Tipperary CT 1652 Robert Fanning
Farley Co Meath USA, WI 1839-1913 Bruce R Bucholtz
Farley Drogheda/Dublin did not emigrate 1800-1910 Michelle Wilson
Farman not given Gaspe coast, Quebec 1810-50 Lani Mitchell
Farrell Co Westmeath not given 1907 Margaret Jones
Farrell Co Wexford Davies Co IN 1851 Linda Rodgers
Farrelly Kingscourt Parish Haverstraw NY via NYC 1853 Douglas Yearsley
Farrelly Kingscourt, Co Cavan Illinois 1890s Diane
Farrelly County Cavan NYC 1891-1950s John J Bohnert
Farrelly, Farley Crossreagh, Mullagh, Co Cavan Newark NJ 1857-1913 Bill Bennett
Farren, Farron, Farrin Lower Moville, Donegal Cambria PA 1700-1900 Colleen
Fean Limerick NY 1866-7 Trudy F Smith
Fee Leitrim PA 1800-1900 Eileen Kightlinger
Fee Clones, Co Monaghan New York late 1880s Brian G O'Donnell
Fee Co Mayo Canada, PA 1800s Walton J Sullivan
Fee Mayo Leeds ENG, Pittston PA 1847-1885 Francis Redding
Feeney Kildare, Dublin, Galway England 1870 onward C Feeney
Feeney Ballybricken, Waterford New York City 1925 John Moran
Feeney Derk, Sligo New York City 1925 John Moran
Fell Lisloran, Knockavilla, Tipperary Jersey City NJ 1906 Patricia Cooper
Fennell Clonmel, Co Tipperary New Zealand 1870-80 Connie Newton
Fennessey Waterford, Munster, Co Cork Sydney, NSW, Aust. 1855 Dee
Fenton Dunquin Springfield MA 1917 Joe Fenton
Fergus Bekan, Co May NJ, NY 1880-1920 Rosaleen Ramsbottom
Fergus, Ferguson Louisburgh, Westport, Co Mayo MA >> Chicago IL 1910, 1913 Sally A Ferguson
Ferguson not given Connecticut 1855 & 1868 Maria Ferguson
Ferguson Limerick (Rathkeale) & Tipperary NYC, NJ 1851 Linda Ferguson
Ferguson not given Canada ca 1810 1784 forward Carol Haycock
Ferguson Monaghan, Fermanagh CAN, PA, IL, MS 1847 Jerrian Barsness
Fielding unknown Ontario CAN 1819 Trudy Fielding
Finlay Carnmoney, Antrim not given not given Nancy Jewel
Finn Sligo Manitoba, Canada 1832-1907 Carl Maguire
Finn Co Cork Simpson Co., Kentucky 1700s Stacey Disman
Finn Co. Cork Brooklyn NY 1850 Pat Wood
FitzGerald Co Kildare Blair County,  PA, USA 1780-1895 John Warther
Fitzgerald Co Kerry USA ca 1856-58 Debby Massie
Fitzgerald unknown Bloomington IL 1850-70 Maureen
Fitzgerald Lacken, Multyfarham, Co Westmeath NY, USA bef 1890 Gail Kiniry
Fitzgerald Ballingarry, Co Limerick N.S.W., Australia 1850 Marie Payne
Fitzgerald Murroe, Co Limerick not given 1810-1870 No Name Given
Fitzgerald Limerick (Rathkeale) NYC ca 1851 Linda Ferguson
Fitzgerald Kilfearagh, Kilrush Co Clare Elmira Chemung Co NY 1870-86 Anne Green
Fitzgibbon Derry City?  Co Cork? New Jersey 1812-1900 Rita Chesterton
Fitzgibbon Ballyhaught, Co. Limerick not given not given Jim Regan
Fitzmaurice not given NJ, NY area 1840-1906 Karen F Camp
Fitzmaurice North Mayo, Koltmagh etc NJ, NY, UK 1850s onward Ciaran Colgan
Fitzpatrick Antrim Albany, NY 1820-1840 Susan M Thomas
Fitzpatrick Co Cork or Clare US 1818-48 Mary Fisher
Fitzpatrick Waterford Co Watervliet NY 1850 Michael Sheeran
Fitzpatrick West Hill, Ballycahill, Tipperary Jersey City NJ 1900 Patricia Cooper
Fitzpatrick Buttevant, Cork MA, NJ 1871 Susan Hollenbeck
Fitzpatrick Freshford, Kilkenny did not emig 1780-1820 Sally Mason
Fitzpatrick Co Mayo not given 1850-1900 Lorraine Palmer
Fitzwilliam Coolgreaney, Co Wexford New Orleans LA 1850 Mike Fitzwilliam
Fitzwilliam Wicklow, Wexford Brooklyn NY 1851-53 John Fitzwilliam
Fisher Belfast Ontario 1821- Rene
Fitzmaurice not given NY, NJ area 1840-1906 Karen Camp
Fives Scilly, Kinsale, Co Cork New York NY 1910-1920 Joanne M Coen
Flaherty Cork, Clare New York City late 1800s Joan Adrian
Flaherty Clooniff, Moycullen, Galway not given not given Patricia Concannon
Flaherty Kerry CT 1834-1902 Peggy
Flaherty, O'Flaherty Co Kerry IL > IA 1850-55 Jeff Kramer
Flanagan Tipperary, Waterford or Cork USA ca 1840-42 Debby Massie
Flanagan Castle Kilkenny Canada 1930 Patrick L Flanagan
Flanagan Co Laois Middletown CT 1860s-1920s Pat Robinson
Flanagan Meath, Westmeath PA, MA 1830s-1900s Rich Nicholas
Flanagan Co Roscommon Troy NY > Fair Haven VT 1861-1870 Mike Minogue
Flanagan Killeagh, Cork UK 1850s Handaros
Flanagan Co Tipperary MA > NYC > Cleveland OH ca 1885-90 Tim Drake
Flanagan Tipperary Par, Co Tipperary Troy NY emig 1864 Pat Connors
Flanagan Tipperary Par, Co Tipperary did not emig ca 1816 Pat Connors
Flanagan, Flanigan unknown Indiana USA 1846-50 Melody Marshall
Flan(n)agan Castle Dunagh, Co Kilkenny Gundaroo, NSW, AUS 1813-1894 Robyn Montgomery
Flannelly County Mayo Canada 1843-45 Jerome J McDermott
Flaherty Lettermore, Lettermullen St Paul MN 1880 Ray Flaherty
Fleming Louth NY > IL, USA 1800 onward Michael
Fleming Ballylanders Port Huron MI 1863 Geraldine Walsh
Fleming Kilkelly, Louisburgh, Co Mayo Thompsonville, New Haven CT 1865-1870 John Malley
Fleming Wexford or Cork PE Canada 1816 Megan Skinner
Fleming unknown Chicago IL 1855 Sarah Toblesky
