Surname First From Townland From County Remarks
Phillips Philip Clonmore Mayo
Pelly Susanna Coolecartan Galway Relict of Thomas Pelly
Pollett Sara Mayo Alias Barrett
Prendergast Katlin Mayo Uny Prendergast
Prendergast William Killbegg Mayo Jonacke Prendergast
Prendergast Walter Boy Garryredmond Mayo
Prendergast Richard Cregan Mayo
Plunkett Christopher Tathrath Meath
Prendergast Charles Mayo
Power Margaret Ballygarne Waterford
Prendergast John Tipperary
Purcell John Lismaine Kilkenny
Purcell Elizabeth Widow: allowed by special order so much land as was worth 200∫. Per annum in the year 1644 in lieu of her jointure
Power Peirce Clondonell Waterford
Prendergast Thomas Killgany Waterford
Prendergast Garrett Killgrogybegg Tipperary
Plunkett Patrick Lowth
Plunkett Peirce Cloone Tipperary
Purcell Philip Ballyfoyle Kilkenny
Power David Kilbolane Corke esq.
Betagh Francis Loughereu Meath And Katherine, his wife, and Anne Plunkett, the said Katherine and Ann being daughters of John Plunkett
Pettit Edmund Clogher Galway
Power Richard Tikincorra Waterford
Plunkett Christopher Ballymacode Meath
Power James Fitz William Castletowne Waterford Late of
Plunkett Henry Haristowne Meath
Pursell Redmond Roscanin Killkenny
Prendergast Richard McUlick Corballyeighter Mayo
Power Peter Galway Galway
Power Morris Adamstowne Waterford Richard Strange and Margaret, his wife
Poore Arnold Waterford
Power Jeffery Fedan Waterford
Plunkett Robert Irishtowne Meath
Power Pierce Waterford
Pursell Thomas Fulksrath Killkeny
Porter John Waterford Esqr.
Prendergast Walter Leo Mayo
Poore Morris Ballynabannoge Waterford
Prendergast Morris Poore Ballynabannoge Waterford
Prendergast Edmond McGarrett Galway
Prendergast Garrett Waterford
Prendergast Fitz Thomas Garrett Mayo
Prendergast James Killkenny
Plunkett Dame Elizabeth  Ballybegg Meath
Power James Loughreagh Galway
Pettit Mary Galway Widow, and John Lenan, her son
Plunkett George Kilkarne Meath
ny Adam Sarah Meath Alias Prendergast, widow
Power William Gilcagh Waterford
Power Thomas Lymericke
Power Edmond Lymericke
Prendergast William McJonaack Mayo
Plunkett Richard Leamegurr Roscommon
Prendergast Jeffery Newcastle Tipperary
Prendergast Walter Ballybegg Tipperary
Fitz Patrick Edmond Srahleagh Queen's
Purcell Edmond Cargin Lymericke
Plunkett Alexander Clandbreny Meath
Plunkett Henry Farststown Meath
Plunkett Nicholas Esq., second son of Christopher Plunkett, late Earl of Fingall
Plunkett Dame Mary
Prendergast Thomas Tipperary
Prendergast Edmond Killnecarrgye Tipperary
Prendergast Robert Carriteige Tipperary