Surname First From Townland From County Remarks
Mansfield Walter Ballinmultenagh Waterford
Mandevill Richard Dromore Waterford Mary, his wife
Mullowny More Killbrogan Clare
McNemarra Teige Ballyroy Clare
O'Manin Connor Killdaein Galway
O'Manin Bryan Ballindoone Galway
Molligan James Athlone Roscommon
McNemarra Sarah Alias Mullowny, relict of Roger McNemarra and Donnogh, her son
McNemarra Shida Clare
Mahon Elizabeth Clondrelan Clare
Magner John Corke
Madden John McMorrogh Reagh Galway
McNemarra Ellin Clare
Mahon Margarett Clenagh Clare Terlogh Mahon, esq.
McNemarra Fitz Roger Francis Galway
Martin Anthony Galway
Morgan John Killcolgan Galway
O'Murry Donnogh Roscommon
Manin Roger Galway
Mahowny Honor Lacke Tipperary The relict of Bryan McMahon, and Tirlogh Mahowny, son and heir of the said Bryan
Magher Thomas Connell Tipperary
Mulchahy David Waterford
McMahon Morrogh Shyhane Clare
Mooney Katherine Tipperary Julian Mooney
McNemara Mahcwne Oge Clare
McNemarra Mahowne McShane Clare
Moore William  Barmith Lowth
O'Mullowny Donnogh Killgoore Clare
Mansell Theobald Katteganstowne Kilkenny
Madden Fergus Oge Cregg Galway
Meigher Teig Tipperary
Madden Fergus Lismore Galway
Masterson Robert Court Wexford
McNemarra John Cloghantowhy Clare
McNemarra Teige McDaniel Reagh Carrowreagh Clare
McMahon Honora Lorke Clare Terlagh McMahon, her son
McMahon Teige McConnor Moyfadda Clare
Mooney Owen Esker King's
Magrath Thomas Tipperary
Magrath Donogh Corke
Molloy Arthur Lelaghmore King's
O'Madden John McDonogh Longford Barony of
McNemarra Donogh Munane Clare
Masterson Edward Fearnes Wexford And his son, Robert McMasterson
Masterson Edward Fearnes Wexford
Morrish Edmund Morvanagh Roscommon Evelline of Morvanagh, relict of Dermott Morrish
Magrath Redmond Thurlesbeg Tipperary Gentleman
Molone John Westmeath Esq.
Martin Matthew Galway Burgess
McNemarra Daniel McShane Fartamore Clare
Mollowny Joseph Ballybrougharan Clare
McNemarra Teig Knockllagh Orphans, sons of Daniel McNemarra
Morrish Dame Lady Ellis Knockagh Tipperary
Munnaghan William Fortall King's
Moore Colonel Garrett Brees Mayo Late of
Madden Doctor Richard Waterford
ny Mullowny Any Ballylieffy Clare
McNemarra Cavarra Clare
Moore Melcher Croenstowne Westmeath
McMahon Bryan Clare
Martin FitzJeffry John Galway Late of
McNemarra Honora Alias FitzMorrish, the relict of Finin Oge McNemarra, and the relict of James McMorrish, and Slaney McNemarra, her daughter
Molloy Charles Carneboy King's
McNemara Honora Alias Fitz Morris, relict of Finnin Oge McNemara
McNemara Teig Lettarrocsard Clare
Molloy Theobald Lissdallon Roscommon
Moore Mellchoir Creggenstowne Meath Late of
Mackall Ellinor Galway
Mackall Elizabeth Edward, her son
Mackall Richard Killcomedane Galway
Madden Jane Longford Galway Alias Dillon
Magennis Bryan Cloonconnell Downe
McMahon Brian McTorlagh Ballyboy Clare Honora, his wife
McNemara John Crattelagh Clare son of Donnogh McNemara
Fitz Maurice Garrett Kerry Esq. and Dame Lucie, his wife
Mellifont William Silly Corke
Fitz Morris Thomas Killbarton Cork Esq. and Ellen Roch, Viscountess Dowager of Muskerye
O'Mooney Hugh Killeene Galway
Moore John Druestowne Meath