Flewellen not given New Zealand not given Maria
Flewellen Waterford, Kilkenny New Zealand 1880-81 Pam Young
Flinn Ireland Australia 1815-1840 Bronwyn Flinn
Flood Rath, Fogeny Co Longford (maybe) Brooklyn NY 1866 1800 on Kevin P Flood
Flynn Murroe, Co Limerick Plymouth, Terryville, Litchfield CT 1840-70 Denise Hill
Flynn Tavanaghmore, Mayo Baltimore MD 1880 Mary McHale
Flynn Ballylanders, Co Limerick NYC, MA, USA 1882 Mark Flynn
Flynn, Flinn unknown Newfoundland 1849-51 Eileen Palmer
Flynn Dublin Holden MA, USA recent Nicola
Flynn unknown Australia 1850-60 Lesley O'Neill
Flynn Duagh, Co Kerry Negaunee MI 1850s Ray Marshall
Flynn Co Cavan Schenectady NY>Merriton ONT, CAN 1807-1861 Kate Parle
Flynn Ballinlough, Clydagh, Roscommon Manchester, ENG late 1800s George Carter
Flynn Roscommon Plainfield NJ 1850s-59 John J Flynn
Flynn Mayo, Galway Manchester UK 1830s, 40s Gill Rice
Flynn unknown Hudson, Columbia Co, NY 1840/1850 Mary L Casey
Flynn Cloone, Co. Leitrim Troy NY 1800s to present Pat Connors
Fogarty Tipperary NSW, Australia 1800-50s Carol Dale
Foley St Mullins, Co Carlow Waltham MA 1905+ Brian Wray
Foley Valentia, Co Kerry Dowlais, Wales > NY & CT 1830-85 James O Condon
Foley unknown US 1861 Donna Marstrander
Foley Roscommon?? New Hampshire 1849 Judy Dollard
Foley unknown Australia 1850-60 Lesley O'Neill
Foley Co Kerry Boston MA 1870-1930 Michelle Foley
Foley Sligo Newmarket, York, NB, CAN 1829-1844 Linda Morris
Foley Kanturk, Co Cork England not given O Nourse
Foley Dublin, presume unknown pre 1900 Michael McAllister
Foley County Kerry Harmony, Minn. 1855-56 Matt Foley
Foley unknown Schuylkill Co, PA unknown Lorraine Hanley
Foran unknown Prairie Du Chien,   WI 1845-50 Gloria Lund
Ford Co Monaghan Neustadt, Ontario CAN 1840s, 1850 CAN Rachel Boyle
Fordham Galway America not given Joan
Fordham all Asia 1870, 1920 Don Dalmeny
Forde mostly Galway Boston MA 1840-1914 Sandy Mullen
Forde, Ford Leitrim Muckros, Fenagh to New Haven CT 2nd half of 19th Century Peggie Ford Cosgrove
Forde, Ford Co Leitrim Liverpool>Kent>USA-OR 1800s-1900s Jean Rice
Forrest, Forest Portlaw, Co Waterford Cheshire ENG, USA 1833-65 Thomas F Travis
Forrester Co Mayo Seeley's Bay, ONT, CAN 1840 Jack M Forrester
Fottrell Dublin NY, CA, KY 1850-1920 Gene Fottrell
Fox (Todd) Columkille, Derrylard, Loughgall RC Parish, Co Armagh Son (Campbell) emig Troy NY 1800-1900 Pat Connors
Fox unknown not given 1900 on Heather Fox
Fox Co Wicklow, Ashford, Rathnew, etc Philadelphia PA 1800-1900 William Fox
Foy Co Mayo (Claremorris) did not emig 1790-1850 Maureen
Foy Co Mayo Yorkshire, England 1840-1900 Claire D
Foy Donegal Philadelphia PA 1850 to present Anne
Foy unknown England > America 1835-1870 Diane Crabtree
Foy unknown England early 1830s Margaret Ward
Francis Co Galway NYC > PA > Clark Co IN 1800-47 Margaret Anderson
Freeman pos Kilmaley Par, Co Clare New South Wales AU 1800s on Julia
Frewen Galbally, Clare, Tipperary Australia 1857 Colleen
Frewen Lyre, Glen of Aherlow, Co Tipperary not given 1848-74 Phyllis Robinson
Friel Co Donegal not given from 1860 Marianne Bonner
Fullam poss Co Longford New York 1846 Thomas Fullam
Fulton Co Tyrone US, PA & NJ ca 1903 Craig F
Fulton Carnmoney, Antrim not given not given Nancy Jewel
Furey not given PA > MN 1850s Jan Egan
Fury Westport England 1851 Dave Wall
Fury Galway Louisville KY 1880s Shirley Brinly
Gag(h)an Dublin Foleshill, Warwickshire, UK 1812-1866 Kaye Taylor
Gahan North Dublin Liverpool 1860-90 Stuart M  Gagan
Gahan Aghowle, Clonmore Par., Co Wicklow not given 1800 on Stuart M Gahan
Gailey Donegal Philadelphia, PA 1842-1844 Carolyn Stone
Gallagher Ardfert, Kerry Troy NY 1900 Barbara
Gallagher Fermanagh?, unknown did not emig 1800 Carol Marlo
Gallagher Toome, Donegal Glasgow, SCOT 1850-80 Paul Gallagher
Gallagher Drumnacarry, Clondahorky Par., Co Donegal Allegheny, Philadelphia PA, USA 1870s Anne
Gallagher Dunmurry, Co Kildare NY, NY 1906 Mary LaRocca
Gallagher unknown PA bef 1860 Mary P
Gallagher Co. Cork Brooklyn NY 1860s Pat Wood
Gallagher Tipperary or Limerick did not emig 1700s-1800s Pat Connors
Galvin unknown Troy NY 1880-1910 Jeanne Keefe
Gannon Castleton New York City, USA 1854 - 1873 Eldon Albertson
Gannon Mayo Montreal 1857-1936 Barb Ruppert
Gannon Dunmore, Cortoon, Tuam, Co Galway Baltimore MD ca 1880-1883 Mary Timmins
Gannon Dublin NY; St Catherine ONT, CAN; Detroit MI 1855 Mary
Gannon Co Mayo New Zealand 1850-1900 Lorraine Palmer
Gardner Tipperary Chicago IL long time ago Pat
Gardner, Gardiner Antrim PA 1840-50 Harry Gardiner
Garrick Roscommon? not given 1836 onward Janet Magnuson
Garvey Kilkee, Co Clare Davenport, Iowa 1849 John M Dooly
Garvin Co Derry New Zealand 1880-1950 Eric Shackleton
Gaughan Co Mayo America 1800 Vanda Francis
Gaul(e) Ballynaboley, Ullid,  Co Kilkenny Chicago IL 1860s Maureen Neidle
