Surname First From Townland From County Remarks
McShane Mahon Oge Killegurtine Clare
O'Shaghnussy Sir Dermod Gortinchegory Galway
Stapleton Katherine Cork Alias Cullaghan
O'Shagnesy John Roe Galway
Shaghnessy Hugh Cloonine Galway
Shaghnessy Honora Connor, her son
Sutton Garrett Kildare
St. Legar George Finerstowne in the Liberties of the city of Kilkenny
Lisaght John Limericke
Shee John Kilkenny Rose, his wife
Shee Marcus Kilkenny
Stackepole Bartholomew Limerick
Sinnott Grany Ballinvany Wexford Alias Redmond, relict of Melchoir Sinnott and Baltazar Synnott, son and heir of the said Melchior
Smith Thomas Oranbegg Galway
Sole Robert Gillcagh Galway
Sinnott Nicholas Wexford
Skerritt Peter Galway Merchant
Skerritt George Galway Merchant
Stapleton David Ballingeknin Cork
Stafford Robert Ballagh Mayo Ellin, his wife, and Mary Cheevers alias Rossiter, the now wife of Robert Devereux and mother to the said Ellin
Shee Robert Kilkenny
Shee Robert Kilkenny
Sarsfeild Patrick Limericke Esq.
Skeelan Stephen Lymericke
Shortall Thomas Ballylorkan Kilkenny
Shelton Stephen Queen's
Skerritt Martin Galway
Strich Fitz James Thomas  Lymericke Ellan and Ellis, his daughters
Spencer William Killcollman Corke Gentleman, by vertue of an order of his Highnesse Council (whereby he is adjudged) [Words in paranthesis were struck out in the MS]
Skerritt Dominick Galway
Sherlocke Edward Frayne Meath
Sarsfeild Patricke Lucan Late of, by an order of the Council, dated the 20th of June 1657
Fleming Lady Ann Slane Westmeath Barroness dowager of Slane
Sinnott Thomas Ballyrany Wexford Alson Sinnott, the relict of John Synnott, deceased
Sherlocke James Naas Kildare
Synnott Walter Carrownabody Wexford
Stacke Richard Errymorahin Kerry
St. Jons Robert Jonstowne Tipperary Late of
Synnott Jasper Cooeden Christian Synnott, the relict of James Synnott
Skerret Fitz John Edmond Galway
Sexton James Lymerick
Sedgrave Gilbert Ballyhack Meath
Stafford William Brownscastle Wexford
Slane Lady Anne Slane Baroness dowager of Slane
Slingsby Henry Kilmore Corke Late of, Esq.
Strich Andrew Lymerick City of
Gegin Sara Galway Sheely Shaghnussy, widows
Synnott Marcus Wexford
Stiphenson Margaret Lymerick
McSwinye John Galway
Skerrett Martin Galway Merchant
Shortall Richard Eniscoffy Wexford
Stephenson Richard Ballivoghane Lymerick
McStephen Richard Belanarye Galway
McSwynye John Raglass Galway
Siggin Edward Sigginstowne Wexford
Scurlock Andrew Roslare Wexford
Joyne Shelly Cregmore Mayo Widow, and Hubert McDavid Jonine, her son
Shaghnussy John Craghy Galway In behalf of John, William, and Una Shaghnussy
Shaghnussy Daniell Rossane Galway
St. Leger William Clonylane Kilkenny
Shaghnussy Ellinor Clooneene Galway
McSwinny John Raghglasse Galway
Shaghnussy Joane Dromfin Galway Mary Shaghnussy
Swiny Mary Raglasse Galway Alias Burke, widow, and Una, Dorothy and Anably Swyny co-heires
Shee Fitz Henry Robert Killaghhagh Kerry
Spring Edward Killagbhagh Kerry Esq.
Sheele Peter Ballyshelle King's
Shortall Leonard Kilkenny
St. John John Fitz Thomas Rybertstowne Tipperary
Skerritt John Carrowreagh Galway
ny Sida Mourne Moyno Clare Alias Cormackan and Hugh McSida, son and heir of John McSida
Shaghnussy John Mounteratt Galway
McShane Mahon Clare
Sarsfeild Michael Sarsfeildstowne Lowth
Strich Patrick Lymerick
Supple Garrett Castletowne Lymerick Ellen, his wife
McShane Magennissy Edmond Downe
McShane McEdmond Muloehill Edmond Galway
McSyda Connor Clare
Stritch John Clare
Shaghnessy William Galway Esq.
Strange Peter Dunkitt Kilkenny
Shaghnussy Ownhy Galway
Sherlocke Anne Kildare
Synnott Edmond Wexford
Synnott Arthur Wexford
Synnott John Wexford
Synnott Alexander Wexford
O'Shaghnessy Dermott Galway
Shortall Nicholas Kilkenny
Strich William Lymerick Elizabeth Strich, his grandmother
Shiell Rory Ballekillore Westmeath
Shortall Thomas Kilkenny
Scurlock Thomas Wexford
Synnott Nicholas Wexford