Surname First From Townland From County Remarks
Rice FitzJames Andrew Dinglecouch Kerry
Roch Stephen Limericke Gentleman
Ryan Melaghlin McConnor Cooenamona Limericke
Rourke William Kilkenny
Roscester Thomas Wexford
Redmond Robert Wexford
McRory McEgan Feagh Galway
Ryan Charles Tipperary
Rowly Ellinor Limericke Late of
Roche Luke Dungarstowne Wexford
Ryan Rory Gortacoma Tipperary
Roch Ursilla Corke
Ryan Diermott Tipperary
Rawly Daniel Tullaghanemore Queen's
Reynolds Humphrey Loscurrein Leitrim Late of
O'Roirke Con Drumahir Leitrim
Ryan William Tobber Ryan Tipperary
Ryan John Drumbane Tipperary
Ryan Connor McMahon Turehine Tipperary
Ryan Melaghlin McConnor Turehine Tipperary
Ryan Henry Tipperary
Ryan Teig McOwnhy Tully Tipperary
Rochford John Kilkenny
Rogan William Gortingauna Tipperary
O'Ruddan Mahowne ArdmcGlanchy Clare
Ryan William Clonloghy Tipperary
Ryan James Clonesynure Tipperary
Rochford Elizabeth Kilbride Meath Daughter of John Rochford
Ryan Phillip Cowne Tipperary
Ryan Teig Loughdowhy Tipperary
Rice Laurence Lymericke Burgess
Rice Bartholomew Lymericke Burgess
Ryan Melaghlin McConnor Tipperary
Ryan Phillip McMahon Drombane Tipperary
Ryan Donnogh Allingort Tipperary
Ryan John Cooledoty Tipperary
Ryan Rory McDaniell Colebracke Tipperary
Rynolds Mary Roscommon Alias Ward and her son William Ward
Ryan Cormacke Meaghfean Lymericke
Ryan Charles Ballychahane Tipperary
Roche John Crunnagh Tipperary
Roughan Donnogh Sunnagh Clare
Reagh Darcy James Galway Alderman
Ryan Owen Finily Tipperary
Ryan Fitz Connor William Glandar Tipperary
Ryan Daniel Beallaoughter Tipperary
Ryan John Glanishynavy Tipperary Alias Mockclane
Quirke Katherine Galway
Quin James Clare
Quirke John Ballyleene Galway