Gavan, Gaven, Gavin Cappamore, Co Limerick did not emig 1700-1800s Peter Burke
Gearin, Gerran, Geron not given Phila PA 1845-60 Lorri
Geary all over Boston MA 1850-1930 Michelle Foley
Genese Dublin not given 1840-1900 Sarah Shearer
Geoghegan Galway Australia 1820 Patricia
Geraghty not given PA 1800s Walton J Sullivan
Geraghty, Garrety, Garrity Currabane?, Co Mayo, Galway Long Island NY 1854 Mary Timmons
Geary Limerick, Kilmeedy, Fennagh NYC > Chicago 1851-52 Joe Geary
Gerow, Jerreau Co Clare New Brunswick, Canada 1800 Diane Dougherty
Gerrard Clonbroney, Castlecomer Liverpool ENG 1800-1900 Wester
Gerrard kilkenny, Longford Liverpool, Lancashire 1820-1920 Wes Paul Gerrard
Gerrity not given PA, WI 1800s Walton J Sullivan
Getty Antrim PA 1800-70 John Getty
Ghan not given New York USA bef 1860 Cheryl
Gibbons Co Tipperary Cincinnati, OH, 1854 Stanley Owens
Gibbons unknown Massachusetts 1870-85 Kay Folan
Gibbons Toormore, West Co Mayo not given 1910 MaryPat Carey
Giblin not given PA 1800s Walton J Sullivan
Gibson Belfast did not emigrate ca 1850-88 Muriel Caldwell
Giffen Carnmoney, Antrim not given 1808, 1900 Nancy Jewel
Giffen Belfast Detroit MI 1920-22 Deirdre Donahue
Gilday Cos Sligo, Roscommon Connecticut emig-1884 Judy Cronan
Giles Bourney Parish, Tipperary Melbourne, Australia 1840+ Neil Urbino
Gilhooly Longford and Westmeath Canada 1899 Charmaine Gilhooly Rosa
Gilhooly Tipperary Parish area, Co Tipperary did not emig 1814 Pat Connors
Gilhuly, Gilhooly Roscommon Ontario CAN 1829 Vicki Gilhula
Gillard unknown Liverpool UK 1839-47 Steve
Gillen Donegal Omaha NE 1900s Melisa Gillen
Gillespie Moville, Co Donegal Hillsborough, Albert Co, N Brunswick, CAN ca 1838 Terrence Gillespie
Gillick Co Meath California 1855-1906 Sandy
Gilligan unknown upstate NY 1778-1820 Mary Ingenthron
Ginevan Lyre, Glen of Aherlow, Co Tipperary not given 1848-74 Phyllis Robinson
Ginn Fermanagh Indiana & Ontario, Canada not given Catherine Nelson
Gleason Island Bridge not given 1815 Sandy Rogers
Glenn, Glynn Galway Tennessee USA 1820-50 Dottie
Glover Co Armagh Chatham, Canada 1870 Jennice Owen
Glover Co Mayo Staffordshire, ENG bef 1850 Jill Glover
Goodwin Leitrim New York NY 1900-1910 Joanne M Coen
Gorman not given PA, WI 1800s Walton J Sullivan
Glynn Keaves (Clonbrock), Co Galway Boston MA 1875-1900 Diann LaRosa
Glynn Galway USA 1824-1850 Dottie
Golden, Goulden Sligo, Tubbercurry, Rathscanlan Ontario CAN 1880+ Ross Golden
Goold, Gould Co Clare did not emigrate 1860-1901 Kwirth
Gorman Callan, Co Kilkenny not given not given Marianne Bonner
Gorman unknown England early 1830s Margaret Ward
Gough Mayo, Galway Manchester UK 1840s, 50s Gill Rice
Gourley unknown Boston MA 1800s on Debi Coe
Grace Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny NY 1800-1920 Marilyn Pingue
Grace Callan, Co Kilkenny Philadelphia PA from 1846 Marianne Bonner
Grady Shrule, Co Mayo New York 1861 Colleen Grady
Grady Limerick NY Wisconsin 1864-70 Connie McDonald
Graham Cavan Goderich, Ontario by 1833 Helen Collins
Graham Middletown, Crann, Armagh Australia 1878-1923 Lyn Hands
Grant Templemore, Co Tipperary Australia bef 1852 Vicki Strickland
Grant poss Co Cork US 1850-70 Kate Fredericksen
Grealy Co Galway Australia 1850-70 Clare Taylor
Greenan unknown East Lothian 1840 Neil Watson
Green(e) Clare New Haven CT 1860s Melody Masi
Gregan pos Kilmaley Par, Co Clare New South Wales AU 1800s on Julia
Gribben not given not given not given Donna Bolton
Gribbon Armagh NY 1867 Rich Griboon
Griffin Co Clare NY to Chicago IL USA 1850-1865 Judith Mason
Griffin Multyfarnham, Co Westmeath N.S.W., Australia ca 1840 Marie Payne
Griffith Donegal, Inver/Killymard Parish Ireland 1800-1890 Bob Hiflyte
Grimes Dungannon, Co Tyrone NY 1855-pres Judith A Cruse
Grimes Kilfinane, Co Limerick NYC, AU not given Jim Regan
Grimsby Tyrone & Armagh not given 1750-1850 Jessie Engan
Grogan Co. Mayo New York > PA 1850s Anita H Duvall
Gubbins Limerick Melbourne 1863 Kevin Gubbins
Gunson Limerick, Nenagh area Berks Co., PA 1835 Loretta G Darlington
Guthrie Ennistymon, Co Clare Ogle Co IL, Polk Co IA 1800-80 Nancy I Baker
Hackett Leitrim Ionia MI 1838 Patrick Powell
Hagan, Hagen County Louth Hopkinton MA 1835-61 Sally Garcia
Hagarty, Hegarty Co Longford PA 1800-present Phyllis Edwards
Haggerty,Hagerty Co Cork Troy, Bklyn, LI Island, NY 1850-present Mary Barnett
Hall not given Port Austin, Huron Co, Michigan 1817-1888 Ruth E Hall
Hall Monaghan, Fermanagh Hamilton ONT, PA, IL, MS 1847 Jerrian Barsness
Hall Youghal, Co Cork Sherbrooke, Quebeck 1836 William G Hall
Hall Co Monaghan Ontario 1813-1900 David Hall
Hallinan not given Ontario CAN 1800-40 G Bates
Hallinan Ennistimon, Co Clare Australia any Melanie
Hallinan Clare New South Wales AU 1800s on Julia
Halloran Galway Pittsburg PA 1890 Thomas J Monahan
