Surname First From Townland From County Remarks
Nickevilly Sarah Carrow Mayo
Naghten Onora Roscommon Alias Kelly in lieu of her interest
ny Connor Mary Clare Alias Neilan and Honora Katherine and Any Neilan daughter of Richard Neilan
Naghten Hugh Galway
Nugent Richard Longford
Nugent William Rosse Meath
Nugent John Longford
Nugent James Roscommon Mary Nugent alias Farrell alias Reynolds
Nangle John Waterford
Nowlane John Iskerowen Sligo esq.
Nugent John Dremyne Longford
Nisbett Andrew Dublin Gentleman
Nerhinny Donnell Lisroyne Roscommon
Nugent Robert Carlanstowne Westmeath
Nolan FitzGregory Thomas Mayo
Nolan John Iskerowen Sligoe
Nolan Thomas Ballinrobe Mayo
Nolan FitzGregory Thomas Ballinrobe Mayo
Nolan Thomas Ballinrobe Mayo
Nolan Thomas Ballinrobe Mayo
Nolan John Iskerowen Sligo
Nellan Edward Killkarragn Clare
Neal Hugh Ballyneale Tipperary
Ny McNemarra Margaret Crattlelagh Clare Relic of Donnogh McNemarra
Nugent Margaret Westmeath Widow of Francis Nugent, Esqr., one of the sons of the late Earl of Westmeath
Naughten Honora Roscommon Alias Brenan, widow of Brian Naughten of the co. Roscommon
Naughten Lissdalure Thomas Roscommon
Naughten Katherine Canymore Roscommon Widow, and John Naughten her son.
Naughten Philip Lymericke
McNamerra Teig McShane Ballymarkahan Clare
McNemarra Donnogh Clooneny Clare
McNemerra Any Clare Alias Bryan relick of Daniel McNemarra
McNemerra Finola Widow, relict of Donogh McNemarra, and John McNemarra, son and heir of the said Donogh
McNemarra Daniell Ballyhensy Clare
O'Naughten Dermott McBryan Drum Roscommon
Naughten Farragh Gortnaclogh Roscommon
Naughten Henry Taghdof Roscommon
N aughten Dermott Killmacormack Roscommon Onora Naughten, relict of John McDonnogh O'Naughten
O'Naughten Mortagh McDonnogh Carrowroe Roscommon
McNemarra John Ballintlea Clare
Nally Richard Cregrogh Mayo
Netterfield Patrick Louth Mary, his wife
McNemarra John Mograske Clare Esq.
McNemarra Mahon McTeig Mahon Clare
O'Naughten Bryan McShane Carrowkena Roscommon
McNemarra Daniel McShane Carrownemally Clare
McNemarra Teig McShane Ballimarkana Clare
McNemarra Dorothy Clare
Naughten Donminick Killeylan Galway
Newtervill Lawrence Castletowne Killpatrick Meath
Nellam William Clare John Cooper and Mary, his wife
McNemarra John Rafolane Clare
McNemarra Any Clare Donnogh, her son
Nugent Sir Thomas Corriginreagh Roscommon Knight and Baronet
Nugent John Clooncokrane Waterford by Mary Nugent, his guardian
Nolan Fitz Thomas Thomas Galway Merchant
Naughten Katherine Roscommon Teig Naughten, her son
McNemarra Teig Kilnecrony Clare
McNemarra Una Kilkissin Clare
Naughten Francis Tiaquin Barony Galway
Neylan Evelllin Killasboylanan Clare Widow of William Oge Neylan
Nelly Teig Rathkerin Galway
Nelly Owen Rathkerin Galway
McNemarra Any Thomas, her son and Honora, her mother
O'Neale Arthor Braide Antrim Late of
McNemarra John Clare
McNemarra Ellen Clare and Mary, her daughter
Neale Henry Fewes Ardmagh
Naughten Donnell Cappaghlissin Roscommon
Naughten Farragh Gortnecloch Roscommon Ellinor, his wife
Nugent Robert Carlanstowne Westmeath
McNemarra John Lahardan Clare
McNemarra Daniel Ballymuscrehy Clare
McNemarra Slany Ballyroghan Clare Relict of John McNemarra
McNemarra Edmond Clare Orphan, by his guardian, Daniel McNemarra
McNemarra Donnogh Castletowne Killpatrick Clare Slany, his mother
McNemarra Connor McMahon Killbrackanmore Clare
McNicholas Richard Tocannanye Mayo
Nolan John Iskerowe Sligo Late of
Nolane Thomas Ballinrobe Mayo Late of
O'Naughten Mortagh Boy Flughane Roscommon
Naghten William McDonnel Knocknenowle Roscommon
O'Neile Henry Killaleagh Atrim Late of, Esq.
Newcom Thomas Dublin Esq., and Frances, his wife, the relict of James Cusack, Esq., and Thomas Cusack, son and heir of the said James
Nugent Thomas Drogheda Roscommon Alderman
Naghten Donnagh Roscommon Ellis Naghten alias Welsh, his mother
Nangle Matthew Ballysax Kildare Late of
Nolan Patrick Shangarry Catherlagh in the Barony of Forth
Nolan Anstace Galway
Nugent Robert Carlinstowne Meath