Martin Oliver Galway Alderman
Magrath Marcus Upper Ormond
Martin Fitz Francis George Galway
Martin Fitz Jeffery John Galway
Magnew Redmond Lissedogan Cork
Madden Dermott Oge Annaghcalla Galway
Markham Coll. Henry and Alderman Perine:-by order of the Council
Mulskernoge Anthony Cork Doctor
Merrick Jasper Tullymore Galway
McBrazill Daniel Madden Ballinabranna Galway
Madden Edmond Oge Lissinreagh Galway
Morris Margaret Tipperary Daughter of Sir John Morris
Mulrony Seely Garryblackin Galway Alias Fahy
O'Madden Donnogh Clonemasky Galway
O'Madden Donnagh Drumlissnapishy Galway
Mullowny Mary Killregan Clare Widow of Mahon Mullowny
Morgan Patrick Innisnatten Clare
Madden Ambrose McTeig Clonelahan Roscommon
Moloony Donnell Oge Glandry Clare
Moystone Rose Milltownepass Roscommon Alias Murry
Mulconry Paddin Roscommon
Magner William Ahody Cork
Merry Richard Callin Killkenny
Moynehan Melaghlin Ballycaradoge Tipperary
Melaghlin Phillip Kilceene Tipperary
Moran David Tumendan Galway
Mannin John Tullagh Roscommon
Murrphy Edmond Mayo
Mullowny Sissly Ballintobber Westmeath Alias Geoghegan
Meighan Diermott Rathkerry Clare
O'Mullowny Teig Glandery Clare
Mullowny Patrick Glandery Clare
Mullowny Connor McMahon Glandery Clare
O'Mullowny Teig Killbagon Clare
Marnell Edmond Lisnemrocke Tipperary
Martine Robert Galway
O'Meara Phillip Knockanmallyishell Tipperary
Mullowny Connor Oge Tome Clare Fiona McNemarra alias Mullowny, his mother
O'Mullowny Teig Tullagh Clare
McMahon Teig McConnor Moyfaddea Clare
Mighan Mortagh Rathkerry Clare Una, his wife
Magher Kedagh Ballykealy Tipperary
Mahon James Lymerick
Mannin Thomas Galway Teig Mannin
McMahon Thomas Clare
O'Magher Connor Clonron Tipperary
Magawly James Rathduff Westmeath
Maginnesse Mortogh Meniniry Downe
Maginesse Glassney Coshankill Downe
Magnessy Edmund McShane Downe
Martin Elizabeth Galway Alias Lynch, relict of Walter Martine
O'Mannin Hugh Galway
O'Mannin Donnogh Galway
O'Mullrean Teig Athybricke Tipperary
O'Mannin Thomas Crosse Galway
O'Madden Daniel Derryhewney Galway
O'Mulvihill Daniell Derry Galway
Madden Brassill Gultore Galway
Madden Evellin Longford Galway Barony of, relict of Owen Madden
Madden John Curraghboy Galway
Martine Edmond Galway
Madden Ambrose Galway
ny Mannin Rose Lohannagh Galway Alias Kelly
Murphey Edmond Mayo
Mergagh O'Connor Hugh Castlerury Roscommon
Mannin Dowangh Galway
Mannin Hugh Gilgagh Galway
McMortagh Connor Kelly Galway
Mannin William Galway Evellin, his wife
Mannin Honora Balletrasna Galway
McMahon Matthew Togh Lymerick
Madden Donagh Downimarrane Galway
Murphy Mary Balledame Wexford Alias Codd and Michael Murphey
Moore William Rosmeade Westmeath
O'Molloy William Oughterherry Roscommon
Magrath Marcus Blean Tipperary
Mildowne John Michanboy Roscommon
Mildowne John As guardian to Ellis and Margaret Keogh, orphans
Madden Donnogh McBryan Galway
Martine George Oge Galway Merchant
Meara Thomas Boreakin Tipperary Esq.
Martine Dominick Galway Merchant
O'Mulquiny Fitz Godfrey Teig Clare
Madden Nicholas Waterford
Moorghoe Katherine Catterlogh Waterford Honora Morroghoe
Mooney Owen Iskerowe King's
McNemarra Teig Polfory Clare