Halpin Kilfinane not given not given Jim Regan
Halvey Clarina, Co Limerick Troy NY 1889 Michael E Minahan
Hamill Belfast, Antrim Prince Edward Island CAN 1853 Arthur R Hamill
Hamilton Parteen, Co Clare Portland ME not given Patricia Concannon
Hammond Co Tyrone USA< WI 1831-1887 Bruce R Bucholtz
Hanl(e)y Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim Brooklyn NY > Jersey City NJ 1870-present Lorraine Hanley
Hanl(e)y not given Milwaukee, Wis > Homestead PA 1848-1897 Carole Magnuson
Hanley unknown New Jersey 1850 Liz Michael
Hanley Co Limerick Connecticut 1840-60 Erin Hanley
Hanlon unknown Rensselaer Co, NY 1898-1950s? Brian Olson
Hanlon Dublin South South Africa 1880-1928 Lloyd Scott
Hannifan, Hannafin Co Kerry, ?Tralee Kings Co, Nova Scotia, CAN bef 1850 Mary Pat Shankle
Hannon unknown NY 1816-1891 Judith A Cruse
Hannon Gorumna Island, Lettermore Dist, Co Galway MN 1884-88 Peg Heitz
Hannon Fermanagh not given not given Anne Marshall
Hannon Delvin England 1840 - 1850 Christine Devine
Hanright Rosenallis Canada 1830-1930 Carl Mortensen
Hardiman Galway Worcester, Massachusetts 1891 Bob Hardiman
Hardiman Cloongana, Co Roscommon not sure 1870-90 Lynne Higbie
Harper Killyleigh, Maymore, Ballygrainey, Bangor Parish,
County Down
not given 1780-1850 Dianne Poore
Harrington Bantry area, Co Cork N.S.W., Australia 1878 Marie Payne
Harrington Kerry USA ca 1856-1858 Debby Massie
Harrington Cork Chicago IL 1850 to present Marguerite Harrington
Harris Kilmallock, Co Limerick Canada 1900 Jeffrey
Hartnett Co Cork Troy NY 1852 Julie Cashman
Hartney Co Limerick Ontario, Canada 1788-1878 Eric Hartney
Harvey Hollymount, Upper Lecale, Co Down Quebec > Ontario 1847 Carl Maguire
Hasket Borrisokane, Co Tipperary 1832 Toronto, ON, CAN 1832 Ruth Wade
Haslam, Haslem County Laois/Leix/Queens New York > Indiana > Michigan 1840s-1850s Roxanne Haslem
Haslip Republic of Ireland eventually New Britain, CT ca 1860 Alexandra Haslip
Hassard Donegal California recent Sylvia
Hasset(t) Kilfearagh, Kilkee, Kilrush Co Clare Elmira NY 1840 + Anne Greene
Hasson Londonderry England 1850s on Sheila
Hatton, Hutton Cos Antrim, Down USA 1800s-1900s Sharon Rogers
Haugh Co Clare, poss Doonbeg may not have emig 1860-1940 Barbara McGrath
Haughey Glencolumbkille, Donegal NY 1860ish Rosemary Walker
Haurigan, Hourigan Co Clare CAN, USA-MI, IA, NE 1822-1909 Marrene
Haveron Warrenpoint, Co Down Bundaberg, Qld AU 1883 Louise Barry
Haverty Athenry, Galway Boston MA 1875-90 Rick Haverty
Hayden Dublin Covington KY 1835-55 Noreen Ott
Hayes Co. Clare Clonaughter, Kilbane 1800-1900s Judith Mason
Hayes Dublin London, England 1800-1850 Janet Gillis
Hayes Co Cavan East Hawkesbury, Prescott Co, Ontario, CAN prior 1849 Greg Ferguson
Hayes Dungarvan, Co Waterford Philadelphia PA > Yonkers NY 1860 onward Kevin M Hayes
Hayes unknown NY 1829-1972 Judith A Cruse
Hayes unknown Long Island NY ca 1860s Mary Timmons
Hayes not given New York not given Barbara Hayes
Hayes Killaloe, Co Clare Melbourne AU 1855-present Leonard Pearsell
Hays Northern Ireland Saratoga County, NY betw 1816-19 Richard A Hayes
Hazelton Antrim PA 1840-50 Harry Gardiner
Hazlitt Castlederg, Co Tyrone Meriden CT 1848 Ray
Healey unknown NY & Nevada, USA 1860-1900s Colin Brooks
Healy Cork Islington, London ENG 1870s Tim Healy
Healy unknown New Rochelle NY late 1800s Pat Connors
Healy unknown Ironton OH early 1850s Bill McDonough
Healy Derry, Knock, Mayo Chicago>>San Francisco 1870-1900s Janet Sandberg
Heaney not given NYC, NY 1850-1930 Katherine
Heaney Ballylig, Renfrewshire Australia 1882 Jeanette Egan
Heaphy, Heafey Waterford Channel Islands>NZ 1866, 1870s Gloria
Heard Eglish, Co Tyrone PA 1719-present James Heard
Heaton Co Offaly Australia 1840s Adrian
Heaton Co Offaly Australia 1800s Maureen
Heenan, Hen(n)an Clonduff, Castelwellan Western Canada 1912 Heenan
Heffernan Thurles, Tipperary not sure 1915 Patricia Cooper
Heffernan Tipperary upstate NY 1800+ Daniel Mahoney
Hegarty Cork, Co Cork Dublin > Brisbane, Moreton Bay Colony 1866-67 Janice Hegarty
Hehir Coolmeen, Co Clare Susquehanna PA 1880s, 1890s Joe Bucci
Hemphill Antrim, Dervock, Derrykeighan USA-KS 1800-1910 Don Johnston
Hemphill Drumkeeran, Fermanahga Canada, & MN USA   Mary Maki
Henderson unknown NY > NJ 1822-90? Judith A Cruse
Henderson Derrynoose Canterbury NZ 1850-1896 Allan Kennaird
Henderson Co Donegal prob Baltimore MD 1799-1844 Doris Brostrom
Hennessey Limerick, Forgestown Illinois USA 1850 Chuck Real
Hennessey Tipperary Michigan USA 1872 Gail Bales
Hennessey Offaly Newfoundland 1850-60 Geri
Hennessy Co Tipperary NY, PA not given Patricia C Coogan
Henrie Newry, Armagh not given note given Marjorie Henrie
Henry Crossard, Co Mayo n/a 1830-1901 Mary Jane Everett
Henry Co Cork Syracuse NY emig 1866 Toni W McCarthy
