Surname First From Townland/Area From County Others mentioned
Flinn Feaghare Ballinlagha Roscommon
Furlong Bernard By guardian, Bartholomew Stackepole
Fox Mary King's Alias Balfe, alias Geoghegan
Fitz Symons Mary Dublin And Ismay and Bridget Fitz Symons, dgts of Richard Fitz Syomns
Fitz Gerald Thomas Longford
Frena Thomas Brickan Kilkenny Infant, by his guardian, Robert Drury
Fitz Patricke, Colonel John Upper Ossory Queen's
Fitz Patricke Edmond Srahleagh Queen's
Forster John Ballydowd Dublin
French Jeffry Athenry Galway
Flaherty Roger Muckullin Galway
Flaning Gyles Coolroe Kilkenny
Farrel Francis Mornenine Longford
Fallon Stephen Athlone Roscommon and Sisly, his wife
Fleming Richard Meath
Farrell John Trelickin Longford Late of, and Rosse Farrell, alias Dillon, his wife
Fallan Laghlin Ardcolman Roscommon
Fallon Una Ardcolman Roscommon
French Richard Galway
Foote Patricke Meath
French John Galway
French Rowland Galway
Fitz Gerrald Thomas Westmeath
Forster John Dublin
Fitz Gerrald Garrett Yoakstowne Roscommon
O'Fahy Teige Clonemoneganin Galway
Fitz Morris Thomas Corke
Fallon Andrew Iskerin Roscommon
Fitz Patricke Donogh Ballyanly King's
Nelly Sarah Tobberfin Galway And Roger Fahy, her son
Foran John Lismathody Galway
French Rowland Galway
French Fitz Dominick Dominick Galway
Fitz Gerrald Philip Allen Kildare
French Christopher Galway
French Andrew Galway
Farrell Francis Moate Longford
French Fitz Patricke Edward Galway
Fanning Edward Gortspine Tipperary
Fallon Anthony Galway
Fox Garrett Moyure Westmeath and Ellen, his wife
Forstall Robert Kilkenny
Fitz Harris Anstace Wexford and Nicholas Fitz Harris, her son
Fitz Gerrald, Sir Luke Teighcorroghane Meath Knight and Baronet
Faning Thomas Ballyarily Clare
Fallon James and John Fallon, Laughlin Kelly, Colla Fallon, William and Sarah Jonine
Farrell Faghna Longford
Fitz Gerrald Theobald Cloneih Waterford
French Fitz Stephen Patricke Galway Late of
Flaherty Elizabeth Muckullin Galway Alias Darcy, widow the relict of Hugh O'Flaherty
Flaherty Roger Muckullin Galway
Fitz Gerrald Honora Lymericke
Fitz Morris Thomas Clare
above 2nd part
Flanegan Ellis Clare and Connor, her son
French Rowland Galway Merchant
McFarriagh Teig Killoroe Roscommon
Farrell Faghna Mote Longford
Foster John Ballidowd Dublin
French Jasper Galway Merchant
French Andrew Galway
Lynch Joane Galway and Nicholas Darcy, and Margaret, his wife, and Ellis French, sister and heir of Walter French
Fay Edward Cloonye Meath
French Fitz Stephen Patrick Galway Merchant
Barnwell, Lieutenant Colonel James Fingall   and Dame Mabel, Countess of Fingall, his lady
Lynch Joane and Nicholas Darcy and Margaret, his wife, and Ellice French, sister and heir of Walter French
O'Fahy Mortagh Lisbrin Galway
Fallon Sarah Firragh Roscommon
Fallan Marcus Greyestowne Tipperary
Fallon Dermott Cronyne Roscommon
Fallon Redmond Shanballylosky Roscommon
Fallon Una Culetobber Roscommon Alias Lea, widow, and Cicily, Una, Mary, Margaret, and Ellen Fallon, co-heirs
Fallon Hugh Ballagh Aghonnegapuil Roscommon
Fallon John Derrycahell Roscommon and Annable, his wife
French Fitz Jasper Robert Galway Merchant
Felian Melaghlin Derinebrack Roscommon Orphan, by Thomas Bodham, his guardian
Fahy Seely Liscoyle Galway and Honora Fahy
Farrell Annable Drynan Longford
Flaherty Bryan Galway
Furlong Marcus Wexford
McFinny Elizabeth Kerry Alias Stephenson, widow
Fennell Gerald Tipperary Doctor of physic, in right of Ellin, his wife, dgt, & heir of John O'Meagher
French Ignatius Galway
French Fitz Stephen John Galway Merchant
Forstall Edmond Ballybrackye Killkenny
McFeagh Kelly Edmond Galway
Fallon Evellin Ballyglass Roscommon Alias Keoghy
Flanagan Margaret Levally Roscommon
French Fitz Patrick James Galway Merchant
French Firz Nicholas Nicholas Oge Galway Burgess
Finglass Mary Porterstowne Dublin Alias Dowd, by order of Council
French Fitz George Patrick Galway Merchant, and Anne, his wife
French Fitz Nicholas Anthony Galway
French Mary Galway Alias Blake, widow, and Agnes, her daughter
Fallon Honora Fevagh Roscommon
Fallon Katherine Cronin Roscommon Andrew Fallon, her son
Furlong Christopher Davidstowne Wexford
Fahy Mary Galway ny Fahy
French Fitz Robert Patrick and Evellin Browne, widow of the said Robert French
Forstall Peirce Carrigneghuimy Killkenny
French Oliver Galway Alderman
O'Fahy Connor Gortendentaneene Galway
Fallon Jennett Fewagh Roscommon
Fahy Evellin Galway
Fitz Nicholas Patrick Wexford
Fanning Nicholas Lymerick Alderman
Farrell John Terlick Longford and Rose, his wife
Ferris Morris Kerry gent
Fallon Rory Ballyleyne Roscommon
Fahy McDonnogh Oge John Galway