Surname First From Townland From County Remarks
Goodwin Bryan Clare
Gibbon Mary Mayo Relict of Jonacke McGillliduffe Gibbon, and her son, Gillyduffe Gibbon
Geoghegan Bryan Westmeath
Geoghegan Owen Longford
Gibbon Ellinor Garrymogreagh Corke Moris, her son
Gorendergast Charles Mayo
Graunt David Clogagh Kilkenny
Grady Managh Clare
Geoghagan Kedagh Loghanlawnagh Westmeath
Geoghegan Ambrose Rallenegrana Westmeath
Gorman Melaghlin  Drumiske Clare
Geoghegan Bryan Mulchusy Meath Jane, his wife
Graunt Thomas Ballnaboly Kilkenny
McGillgooly Teig Granard Longford
McGrath Donnogh Corke
Grace Oliver Tipperary
Garvey Christopher Mayo
Gibbon Gibbon Fitz Morrish Dunmore Lymerick
Geoghegan Arthur Castletowne Westmeath Gentleman
Gorman Sheron Clare Alias Mahon, relict of Daniell Gorman
Gorman Katherin Alias Fitz Gerald and Daniel Oge O'Gorman, her son
Grace Edmond Killynrowdowny Kilkenny
McGillacean Connor Liskillegoguelly Clare
Gerrald Morris Castlelisteen Corke
Gorman Mclaughlin Tullecrine Clare
Butler Edward Galmoy Kilkenny Lord Viscount
Glissane Connor Bellyneny Tipperary
Geoghegan Thomas Conninstowne West Meath
Gibbon Thibbott Clon McCormuck Mayo
Geoghgan Robert West Meath
Geogh, Dame Mary Grenam Waterford Relict of Sir Thomas Geogh
Grady Joane Clumyn Clare Alias McNemara, widow
Glanly Hugh Athlone Roscommon
Gorman Katherine Keilmore Clare Alias Mahan, the relict of Melaghlin Gorman
Griffin Edward Griffinstown West Meath
Gripha Matthew Ermagh Clare
Gorman Inniduffe Carmorthow Clare Daniel McGorman, her son
Geoghegan Ismay Faranagh West Meath Alias Dillon, relict of Thomas Geoghegan
Gillamartine Cormack Tebredan Roscommon
Ash Moyses Clare and Mary, his wife, and Morrogh O'Grady, her son
Garvey Ellinor Moylagh Mayo
McGillyfoyle Donnogh Cloghjordan Tipperary
Fitz Gerrald John Gurtohins Killkenny Gentleman, and Captain Anthony Harrison and Sissly, his wife, the heir and executrix of Thomas Fitz Gerald
Fitz Gerald Nicholas Flemingstowne Killkenny
O'Grady Donnogh Clare Minor, by his guardian Connor Oge O'Mullowny
Gegine Daniell Clonhay Galway
Griffith Williams Lymerick Una, his wife
Garvey Henry Bunowon Mayo
Gauly Katherine Athlone Roscommon
Fitz Gerrald Ellin Clare
McGillerneene O'Hanly Teig Classgany Roscommon
Fitz Gerald James Arrah Westmeath
McGinnan Connor Cloonnaccrola Sligoe
Garvey Nicholas James Garvey and Honora Garvey, their grandmother
ny Glin Evellin Galway Alias Kelly
Glinne Sissly Cappagh Galway Alias Gorman
Gillereagh Richard Clare
Fitz Gerald Peirce Kildare Alias McThomas, Esq. and Sissly Fitz Gerald, his mother
Gibbon Mary Murusky Mayo Richard Gibbon, her son
Grana Burke William Galway
Fitz Gerald Thomas Kildare
Gallway Sir James Clare Baronet
Geoghegan Richard Katherine Geoghegan
Fitz Gerald John Mesland Cork
Glisson Rory Tipperary
Gillyfoyle Owen King's
Gernon Joane Dromleek Lowth Alias Hall
Gawly Henry Ballyloghloe Westmeath Margaret, his wife, and Jane, his mother
Fitz Gerald Sissly Wexford Alias Barron, relict of William Fitz Gerald
Geoghegan Conly Doonower Westmeath Late of
Gough Thomas Waterford
Geoghegan Ross Lissclogh Leytrim Late of, by his guardian James Shane, Esq.
Fitz Gerald Sir Edward Gortuble Lymerick
Fitz Gerald Thomas Lymerick Commonly called the Knight of the Vally), Esq.
Fitz Gerald Edmond Ballymallow Corke Esq.
Fitz Gerald Dame Ellen Corke Widow
Gegin Sarah Galway Sheely Shaghnussy, widows
Gibbon Richard Corke
Graunt Edmond Polroan Kilkenny
Grana McDiermott Rorye McOwen Roscommon