Henry Balleyjamesduff area, Co Cavan Canada 1800-1850 Shirley Dusyk
Heraty Derrymore, Wesport, Co Mayo Leeds, West Yorkshire, ENG 1920s Mick Heraty
Heraty Ballygolman, Aughagower, Co Mayo PA > Jerseyville IL 1868 Mick Heraty
Heraty Doon, Aughaghour, Co Mayo CAN > NY > Sheboygan WI 1802+ Kay R
Herbert Co Kerry Montreal not given Kate Emery
Herbison Ballymenia, Co Antrim New York 1860 Judith Ward
Hesten,Hestin,Heston Co. Mayo NYC > PA 1855 Anita H Duvall
Heston Ballyhean, Ballyfarnagh, Co Mayo Pittston PA 1855 Tom Heston
Hevey Westmeath not given 1700 onward Karen
Hickey Lattin Parish, Co Tipperary Australia 1857 Heather Ingram
Hickey Castleconnell, Limerick Reidsdale, NSW, AU 1850-present Colin B Maloney
Hier New Ross, County Wexford Grant County, Wisconsin 1852 Mary Kay Kuhfittig
Higginbotham unknown VA, KY, OH, PA 1700-1900 Eileen Kightlinger
Higgins Longford Chicago IL 1832 onward Verlaine Bennett
Higgins Galway, Mayo (Claremorris) did not emig 1790-1890 Maureen
Higgins Boyle area, Co Roscommon IL 1863 on Pat
Higgins Co Mayo England 1852-56 Keith Darnell
Higgins Co Roscommon Essex Co. NJ 1870-1910 Marie Ippolito
Higgins Cos Sligo, Roscommon Connecticut emig-1884 Judy Cronan
Hill Co Carlow Australia, USA (Boston?) AU 1897-1911, later USA Lesley
Hinchey, Hinckey Crumlin, Antrim, Belfast Canada 1800-1900 Kath Kindle
Hingerty Tipperary AU, ENG, USA pre 1830 Carole Draper
Hoare Dingle, Kerry New Rochelle NY 1850-1900 Pat Connors
Hobbins Tipperary Canada 1842 Irene Hobbins
Hodgins Dublin Australia 1838-43 Ena Jewell
Hoey Armagh NY 1860-1900 Rich Nicholas
Hoffman Old Ross, Co Wexford not given not given Kaye
Hogan Roeborne, County Dublin Australia 1841 Maggie
Hogan Lorrha Australia 1865 Mary Hogan
Hogan not given Lodi, MI 1838 Cathleen Murgan
Hogan not given Nova Scotia, Canada not given Amanda Hogan
Hogan Limerick or Tipperary Boston MA > Harwinton CT 1821+, 1850 Nancy Grenier
Hogan Mayo Montreal 1884 Barb Ruppert
Hogan Roeborne, Dublin Australia 1841 Maggi
Holland Belfast New Zealand 1800s-1900s Dave Holland
Holland Gort, Galway MA 1800s - 1900s Linda Jackson
Holleran Kilmoremoy, Ballina, Mayo Leeds, W Yorkshire ENG 1870s Francis Holleran
Holuhan, Holleran Stradbally, Co Waterford 1860 Lancashire Eng > 1866 USA 1855-65 Thomas F Travis
Hope Co Meath or Westmeath Pennsylvania USA 1830s Janet H Clifton
Hopkins Northern Ireland Canada, Australia, USA 1830-90 Debbie
Horan Demone, Clonoulty, Tipperary not given 1700-1863 Horan
Horan Roscrea, Tipperary Sydney, Australia 1830 Robyn Horan
Horan Golden, Tipperary Manchester, CT 1867-1930 John
Horgan Co Kerry Pembroke, Wales UK 1840- Shirley-Ann Walker
Hornell Ireland Scotland 1750+ Barry Hornell
Hornigh etc Old Ross + Co Wexford Kent, Grenville, etc. Ontario ca 1849-50 Kaye
Hosty Co Mayo New York NY 1895-1920 Joanne M Coen
Horvath Carrickbanagher USA, Canada, UK ca 1800 Benson Horvath
Horvath Sligo MA, NY 1890- Marie T
Hourigan Parteen, Clare not given not given Patricia Concannon
Hourigan Tipperary Victoria AUS late 1870s John Hourigan
Hourigan Limerick Victoria, AUS 1862 Ruth Warner
Houston Londonderry, Antrim Scotland 1805 to present Cathy
Howard Kerry Chicago 1900 Nan Brennan
Howard Bruree, Co Limerick Australia, England 1840-50s Diane Johns
Howard Clonoulty par, Co Tipperary not given 1750+ Linda Hansen
Howley Malcock? Durham 1840-60s Nicki Crutcher
Hughes Meath not given not given Bob Hardiman
Hughes Co Armagh, Killeavy Parish, Keggall New Brunswick, CAN, MA, NY 1816-1900 Jackie Hughes
Hughes Armagh New Brunswick CAN; ME, US ca 1815-1846 Karen Brooks
Hughes Keeloughes, Co Mayo not given 1850 MaryPat Carey
Hunt Co Roscommon St Louis 1847-present Ellen Naliboff
Humphreys Dublin 1791 Sydney Aust. 1767-1847 Marie Riley
Hunter Co Down New York 1822 Ronaree
Hunter Taughbone Par, Co Donegal Philadelphia 1880 Joe Hunter
Hunter Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan Australia 1800-1840 Laurie Thompson
Hurley Coleraine Green Island NY 17??-1840s Joe Hurley
Hurley, Herlihy Co Cork MA & CA, USA 1800s Velda Draper
Hurney Galway Lowell, MA ca 1852 Christine Roane
Hurst Carbury, Co Kildare 1849 1800-1859 Jeannette M Schneider
Hyland near Dublin USA 1853-60 Coleen Coleman
Hynes Galway New Orleans, Louisiana 1847 Rachel Hynes O'Brien
Ireland Armagh or Fermanagh Ontario, Canada (Home District) ca 1828 Robert M Ireland
Irwin Co Down Ontario CAN 1700s-1850s Jennie Norton
Irwin Skreen, Co Sligo England 1920-present John Irwin
Jackson Killashandra, Co Cavan New York City USA 1836 Vera Illes
Jackson Co Monaghan OH 1700-1840 Jack Burchenal
Jacruse Coalisland, Co Tyrone NY 1812-1906 Judith A Cruse
James Ballyheigue, Co Kerry Philadelpha PA>Iowa 1868 Valerie C James
Jenkinson Co Armagh did not emigrate 1840-1954 Brendan McCabe
Jennings Antrim, Mayo Sydney, Australia 1820-1950 Maggi Shaw
