Surname First From Townland From County Remarks
Egan Stephen Crottagh Tipperary
McEnelly Gilliza Rathkerrin Galway and Nell McEnelly, his mother
Emmes Guy Dangan Clare
McEneroe James Skeagh Clare
McEgan Donell Fairinmore Roscommon
Egan Mary Trimenduan Galway alias Kelly and Boetius, her son
McEgan Cormack Galway
Egan Beneone Galway alias Kelly and Finolla Egan, her dgt
Egan Andrew Ballikeanim Tipperary
Egan Una Tipperary relick of Connor Egan
McEncroe Donnogh McHugh Clare
McEvereny Any alias Mahon, relick of Edmond McEvereny, Honora, Ellinor, Mary & Catelin the said Edmond's dgts
Egan Dorothy Galway
Egan John Gransagh Galway
Egan Florence Galway
Egan Laughlin Galway
Egan William Craharduffe Gallway
Egan Daniell Tipperary
McEgan John Cloghustian Tipperary
Egan Owen Galway
Esmond, Sir Thomas Knight & Baronet, Laurence, his son & Lady Joane, his wife
Ellis Henry Cullevony Sligoe and Ismay, his wife
McElla William Faremore Roscommon
McEnrey Morrogh Galway
McEnereny Daniel McDonnogh Clare
Egan Daniell Galway and Margarett his wife
Egan Carbry Killnalahagh Tipperary
Esmond, Sir Thomas Lymericke Wexford
Everard, Sir Richard Ballyboy Tipperary Knight & Baronet, Dame Katherine, his wife, & Redmond Everard, Esq, his son
McEverilla Teig Roscommon and Sarah, his wife
Everard Richard Randalstowne Meath
McEgan Constance Tipperary
McEgan Feagh McRory Galway
Egan Carbry Galway
Egan Teige Galway
Egan Owen Liskelly Galway
Esmond William Johnstowne Wexford
Eustace Ann Confry Kildare and Ann, dgts to Eustace
Eustace Bridgett Confry Kildare and Francis, Clare Eustace
McClenarry Teig Bellree Roscommon
English William Rathnegore Tipperary
McEgan Cormacke Oge Galway
McEnchroe Donnogh Clanrakin Clare
McEnchroe Teig Ballyvoghane Clare
Egan Carbury Clonekeene Galway