Surname First From Townland From County Remarks
Laughlin Lewis Carr Clare
Ledwitch Richard Cookstowne Meath
Lynch Fitz Nicholas Marcus Galway
Leo James Limericke
Lisaght John Limericke
Lea John Waterford
Linch Fitz Michaell Thomas Galway Merchant, and Mary, his wife
Linch Fitz Jeffery John Galway Merchant
O'Lyne Donogh Leharga Galway
Lynch John Galway
Laffan Richard Newtowne Tipperary
Linch Fitz Ullicke James Galway
Lee Walter Limericke
Linch Fitz William Andrew Galway Merchant
Linch John Galway Merchant
Lorkan Nehemias Galway
Lacy Austace Clare Alias Synnott, widow
Lynch Sir Robucke Galway Knight and Baronet
Linch Fitz Andrew William Galway
Laffan Thomas Slada Wexford
Lacy Walter Ballinrath Meath
Linch Fitz Nichols Stephen Galway
Linch Fitz Jeffry John Galway Merchant
Lynch Fitz Jeffry John Galway
Lynch Fitz Andrewe Robuck Galway
Lynch Fitz Jeffry John Galway
Lacy William Ballingary Lymericke
Lynch Fitz Stephen Thomas Galway
Lynch Isidorus Galway Late of
Ledwich Thomas Clondalion Westmeath
Lynch Fitz Jeffry John Galway
Lynch Fitz Henry Nicholas Galway Late of
Long John Mount Long Corke Gentleman
Long Margarett Cloghane Corke Alias Skidy
Luttrell Thomas Luttrellstowne Dublin
Ledwitch Richard Cookestowne Meath
Lally James Tulynedally Galway
Lynch Joane Nicholas Darcy and Margaret, his wife, and Ellis French, sisters and heirs of Walter French
Lowth Barroness of Lowth Dame Mary
Lawrence John Ballimore Galway
Laffan Marcus Grayestowne Tipperary
Lorkan Bryan Dangin Galway
Lynch Maurice Galway Esq.
Laurence Mary Cleoanyne Galway and Dorothy and Alice Laurence, daughters of Walter Laurence
Lally Daniel Curraghreahy Galway
Leonard John Waterford Waterford Ellen Leonard alias Buttler, his mother
Lally James Tullynedaly Galway
Lynch Jane Galway Alias Font, widow, and Peter Lynch Fitz Peirce, her son
Lurkan Gillermore Galway Alias Nehemiss, by John Peirce, his guardian
ny Lea Evelin Roscommon Alias Fallon, widow of Bellaforin
McLaughlin O'Naughten Daniell Ardkenan Roscommon
McEdmond Oge Loudon Mahon McTeig Garranvickany Tipperary
Lynch Fitz Ulick Patrick Joane Lynch alias Kirwan, widow
Lynch Fitz Peter William Galway
Lynch Sir Robert Galway Knight and Baronet
Lynch Isidorus Galway
O'Leyne Redmond Moyasberagh Galway
Lyons Robert Croeboy Meath
Lynch Nicholas Ballygaddy Galway
Lynch Jennet Galway Teresa Lynch
Litter Anthony Galway
Lenan John Clostokin Galway
Lane Richard Tulske Roscommon
Lynch Fitz Stephen James Galway Merchant
Lacy Annable Limerick Widow of David Lacy
Lutterrell Thomas Lutterrellstowne Dublin Esq.
Lynch Mary Alias Kirwan, widow of Thomas Lynch Esq.
Lynch Fitz Robuck William Galway
Lynch Fitz Stephen Thomas Galway Merchant
Lea Thomas Waterford
Lynch Fitz Jeffery John Galway
Ledwich James Ballinelack Westmeath
Lynch Jonackin Galway
Lynch Fitz Stephen Thomas Galway
Leonard John Waterford
Lynch George Galway
Lysaght Patrick Corrs Lymerick Late of, gentleman
Ledwich Richard Cookestowne Westmeath
Lynch Fitz Robuck William Galway Late of
Ledwich James Westmeath
Lacye William Balligarry Lymricke
Lynch Fitz Jonack Pierce Galway
Lynch Fitz Geffrey John Galway Merchant
Larkine Dorothy Tipperary
Lynch Nicholas Darcy Joane Galway Margaret, his wife, and Ellis French, sisters and heirs of Walter French of Galway
Lynch Joane Galway Alias Font and Peter Lynch Fitz Pierce, her son