Jessop Dublin USA via Yorkshire 1986 Phillip M Jessup
Jessop, Jessup Laois, Offaly Ontario CAN; OH, PA, USA 1840s Mark G Jessop
Jessop, Jessup not given Gaspe coast, Quebec 1810-50 Lani Mitchell
Johnson Co Cork USA 1800s Jacquelyn LaRose
Johnston Derrykeighan & Dervock Melbourne, AUS 1863 Gillian Johnston
Johnston Dundrum, Co Tipperary New Zealand 1750+ Linda Hansen
Johnston Belfast PA, USA 1793 John Johnston
Johnston Antrim, Dervock, Derrykeighan Australia, USA-KS 1800-1930 Don Johnston
Johnstone Macroom, Cork Tasmania, Australia 1852 Barbara
Joint Limerick Acord, Kingston NY 1845-present Judy Christopher
Jordan Co Cork Kansas City MO 1840-1905 MLI
Jordan Kildare Manchester ENG 1800s Joseph Wright
Jordan New Ross, Co Wexford Nova Scotia, Canada 1810-1840 Michael Jordan
Ireton Co Carlow, Wicklow Ontario CAN ca 1850-54 S Glassford
Jones Donegal Toronto CAN 1854-64 Eileen Palmer
Jordan County Wexford Hartford CT 1838-1923 Debora Cote
Joyce Galway Geelong AU 1855-1900 Adrian Clohessy
Judge Mayo Western Massachusetts 1861-1862 Robert Judge
Kain, Cain, Kane Co Galway Australia 1850-70 Clare Taylor
Kain, Kane, Keeane Keeraun Barna, Co Galway Brookline East, Walpole MA ca 1899 John Bearce
Kane Co Galway US 1875-90 Patti Hoffman
Kane Derry PA 1840-60 Harry Gardiner
Kane, Kain, Keane Cratloe, Co Clare Australia, America? mid 1800s Jenny Kain
Kavanagh Dublin City & Co England 1851-1925 A Kavanagh
Kavanagh Wexford Liverpool 1876-77 Owen Kavanagh
Kavanagh Pallas Kenry, LIM not given 1800 onwards Teresa Wadman
Keag Kircubbin Down Australia 1850 Jenny Hall
Keane County Clare did not emigrate 1864-1944 Eileen Hagan Ellis
Keane Derrydonnellmore, Athenry, Co Galway Boston MA 1920-30 Mary Cox
Keane Dungarvan, Waterford New York > Montana 1890, 1908 Pat Crane
Keane Drumshanbo not given not given John Keane
Keane Crossmolina, Co Mayo Canandaigua  NY 1880s Philip Keane
Keane Crossmolina, Co Mayo Detroit MI 1922 Philip Keane
Kearney, Carney unknown Ferryland, Newfoundland 1760s-1820s Anna Kearney
Kearney Co Limerick IA 1870s Jan Egan
Kearney Glin or Glen, Co Limerick St John, New Brunswick > Maine USA ca 1840's Liz Dow
Kearney not given Medina NY 1850-1890 Sheila Milway
Kearney Drogheda Co Louth Phila PA 1880-1900 M E Wagner
Kearns, Kearins Sligo Kentucky 1880 Christi
Keating Graiguemenagh, Co Kilkenny Bristol PA 1846-90 Bill Keating
Keating Derrynoose, Co Armagh NY, NY ca 1855 Anne Green
Keating Rathkeale, LIM not given 1850 onwards Teresa Wadman
Keating Wexford Lanark, Ontario, Canada 1826 Jim Ward
Keatinge Clonmel, Innislonaugh UK 1880s Barbara McLachlan
Keef, O'Keefe Limerick Canada 1874 Betty Kramp
Keefe unknown Newport, Wales > Fall River MA 1850-1880 Ann D'Amore
Keefe Cork Albany, Troy NY 1850 Jeanne Keefe
Keefe Dungarvan, Co Waterford West Newton MA 1880 Dan Keefe
Keegan unknown Philadelphia PA 1840-50 John Keegan
Keegan Kinnegad area, Co Westmeath did not emib early-late 1800s Ellen M Hopps
Keegan Dublin Boston 1993 Deirdre Keegan
Keelan Co Cavan not known 1832+ Ann Tenthy
Keelan Co Meath not known 1864+ Ann Tenthy
Keelin Kilmacrenan, Donegal all ports 1850-1900 Henry McFadden
Keenan Dundalk, Co Louth Chicago IL 1886 Susan R Clark
Keenan Co Louth NY, WI, Iowa 1840 Mary Anne Carmody
Keeney Co Donegal Eastern PA, Hazelton, Wilkes Barre 1855-70 Joe Hunter
Keenoy Castlerea, Roscommon not given 1800 Katchie Murdoch
Keenoy Castlerea area, Co Roscommon CAN > Michigan+ 1855-1900 Kathleen K Lau
Kehoe Dublin St Louis MO 1830-1851 MLI
Kehoe Kilkenny City Liverpool UK 1820-1930 Leslie Rowlands
Kehoe unknown Ontario CAN 1825 Dianne K Lawrence
Keir Antrim US, KS 1852 Brenda K Peters
Kelleher Rathmacullig, Co Cork Boston 1872-88 Griff
Kelley unknown Massachusetts USA 1800s Bernadette Maurer
Kelliher Kerry NYC, NY 1981 Timothy Kelliher
Kelly Leitrim England > Canada 1870-1907 Catherine Witter
Kelly Dualla, Ballysheehan, Tipperary Australia, New Zealand, So Africa 1852-58 Kerryn Taylor
Kelly Co Galway western PA, Pittsburgh late 1840s Marybeth Corrigall
(O) Kelly Dublin did not emig pre 1924 Michael McAllister
Kelly Killyleigh area, (Bangor parish) not given 1760-1850 Dianne Poore
Kelly Straide Baltimore MD 1850 Mary McHale
Kelly unknown did not emig 1880-1883 Maureen
Kelly unknown NY, NJ 1800-1920 Marilyn Pingue
Kelly Cavan NY, MD 1840-50s Steve Lynch
Kelly Ballinlough Maine, Michigan 1862- Sue Donahue
Kelly Drogheda, Louth England 1827 onwards Julie Kelly
Kelly North Mayo, Koltmagh etc NJ, NY, UK 1850s onward Ciaran Colgan
Kelly Roscommon Brooklyn NY 1890s Diane Crabtree
Kelly unknown Troy NY 1880-1910 Jeanne Keefe
Kelly Newry, Co Down Manchester 1880 Elaine Pass
Kelly Cavan Scotland, USA-MA 1845-1900 John Kelly
Kelter Co Armagh Ontario CAN 1796-1880 Maureen Peer
Kenealy Market St, Cork City did not emig 1790-1820 Brian Kenealy
Keniry Kilmilhil Schenectady NY 1888 Ted Keniry
Kennedy Gort/Kilmacduagh, Galway New York 1880s Diane Culhane
Kennedy near Nenagh, Tipperary Victoria, Aust. 1852-53 Dee
Kennedy Tipperary Port Adelaide, So Australia 1851 Frankie-Louise Kennedy
Kennedy Glin, Co Limerick Perth, Woodslee, Ontario CAN 1832, 1838 C Mullins
Kennedy Freshford, Kilkenny Bathurst, NSW, AUS 1840-56 Judith Mayell
Kennedy Co Limerick NYC > NJ > Cleveland OH ca 1886-90 Tim Drake
Kennedy Co Sligo Niagara Falls ONT> Niagara Falls NY 1810-1866 Kate Parle
Kennedy Tipperary Australia 1820 Patricia
Kennelly unknown PA, MI 1861+ Kate
Kenny Inishboffin Island Yorkshire, England not given Mary Walsh
Kenny Granard, Co Longford NYC 1890s Martin Moran
Kenny Ballavary, Kiltamagh, Straide, Co Mayo NY ca 1890s Ciaran Colgan
Kenny unknown Fall River MA 1800-present Michele Almeida
Kenny Hillswood, Kilconnell, Co. Galway New York 1910 Jim Kenny
Keogh unknown Liverpool UK 1865, 1930 Leslie Rowlands
Keogh Co Kildare (Wicklow) Glebe AU 1862 Shirley Parker
Kernan Co Cavan or Meath Iowa USA 1800 Mary Kay Gleisner
Kerns Ballymahon, Co. Longford Schuylkill Co., PA 1826-1849 Barb Bergfelder
Kerr Armagh England 1973 Sheena
Kerr Dublin not given 1887 Mary F Hentschel
Kerr Poleek, Dundalk not given not given Dotty Cooper
Kerr Co Down not given not given Beverley Gall
Kerrigan unknown St Paul, Minnesota 1898-1902 Jackie
Kerrigan Kilkeedy, Co Clare Illinois 1890s Diane
Kerwin Co Laois NY, WI, IL 1850 on Pat
Keyes Cork, Waterford Canada, USA not given Diana Keyes
Keyes NoEast Co Cork Wisconsin 1850 Tom Keyes
Kidd Co Tyrone Bart, Lancaster Co PA 1800-10 Bob Peterson
Kier Co Antrim Philadelphia PA 1785 Shirley H Bolter-Baker
Kilcoyne Louisburgh, Co Mayo Clinton MA, USA 1900 Mary McNally
Kilday not given not given not given Donna Bolton
Killalea Galway Tasmania 1853-55 Maureen Moore
Killeen Co Mayo Jersey City NJ 1885 Richard Killeen
Killeen Ballyglass, Co Mayo Philadelphia PA 1885-1900 Judith Ward
Killoran County Sligo England 1840-90 Klackers
Killoran Sligo Kentucky 1880 Christi
Killury/Killoughrey West Clare Australia not given Carol Killury
Kilmartin Co Clare?? New Zealand 1800 Colin Printz
Kilmore not given not given 1700-1860 Pat Kilmore
Kilmurray Co Meath Australia 1801 Karen Gorrie
Kilmurray unknown Tyendinaga Twp, Ontario early 1830s Marybeth Corrigall
Kinane Co Tipperary Syracuse NY 1880-present Noelle Fairbanks
King Kilkenny City Liverpool UK 1820-1930 Leslie Rowlands
Kingsbury Belfast Canada 1840 Judith Stark-Sayers
Kinirons Tipperary NY, NJ 1850-1900 Eileen Kightlinger
Kinler Co Down Ontario CAN, and MN, USA 1700s onward Jennie Norton
Kirby Limerick City, Limerick Portland ME 1810-1900 Patricia Concannon
Kirby Co Waterford So Australia bef 1839 Cynthia Cheney
Kirk Rochestown, Co Dublin NY & IL 1850=1853 Mary Timmons
Kirkland Balleyvalley, Lwr Moville, Co Donegal Australia 1839 Julia Sheppard
Kirkwood Northern Ireland New York 1840-44 Patricia Kirkwood
Kissane Listown?, Co Kerry PA 1865-1986 Kate
Kissane Kerry NY 1860 Florence A Kissane
Knockton Ballingarry, Co Tipperary Australia 1840 Julie Holmes
Knox unknown  Australia 1850-1864 Claire Latham
Knox Cranfieldtown, Kilkeel, Co Down St John, NB, CAN; AU ca 1821-29 Jeanette Egan
Lackey, Leckey Ballinderry, Co Antrim Canada 1870-90 Kathy Kindle
Lacy Castleconnell, Limerick not given 1846-1920 Bob Ryan
Lagan Ballinascreen, Magherafelt, Londonderry Philadelphia PA 1861-1956 Jana Lagan
Lahy, Lahey Tipperary? don't know if emig ca 1810 Dee
Lahey, Lahy, Leahey St John's, Kilkenny Sydney, NSW, Australia Apr 7, 1859 Heather Noakes
Lalley, Lally not given Northeastern PA 1850+ Donna Kropp
Lally Galway region not given not given Thomas Mullally
Lally Islandeady, Co Mayo Chicago 1890s Diane
Lally Galway New Orleans, LA mid 1830s Janice L Worthen
Lamont Antrim New Zealand 1924+ Barry Hornell
Lane Co Cork Troy NY 1852 Julie Cashman
Lane unknown Massachusetts 1872 Ellen
Lane Limerick Australia 1850-70 Jenny
Langton Cos Kilkenny, Laois PA, NY 1880s Jack Langton
Latchford Cullen, Co Tipperary Jersey City NJ 1844-1912 Bill Bennett
Latimer Co Monaghan New York City NY 1867 Ray Veth
Laughlin Co Kerry, Scartaglin?, Castleisland? Negaunee MI 1850s Ray Marshall
Laughlin, Loughlin N. Ireland:  Derry, Dungiven Ontario, Mountain, Kemptville), CAN 1830-1900 Earrlene Hutsell
Law Co Armagh Scotland 1851-52 Christine Brownridge
Law Dublin Canada 18-1900 Judy Thomas
Law Fermanagh NY > TX > OK 1861-71 Janice Law-Murraine
Law Queensland? not known 1800s-1900s Eileen McDonald-Sayer
Leahy Ennis & Quin, Co Clare South Australia 1840 & 1852 Loretta M Ford
Leahy Nenagh, Co Tipperary NY 1904 Rich Griboon
Leacock Co Armagh? New York, Illinois 1830-60 Betty Porter
Leacock Kilkenny Pennsylvania 1834 Mike Saunders
Leader Co Clare, unknown Australia bef 1870 Barbara Lughermo
Leamy Northern Tipperary NY 1850-1900 Eileen Kightlinger
Leary Currow, Co Kerry NY, NY 1800-1900 James O'Leary
Leddy, Liddy Cavan Brooklyn NY 1850 Nan
Ledgerwood Killincky Parish, Co Down Toronto, Ontario, CAN 1800-1849 Ethel V Davis
Ledgerwood Killincky Parish, Co Down Comber, Ireland 1800-1849 Ethel V Davis
Ledwedge, Ledwich, Ledwidge Meath New Zealand 1882 Margaret
Leech Termonfeckin, Co Louth Chicago IL 1873-1940s Charlotte Heisler
Leech Co Westmeath did not emig 1860-early 1900s Ellen M Hopps
Leech Termonfeckin, Co Louth Providence RI 1800-2000 James Leach
Leigh Ballybawn, Kilmacanogue, Co Wicklow USA 1901 > UK; 1920s > USA, NY Thomas Leigh
Lemon Ulster N.B., Canada 1830s Jeff Lemon
Lemon Co Carlow did not emigrate 1700-1900 Michelle Wilson
Lennon Co Leitrim did not emigrate mid 1800s Pat Connors
Lemond Co Antrim Russell Co, Ontario, Canada 1790-1851 Greg Ferguson
Leonard Dublin?, Galway Sydney, NSW, Aust. 1861-63 Dee
Leonard Longford USA, Brooklyn 1840-50s Pauline Salmon
Leonard Galway Australia 1880-90 Kerry Neaylon
Leslie Dublin City Napier NZ 1860+ Linda Hansen
Leslie Dublin City did not emigrate 1860+ Linda Hansen
Leslie Moy, Co Tyrone did not emigrate 1750+ Linda Hansen
Leyden Ballylane, Lisconnor USA ca 1900 Mike Givens
Leyden Ennistymon, Co Clare New York 1823-1900 June Lachler
Liddy, Lyddy Newmarket on Fergus, Co Clare Queensland AU 1820 onwards Ernene Smedley
Lillis Co Clare Kansas City MO 1836-1898 MLI
Linden Co Kerry New York? 1830s? Mary Coleman
Lindsay unknown Canada 1800s Jeannie Rathbone
Lindsay Co Armagh Oneida NY >> Sheboygan WI 1805 onward Kay R
Linehan, Lenehan Carrick-on-Shannon US ca 1887 Patti Hoffman
Linehan, Lenehan Galway Australia 1880-90 Kerry Neaylon
Linehan, Henihan, Lenehan Co Leitrim USA 1840-65 Linda
Little Co Tyrone PA, OH, MI, Ontario CAN mid 1800s Iola Whiteside
Locke Ballyshannon Glasgow 1800-1900 Barbara L Gillon
Lockhart Co Donegal New Brunswick, CAN 1800-50 Doug Lockhart
Lockhart Co Tyrone Ontario CAN 1805 on Steve Welling
Lockington Cavan Katikati, New Zealand 1847-1920 N.P. Mann
Loftus Mayo Western Massachusetts betw 1849-1862 Robert Judge
Loftus Blessingtown, Co Mayo NY > St Louis > SD 1863-1911 Michael Nichols
Logan Londonderry, Co Derry Ontario, Canada 1850-1860 Aaron Logan
Logan, Loghan Galway New Orleans> Indianapolis 1851 Laura Frazier
Lohan Ballygar, Co Galway Illinois 1890s Diane
Londergan Waterford MA 1886 Richard Lonergan
Lonergan Doon Village or Kilmoylan Upper QLD, Australia 1891 Brendan
Lonergan Kilkenny New Orleans LA 1854 Mike Saunders
Loney Loughgall, Co Armagh London ONT CAN 1800 Terry Loney
Long Feenagh, Co Limerick N.S.W., Australia 1850 Marie Payne
Long Co. Antrim Ontario, CAN ca 1848 Nancy Kechnie
Long Co Leix Ohio, USA 1839-1849 Carmelita Raney
Long not given not given not given Edna Burns
Lorain Donegal PA 1753-1836 Roberta Hill
Lord Dublin not given 1870-1910 Mary F Hentschel
Louden, Loudin Co Antrim New York State mid 1800s Margaret
Loughead Monaghan, Antrim Adelaide, Australia 1853 Mary Symons
Loughlin Meath USA 1930 Tracy Loughlin
Loughlin Gowran, Kilkenny Australia 1850+ Jennifer Winter
Loughman Aghaboe, Co Laois PA, USA 1870 Robert E Loughman
Loughnan, Laughlin Co Kerry, Scartaglin?, Castleisland? Negaunee MI 1850s Ray Marshall
Lowry Co Offaly Philadelphia PA 1911-1920 Tim Wilson
Lucas Tyrone Sydney, Australia 1838 1740-1870 Shirley Harper
Lunny Fermanagh Boston MA ca 1928 Bob Lunny
Lycett Limerick ca 1835 Australia 1820-1868 Marie Riley
Lyden Galway America 1850s on Val Ashcroft
Lydon Dublin Ridgewood, New Jersey 1985 Catherine Weir
Lynagh Sligo did not emig not given Betty Carter
Lynagh unknown Brooklyn NY ca 1860s Georgia Evans
Lynch Meath Wisconsin >> Minnesota 1836 Janet Magnuson
Lynch Connaught NYC 1883 1840-present Maureen
Lynch Caheragh, Co Cork Georgetown, DC, USA 1840-50 Nancy L Anderson
Lynch Ballyhooly, Co Cork Boston MA 1869-2008 Art Lynch
Lynch Meath NJ, NY 1905 Karen Giffin
Lynch Wicklow, Blessington, Swords Canada, USA, Australia 1845? Debbie
Lynch Virginia area, Co Cavan NY 1845 Steve
Lynch Virginia, Co Cavan NY, MD, PA 1840-50 Steve Lynch
Lynch Co Limerick not given not given Marianne Bonner
Lynch Bailleborough, Co Cavan not given 1870s Donna
Lynch Enniscorthy, Co Wexford Ipswich, Qld. AU 1856 Louise Barry
Lynch Ballyvouney New Zealand 1860s Lorraine Anderton
Lynch unknown unknown > WI ca 1853 Mike Saunders
Lyng Co Wexford Nevadaville, Colorado 1880s Suzanne Lyng Lenahan
Lyng Kilkenny Baltimore MD 1890-99 Angela Pieper
Lyons Cork NY 1830s or 40s Pam Hulse
Lyons Dingle, Co Kerry Escanaba MI 1860s Ann D'Amore
Lyons Cork City NY 1860-1900 Eileen Kightlinger
Lyons Cork & Rathkeale, LIM not given 1800 on Teresa Wadman
Lysaght Ennistimon, Co Clare Lowell MA 1830-present Mary R Marsh

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